FOX: Torture worked on McCain…’They call him Songbird John’

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Former Fox News military analyst Thomas McInerney on Thursday condemned Sen. John McCain‘s (R-Ariz.) rebuke of President Trump‘s CIA director nominee Gina Haspel, saying that torture “worked on” McCain, whom he referred to as “Songbird John.”

“Sen. John McCain said he’s not going to endorse Haspel also in part because she believes in torture, that she thinks it works, even though she laid out at least three instances where it did work to the benefit of humankind, not just Americans, but all human beings,” McInerney said on the network.

Haspel, whose 30-year career with the CIA has largely remained in the shadows, has been criticized for her work at a CIA black site prison tied to an enhanced interrogation program during the George W. Bush administration. Many of the techniques used in that program are now widely regarded as torture.

Fox Business host Charles Payne asked McInerney whether Congress should evaluate Haspel on her feelings or on her stated commitment to avoiding enhanced interrogation programs.


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3 Replies to “FOX: Torture worked on McCain…’They call him Songbird John’

  1. He was called the “Songbird of Saigon.” What’s MORE important was that Nixon had to “forgive” all treasonous acts by POWs because McStain would have come back and gotten a firing squad because the information he provided caused the death of many US servicemen.

    Forget about him being an Enemy Ace, destroying up to 5 of our own warplanes himself…
    …or McStain almost singlehandedly SINKING the USS Forrestal, an Aircraft Carrier.

    He’s a PoS in so many ways, his whole genetic line should be removed from the gene pool, and that wouldn’t help all the MIAs that died in Vietnam, that he personally had a hand in, while being the head of the senate committee to ensuring they would never get home because he wanted to save the US some money.

    Hell isn’t a good enough punishment for McStain. Even being doublecrossed, not getting the “advanced life extension technology” that obviously doesn’t exist, or Rockefeller wouldn’t be dead…is not good enough for McStain.

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