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Bank runs hit Hong Kong following introduction of facial recognition withdrawals

[8/22/17]  Hong Kong’s ATM network has been hit with a surge in withdrawals by customers using China UnionPay bank cards in the wake of facial recognition technology being introduced at cash dispensing machines in Macau. Monetary chiefs in Hong Kong have declined to deny or confirm information obtained by the South China Morning Post that

50 Tips From the Great Depression

[8/19/17]  The Great Depression was one of the most traumatic events in American history. Following the stock market crash of October 1929, industrial production crashed, construction shrank to a fraction of what it had been and millions of people found themselves on short hours or without work. Until the economy picked up again in 1935

Wells Fargo accused of ripping off mom-and-pop shops

[8/14/17]  Wells Fargo has already admitted to charging people for overdrawing bank accounts that they didn’t have and for car insurance that they didn’t need. Now, it’s being accused of ripping off vulnerable mom-and-pop businesses. For several years, Wells Fargo’s merchant services division overcharged small businesses for processing credit card transactions, a lawsuit alleges. Business

Ten Ways to Save Money

[8/11/17]  We are all looking for ways to save money. Every little bit helps. The more money we can save, the more money we have to put toward preps. In what follows I share some ideas that I’ve picked up that have helped me save money. These are ideas that I have implemented and which

The Dow Closes At A Record High For The 9th Straight Time But Experts Warn That A Stock Market Crash Could Be Imminent

[8/8/17/MICHAEL SNYDER]  The bigger they come, the harder they fall.  On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at a record high for the ninth straight session.  It has been a remarkable run, but many experts are pointing out that big trouble is brewing under the surface.  As you will see below, 79 components of

China Will Use Blockchain To Collect Taxes

[8/7/17/MAC SLAVO]  The Chinese government listed blockchain in its “Thirteenth Five-Year” National Informatization Plan from 2015, and since that time the nation has been working diligently toward the incorporation of the technology into daily life. China has just announced that it will use blockchain technology for social taxation and the issuing of electronic invoices. The government’s announcement that it “will utilize blockchain

Nissan Workers in Mississippi Refuse to Unionize

[8/6/17/ SPUTNIK]  Workers at a Nissan automobile manufacturing plant in Mississippi voted almost two-to-one on Friday against joining the automotive union. In a move that surprised many, workers at the Canton, Mississippi, Nissan Motor plant — in a bitterly-fought referendum — said “no” to being represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW). The strength of the UAW, long thought to be immovable from employee/employer

FINANCIAL COLLAPSE: Alan Greenspan Ominously Warns That The Biggest Bond Bubble In History Is About To Burst

[8/5/17/ MICHAEL SNYDER]  Are we right on the verge of one of the greatest financial collapse in American history?  I have been repeatedly warning that our ridiculously over-inflated stock market bubble could burst at any time, but former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan believes that the bond bubble actually presents an even greater danger.  When