Baltimore Maryland Lottery Winner Tom Kreft Tricks Media Into Reporting He Won Mega Millions

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(Thomas Dishaw) Tom Kreft an aspiring film producer tricks media into reporting that he won the Mega Millions jackpot.

Just a day short of April Fools day  Kreft plays one of the biggest media hoax of 2012. After hearing the winner was from Baltimore County Maryland, Kreft decided to put his Photoshop skills to work and create a winning ticket.tom kreft wins mega millions

First posting the story to Facebook  Kreft received feedback that  the story was a hoax. “They didn’t believe me so I put my picture with the ticket and the power of social media picked it up” Kreft explained. “A friend of a friend who knows an employee at  the Wall Street Journal put it on Twitter, after that it took off like wildfire. My parents were woken by a  reporter at 6 am wanting to talk to me.” said Kreft.

“This is just a further proof you should not trust Twitter as a reliable news source. 140 characters or less is not a news story” Kreft explained.  The London Guardian and The Miami Herald also reported Kreft as the winner.



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  • jim greggory

    he clowned them! hahah

  • baltimore chad

    What a hoax. I love this guy!!!



  • christinia lopez

    I just heard about this on Fox news. I almost didn’t believe it. The media should be ashamed of themselves.-Christinia