Israel “has made Gaza a huge prison, yet forbids the prisoners even to protest against this, on pain of death,” human rights group argues

Andrea Germanos–Israel is shooting at protesters in Gaza again on Saturday, a day after Israeli forces shot dead at least 15 Palestinians.

Over 1,400 were also injured Friday by Israeli forces in Gaza, roughly half of whom were hit by live fire, according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health.  Thousands of protesters are attending funerals on Saturday.

“Medical facilities in Gaza, which have already been overstrained by the longstanding shortages of medical supplies, electricity, and fuel, are struggling to cope with the overwhelming number of casualties,” the ministry says.

Over two dozen protesters have already been injured in Saturday’s protests, Haaretzreports.

Friday was the first day of the “March of Great Return,” a six-week action slated to end on the day marking the “Nakba.” Tens of thousands of Palestinians gathered at five spots along the Gaza-Israel border saying, “We are not here to fight; we are here to return to our lands.”

As the Guardian reports: “Israel said it has positioned snipers and responded to ‘rioting’ Palestinians with ‘dispersal means’ and ‘firing towards main instigators.’ It said the movement was a Hamas-orchestrated ploy and it was identifying ‘terror attacks under the camouflage of riots.'”

Israel-based human rights group B’Tselem—which noted that “Israeli forces have already been lethally shooting Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza for some time”—criticized such a characterization of the movement. Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch, also noted that “Israeli allegations of violence by some protesters do not change the fact that using lethal force is banned by international law except to meet an imminent threat to life.”

Yousef Munayyer, executive director of The U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, tweeted that “The Israeli military tweeted they knew ‘where every bullet landed,’ then deleted it, probably because there is video showing their bullets landing in the backs of unarmed protesters.”

Israel’s chief army spokesman, Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis, said Saturday that if violence continues, “we will not be able to continue limiting our activity to the [separation barrier] fence area and will act against these terror organizations in other places too.”

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Friday called for an independent probe of the deadly events, while Tayé-Brook Zerihoun, the deputy UN political affairs chief, warned the UN Security Council, “There is fear the situation might deteriorate in the coming days.”

B’Tselem, meanwhile, states, “The decision where and whether and how to demonstrate in Gaza is not Israel’s to make.”

“Official Israeli statements have made no reference to the actual reason for the protest—the disastrous reality in Gaza—or to the right to free protest. Israel has the power to immediately change life in Gaza for the better,” the group added, “but has chosen not to do so. It has made Gaza a huge prison, yet forbids the prisoners even to protest against this, on pain of death.”

3 Replies to “Israel “has made Gaza a huge prison, yet forbids the prisoners even to protest against this, on pain of death,” human rights group argues

    1. It’s very interesting how Israel has forgotten the Warsaw Ghetto! Because that is EXACTLY what the Gaza Strip is!
      The Warsaw Ghetto had supported outside help w/ the 6 week uprising via smuggled weapons, grenades, etc. against the Nazis. The Ghetto lasted for many months, until all of the Jews imprisoned there were shipped off to Nazi Death camps and subsequent Holocaust!
      & yet, Gaza was shelled for weeks by the Israelis 2 years ago, killing thousands, and no aid, food, or medical supplies are allowed in by the IDF to this day!
      Interesting also is the fact that a Talmudic Zionist posing as a Jew will bring up the Holocaust when all other arguments fail him or her, and they openly admit that this is their trump card to instill the guilt of the Holocaust onto others, so that they can bully and get their own way, as per the evil Talmud!
      But they conveniently ignore the parallels and sameness when it comes to Gaza and the West Bank!
      Look at the map of the Kissinger Plan, and you will see the massive expansion of a planned Greater Israel at the expense of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran!!
      Bibi Netanyahu (now being investigated for fraud and corruption) stated that when the announcement came that the US was moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, Bibi said that it “was a great day for Zionism”.
      He never said that it was a great day for Judiasm, or Judeo-Christianity. Therein lies the difference!
      Al-Jazeera is covering this catastrophic human tragedy in detail, showing the persecuted *Palestinians being murdered via sniper fire!
      (*Note; not all Palestinians are Arabs; there are Orthodox Christian Palestinians, Evangelical Palestinians, and Agnostic Palestinians as well!).
      The Balfour Declaration should be abolished, and the Israelis relocated to California when it finally secedes from the Union. After all, they own most of the State of California anyway with their media influence in Hollywood, money in Beverly Hills, and they can build their Temple on Mount Shasta’s Ley Line!
      Then Trump’s proposed wall can turn north and run along the eastern border of Nuevo Californiastein!

  1. The UN is nothing more than a jew run sham of an organization….Israel is killing the citizens of Gaza on a daily basis and little by little they are doing this unpunished by anyone. The more Gaza says anything….the MORE Israel thinks up more tortures for these people. They think it’s fun to just shoot and kill anyone regardless of age…… They will NEVER stop until Gaza is without people in it. This is genocide and the UN actually condones it with the weak excuses Israel comes up with. Israel collects billions of dollars from the USA and collects billions of marks from Germany every year….for what? more missles? more guns? Why don’t they just totally invade Gaza and wipe everyone out and get it over with instead of just this daily killing of innocent people? Why? Because their billions of “AID” would probably end due to their bloodthirstyness….. they are cowards and want others to do their killing for them while they rake in all the money…..

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