France to Set Heavy Fines for Men Who Catcall, Wolf Whistle Women in Public

SPUTNIK–In France, people will face fines up to the equivalent of $885 for wolf-whistling or making sexual comments toward others after France’s National Assembly approved a new bill this week to limit sexual harassment.

According to French President Emmanuel Macron, the purpose of the new law is to ensure that “women are not afraid to be outside,” the Independent reported.

Asked previously about the the difference between harassment and flirtation, French Minister for Gender Equality,Marlene Schiappa responded, “We know very well at what point we start feeling intimidated, unsafe or harassed in the street,” cited by the Independent.

During his 2017 presidential campaign, Macron pledged to end France’s notorious sexual harassment culture. The French president has indicated that he will sign the bill.

The new anti-harassment bill also extends the deadline for reporting underage rapes — from 20 years after a victim turns 18, to 30 years.

Some within France’s conservative parties opposed the bill, including lawmaker Emmanuelle Menard who suggested on Wednesday.that the bill was a “witch hunt against men” that outlawed “a certain bawdy behavior which cannot be compared to harassment.”

4 Replies to “France to Set Heavy Fines for Men Who Catcall, Wolf Whistle Women in Public

  1. Now this is a real crime if there ever was one, what took so long to enforce this? When you consider those other meaningless crimes the so called immigrants are doing and the time and money wasted on those petty crimes, we can now fully attack the wolf whistlers. When they completely stop and or arrest all of these criminals, I might reconsider and take my vactation there again.

  2. According to a Spanish text I once used while studying the language, in Latin countries, if an attractive woman is not jeered with compliments and whistles as she walks in public, she has been insulted.

  3. Could it be these French politicians are really just showing their jealousy because they are not getting “cat calls and whistles” ??? If I were to be called out by the police for whistling at some girl, I would just tell them I was really whistling at the guy who was near her. The law doesn’t say you can send out “cat calls” toward men.

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