Bill Clinton ogles young women with his fly undone


FOTM–Remember Bill Clinton salivating at the sight of Ivanka at President Trump’s inauguration?


DCG sent me a pic of Bill Clinton for our Caption Contests which, upon close examination, I decided it deserves a post of its own.

Here it is (source: Barstool Sports):

As you can see, the pic is of Bill Clinton standing at a street corner, leching after two blonde women holding a child.

Look closer:

His fly is undone.

Worse still, he has his left hand in his pants pocket.

Was he diddling himself?

This is a former President of the Unites States of America.

I sure hope the pic is a photoshop. Can some techie FOTM reader help us out?

Bill Clinton

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8 Replies to “Bill Clinton ogles young women with his fly undone

  1. Ah, yes. A prime example of US leadership, an example for the world to follow. Lock up your women when any of these dudes are in your neighborhood.

    1. NOT exactly. Jimmy Carter was hand-picked by Zbigniew Brzezinski of the CFR & TRI-LATERAL COMMISSION. The CFR/CIA ~ IS ~ THE “DEEP STATE”. Brzezinski’s co-founder of the TRI-LATERAL COMMISSION (1973) was David ROCKEFELLER. John D. Rockefeller, the family Patriarch, got his start in America, in Railroads, Oil, and BANKING (in the late 1800’s), with (((Rothschild))) $$.

  2. This rapist should be in prison. But since the government is overrun with pedophiles, thieves, and sexual deviants, don’t hold your breath waiting for justice to be served to this creep or his equally nasty wife.

    1. The “Deep State” as everyone likes to call it ~ always uses pedophilia or any other deviant act, and then photograph it, as a way to get “dirt” on anyone above a certain level in The Hierarchy. You cannot have access to the REAL power (particularly in FINANCE, & GOVERNMENT) unless you participate in some deviant act (of one kind or another) which they can PHOTOGRAPH you participating in, so that, when the time comes that they wish to discard you ~ they can just publish the photo ~ and, voila ~ you’re toast.

      Remember, when Hillary said that if she were to go down, she’d take all of Washington, D.C. with her? Or words to that effect. THAT is why NO ONE among these criminals that run this country has gone to jail. All they do is put on a DOG-AND-PONY show, all day long, like Mueller and his “Russian Collusion” probe. Trump, Clintons, Bushes, Muellers, etc., etc., etc. ~ they are all just servants of the same “Deep State”.

  3. Yep…nothing to see here folks; it’s business as usual, just like cigar sessions in the Ovum Office…
    Keep moving….

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