300 FBI Agents Invade Lafayette Indiana

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(jconline)  Federal authorities have confirmed that a statewide raid involving more than 300 agents is under way. FBI agents have been spotted in Lafayette. An FBI spokeswoman said arrests have been made but would not disclose the nature of the investigation or where the raids were occurring. Spokeswoman Wendy Osborne said some of today’s activity is occurring outside the state but that the focus of the investigation is within Indiana.

A spokesman for US Attorney Joe Hogsett said his office might be making an announcement later this afternoon.

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  • http://jtittiger.blogspot.com/2012/06/modern-christianity-is-mental-disorder.html Inalienable Wrights

    Stalin has started his purges it seems using powers he gave himself and promised never to use.

  • Temper Bay

    Oil your guns, clear the bores and shake your bullets, I hear heels astomping coming down the street.

  • mildred

    What happened with the 300 fbi agents in Indiana?

    • http://jtittiger.blogspot.com/2012/06/modern-christianity-is-mental-disorder.html Inalienable Wrights

      Don’t know but it only took one to murder Vicky Weaver holding her baby….