Prices to Rise Sharply As America’s Last Ammunition Supplier Calls It Quits

(Mac Slavo) A couple of years ago we opined that the anti-gun establishment had found a loophole for the Second Amendment and that rather than targeting the banning of all firearms, they would instead turn their attention to ammunition.

The government’s most recent efforts to reduce open market availability through taxation, individual purchase restrictions and a massive stockpiling effort by the Department of Homeland Security has forced ammunition prices to nearly triple, while also dwindling supplies of many popular calibers.

But they’re not done yet.

In fact, they may have finally found a way to circumvent U.S.-based domestic production altogether.

The all-out attack on Americans’ gun rights is now being taken to the next level.

The goal is to regulate all forms of ammunition out of existence, and they’re starting with Doe Run, which is the last of America’s domestic lead processing and manufacturing facilities.

Now, the only ore-to-lead producer in America… the largest in the Western world… has been shut down by EPA regulation.

EPA’s regulatory uncertainty and an estimated $100 million to convert [to non-smelter manufacturing] caused the company to finally throw in the towel.

It’s not just ammunition that’s dissapearing. American industry… American jobs…. are being regulated out of existence as well.

Lead’s still going to be manufactured in China, but it’ll be done without any environmental oversight, it’ll be scarce, it’ll be expensive, and we’ll have fragile supply lines.

It’s party of multi-pronged attack on ammunition.

Drying up the market by hoarding billions of rounds
Shutting down the market with background checks, registration, and banning of online sales
Environmental regulation to ban the use and manufacture of lead
And after we can no longer manufacture ammunition domestically we have the UN Arms Trade Treaty to stop the importation of ammunition.

…If you look at the multiple ways they’re trying to remove all ammunition… not just certain guns they believe are dangerous… there’s no question that this is about all-out gun control.

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Doe Run is scheduled to layoff its workforce and close its doors before the end of the year.

With no more lead being processed in America, we are now completely dependent on our largest creditor, China, to supply the necessary base metals for ammunition production.

This will have the immediate effect of further limiting supplies, while also increasing prices, and we can expect this soon after Doe Run’s closure this December.

Furthermore, in April of this year James Rawles of detailed new importation restrictions set forth in a Presidential Executive Action following the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, which bans the importation of military surplus items that include magazines, firearms accessories and, of course, foreign ammunition.

Couple this with the implementation of U.N. “authorized” trade restrictions set forth in the new UN Arms Trade Treaty, and you can see where this is headed.

It is not an over-exaggeration to suggest that ammunition supply lines will soon be cut, effectively making it nearly impossible to acquire.



    • Zionistout

      They make lead free solder now. Yes its crap. It doesn’t take high heat well.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        Actually it melts at a much higher temp than lead & would not have the lubricating qualities of lead bullets. That said it probably would not cause excessive wear to modern gun barrels as some of the newer ones are chromium plated.

        • David_Francis

          Tin solder bullets may be more harsh to a barrel than lead but the tin is still softer than the copper jacket.

    • Ognol Longo

      just poop and pee in the immigrants yard thats next to yours….



  • Joel Leard

    wheel weights are lead too

  • Jay Pugliese

    and batteries for cars and trucks

  • marlio

    i THINK THEY ARE opening a manufacturing plant to make ammunition in texas. l There will always be a way to buy bullets or make them because real americans are very creative , and OBVIOUSLY more intelligent than obama and his gaggle of obamamites!!!

    • Randy Gulley

      There are plenty of ammunition plants throughout the U.S., it’s the lead plants that will no longer be here.

    • AntiCommunistAction

      we’ll have plenty of ammo in Texas.

  • Toney k. Bean.

    I think this is just stupid and obama should be pulled out of the white house and the office he holds by those big dumbo ears of his and ran out on a rale.

    • Jenny

      Tried talking to my congress WHIMP… He had the gall to inform me, that impeachment is not an option just because I disagree with someone… Than he used quotations to tell me that impeachment is for only when TREASON, or HIGH CRIMES and MISDEMEANORS are committed… As if I was stupid… I have had it with these arrogant MILLIONAIRE POLITICIANS who turn a blind eye as this nation is raped!! If the IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, and out right lies to the american people, are not a real reason to even consider impeachment, than what will it take???? Obviously they refuse to act, because they are okay with Obama’s Crimes and perhaps the only real option begins with ReCALLING these CONGRESS LOOSERS and sending them back home.

      • AntiCommunistAction

        your congresswimp is a dumbocrat, right?

        • Yuuzhan

          or a republican. neither of them will start the proceedings.

      • Daniel Williams

        Today is Election Day. Get out and VOTE these people out of office!

        • Ghost11111111

          As if voting does anything. We dont even have control of our own kids.

      • George Wafer

        Starting in 2014 you will see aloy of new faces in Congress,I started trying to change it in the last election,but I was only one vote,hope its different this time. SIIIIGH

      • Denver Bob

        Tea party is getting ready to do just that right now.,

  • Ben Enjerry

    Hmm, x-ray barriers, doors in x-ray rooms, aprons and waist girdle garments for use when x-rayed are all still necessary. Guess China will be supplying those too?

    • Ron Smith

      Yeah and my Indian doctor really is thinking about my HEALTH and not his next larger houseboat.. (chuckle)

    • Abrogation

      Just do not expect to be able to have children built to the standard configuration (One head, 2 arms 2 legs etc) if you rely on Chinese lead aprons to protect your bits when being Xrayed.

      • Rhonda Soderfelt

        HA! HA! HA! HAAAAA! YEAH!

      • Allen Evans

        nope they like putting lead in stuff

  • rockyvnvmc

    If they try to take Our guns, they should EXPECT us to Take Theirs from Them ! One at a time…

    • Ron Smith

      not really. single referendum vote to dissolve and reform the government would likely pass if they tried to seriously take away firearms OR ammo. America would be just like Iceland and the crazy people who thought they were in charge would be instantly in jail instead. Sometimes when you win, you lose.

      • AntiCommunistAction

        that would be assuming Americans are willing to get up off of our fat collective a##es and actually do something instead of staring at the Talmudvision all of the time.

        • crusader2010

          I got rid of my television 10 years ago. Joined the tea party, the load Gun Club and Listen to talk radio.

          • Ognol Longo

            You’re rare…

      • Stonewall Ray

        so how do we do that?

    • Ognol Longo

      Oh bullshit.. never gona happen.. nothing but hot air and wishful thinking.. and I mean that in a nice way.. just pointing out the truth.

  • GARY

    make your own ammo

    • crusader2010

      The owner of the tire store gives me the weights they take off off older cars, which i recast for ammo. works for me, Just for fun I cast some Silver bullets, i hear it’s the only thing that will kill the undead EPA.

    • Ognol Longo

      RPG’s are easy as hell to make =) OMG the things I know.. engineering and chemistry is a great skill set.. I love physics!

    • The Dude

      This is a good point, because when everything goes to hell, one way or another were going to need people to be able to keep making bullets.

  • Zionistout

    Jews say no guns for you Goys. They can’t take over and enforce the Jew World Order if you are armed.

    • Yuuzhan

      I think its more the muslims like our president that want that.

      • Ognol Longo

        Thank you!

    • Ognol Longo

      shut your mouth you Islam scumbag son of trash

      • bobfairlane

        What is this shit? Why is it if someone criticizes Israel and its foreign agents, some fuctard will call them Islam sympathizers or muslims? Fuck Islam, Christianity, and Jewdaism all the way back to Abra-ham and Mo-ham-med.

  • heather bourff

    So it is safe to say the men and women who have been elected to office are traitors. China owns America and now they can decide if we are armed or not. This basically decides if we can defend ourselves against invasion. But then again China wont need to invade hell they are already running this country. American politicians grow some balls!!!!! We came to their aid during WWII, its time they repaid that debt. Tell them we are even. And throughout history when you invade a country and take it over you take their resources. Iraq we dont owe you for the oil, we are just going to take it. America is turning into a country full of selfish, lazy, unpatriotic wimps. The younger generations have no pride and expect life to be FAIR. I think we should give china Jane Fonda and call it even. They can have our politicians also.

    • The Dude

      I agree and disagree with what your saying you make a good point in the beginning but then you start to drift off to crazy land. We did help China only slightly during WW2, but what did that achieve, basically nothing as the Nationalist party fell quickly to the People’s Republic during the cultural revolution. So any point trying to be made there has disappeared with the changing of the guard in China, who if you all forgot is still Socialist. By stealing from the Iraqi’s we only perpetuate the problem and cause more dissent for the American people in that region. This does not benefit us, and having an attitude like that will not help us in international politics. Sadly this is how our even our nations politicians act and why our relations with countries in that region only continues to decline. While at the same time China is moving in and helping these countries rebuild domestically and economically. Slowly gaining favor with the people of nations that are slowly starting to drift away from America, if they don’t hate us already. This is happening all over the world where America has stuck its fingers and failed. So what happens next when the time comes to call on these nations for help due you think they will come help the asshole Americans or the helpful Chinese. Socialism is winning people its just a new socialism with a more intelligent strategy crafted by the Chinese. Now I love how at the end of your comment you go off by stating that its the younger generations fault and judging by your use of giving up Jane Fonda, it probably means your of the baby boomer generation. You guys were the first ones to start the counter culture movement but what happened, you all sold out, gave up, and started to blame the younger generation. Its not one persons fault, its all of our fault; not being politically active, being selfish, egotistical, sitting on our couches pointing blame at anyone but the person in the mirror, and just blaming the current president and party is not how we fix things; But neither is rioting, revolting, or tearing down the whole system. We have to be smarter, more active politically, we need to teach the youth about the importance of being involved in politics, we need people to be open minded, and well versed in not only America but the world around us. Then we can start to make a difference in this country because this is not an overnight change this is something that will take generations of intelligent Americans, not paranoid jackasses who are willing to blame anyone or anything because they’re not willing to take the time to solve a problem that will affect us all. Call my generation wimps, lazy and selfish, but here I am standing up for myself, trying to fix problems your generation caused, while having to live with the day to day idiocracy of the lets point fingers game. Im just surprised you didn’t blame Obama or through in any racist slurs as so many are so willing to do these days.

      • heather bourff

        I am 37 years old mother of 3 boys. My father fought in Vietnam up in the Danang and quantri areas. He didnt want to go but he was told to. And he was not a God Damn hippy wanting to change this god forsaken world. We give more food to other countries than amy other. All I am saying is quit giving and start taking. WWII, china would of fell to japan if not for america. Now I am sorry for saying your generation is lazy. It is the lazy people from all age groups that piss me off and the mentality yhat they are owed something. Foodstamps piss me off more than anything. We need to teach youth alot of things. Being responsible for ones actions, having pride and what pride is, and not to lay around and wait on someone else to fix it. And yes we are raising wimps. If they take up for themselves at school they get suspended and kids have some type of electronic in their hands at all times. Children have no strength most are overweight.

        • heather bourff

          Oh and jane fonda shoukd not of ever been let back into this country

        • The Dude

          I don’t disagree with the wimps thing, we are raising victims by creating this anti bullying policy, rather we should teach kids how to stand up for themselves and then if all else fails find someone to help with the issue, and then finally learn to cope if all else fails. Many countries may or may not have fallen with American involvement and China was pretty much already taken over by the time the U.S. started seriously fighting in the Pacific. On the electronic issue, I believe there is a benefit but it will only be realized hundreds of years from now when multitasking is necessary to deal with the fast moving pace of the world specially in urban centers. Childhood obesity is a problem in this country but it can be dealt with as long as parents are willing to take action to make sure their children live a healthy lifestyle. Of course this is easier said then done. All in all, this country is really messed up and we need to take small steps to fix it before we can see progress and make real leaps to better ourselves and our nation. Blaming and pointing fingers doesn’t help us it only divides us further, but arguing having intelligent discussion and debate is how we learn and do better. I just wish it didn’t always fizzle down to people calling someone a stupid or unintelligent.

      • heather bourff

        Another point I would like to make is taking the oil isnt hurting the people of the country its hurting the corrupt leaders that are the ones killing their people. So if we just take their oil maybe it will cut off their finances which would help the people of Iraq and not just the 5% that are corrupt.

    • Val Walden

      Tell’em Heather! Preach on, darlin’!!!

  • Ognol Longo

    Yall talk so much shit but you dont do anything.. 40 million christians stayed home on election day… So.. I may not agree with the administration etc, but all of YOU are at fault for not holding your families accountable! The internet is nothing but a bunch of hot air and mouths.. period the end!

    • vdomkr

      I guestion their “Christianity”. Anyone who truly followed Christ and studied the Bible would know it is impossible to support a democrat. Obozo was correct that this is no longer a Christian nation. Just a bunch of Sunday Christian wannabe’s.

      • Ognol Longo

        The internet is a great tool at keeping people seated.. They vent their frustrations and continue to perpetuate a victim attitude seeking social acceptance and approval.. In other words, they’re accepting whats happening to them, but just venting their frustrations and then turning the channel back to football and porn

        • ozlanthos

          You accept your own cage bub. The internet is good for something else…. It lets us communicate with others like ourselves. As such we no longer have to assume that we are alone in our struggles, or that no one shares our feelings about things.


          • Ognol Longo

            Yeah.. reverting back to the comment you’re replying to.. Get up out of your damn chair and get out and do something!

          • ozlanthos

            Oh but I have. Try Googleing my sn sometime…


      • The Dude

        Christians…. religion is holding this country back if anything and if you don’t remember the US is supposed to be based on separation of religion and state derp.

        • GiveTheWookieACookie

          Another post not worth a crap. The US is not based upon separation of relgion. It’s based on the free exercise of religion. Yes, doofus, even politicians can be religious and their religion can affect their decisions.

          • The Dude

            Which is foolish.

    • Rhonda Soderfelt

      Your here holier than thou!

      • Ognol Longo

        Spoken like a true libtard

    • Yuuzhan

      There were no options to vote for man. Even the republicans were democrats.

      • Ognol Longo

        You OBVIOUSLY have never voted before… you do NOT have to vote for whomever they tell you to vote for… Ever heard of a write in? If you’ve ever voted before you would know what that is!

        • Windell Jones

          If everyone voted for their own write in that would cut the chance of anyone winning, just the way the democrats want it.

          • Ognol Longo

            not true… its a means of exposing the electoral vote FRAUD!

    • Stonewall Ray

      how do you know 40 million stayed home?

      • Ognol Longo

        voting statistics by region… all the elections previously held and their results… I would almost agree that the establishment GAVE ROmney votes in order not to get caught in this bs! NO ONE wanted him accept the loonie Tea Tards that have no idea wtf theyre doing!

    • ozlanthos

      Apparently you do not understand what you are talking about. Those 40 Million voters (not all christian…and there were more of them that stayed home than that) stayed home because there was no representative they could support on the ballot. What would you have them do? Vote for your candidate because you want your candidate to win? What if they think your candidate is a corrupt, lying, turd? Should they hold their nose, and vote your way just to make you happy? When the GOP did everything possible to let us know that they had no intention of letting Ron Paul even participate, it became clear that they wouldn’t honor our votes, that they would do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE, to deny us any result other than either Romney, or Obama no matter what we really wanted, or voted for. If you were asked to play a game of chance that you KNEW before hand that you COULD NOT WIN, would you still play?


      • Ognol Longo

        BS!!! Again, another dip weed that doesnt know a damn thing about voting.. Hence the establishments control over you.. YOU CAN WRITE IN and VOTE for ANYONE you wish! Santa if you so chose.. ding dong! Ron Paul is a dork, but he is 100000% better than what yall followed.. LIKE SHEEP you believed that GOP bs… Paul would have destroyed Obama.. and the Republican party (that is not really a republic part anymore – hijacked by special interests that control the democratic left as well!) lead you straight off a cliff!!! Romney had no chance in HELL!! Neither did Mccain.. Can you put two and two together now!!!? They take turns pretending and matching THEIR candidates! They’re already preselected! Only a write in would expose them! But, here are are again repeating the insanity once again.. This will NEVER change until yall break out of the mental prison you’re all in

        • Cody Barnes

          no one has any say in elections…why cant anyone see they are absurdly staged..
          we get two turds to vote for because the corporations shell out millions to take out anyone with a real chance of running this country the right way. we signed away every right we have for “safety”, and “protection” i know i sound like one of those people with the tin hats but really america. our constitution is gone, due process, gone…our “president” can legally order a hit on any american citizen without anyone batting an eye…what happened america? when will people realize that we have been taken over by power hungry fucks who dont care about the greater good?

          • ozlanthos

            Actually, you aren’t all that far off. We did lose the Constitution when it was suspended with the passage of the War and Emergency Powers Act of 1933. Look up March 9th 1933 sometime. We’ve been on Emergency Rule for 8 decades. Everything you thought was unConstitutional probably is, and only continues because the president signs it all back into law every year…


        • Allen Evans

          you can write in and vote for whom ever you wish, but no matter what you want your vote to go for it doesn’t really matter. it is the Electoral College that has the ultimate say on who wins an election and if the decide one way even if it is against the wishes of the entire country that is the way it goes.

          • Ognol Longo

            The very point as to why NOT to vote for ANY party candidate and write in YOUR person! its called exposure!

        • ozlanthos

          I voted for Ron Paul in 2008, and 2012. I campaigned for him in 2012. I KNOW WTF I AM TALKING ABOUT! You don’t have to convince me of anything concerning Dr. Paul. However my efforts exposed me to some really stark facts. #1 The “Tea Party” has been co-opted by neocons. #2 The GOP and the “Tea Party” colluded in my district (as part of a state-wide campaign) to deprive Dr. Paul of a fair primary, as well as proportional representation at the RNC, as per the GOP’s own rules in my state! I listened to them brag about cheating themselves out of a Ron Paul victory, oh so proud to deny the American people their rightful leader. I know that I was not alone in seeing how the media treated Ron Paul. How his own party shanked him in the back at every opportunity, down-played and derided everything he talked about. It was not difficult to fall into the belief that no matter who you voted for, the establishment had decided for you. That is why I think less than 45% of eligible voters even bothered to vote last time around (either that or 34 million more of us DID write in Ron Paul’s name, and they just “lost” those votes)……


  • sherry8260

    Liberal Nazi’s are so dumb it laughable. Shit…we all just go down to the ghetto’s around 8am after all the street thugs have fallen asleep and collect the spent casings. Go to Staples, the Dollar Tree or where ever and buy those 50 ct. packs of number two pencils and shave the wood and smelt our own bullets (adding another ingredient which I won’t mention). The equipment was never hard to find. This will become an amazing black market venture, not to mention supply for ourselves. People are going to have what they want, regardless of being told ‘no’. They’re incredibly delusional if they believe otherwise.

    • Jim Brauer

      It’s a common misconception that pencil lead is or has ever been constituted of the element lead. It’s true that thousands of years ago the element lead was formed into cylinders and used to make marks on papyrus, however, wooden pencils or any instrument since does not use lead (lead is a heavy metal and using pure lead in form can cause major health problems with extended exposure). Pencils now are made of graphite or some other pigment. However, graphite in solid form was discovered in the 16th century and at the time was thought to be some type of lead, which is why many people today still call pencil lead: lead.

  • Philip Melton

    This is BS I can still buy lead from Plumber supply Houses people will have to start loading their own ammo Plus there is too much Demand for ammo right now there will new ammo Plants opening that is for Sure this is Temp setback nothing more

    • Yuuzhan

      So, where do we get the lead to make the new ammo? It will be regulated by the treaty we signed. They can basically stop importation of whatever they want.

  • Kevin Doty

    people your missing the point obviousley or most are.. war is at hand wether you like it or are ready for it it is here.

    • Ognol Longo

      no its not.. total dud … 40 million christians stayed home on election day…

      • Yuuzhan

        due to not having a candidate that a true follower of Christ could, in good conscience, vote for. Romney was even more liberal than McCain and thats saying alot.

        • Ognol Longo

          Yet more BS from someone that obviously has NEVER voted before or you would have known to WRITE IN YOUR CANDIDATE! ***or typo***

          • Allen Evans

            All so called 40 million Christians could have WROTE in THE POPE and it wouldn’t make a difference it is not the choice of THE PEOPLE so trying to pawn it off on WRITE IN VOTES is a joke and you need to get a clue

          • Ognol Longo

            It makes a huge difference.. It exposes the electoral fraud…. But, yeah you’re right voting is a complete damn waste of time isnt it.. by your own words we dont have control over our elections

      • The Dude

        If you vote for a politician based on religion you aren’t a real patriot nor do you respect the Constitution of the United States of America. Separation of Church and State not the latter.

        • Ognol Longo

          I agree

  • Philip Melton

    and this war against lead is nothing new and There is new ammo technology that uses no lead or copper Guns and ammo are going nowhere in America!!! they are here to stay

    • Yuuzhan

      do you know how much pure copper ammo costs? The only way to practice is with lead ammo. not 1 dollar a round copper.

      • Victor Brueggemann

        No one buys copper. They just tear down telephone/cable lines, and run off with them.

      • bobfairlane

        You can use plastic or wax bullets for short range practice, even dry-fire simulation-guns are better than nothing.

  • Ognol Longo

    Battery plants … hmm… there is no way in hell to keep anyone away from lead… The Lead generation is coming? lmao

    • Peter Hornbeck

      open your eyes they dont want to keep you away from lead they just want to make you pay dearly for it and make them rich dont believe me go look for your self at who owns the lead industry in china is isnt the chineese

  • Rhonda Soderfelt

    They are outlawing led for hunting, Not for other calibers.

  • Stonewall Ray

    we lhave to take ammo from dhs agents. guns too.

  • Sgt. EZ

    Guess I will have to buy another couple hundred lbs of lead and start researching alternet metals to reload with.

  • Lead is easy to locate and there is nothing wrong with reloaded ammo. Should anyone run out simply take what you need from the nearest homeland security Gestapo agent. they seem to have plenty to spare.

  • Timothy Reid

    If Doe Run wants to close that is up to them. $100,000,000.00 that is what the article says the plant is closing over. If they are doing the amount of business the author makes out that money would be recouped in weeks, If Doe Run charged $1.00 more per pound. Bullets are not the only thing made out of lead. And I for one would not paying $1.00 or $2.00 more per box of ammo. I say this either a ploy to sale more ammo or another company moving it’s plant to save money and blaming the government.

  • Clifford Comstock

    Make your Own!

  • Glenn Smith

    How bad does it have to get for American’s to get together and kick everyone of these thieving bastard politicians out of the Whitehouse,and congress,how much shit do you have to eat????

  • Bill Mullins

    China has so much lead, they put it in everything they send to us…paint, children’s toys, etc.

  • Matt Reams

    Sorry, I work in the shooting industry and most of this article is completely off base. Ammunition prices have NOT tripled – or anywhere close to that. We took a 3% increase in Nov of 2012 and that was our last increase. Most were about the same. Anything extra came from the gougers – not us. DHS had NOTHING to do with it at all. 100% of the extra demand was retail customers – not the government. Our government sales were actually down a little bit. NONE of the tons of lead we use every day came from this facility. 99% of the lead used in ammo comes from recycling facilities – not from primary ore facilities. There is plenty to be worried about with the governement without manufacturing false claims to whip people into a frenzy. This kind of hyperbole only distracts people from the real problems.

  • rongway

    Ummmm, so by closing a virgin lead (from ore) smelting plant, they are going to reduce the ability of ammunition manufacturers to make bullets? Well, then they need to do more homework. Ammunition manufacturers don’t use virgin lead. It’s too pricey. They use recycled lead which is cheaper. There are a number of recycling smelters across the country, so we may see a bump in prices due to more demand for recycled lead, but the increase will be minimal.

    • Irish78623

      Not saying you aren’t right, just pointing out that all recycled led was ‘virgin’ led at some point.

      • rongway

        Totally agree, and from what I’ve heard, the company that owns this plant will be building a new plant very close to the existing plant, so we will have virgin lead again.

  • Dan Cox

    As my Brother used to say in the early 70’s… get the Led out! Now, while he meant some really great Rock n Roll, we need to lose Lead… it is very toxic.

  • bobfairlane

    You can make bullets out of copper, even copper coated steel, but it’s expensive $$$$$$$ and eats barrels.

  • Just Wondering

    Where does this GARBAGE come from….

    “Ammunition manufacturers”


    Alliant Techsystems


    Badger Army Ammunition Plant

    BAE Systems Land & Armaments

    Black Hills Ammunition



    California Powder Works

    CCI (ammunition)

    Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos



    Federal Cartridge

    Fiocchi Munizioni

    FN Herstal


    Glaser Safety Slug

    Green River Ordnance Plant


    Hodgdon Powder CompanyH cont.



    Jamison International


    Klimovsk Specialized Ammunition Plant



    Laflin & Rand Powder Company

    Lake City Army Ammunition Plant


    MFS 2000 Inc



    Norma Precision



    Olin Corporation

    Oriental Powder Company


    Pacific Tool Company

    Peters Cartridge Company

    Poudreries Réunies de BelgiqueP cont.

    Prvi Partizan


    RBCD Performance Plus, Inc.

    Remington Arms

    Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant

    Royal Ordnance


    Sellier & Bellot

    Sierra Bullets

    Small Arms Ammunition Factory

    Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute


    United States Cartridge Company


    Valsella Meccanotecnica


    Winchester Repeating Arms Company

    Wolf Ammunition

  • Just Wondering


  • cle803

    One thing this article doesn’t provide is that it’s not the EPA that’s the real cause, it’s the cost of retrofitting the plant,all the lawsuits and the fines. February, 1989: Rise in lead emissions at Herculaneum nearly 4 times national average (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)June, 1989:Notice of Violation issued against Doe Run for violations of air standards for almost three years. June, 1989:Doe Run holds community meeting in Herculaneum. August, 1989:Notice of Violation issued for excess air pollution from the second quarter of 1986 to present at the Herculaneum facility. February, 1990:Doe Run does not report sulfuric acid spill of 40,000 gallons in Herculaneum residential area. Doe Run is called “bad actor” by the State of Missouri. March, 1990:Doe Run issued penalty of $50,000 for violations in Herculaneum. November, 1991:EPA cites Doe Run for air violations in and around Herculaneum. July, 1992:St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports “despite spending $20 million, Doe Run continues to violate air quality standards, as it has for 15 years”. (St. Louis Post Dispatch).October, 1992:Sulfuric acid spill at Herculaneum plant of 500 gallons.1992:Doe Run begins monthly newsletter “Neighborhood Notes” in Herculaneum. January, 1992:Department of Natural Resources finds violations at Doe Run’s Buick, Missouri facility including 15,000 drums, open burning, leaking battery bunker, “releases too numerous to quantify”, “an unbelievable mess”. (Missouri Department of Natural Resources records). Doe Run was fined by the state to the tune of $300,000. Half of this went to fund equipment purchases for Missouri’s Stream Team Program. February, 1993:Notice of violation issued against Doe Run for exceeding air standards by four times the limit at Herculaneum. May, 1993:Doe Run tops Toxic Release Inventory list for top polluter in state; Doe Run’s president Jeff Zelms states “We’re tickled to death about the progress we’ve made.” (St. Louis Post Dispatch)May, 1993:Notice of Violations issues for water emissions at Herculaneum. August, 1993:Doe Run produces video called Living with Lead for Herculaneum community members.August, 1993:Doe Run cited for 313 violations by OSHA, including 283 willful violations (meaning they knew about the violations yet did nothing to correct them) and 136 instances of failing to record occupational injuries (Wall Street Journal, 2/18/88).December, 1993:Doe Run settles violation of Feb. 25, 1993 with check for $5,000.May, 1994:Notice of Violation issued against Doe Run for inspection failures at Herculaneum. May, 1995:EPA and Doe Run sign stipulated agreement to address violations. Between this date and August, 1996, eight more violations occur at Herculaneum. June, 1996:EPA issues complaint against Doe Run for failure to report toxic chemical release inventory emissions (TRI) for chromium compounds for two years; penalty assessed in amount of $34,000 which Doe Run paid the following month. August, 1996:Gas explosion occurs at Herculaneum’s plant. August, 1996:USEPA begins action against Doe Run for failure of air violations in Herculaneum. September, 1996:Overflow of untreated toxic water into Mississippi River at Herculaneum facility. September, 1997:Doe Run receives final notice by EPA for failure of air violations at Herculaneum .October, 1997:Doe Run’s parent company Renco purchases smelter in La Oroya, Peru for $126 million plus $120 million in improvements. In the deal Renco obligated La Oroya to loan Renco $126 million interest free. (Vanity Fair, July, 2003)1998:Doe Run purchases Glover, Missouri facility. April, 2001:Toxics Release Inventory shows Doe Run holding the top seven spots of most polluting companies in Missouri. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)July, 2001:Agencies for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry issues Health Consultation Report of Herculaneum referring to past and present exposures of lead as a “persistent and unacceptable public health hazard”. August, 2001:Missouri Department of Natural Resources find lead levels of 300,000 parts per million on residential Herculaneum street; 400 parts per million is considered the hazardous level at which remediation is triggered.2001:Former Doe Run workers come forward to identify illegal burying of hazardous waste at Doe Run facility, which triggers Grand Jury investigation. September 10, 2001:Notice of Violation issued for toxic materials falling from uncovered trucks in residential areas in Herculaneum.September 22, 2001:Notice of Violation issued for toxic materials coming into ambient air from uncovered trucks as witnessed by Department of Natural Resources at Herculaneum. September, 24, 2001:Missouri Department of Health sends letter to Missouri Department of Natural Resources citing “clear and present” and “imminent and substantial endangerment” to Herculaneum residents. September 25, 2001:Missouri Department of Natural Resources issues order to Cease and Desist to Doe Run. September, 2001:State of Missouri installs caution signs on residential streets in Herculaneum which warn citizens of high lead levels and instructs families to visit parks in other towns. September, 2001:Agencies for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry finds with 99.8 percent certainty that source of Herculaneum children’s lead poisoning is the Doe Run facility. September, 2001:EPA notes need to address “emergency conditions caused by release of hazardous substances” from Doe Run’s Herculaneum facility. October, 2001:Notice of Violation issued against Doe Run by the State’s Water Pollution Program. October, 2001:Notice of Violation issued against Doe Run by the MDNR Air Pollution Program. October, 2001:Missouri Department of Natural Resources proposes listing the Mississippi River from the Doe Run facility downstream five miles–as impaired. December, 2001:Federal and State agencies sign agreement listing mandatory actions to be taken by the company including the buy-out of hundreds of contaminated homes in Herculaneum. February , 2002:Agencies for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry issue Health Consultation Report which finds that 56% of children within 1/4 mile of the Doe Run smelter are lead poisoned. Further alarming, 23% of children within 1.25 miles from the facility are found to be lead poisoned. March, 2002:Letter from Missouri Department of Natural Resources to Doe Run’s Jeffrey Zelms states: “The company’s practice of doing the minimum work to obtain marginal regulatory compliance is clearly unacceptable given the continuing health threat to citizens of Missouri. We will not stand idly by while the company attempts to buy time…”. The letter cites the company’s “evasions”. December, 2002:Doe Run hosts “Open House”; pen and mugs giveaways, ornament decorating for kids, free cookies. May, 2003:Doe Run hosts “Open House”; public tours of facility, “educational seminars”, barbeque on the parking lot of the smelter!July, 2003:Officials in Jefferson, Iron and Reynolds Counties in Missouri meet to discuss tactic of “divide and conquer” used by the Doe Run Company to avoid paying taxes (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/21/03

  • Dannye Smith

    during the revolutionary war, people melted pewter dishes to make balls for muskets. There will always be something for ammo… (Ball bearings and screws will work fine in shotguns…)

  • Earl Patterson

    At least we still have arrow & bow. Or we could developed different kind of weapon use paintball that could fire other than just balls like… screw & nuts

  • Derp

    It’s almost ironic that people who want ammunition – who’s sole purpose it is to kill…are worried about unclean lead. STFU idiots.

  • Larry

    Americans, weary of their government, need to manufacture their own ammunition – become creative and make it the most lucrative cottage industry on the planet – use it as a type of currency – the lib-sheeple won’t buy it… It is apparent that this country is begging for a do-over and we can sure accommodate them…

  • White Stag

    let me just go to reference to the declaration of independence “if an establishment of the government is oppressive or wrong (even by its shear weight) it is the peoples right and duties to abolish said government and form new and just government in its place.” sorry for wording did not have my copy of it on me at the time. this is one of the reasons for the second amendment. and is a founding idea of this country too

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    That means that the Military will not be able to get an American product. I am surprised that the government allowed it to happen because it is strategic in importance for the military.

  • Cindy

    Might want to research a bit more, being “neighbors” to Doe Run and Sierra Bullets, the story is not nearly as it is being made out to be:

  • Alexander Jones

    The reason many of us didn’t vote is Romney is just as bad. Maybe if the GOP would have given Ron Paul a fair chance, I would have voted. Tough shit.

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    Revolution . . . they have to accomplish this all before it happens.

    Good luck.

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    Hussein the illegal Kenyans masters are smarter than you think.. The master plan is to destroy America and then take ity over with the Muslim Brotherhood. Sharia law coming soon. Look at Europe and England. The muslim terrorists are winning big time. For you holdouts Homeland Security will eventually show up at your door. You have 3 choices. Surrender every firearm,ammunition and accesories or die. Or be arrested as a domestic terrorist and, if you are lucky, spend the rest of your life in a FEMA prison. You voted this islamic terrorist into office 2 – two – 2 two – times. do you get it now.