Robert De Niro is an Angry Old Man Who Hasn’t Been in a Good Movie Since the 90’s

Paul Joseph Watson–Robert De Niro said “fuck Trump” in front of a bunch of preening, narcissistic sycophants who universally agreed with him.

We haven’t seen this level of bravery since the Normandy landings.

But seriously, the left and the legacy media are pissing their pants with joy at something that is so hilariously self-defeating.

How will poorer Americans in flyover country who voted for Trump react to the spectacle of a bunch of privileged, overpaid, wealthy actors so enthusiastically applauding De Niro’s “fuck Trump” outburst?

It will only embolden their resolve to do one thing; Vote for Donald Trump again in 2020.

Even anti-Trump globalists like Richard Haas are worried at the optics of it all.

“Sorry, but cursing in public is not speaking truth to power. if De Niro wanted to do something useful, he could have urged people to vote,” he tweeted.

Indeed, the only time I’ve seen celebs more enthusiastic than when they applauded De Niro’s “fuck Trump” outburst last night was when they applauded fugitive child rapist Roman Polanski at the Oscars.

It’s gonna take something extra to top that one.

The funniest take away from this whole farce is the fact that the far-left anti-Trump #Resistance appears to believe that a washed up, has-been actor who looks like a homeless bum swearing in public represents some kind of public relations victory.

This is more about Robert De Niro’s increasingly desperate insecurity about his ailing fortunes than it is anything to do with Trump.

De Niro constantly has to rely on profane outbursts to thrust himself back into the public eye because his career died over 20 years ago.

The actor hasn’t been in a good movie since the 90’s, a widely held belief based on De Niro’s uncanny ability to keep accepting dreadful roles simply for the paycheck.

“They talk about De Niro walking through roles, just collecting the money, and I do think that’s true, I’ve heard from financiers that if you have the money De Niro will be in anything, and that he seems to just have checked out, that he knows in a way the gig is up and he’s just getting to the finish line,” said American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis.

The reason behind De Niro’s mercenary zeal to destroy his own legacy in return for a quick buck was unwittingly revealed by De Niro himself, who has apparently ploughed a small fortune into his wife’s coffee company, which is hemorrhaging money.

During an argument with Grace Hightower at a bar in Manhattan, De Niro exclaimed, “I wouldn’t have to keep making shitty movies if you didn’t spend all my money!”

That explains both the awful quality of his movie output for the past 20 years, as well his increasingly irate temper and tendency to lash out with foul-mouthed tirades.

In short, De Niro has a particularly acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the symptoms keep spilling out in public on a regular basis.

2 Replies to “Robert De Niro is an Angry Old Man Who Hasn’t Been in a Good Movie Since the 90’s

  1. I have heard he has cloned himself, is giving the clone a sex change and is planning to make a comeback as an actress in porn movies.

  2. I have heard that he has cloned himself, is getting the clone a sex change, and is planning a comback as an actress in porno movies.

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