The Jordan Maxwell Show: Episode 3

the jordan maxwell show

(You Tube)  USA as a republic is derived from the Hindus, and India.

Before 1890, there was no Star of David. Religion, laws and names came from names in Hindu-ism. Hinduism, its religion and its involvement in other religious. Venus warship and the color green seen in the Flags of different countries.

Hans Heymann, Professor from Rutgers University, His book “Plan for Permanent Peace”.

The Vatican and its 1600 years of domination of Europe and the Americas. Rome dominating Europe for over 2300 years. “All roads lead to Rome”. Rome and the Venetian Canaanites, and how they still rule the world. Moon God, and his name Sin. Mt. Sinai the mountain at night.

Sun and Leo, and the Sun Symbol on every State Seal. Passover, is the resurrection of the sun in spring passing over the equator. Sun warship and religion. All religions are a triangle, which is three sided. Father, Sun, Holy Ghost.

The Jordan Maxwell Show Episode 02

the jordan maxwell show

(Jordan Maxwell)  Jordan Maxwell speaks about the symbols on the dollar bill. 33 Feathers on one wing. 32 on the other, 9 tail feather… (council of 9) The Tri-un Gods, and the Bible.  What do the 13 stars on the dollar bill mean?

We talk about the hexagram and the six-pointed star, and Saturn.  Christmas was originally Saturnalia. Sun cycle basis for all religions. Sun cycle keeps going… Everything is connected.  We talk about Jesus being the rejected cornerstone, not the cornerstone of the church.


The Jordan Maxwell Show Episode 01

the jordan maxwell show

(Jordan Maxwell)  The Jordan Maxwell Show Introduction. Jordan Maxwell explains his motivation for doing his own show and what inspired him?

Jordan gives us a definition of the “OCCULT, ” and that nothing is what it seems. He also shares an example of one of the 36 PEAK EXPERIENCES in his life, where he concludes we are being given technology.

He speaks of friends of his that are in both business and in government who call the shots. Jordan touches on symbols and their meaning within global government. We talk about the Pyramids of Egypt, and their relationship with Orion’s belt and about other pyramids throughout the world, including one that is submerged in the grand banks of the Bahamas.

Jeff Rense Show: Jordan Maxwell-“Those Who Cant See Perish”


(Staff)  The always informative Jordan Maxwell makes an appearance on the Jeff Rense show.