Activism Of The Day,Call The D.C. Park Police Over Abuse

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(Thomas Dishaw) As I made my way through the news cycle this Memorial Day weekend,I came across a video of epic proportions. Most of you have seen the arrests that took place at the Jefferson Memorial If you are appalled as much as I am, please take time out of your busy day to call the D.C. Park police and voice your concern. Please be respectful to the operators,for they may be on our side. U.S. Park Police 24 hour Emergency Number (202) 610-7500. Office of the Chief (202) 619-7350. Human Resources Office (202) 619-7056. Public Information Office – Sgt. David Schlosser (202) 619-7163.

  • michael Holiday

    I wonder if these are the same Park Police that weren’t so ‘Johnny on the spot’ when Hillary’s ‘alleged’ boyfriend Vincent Foster’s shotgun riddled body was discovered by the Park Pocice laying on one of the park bench’ on that very same mall. Poor Vince Foster lay dead , out in the cold, on that bench till the park police found him. They (the park police) said it was suicide. Which is understandable that it took so long for Vicnce to be discovered as a ‘shotgun blast’ going off in that deserted park at that late hour is really hard to hear.

    Mike Holiday

  • govtslaves

    wow mike!