New poll: Americans don’t care about Russia

2 Replies to “New poll: Americans don’t care about Russia

  1. Americans aren’t concerned about Russia because they know little of their own history and when and if they look on a world map they don’t even know where Alaska is let alone Russia.

  2. Some things just get tiresome to listen to. I remember the O.J. Trial in the 90s and people were glued to their sets, glued to radios, debating and seriously interested, and it was all media-driven. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t get that many people to care about the trial of some minor celebrity. But this Trump thing has been going on for about 18 months and the accusations have remained almost entirely the same, but nothing new comes out. Whereas with O.J. we got something new every couple of days, so it stayed fresh and marginally interesting. At least you had something to talk about and you could not avoid the trial because everyone seemed to know every detail. But this Trump-Putin-Election Meddling story just has no useful updates. It is the same story every day on every channel. Imagine if someone came up to you tomorrow and said, “You won’t believe this! Now they think Russia might have interfered with the 2016 election!” You’d be saying… yeah, I heard already. And if the next day they came up and said, “You won’t believe this, they just said this on CNN… Russia may have interfered in the 2016 election!” What would you say? Yeah… I have heard this already. It was the same thing yesterday!!! “Yeah, but now they think one of Trump’s election advisors may or may not have met with someone in Russia…” Yeah, heard that too… were any of them found guilty? No? And the same goes for Mueller. Oh, he’s arrested someone? For lying to him? Was it about Russian meddling? No? Oh, and now he’s arrested someone else. For Russian meddling? No? Something else again. Oh, lying again? Are we actually going to get arrests for people who’ve been meddling? I call it theater. Bad theater. It’s meant to entertain and keep you glued and coming back for more, but it isn’t very good, or even interesting. But like O.J. it keeps getting talked about every day, so you can’t avoid it, even if you really want to.

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