Mysterious Object Beyond Pluto Gives Clues to Existence of Planet Nine

SPUTNIK–A recent discovery has added evidence that Planet Nine – orbiting in the Oort Cloud far beyond Pluto – exists.

Astronomers looking for evidence of a large planet lurking at the fringes of our solar system have instead located an odd dwarf world that, while not precisely what they seek, nonetheless provides additional evidence of the mysterious Planet Nine.

Astronomical observers have identified a small celestial body technically within the Solar System that exhibits a strange orbit that — according to researchers — can only be explained by assuming that another much larger as-yet-undetected object is also describing a similar orbit around the sun.

For a handful of years astronomers have asserted the existence of a ninth planet well beyond the orbit of Pluto circling our sun and have been resolutely searching the heavens for proof.

The hunt became serious after skywatchers in 2016 noticed that several distant solar system objects were behaving strangely. The far-orbit solar system bodies — much farther away than Pluto — all orbited the sun at a pronounced angle from that of the inner planets.

The discovery suggested that the gravitational influence of another — and much larger — planet was affecting the orbits of the distant orbital bodies.

Now, recent findings noting the odd orbit of newly-discovered planetary object 2015 BP519 add evidence that Planet Nine is real.

2015 BP519, orbiting the sun at a 54 degree angle when compared to almost everything else inside the orbit of Pluto, has many astronomers theorizing that Planet Nine is the cause.

The discovery and confirmation of Planet Nine — and all far-orbit solar system bodies — is extremely problematic, given that it’s location is thought to be several times as distant as Pluto.

Even humanity’s most powerful telescopes have a very difficult time picking out a tiny dot that is also completely dark, as it is thought to be too distant to reflect the sun’s rays back to us.

Although it doesn’t help that astronomers are not sure exactly where to point their telescopes, the increasing body of evidence indicates that in the not-too-distant future, the mysterious Planet Nine is due for its closeup.

9 Replies to “Mysterious Object Beyond Pluto Gives Clues to Existence of Planet Nine

  1. decades ago, when velikovsky first became the darling of the ‘chariots of the gods’ crowd, it was called the 12th planet. the more recently, it was called the 10th planet. now it is the ninth planet- what next?
    it’s orbit already proves it was not spawned by our sun, and therefore NOT part of our original solar system, so it is a capture- like pluto. pluto is no longer deemed a planet (and justifiably), so how can this be classified as a planet when there exists no data on it? answer: it cannot yet be correctly called a planet. and that means- wait for it: this is FAKE NEWS.

  2. Can we dispense with this “Planet 9” crap? Pluto is the 9th planet. Scientists studying Pluto are continually calling for it to be re-instated as a planet. The move against Pluto was pushed by the two astronomers who are promoting “Planet 9”.

    Whatever is out there is the 10th Planet.

  3. Pluto is mentioned every few years because it’s the astronomist’s way of saying, “Hey look…we’re over here….doing astronomy stuff….now please keep giving us your federal money”.

  4. We may have found the orbit of planet Nine in 2002 and its massin 2004. Astronomer Forbes almost found it in 1880. It was likely pinpointed by the IRAS satellite in 1983 and roughly located by the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft. We called it ‘Vulcan’ then because that is the name Madam Blatvatsky gave it when she predicted its existence around 1900:
    A Dangerous New Jovian Sized Body In Our Solar System

  5. i read the article- it has no data whatsoever on the alleged planet. the data they have SUGGESTS that something is affecting the orbits of a small celestial body ‘technically’ within the orbits. the reason why pluto is NOT a planet, is that it’s orbit clearly demonstrates that it was captured by the sun’s gravity, just like comets are captured. i repeat, pluto is basically a ball of ice that entered the solar system like a comet does.the 8 other planets were formed by the protoplanetary disc and ALL their orbits track on the same plane. the asteroid belt also tracks on this same plane, and that is evidence that previously their existed another planet between mars and jupiter- meaning that before it’s destruction there would have been 9 planets even without pluto. there is more evidence that the asteroid belt was once a planet, than there is evidence of a new planet. something is affecting the orbit of a small unknown object- THAT IS ALL THEY CAN SAY. that is completely different from saying’we have discovered a new planet’.

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