Intel Officer: Globalists Attempting To Start Massive New World War: MUST LISTEN

2 Replies to “Intel Officer: Globalists Attempting To Start Massive New World War: MUST LISTEN

  1. Many of the same swampsters that should be taken out by Trojan Horse Trump? Trojan has appointed them to his own cabinet- or tried to- but was shouted down. Then Trump VOLUNTARILY allies w/ King Salman of Saudi Arabia. Salman and his father WERE PRIME BACKERS and FUNDERS of ISIS all during Obamanation’s years. And backers of MUSLIM BROS. Yes those Saudis who are the SAME QAEDA who attacked us on 911.
    By starting the gun control initiative, Trump awarded them a double win. Using mental illness- like the NWO tries to do against vets to disarm the only societal component that knows how to defend us? He also sets a precedent whereby all gun owners can be rounded up as mentally ill. People for gods sake WTFU and see how you’re being gamed.

  2. Nothing has happened yet as far as I can tell. We’ll have to take a wait and see approach. Not everything that is announced as “on the table” happens and sometimes what’s said is not what’s meant.

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