Amazon is reportedly scanning people’s bodies so it can sell you clothes

Amazon knows your name, your address, your credit-card details, and what milk you like in your coffee — now it wants to know the shape of your body.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is inviting people to a New York office to have the shape and size of their bodies scanned. Participants are asked to complete an online survey that determines how much their weight and fitness have fluctuated in the past year, and whether they have plans to lose weight, the Journal reported.

According to the invite, those who are chosen will need to be scanned every two weeks for 30 minutes.

“We are interested in understanding how bodies change shape over time,” the survey says.

A spokesperson for Amazon told Business Insider that she would not comment on the speculation.

According to the Journal, the invite comes from Amazon’s new 3D body-scanning unit, which was developed after Amazon bought New York-based startup Body Labs in October.

Body Labs makes a software that captures the body’s shape and motion in three dimensions. This can be used not only for gaming technology but also for fashion, its website previously stated.


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