POLICE STATE: Vacationing in the Mountains this summer? Stay away unless you want to be treated like a criminal

Private I–Since last year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) have been conducting immigration checkpoints in Hew Hampshire’s White Mountains.

NH’s motto ‘Live Free or Die’ is fast becoming a joke to all who visit.

Why would I say that?

Because this past Memorial Day weekend, State Police with DHS funding, conducted a DWI ‘saturation patrol’ in Conway from 9 PM-3 AM stopping ninety motorists. Anyone familiar with North Conway knows that most bars and restaurants close at 1AM and stopping ninety Conway residents would have caused a public outcry.

So who were the police targeting? Could it be vacationers, you be the judge.

While this was happening in Conway, State Police and the CBP also set up a three-day ‘immigration’ checkpoint in the White Mountains, stopping thousands of motorists along Route 93.

Not to be outdone, NH’s Forest Rangers conducted ‘Firewood Quarantine’ checkpoints, stopping and questioning vacationers about out of state firewood.

That’s a total of three different police checkpoints in the White Mountains! (Click here to find out how police conduct twenty-three different checkpoints.)

Last year, I warned everyone that police use checkpoints as a pretext to look inside vehicles and intimidate tourists into letting them search their cars.

Changing the name from ‘Firewood’ checkpoints to ‘Firewood Quarantine’ checkpoints does not change the fact that they are being used as an end run around our Constitution.

Why don’t newspapers like the Conway Daily Sun, the Union Leader and the Concord Monitor sound the alarm? It’s not like this is a new thing, they’ve been reporting on it for nearly two years now.

Why are they giving DHS a free pass to turn one of the ten best adventure towns in the country? Into one of the ten most checkpointed towns in America?  (Yes, I made that word up.)

For tourists asking what to do in NH’s White Mountains this summer?

I bet none of them thought it would entail having your family being questioned by law enforcement.

Unfortunately I have some more bad news, it appears things are going to get worse.

CBP plans to conduct five more checkpoints

Yesterday, the Union Leader reported that DHS plans to conduct five more immigration checkpoints.

“Federal border patrol officials plan to conduct another five checkpoints in New Hampshire in 2018. The agency has previously said that checkpoints are “a critical enforcement tool for the enforcement of our immigration laws.”

It appears that ‘Firewood Quarantine’ checkpoints will also become a regular thing in the White Mountains.

An article in today’s Laconia Daily Sun reminds tourists to expect more checkpoints.

“The Division of Forests and Lands, Forest Rangers will be enforcing the firewood quarantine this weekend with roadside checkpoints.”

Don’t forget in much of New England the CBP responds to domestic 911 calls and has the power to ticket tourists for speeding and much more.

How much business will be lost as vacationers from Canada, Massachusetts and beyond, stop coming to North Conway because DHS is turning it into an excuse to stop, question and search everyone?

My advice to anyone thinking of vacationing in the White Mountains this summer. Stay away unless you want to be treated like a criminal.

8 Replies to “POLICE STATE: Vacationing in the Mountains this summer? Stay away unless you want to be treated like a criminal

    These people are known to plant evidence when you’re not looking, or will kill you if you admit that you conceal/carry!
    Challenge the legality with ‘Am I being detained?” under the Fourth Amendment, you have the right to freedom of movement and to be secure in your papers.
    They also are overzealous with Search and Seizure, and Forfeiture of your personal property and cash!
    What is needed here is a BLM Bundy Ranch style of the citizenry rising up to face down the tyranny!
    This crap was happening to me in the late 1990’s but no one believed me. Now, it’s happening to everyone, and yes; HAHA…I TOLD YOU SO!!!
    Went out in my boat in the Gulf of Mexico (before Core-Exit & BP Disaster…) one afternoon. and :20 mins. after dropping anchor to fish, here comes the USCG doing a ‘Safety Check’ They were unhelpful, intrusive, and threatening since I was 25 miles out to sea.
    After they left, :15 minutes later here comes the Florida Marine Patrol. Same thing. Safety check, asked what I was doing that far out, etc.
    :30 minutes after that, here comes the County Sheriff, demanding that I pull up anchor and go back to the 3 mile limit. I refused, as the Sheriff had no jurisdiction that far out near the Shipping Lanes.
    The excuse was ‘We’re concerned for your SAFETY!!!!! Bulls@#t!
    In all instances, the first thing they asked is ‘Do you have a weapon or weapons on board?”
    Fear the government that fears your guns, or so we are told…
    After being disrupted on these three occasions, I went back to the marina, put the boat on the trailer, and sold it along with my house and car.
    Took the proceeds and moved to Aruba, bought a bigger boat, and have had no problems.
    Just think; the gas stations, marina, and bait shop that used to do business with me no longer can due to the tyranny that they and others are turning a blind eye to.
    & now, under NDAA, you can be arrested and held indefinitely, without charge, and the new Anti-Terror Bill goes even further than that!

  2. I am happy for you and yours. On the other hand, I am sickened by those here that are lazy, blind, and or ignorant to the truth. I don’t believe in luck, but further good fortune to you and yours.

  3. Thanks Skip & Clair; & remember; if I can do a move out of the country, so can others who may also be Targeted Individuals!
    Only concerns we have in Aruba are the recent strong storms; but at least that’s a natural, and not man-made (BUT; could be enhanced by man with Weather Modification).
    The FBI is NOT to be trusted!!! The recent attempts of treason by the same organization to remove a duly and lawfully-elected President bears witness to this!
    I have an FBI File with over 400 pages that the FBI has refused to release to me under the FOIA once I had an acknowledgement from ‘M. Hardy’ at the FBI’s FOIA Office. It’s OK for the FBI to lie to you, but if you lie to them it’s ‘Felony Obstruction of Justice’.
    I also have a Secret Service File, but I received that only mildly redacted a few years ago under the FOIA.
    & BTW, then entire time I lived in the US, I have never been arrested, or charged with any crime. hence, the harassment was purely political and Deep-State masonic.
    I am also a service-connected disabled Veteran, serving from Vietnam until Desert Shield in 1990.
    Best to you folks, and keep migration to the Caribbean in mind!

  4. Cops are always offended when you ask for their credentials and badge number. Of course, the recent arrest of FAKE COPS in Michigan should be an article one should carry in the glove box to share with law enforcement, because it is important that the Real Deal be informed.

  5. Have read your words carefully and taken them to heart. Thank you kindly for the taste of reality there. See you around Rex Reptilius.
    (Is it possible we descend from the same Ancient Reptiloid Race…hmmm)

  6. Everyone please take note: We spend $Hundreds of Billion$ per year on Department of Homeland Security. It was the duty and sole mission of DHS to seal the borders and secure this Nation.
    Have you heard ONE WORD from those P.O.S. about preparing for possible nuclear war? Have they made ANY preparations for CIVILIAN(YOU & YOURS) casualties? Any public service announcements of supplies and preparations you should be making? Bunkers, food, supplies, medical is all set aside for “THEM” what about YOUR Family? Everything for the shit-bird politicians and NOTHING for your family.
    The DHS should have sealed our borders 16 years ago. The DHS does SQUAT about NARCOTerrorists invading America. The DHS should have built that WALL to SECURE the Nation. The DHS should have banned ALL muslums 16 years ago until muslums stopped ALL terror activities.
    “Homeland Security” — we spend BILLION$ every year on DHS and all DHS does is run up overtime, pad their pensions, and divert emergency equipment into their garages and basements..

    W-rong Bush hired the former head of the East German STASI, Marcus Wolf, and Yevgeny Primakov, former head of the KGB, to design Homeland Security ( both Jews, Followed by more “dual”citizen creeps.). Why? To bring oppression HERE
    FEMA-CAMP-GAZA is a PREVIEW for you “PREPPERS/PATRIOTS” …. We are ALL Palestinians now …….
    just WHO is training your FEMA police/guards? it is the mindset and brainwashing your police have been received.

  7. There are little to no illegal aliens in the mountains. Where you WILL find them is outside Seven Eleven in Brooklyn NY 11219. And in local blue collar business. The most effective way to deport illegals is to HAMMER businesses and kill the welfare state.

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