Bill Gates Depopulation Plans Caught On Camera

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  • Tab Numlock

    You really should cull the whack-jobbery from your site.

    • Padraigin

      Whacked by his own jobbery petard, a Numbjob tabbed for Trolling, stupidity bowling down another sleeping sheep from the flock.

  • ukberserker23

    Don’t worry, Billybob. We are going to start the population reduction by getting rid of rich, self centered assholes like you.

  • NVgal

    If Bill Gates is so hell-bent to de-populate the world, why doesn’t he start with himself? Voluntarily end his own life….but, nnoooooo, he wants YOU to end your life!

  • Steve from Ohio

    Gates is a satanic control freak. Dump windows and dump microsoft. Use linux and be happy.