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MIT Unveils Framework to ID Extreme-Weather Patterns

SEAN DUFFY–Extreme events, ranging from tsunamis to the rapid extinction of a previously robust wildlife species, often occur unexpectedly, due in large part to their complex nature. A variety of dynamic factors lead to these bursts of instability, and scientists often employ advanced mathematical formulas to determine whether current or future conditions are likely to

Media Silent as Study Finds Female Vets 250% More Likely to Commit Suicide than Female Non-Vets

RACHEL BLEVINS–While the media focused on President Trump’s latest nickname for Kim Jong Un, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs quietly released an unsettling report on suicide statistics among veterans. The report concluded that veterans are over 20 percent more likely to kill themselves, when compared to non-veteran civilians in the U.S. While that may come

Naval Hospital medics Allyson Thompson & Joanie Barrett give the finger to babies, call them ‘mini Satans’

FOTM–Two female staffers at Naval Hospital Jacksonville in Florida, not only took pictures and a video of themselves making a baby dance to rap music, giving the finger to a days-old baby, and calling the infants under their care “mini Satans,” they actually posted them to the social media site Snapshot. An outraged classmate then re-posted

LeBron Calls Trump “Bum” For Withdrawing Steph Curry’s White House Invite

ZERO HEDGE– As one might have imagined, the responses to Trump’s comments have been far-ranging and explosive but perhaps the best known and most stunning was from LeBron James who called the president a “bum” for rescinding Curry’s invite (after Curry had he wouldn’t go)… U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain’t going! So therefore ain’t

California Fines Gatorade $300K for ‘Anti-Water’ Ad Campaign

NICK CAHILL–Gatorade made misleading “anti-water statements” while pushing the benefits of its sports drinks in a video game marketed to teenagers, according to a settlement announced Thursday by California’s attorney general. Gatorade, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, violated state consumer-protection laws by disparaging water in a mobile app downloaded by more than 2 million users, said

Mets pitcher, a “Texan Republican,” links hurricanes to US pulling out of Paris Climate Accord

FOTM–I wonder how much carbon emissions this pitcher and his team emit while flying via their private Delta jet each season to play baseball? Hypocrite. From Fox News: New York Mets star pitcher Noah Syndergaard tossed a curveball to Twitter fans late Monday, suggesting the number of deadly hurricanes that have ravaged the United States in recent weeks is

Blowback? – Mizzou Enrollment Tumbles To Lowest Since 2008

ZERO HEDGE–Amid ongoing fallout from the negative media attention and student (and faculty) protests that rocked campus in 2015, the University of Missouri recently welcomed its smallest student body since 2008. As Campus Reform has repeatedly reported, the embattled university has taken hit after hit, starting with a $32 million budget shortfall and a five-percent budget cut, followed by a seven-percent

Fox News Fires Back at Source on Seth Rich Story

ZACK HUFFMAN–Denying that it misquoted a contributor about the Seth Rich conspiracy theory, Fox News argues in a new filing the defamation suit against it is “founded on a falsehood.” Questions over 27-year-old Rich’s unsolved murder emerged last year at the height of the presidential election season. A onetime staffer for the Democratic National Committee, Rich was

Puerto Rico Streets In Total Darkness As Over 3 Million People Go Without Power After Hurricane Maria “Obliterates” Island

ALEX THOMAS–Over 3 million residents of Puerto Rico are without power after Hurricane Maria devastated the island Wednesday morning with Category 4 winds as high as 155 mph and officials have warned that power may not be restored for months. The powerful winds took out trees, ripped off roofs, and turned roads into free flowing rivers,

A Look At How Nestle Makes Billions Selling You Groundwater In A Bottle

ZERO HEDGE–A few weeks ago we shared with readers a lawsuit filed in Connecticut against Nestle Waters North America, Inc. alleging that the water they marketed as Poland ‘Natural Spring Water’ was actually just bottled groundwater…the same water that runs through the taps of many American households. Now a new investigation from Bloomberg Businessweek reveals how large water

The SHTF in Puerto Rico Last Night

DAISY LUTHER–Last night in Puerto Rico, the world as residents knew it, ended. Hurricane Maria caused so much devastation that there is no telling when electricity will be restored. There is no power on the entire island, casting 3.4 million people back in time by 100 years. And even worse, 100 years ago, homes were

This is What the Establishment Fears: Watch Black Lives Matter & Trump Supporters Come Together

MATT AGORIST–Over the weekend, in Washington, hundreds of Trump supporters gathered for the Mother of All Rallies event to praise their leader in the white house. Naturally, there were some folks there to counter-protest — nine Black Lives Matter activists to be exact. This counter-protest began just like all the counter-protests before, people gathered around

No Money for Education or Health, But US Defense Spending to Hit $70Bln Annually

SPUTNIK–The US Senate has approved a US$80 billion increase to the country’s defense budget, dragging funds to US$700 billion annually. The stratospheric rise comes despite public opposition, and political opposition to funding increases in other key areas. On September 19, the US Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of increasing the Pentagon’s budget by US$80 billion to US$700 billion. The US

Puerto Rico DIRECT HIT by Hurricane Maria… interview with Dane Wigington reveals “weather weaponization” may be the culprit

MIKE ADAMS–Puerto Rico has just received a direct hit from Hurricane Maria, a category-4 storm with 155 mph winds at its core. The “weather bombing” of the bankrupt U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is no random event, according to Geoengineering Watch analyst Dane Wigington. In an interview conducted yesterday — to be posted on Natural News in

Did your unborn baby survive Hurricane Harvey? It’s time to KILL it, says abortion provider offering free abortion services to survivors

JD HEYES–In a blatant affront to the sensibilities of pro-Life Americans, one Texas-based abortion provider is offering its services free to pregnant women who managed to survive Hurricane Harvey. As reported by Mediate, a misnamed group called Whole Women’s Health, which allegedly exists to provide “health services” to women whose mothers did not elect to kill them before they were born,

Seven Decades of Organized Crime: Central Intelligence Agency Turns 70

SPUTNIK–September 18 marked the US Central Intelligence Agency’s 70th birthday. To mark the occasion, here are four of the worst things the agency has done – at least, the worst the public knows about. September 18 marked the 70th anniversary of then-President Harry S. Truman signing the National Security Act of 1947 into law, and with it the founding of the Central Intelligence

Morgan Freeman: ‘We Are At War With Russia’

PAUL JOSEPH WATSON–The Kremlin reacted to a video featuring Morgan Freeman that announces the U.S. is at war with Russia by asserting that the actor is suffering from “stress”. The two minute clip features Freeman announcing that Russia attacked the United States by interfering in the presidential election. The group behind the video, the Committee

‘New Hitler’: Iranian, Venezuelan Leaders Lash Back at Trump’s UN Rant

SPUTNIK–US President Donald Trump in his maiden UN speech branded their countries as “rogue” and dictatorial.” An equally angry response from Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro did not take long coming, calling his remarks “shameless”, “ignorant” and “aggressive.” Hands Off the Islamic Republic! The top Iranian diplomat accused Washington of supporting

In Florida it’s Illegal to Power Your Home with Solar Panels—Thanks to Lobbying

JAY SYRMOPOULOS–With roughly 1.5 million Floridians initially without electricity from the damage inflicted on Florida’s energy infrastructure, many in the Sunshine State are now questioning why it’s so difficult for people to utilize solar energy. The simple answer is that one of the major electrical suppliers in the state – Florida Power and Light (FPL) – has

Not Again! The World Is Ending, This Time on Saturday

SPUTNIK–A self-proclaimed “researcher” David Meade claims the world as we know it will end on September 23 due to the arrival of the mysterious Planet X, in conspiracy circles referred to as Nibiru. Meade, who calls himself a “Christian numerologist” and says he studied astronomy at an unspecified university in Kentucky, bases his prophecy on the biblical description

US Navy Will Use Xbox Controllers To Steer Submarine Periscopes

MAC SLAVO–The Navy is going to use Xbox game console controllers to steer the periscopes in submarines. The new controllers would replace the chunky and expensive joysticks currently in use. The US Navy will begin stocking its modernized Virginia-class submarines with them, starting with the USS Colorado that’s expected to be commissioned in November. Sailors aboard the high-tech submarine will use the

Many Florida Residents Have Been Without Power for More Than a Week and There’s No End in Sight

[9/19/17/ DAISY LUTHER]  Hundreds of thousands of homes in Florida are still without power more than a week after Hurricane Irma barrelled through on her destructive path. And, unfortunately, there’s no clear end in sight for them, as infrastructure was so thoroughly destroyed in certain areas. With an average temperature in the 90s, days in Florida

Entire Volume of CIA Files On Lee Harvey Oswald, Set to Be Released in October, Has ‘Gone Missing’

[9/19/17/ JACK BURNS]   Countless concerned individuals are still searching for answers surrounding the mysterious death of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The official narrative, that a lone former Marine named Harvey Oswald assassinated him, is widely disputed. All available documents from all government entities are required by the Kennedy

Chaos Erupts in St. Louis, London, and the Caribbean

[9/17/17/ DAISY LUTHER]  Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared. This Week in the News This week, the focus shifted from the devastating hurricanes in Florida and Texas to other events. Chaos reigns around the world. St. Louis is under siege after Stockley was acquitted

How US Media Blames Other Countries for ‘US’ Miserable Failure In Afghanistan’

[9/17/17 SPUTNIK]  CNN tries to brew another scandal around Russia: it has come up with a report, claiming that the Russian government is allegedly arming the Taliban militants in Afghanistan, based on an interview with a ‘breakaway terrorist group in the West.’ Political analyst Rahimullah Yusufzai, explained to Sputnik what is the actual purpose of

US Air Force Won’t Disclose Nature of Secretive Fatal Nevada Crash

[9/13/17/ SPUTNIK]  The US Air Force has refused to disclose what type of aircraft Lt. Col. Erin Schultz was flying last Tuesday when the pilot crashed and died. Schultz held a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Caltech, an MBA from Pennsylvania State University, flew on 50 close air support missions in Afghanistan, and was one of the first 30 pilots to ever

Apocalyptic September? Here Is A List Of 27 Major Disasters That Have Already Happened So Far This Month

[9/12/17/ MICHAEL SNYDER]  Two major hurricanes, unprecedented earthquake swarms and wildfires roaring out of control all over the northwest United States – what else will go wrong next?  When I originally pointed to the month of September as a critical time, I had no idea that we would see so many catastrophic natural disasters during this

Leftists now pursuing “Reign of Terror” tactic to blacklist all non-liberal websites, corporations and individuals

[9/12/17/ ETHAN HUFF]  One after another, fanatical anti-Trump extremists are diving head first off the deep end into the pool of psychosis. In one of their most recent displays of lunatic behavior, an extremist group known as “Color of Change” has decided to blacklist all conservative-leaning news and information websites, claiming that they all represent “white supremacy,”

Entire Student Section Detained, Forced to Have Blood/Urine Tests After Beer Can Found at Football Game

[9/11/17/ MATT AGORIST]  Parents of high school teenagers were outraged this weekend after dozens of their children were ordered to undergo forced blood and alcohol tests because officials found a beer can under the stadium during a football game. As parents tried to refuse the tests, they were told their children would be suspended for noncompliance.

Weather Channel Makes Shock Claim That Meteorologists Saw ‘A Face’ In A Satellite Image Of Hurricane Irma

[9/11/17/ MICHAEL SNYDER]  A senior meteorologist at The Weather Channel is claiming that a satellite image of Hurricane Irma that comes from NASA’s earth science office “has an embedded face”. Some say that it kind of looks like a dinosaur, others believe that it looks like a pig, and yet others seem to think that it

As Irma approaches nuclear plants in Florida, lessons from Andrew resonate

[9/10/17]  In advance of Hurricane Irma, officials from Florida Power and Light (FPL) announced on Thursday that the utility would start shutting down the state’s only two nuclear power plants—Turkey Point, just south of Miami, and St. Lucie, north of West Palm Beach—as a safety measure. The Turkey Point plant seems to be closest to the hurricane’s

Hurricane Irma Is Being Called ‘A Lawnmower From The Sky’ And FEMA Warns It Will ‘Devastate’ The Southeast

[9/9/17/ MICHAEL SNYDER]  It looks like Hurricane Irma is going to make landfall in south Florida on Sunday morning.  Of course that could still change, but this is what the meteorologists are telling us at this point.  But of course the exact spot where Irma makes landfall is not so important because of the absolutely