The Pope Calls for World Wide Gun Confiscation

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12 Replies to “The Pope Calls for World Wide Gun Confiscation

  1. At the same time he along with every world leader is protected by armed security and they want us to be disarmed

  2. The number of people that the Vatican has sacrificed, is more than the number of people killed by guns.
    Remember, The Vatican “belongs” to Esau (Russia). She is Esau’s whore of Babylon.

    1. (these numbers DO NOT include those people killed while at war, only innocent people killed…like those killed by the Vatican and the secret societies of Russia.)

  3. The pope is still hiding the catastrophic implications of the total Third Secret Of Fantima from the people of the world.

  4. I will give up my gun if the Pope, and his cabal give up their genitals!
    More harm has been done by priestly catholic hormones, than by defense mechanisms employed to prevent that which you can never expect!!!!!! We are all equal, except some need an Equaliser, to fend off the unwanted approaches of dirty old people with an effervescent agenda!

  5. you are what you eat you dope and you got no hope like a pope on a rope just dropped the soap – ha!
    you lookin in the wrong end of a telescope

  6. The people calling for it or demanding it, should be the ones knocking on our doors and telling us to hand them over. So frankie the poop knock on my door and see what i give you. Same goes for any of you traitors in the house, senate, supreme court and yes you also you little faggot Hogg.

  7. The Vatican, Saudi Arabia and Israel are three major partners in the BritishEmpire/N.A.T.O. HEROIN MAFIA.
    The Rothchildes are one of the Vatican’s bankers.

  8. This NWO “pope” is not a Christian he is a Jesuit. You know the guys who provided the muscle for the Inquisition for some 500 years. Oh yeah they had the equivalent of guns.

  9. The {Pope needs to be schooled on the first school mass shooting…48 Years Ago, US Troops Massacred Students in Ohio, Covered It Up and Got Away With It.

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