Guess What Was Just Found Amidst Dead Rocker Prince’s Personal Belongings In His Paisley Park Multi-Million Dollar Compound—STEVE QUAYLE’S BOOK ON GIANTS WITH A BIBLE!

Haunting Images show the inside of Prince’s Paisley Park compound including the elevator where he overdosed on Fentanyl – with bundles of cash, drugs and a bag labelled ‘opium’ inside his vault. A chilling video taken inside Prince’s Paisley Park compound moments after his body was found has been released by cops alongside multiple photos which show (Steve Quayle’s book on Giants), bottles of drugs, wads of cash and personal belongings piled up in the compound where he spent his last days holed up. The footage reveals a home festooned in the singer’s achievements, yet strangely lacking of many personal touches, such as photos of friends or family. Sadly, it also revealed Prince’s battle with drugs, with pills bottles found scattered throughout the multi-million-dollar home, where he had lived for almost all of his adult life, along with a vault full of files, drugs and cash.

IMPORTANT SKYWATCH NOTE: Tom Horn emailed Steve Quayle and asked if he would comment on his book being found in Prince’s suitcase with personal belongings. Here is Steve’s reply:


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2 Replies to “Guess What Was Just Found Amidst Dead Rocker Prince’s Personal Belongings In His Paisley Park Multi-Million Dollar Compound—STEVE QUAYLE’S BOOK ON GIANTS WITH A BIBLE!

  1. This headline makes more sense than you may know. Prince’s studio and home in Minnesota has an elevator that goes to the underground tunnel system. This system of tunnels was built using information given by the fallen-angels of Enoch, Genesis, and Jude. And it was this info from the fallen angels that gave us the uses of DNA, laser technology, innocculations (culling the sheep, yet saving those who are evil), etc.
    The Freemasons control/protect these tunnels and access points to the inner-earth, and Prince was a Freemason.
    Something about these fallen angels intrigued Prince (possibly the tunnel system under his studio), so he studied these misfits.
    Bill Gates uses fallen angel info. Nikola Tesla did, too.
    Russia is the headquarters for this fallen angel info, and it’s used by Russia’s secret societies to control this world today (through her secret societies), and the “technology” that the Russians have is nothing short of “mind blowing”. Very soon, Russia is going to unleash her barbaric, grossly huge creations, that were created using this DNA info from the fallens.

    As time went by, and as technology “caught-up” to the information and allowed for more powerful weapons to destroy the sheep , Russia would then “hand-down” these lesser-potent weapons to America. However, this was ONLY after making sure that this new unleashed-technology, was dependable enough as to not risk being caught in a war with weapons that were not field tested, and their performance proven.

    (Enoch gives a list of names of the major players (fallen angels) and what they taught. One taught about DNA. One taught about oppression (Communism). Let me put it this way: EVERYTHING used to control this world and its people is a direct result of fallen angel forbidden heavenly information. Everything, that is, EXCEPT for violence. Violence was created by the secret societies as a way to influence and control…..we know them as false-flags, riots, and so on.)

  2. One more thing. This latest bankers’ death on a Southwest airline flight, where the engine blew and killed her. I ask you…..what are the odds of a BANKER being killed by this debris, and nobody else???

    My point here is that I have suspected that this death is not what it appears to be. It is NOT JUST a blown engine. It MAY have been the latest “newly-released-technological-update-of-Russia” in the form of a “directed-energy-death-ray” that was small enough to mount (discretely) inside the plane. They knew the seat she would be sitting in long before the flight, which gave time to mount this death beam where it was needed in order to…..shoot an invisible death beam of energy THROUGH her head, out the window, and then striking the engine, making it blow-up.
    The angle of mounting this death beam was crucial, so that it would kill her and then strike the engine, making it look like an “accident.” The speed of this death beam being “fast enough” to make it look like the engine blew first, but it was her head that blew first, then the window, then the engine…all within a mili-second.

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