KILL GRID: 5G Networks And Frequency Warfare

One Reply to “KILL GRID: 5G Networks And Frequency Warfare”

  1. See Jay Parker Illuminati Ritual Abuse Part lll on You Tube;
    He talks about the microwave towers operating at around 15% of capacity; & what will happen when the ‘Enlightened’ 1% turns-up that capacity to 100%.
    We all have heavy metals in our bodies; imagine the microwaves cooking the citizens of entire cities from the inside out…!
    In the California Fires, trees burned from the inside out, & it is reported that 5G was powered up due to the fires destroying the 3G & 4G networks as an interim.
    Houses and metal burned, but green hedges remained intact, and trees were videotaped burning from the inside out, & not the outside in as in a normal flame consumption.

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