Who is the Boss and Who is the Servant in this Photo?


(Richard Edmondson) It’s kind of one of those pictures that are “worth a thousand words,” don’t you think? What you’re looking at is Obama onstage with media mogul and Israeli dual national Haim Saban, who has stated previously, “I’m a one issue guy, and my issue is Israel.” The photo was taken last weekend at the Saban Forum, held in Washington. During the event Saban and Obama appeared together for what was billed as a “conversation” on the Middle East, but basically it was a one-on-one press conference—with Saban doing the grilling and Obama doing the answering. Do the facial expressions in the photo, the body language, suggest anything to you—like for instance which of the two figures is dominant and which is submissive?

Saban, of course, has lots of money. In 2002 he provided a $13 million grant which established the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, and which is part of the larger Brookings Institution think tank. Today he is a major funder of political candidates, particularly of the Democratic Party. You can go here and watch a 48-minute video of his “conversation” with Obama, which includes a few questions from the audience towards the end (all of the people selected to ask questions in that closing segment, coincidentally, happen to be Israelis). At one point, Saban jokingly remarks upon how “obedient” Obama is. A little later in the video, Obama states the following:

“The one thing I will say to the people of Israel is that you can be assured, whoever is in the office I currently occupy, Democrat or Republican, that your security will be uppermost on our minds. That will not change.”

Does it not strike you as a curious comment? Why would the security of a foreign nation be “uppermost” in the minds of the leaders of a supposedly sovereign country? But then maybe America is no longer a sovereign nation.

Obama indeed proves his “obedience” by never once bringing up Israel’s nuclear weapons. Much of the conversation is dominated by talk about Iran’s domestic nuclear energy program. The president at one point repeats the standard, stock-in-trade “options-on-the-table” remark—which in essence is nothing more than a threat to attack Iran—yet nowhere, in the entire 48-minute video, does the subject of Israel’s nuclear weapons come up.

A report on the Saban Forum was posted recently at the Mondoweiss blog. While the article mentions the “conversation” between Obama and Saban, as well as a speech by Benjamin Netanyahu, who also addressed the audience, much of the piece is devoted to the remarks of John Kerry, who delivered the keynote address for the event. Allison Deger, the author of the report, notes that Kerry expressed the view that Palestinians in the West Bank are deserving of “state institutions” (as opposed to an actual state) of their own, a comment which seems to have prompted Deger to draw the conclusion that “Palestinian statehood is not on the table in the current round of peace talks.” It is a not unreasonable conclusion to draw.

Kerry also referred to Palestinians as a “demographic time bomb” threatening to jeopardize Israel’s “future as a democratic, Jewish state”—apparently the secretary of state’s first public expression of concern over the so-called “demographic threat.” But perhaps most interesting is what Deger reports on comments by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who also attended the event:

Even though Lieberman was amongst a crowd of Washington and Israeli officials familiar with his anti-Arab diatribes, audible gasps could be heard throughout the room when he called to expel Palestinian citizens of Israel. A diplomat from the Russian embassy seated next to me even choked. Another moment of discontent between the plated-dinner audience and Lieberman passed when the foreign minister made a forlorn pun at Sen. Joe Lieberman. Otherwise the foreign minister was amongst allies.

That Lieberman would call for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine at an event like this, at which high-ranking US officials, including the president, are present, is quite significant. If anyone publicly criticized him for making such a statement, it is not reported by Mondoweiss. This too is perhaps significant. Much has been made of the recent bone of contention between Obama and Netanyahu over the negotiations with Iran, with some suggesting that the US president is beginning to assert himself and to defy the Israeli lobby on some key, important issues. Is this simply wishful thinking on the part of some commentators? I don’t pretend to know the answer to that, but if there was any note of defiance struck at last weekend’s Saban Forum, all I can say is it is extremely difficult to detect.

Also worth considering is that Lieberman could be on track to succeed Netanyahu as the next prime minister of Israel

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    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      I know it is difficult not to utter epithets and ad hominems at those monsters. However, by speaking of them with the adjectives you chose, you have let yourself fall down to their level. I note that trolls in threads use such language. If we want to stay on the upper moral ground, we must be civil in our language as we advocate the execution of the traitors responsible for ‘all of it’.

    • Lowenstein

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      • Defiant

        I’m not falling for this anit-Israeli putsch. When they strap on a bomb and run into a cafe to blow up the diners…THEN I’ll reconsider my position. Until then…I prefer to side against the folks who are trying to kill me and blow up my country.

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    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Barry is a sock puppet for Israhell. He is totally manipulated and was designed to be put into the White House; a house which has a BLACK reputation; as in it is an EVIL place.

  • also worth noting is that the Clintons were bought and paid for by this Zionist schmuck (Haim Saban), many moons ago.

  • Aripho

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  • Adam Evenson

    The author certainly points out the most important and obvious singular thing, not just in words, but a picture (which is worth a thousand words, right?) Obama is definitely revealing submissiveness to a master here. Saban is saying, to nobody in particular, “I know who I am, why I am here, and what I demand.” While Obama looks as though he is about to state, “Watch me, world, while I whirl around in just a second or two, fall to my knees, rip into this great man’s fly, and copulate his throbbing penis all the way to orgasm.” Ha, ha, ha. America, you deserve it for putting this shameless whore in office, not once, but twice, consecutively. But they’re all whores, right?

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        Having an innate decency, and believing that most other people do too, doesn’t equate to stupidity. However, I understand why some would THINK it does. If you don’t have it yourself, you sure wouldn’t understand the concept!

  • sezsue

    I do believe this same person, a hugely rich entertainment mogul, recently admitted he has been spying for Israel for YEARS.

    There was some sort of scandal linking California Rep. Jane Harmon to him as well. Interesting reading in the link below, especially the last paragraph, where it states that Harmon’s mysterious caller told her that Mr. Saban was prepared to NOT support Nancy Polosi’s election campaign if she did not pick Harmon as Intelligence chairman! All this came out in 2006, but they both still made it into office again, imagine that!

    This is what we’re dealing with, folks!

  • Davey Wavey

    Israel doesn’t have a “security” issue. It is Palestine that has this issue. Israel imprisons, tortures, kills and oppresses Palestinians and demolishes their homes. Israel rains phosphorus on Gaza killing 350 children during “Cast Lead.” PALESTINIANS HAVE A SECURITY ISSUE AND NEED REASSURANCE. HOW STUPID ARE AMERICANS.

  • ddearborn

    I find it fascinating and terrifying that Kerry feels diversity is a “demographic time bomb” when it comes to Israel. This is even more disgusting, and evil coming from an American Vice President when one considers that he is referring to the indigenous population as the “time bomb”. And yet hypocrisy knows no bounds from virtually all the Jewish members of Congress when it comes to unbridled and unlimited immigration into the US. So our government’s Zionists leaders are supporting apartheid and religious cleansing in Israel and unlimited migration/immigration here at home. Treason doesn’t begin to cover the depths of evil that these people have fallen. A 20 year to life hitch in GITMO wouldn’t be nearly enough punishment for these scumbags.

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    That’s how Obummer usually looks standing next to Moochelle, so it took me a moment to realize there was anything amiss! LOL!
    “You want I should clap now, Boss? Huh? Should I? Should I clap now Boss? Huh?”

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