COVER UP: NASA SUDDENLY Cancels Moon Mission, Frustrating Scientists

Scientists helping NASA put a rover on the moon are scratching their heads about why the mission was canceled and why they were told to end their operations within the next month.

The mission would have involved sending a robot to the moon’s polar region in 2022 to probe for things like underground water and hydrogen.

But, according to the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG), a group of scientists that perform analyses for NASA lunar expeditions, the mission had been halted on April 23, and told to wrap up by the end of May.

In a letter sent to NASA Administrator James Bridenstine on Thursday, LEAG asked NASA to re-instate the mission, known as Resource Prospector, or RP, which was still in its early stages of preparation. The mission’s end comes after President Donald Trump signed a directive in December that called on NASA, along with private companies, to work towards returning humans to the moon.

22 Replies to “COVER UP: NASA SUDDENLY Cancels Moon Mission, Frustrating Scientists

  1. The abrupt end to this mission could be indicative of something about to happen, but we won’t know until its too late.

    1. the money pitt strikes again.
      nasa has been noplace in 50 years except the PAYMASTERS OFFICE!!!
      why go to the moon and prove it? let them guess.
      the moon buggies where NEVER there , still arn’t.
      maybe a TESLA WILL be the soon???

  2. There are at least a half dozen videos from NASA employees stating that we never went to the moon because we cant get past the van-allen belts which is actually the firmament or sky above us. The bible says the moon is the lesser light or luminary that governs the night. Its just a light. Our own navy refers to it as a disk. So a disk of light.

    1. Yes. The bible is the most authoritative scientific, peer-reviewed technical treatise ever written. Why bother with micrometers when “cubits” suffice?

  3. If you don’t believe America went to the moon then ask the Russians. They know and those that deny it always come up with the most ridiculous theories

    1. Sure Julian, I’ll get right on that. I just happen to know a lot of Russians and they should be able to clear up all this “never been to the moon” nonsense just like it never happened.

  4. It’s to do with upcoming war. The chickenhawk Bolton said he wanted Iran dealt with before they celebrate the fortieth anniversary of their revolution (2019), and Israhell is itching for a fight. Either the project is presently not safe due to this, or the scientists will be needed on other projects very shortly (space force stuff).

  5. Why should NASA spend the money to send a rocket to the moon, when it’s cheaper to rent a Hollywood studio and fake it?

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