New Zealand to house country’s entire homeless population before winter hits next month

New Zealand’s government has vowed to get the country’s entire homeless population off the streets before winter hits the country next month.

“We’re pulling out all the stops to make sure that no one needs to be without shelter or living in a car this winter,” New Zealand Housing Minister Phil Twyford told As It Happens host Carol Off.

“The country’s been shocked, I think, by the scale of homelessness, particularly over the last couple winters.”

Housing and poverty are the two most pressing concerns for New Zealanders, a recent Ipsos poll found, reports the New Zealand Herald.

Some 40,000 people in the country — or one in 10 — are either homeless or living in crowded or substandard housing conditions, according to a 2013 census analysis.

Of those, 10 per cent are chronically homeless people with “complex and challenging issues” such as addiction and mental illness, Twyford said.

The rest, he said, are students and the working poor, who “just cannot find affordable rental housing and they have just fallen afoul of a complete meltdown of the housing market.”

Short-term solutions

The government has earmarked $100 million ($90 million Cdn) into tackling homelessness in this month’s budget.

Of that, $37 million will be spent on emergency and transitional housing.

That includes the addition of 1,500 short-term shelter houses, which should be in place by the end of winter.


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One Reply to “New Zealand to house country’s entire homeless population before winter hits next month”

  1. New Zealand suffered 9 long years of the Tory-like National Party and it’s Crony Capitalism which has resulted in an 8 year delay of Christchurch being delayed in it’s re-building after the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.
    See the expose’ on former Prime Minister John Key at
    The new Coalition Government is making headway, but they have a terrible mess to clean up after the arrogant, obnoxious national Government cooked the books, was never transparent, lied to the voters and investigators, and were deflective in all answers. They borrowed money from the IMF and then dumped the loan into coffers and declard this to be a ‘surplus’.
    They had no solutions, and were forced to act in re-opening State Highway 1 after the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake which closed that road and KiwiRail for a year.
    Auckland gets preferential treatment with tax money outlays, and the rest of the nation was left to their own devices under the National Party.
    So, at least the Labour-led coalition of New Zealand First Party and the Green Party are working to repair the massive damage that the Old Boy / Old Girl Masonic Network left behind.
    And, they are now donating millions in aid to the Pacific Island Nations due to grinding poverty, storm damage, and lack of modern infrastructure in many places in the islands.
    National party never did that, and with-held $32 million from Special Education, closed schools, and allowed juvenile crime to increase 300% exponentially.
    See the website E2NZ Migrant Tales, and ‘A Person of Interest’ on You Tube by Suzie Dawson.
    See also, but some of it’s content is at times questionable due to grammar problems.

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