Hillary Clinton Tells The Midwest They’re Worthless

3 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Tells The Midwest They’re Worthless

  1. Problem is we should ALL sue Judy Miller, NBC, NYT and all the rest for IRAQ WMD lies. But we always let the criminals get away w/ their crimes. Instead we let them SUE us..

  2. Hillary WHO? Oh, yeah, that LOOOOOOZER to Trump in the 2016 Election. Why does anyone care what SHE thinks ~ ABOUT ANYTHING? Most Americans just wish she would ~ FINALLY ~ just GO AWAY! We’re TIRED of seeing her face. Period. GO AWAY.

  3. I think she should be glad for the votes she did get. From the way she is talking now, she would be lucky to get the votes from her family in any future election bids. You know, them living in this big red area in the middle of the country.

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