John McCain: A Life Wasted?

ZH–What’s happening to John McCain is tragic. It’s not something one should ever wish upon another human being. Nor is it decent, let alone useful, to wish that he would die. Wishing bad things upon someone because they did bad things is too close for comfort to what he himself did. But it’s good to remember that his brain tumor is not the most tragic part of McCain’s life on earth. And no, neither is his time as prisoner of war in Vietnam.

McCain’s main tragedy is that he didn’t learn the one lesson he should have learned about his time in Vietnam, and didn’t turn his back on warfare. Instead, he turned into the biggest and loudest pro-war campaigner in Washington for decades. Talk about a missed opportunity, a life wasted. If there was one person who was presented with the first-hand experience needed to turn against bloodshed, it was John McCain.

What’s more, during his time in the House and later the Senate, McCain completely missed out on a development that might yet have changed his mind. That is, wars became unwinnable. Something even that the US losing their war in Vietnam might have taught him. It entirely passed him by. McCain still never saw an opportunity to wage battle somewhere, anywhere on the planet, that he didn’t like.

That makes him a dinosaur and a fossil who should never have been allowed to remain in the Senate for as long as he did. At the age of 81, and after ‘serving’ for 35 years in Washington, it apparently becomes too difficult to see how the world outside changes, let alone to adapt to those changes. If you limit the time a president can serve, why not do the same for senators? Is it because those same senators would have to vote on that?

Moreover, if wars are unwinnable, but you incessantly call for new wars anyway, then regardless of moral issues about going to war in the first place, you have de facto become a threat to your own people and your own country that you purport to serve. Especially, and first of all, to the American soldiers you desire to send out there to fight those wars. But also a threat to the image of America around the globe.

When wars are unwinnable, there is no reason to fight them. Again, even apart from morals and ethics. You will have to find other ways to deal with ‘elements’ that feel and act less than friendly towards you. To find out what, it helps to realize that they understand it’s just as futile for them to attack you militarily as it is for you to attack them. It also helps to figure out why they are unfriendly.

What doesn’t help is to take yet another stab at Putin and say “Vladimir Putin is an evil man, and he is intent on evil deeds”, as McCain does in a forthcoming book. If that’s the best you can do, your best-by date has long since passed. That’s language fit for a 4-year old. And George W.

McCain’s father and grandfather were both 4-star US Navy admirals. Perhaps that partly explains his blindness to the evils of war, and the role the US has played in many conflicts, including -but certainly not limited to- Vietnam. It’s hard to imagine Apocalypse Now, Platoon or Full Metal Jacket being McCain’s favorite Hollywood classics.

And that is a bigger problem than it may seem. Because America has indeed been able to paint a vivid portrait for itself of why Vietnam was such an insane venture that should never have happened, and certainly not repeated. If your culture has the ability to put that in words and images, and as a nation you still don’t learn the lesson embedded in them, you’re pretty much lost.

Oh, and besides, you lost too, remember? You lost the war and the lives and limbs of tens of thousands of young Americans and over a million Vietnamese. To have been part of that and then turn around and strive to be Washington’s premier warmonger, that’s just totally bonkers. Or worse. Has McCain been promoting war all this time because he subconsciously wanted to redo Vietnam but this time not lose?

Unwinnable wars are bad news for the weapons industry. They will deny the existence of even such a concept as long and as strongly as they can. Because if you can’t win a war, why wage them? There will continue to be technological developments, but there’s no “throughput”. You can fire some missiles into some desert somewhere from time to time, and that’s it.

The military-industrial complex is happy only -because most profitable- if and when guns and missiles and jets constantly need to be replaced because they’ve been lost in a theater of war, along with young Americans. McCain knows this better than most. And he knows the captains of this complex, both the military side and the weapons producers. Far too well.

Being as beholden as it is to the arms makers and dealers, has made America lose whatever edge it once had militarily. In the US weapons are developed and sold to generate the largest profits possible; in Russia, they are developed to protect the country. This is largely why the American defense budget is 10 times larger than its Russian counterpart. All this happened on John McCain’s watch.

The entire narrative of “protecting and sharing our values” has become hollow propaganda. Because the US has engaged its military in more theaters of war and invasion than we can even keep track of anymore. The US armed forces don’t protect democracy or human rights around the world, they protect the financial interests of America’s elites, including the military-industrial complex. Does anyone believe John McCain doesn’t know this?

Unbeknownst to John McCain, the world has entered a whole new era. And this didn’t happen yesterday. Russia and China may have only recently announced new hypersonic missile technology, but it didn’t fall out of the sky. It does profoundly change things though. It ends all notions and dreams of American exceptionalism and unilateralism.

And America needs to learn that lesson. It will have to do it without John McCain. And it might as well, because McCain was incapable of changing, and of seeing the changes around him. But the American view of the world will have to change, because the world itself has.

Still, you’re right: the real tragedy is not that John McCain wasted his own life. It’s that he helped destroy so many others.

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2 Replies to “John McCain: A Life Wasted?

  1. McCain is a traitor to the United States of America, the American people, McCain murdered navy people on a US carrier, sold out the US people and country. The sad part the stupid sheeple elected him and no put his ass in prison but people wanted Fonda in prison

  2. It’s all a matter of perspective. Even though his luciferian pedo cannibal velvet mafia cabal masters (and fellow loving friend Graham – who’s the bottom when they are both bottoms?) won’t give him the cancer cures all the alternative media says exists…McStain has done amazing things to cause disrepute, injury, death and murder of his fellow men in arms, and country as a whole.

    What has he done? The list includes but is NOT limited to:

    – Destroyed up to 5 US warplanes all by himself, qualifying himself as a enemy ace.
    – McStain was solely responsibly for more than 200 sailor deaths and hundreds injured on the USS Forrestal, almost sinking an aircraft carrier by himself! (My uncle may have been a replacement grape because so many died).
    – Was the Songbird of Saigon (not what the General said that got himself banned on Fox, the no news network) that cause the deaths of many of his fellow men in arms as documented by the military themselves.
    – Was the head of the Senate committee to crush all hopes of every family member over decades, that ever tried to get their MIAs in Vietnam home, because as it turns out later we learned, the gov’t didn’t want to pay Vietnam 1Bn dollars.
    – He funded Al Qaeda, and took pictures with them in country.
    – He was for any and all wars.
    – He gave the fake Peepee dossier to the FBI working in tandem with the Oboso Administration in a coup to steal the will of the people unable to change the election results in favor of Trump because of an overwhelming landslide couldn’t be overcome.
    – He was the deciding vote to keep Oboso Care, which is just a medical collection scheme so the gov’t needs to target you, they know you better than you know yourself.

    The scary thing is, the public doesn’t know the really bad stuff that he was involved in because it’s truly amazing the evil things this gov’t does and then just disallows from public awareness based on national security…he has a “foundation” that takes money from foreign gov’t’s and agents, but that’s ok. You rename bribery to lobbying, and it’s no longer illegal. We will probably never know the really bad stuff in this century, if there still is history 100 years from now, or people to read it…

    Investigate his wife. Like Bill and Hillary…Hillary being the actual more evil and sinister one, the wife is bad news.

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