Comprehensive List Of Executive Orders Under Obama

Photo Credit White House
Photo Credit White House

(Thomas  Dishaw) Obama continues to take the law into his own hands often bypassing Congress with the stroke of a pen.

With over 164 Executive Orders under his belt Obama should have no problem  catching up to Billy Clinton’s 364, putting him in the top 10 of Executive Order writing Presidents.  Franklin D. Roosevelt  holds the all-time record with  3,522.

Some of the more damaging orders that bare his signature are: Executive Order to Control the InternetExecutive Order Accelerates Mandatory HIV Testing For All CitizensObama Signs Cybersecurity Executive OrderObama Executive Order Pushes Us Closer To A North American Union And A One World Economic SystemObama’s Executive Actions on ‘Gun Violence Reduction.

July 15, 2013

  • Jimmy Cahill

    Actually his 164 does not put him on pace to pass Clinton. It does, however, put him slightly past George W. Bush’s 261. In fact, Obama is about average for recent presidents. No better or worse than any POTUS of the last 20-30yrs. His problem is a dysfunctional Congress that will not sign anything into law with his signature on it. They have forced his hand like no other congress in our history. And they made it a point to defy him right from the start, before he even had a chance to get anything done. Not sure where all the hate came from, but it is making our Congress and the entire GOP look very bad and out of touch with regular Americans. I am not trying to defend Obama, just saying all the vilification is unnecessary since he has never been given a chance to succeed.

    • Not to be too picky, but Bush Jr’s number was 291.

  • Markshotrod

    Over and over again he lies and lies. He has run us on a path of division threw ineptitude. A true villon of the bill of rights and a constitution hater along with race baiting (Martin). He is truely and deeply hated by well over half of America and the mass of the world! He has pushed us to the edge and if left unchecked will most defenatly start a deadly revolution. It is my beliefe he is an elitist puppet put into office on purpose. An avid Muslim brotherhood membor infeltration to fundamentally transform this country! He has!!

    • TheFounderUtopia

      Yes he is hated by half of America. Unfortunately the reason for that is half of you are fucking morons. As evidenced by the fact that none of you can even so much as spell simple words or string a coherent sentence together. What exactly is it that he’s done that you hate so much? The only you gave was race-baiting, which says a LOT about you as a person. If half of America weren’t uneducated hicks with the morality of a bag of fleas, maybe he would have been able to do a better job in office.

      • Dean Franklin

        bullshit want to see a moron ? look in the mirror

        • TheFounderUtopia

          The mirror is telling me not to take advice on the assessment of intelligence from someone who never even learned not to put a space before a question mark. You know, as in literally the first thing they teach you?

          • Mr. Mister

            You know it is a common fallacy to knit pick grammar and spelling when you don’t have anything legitimate to add. You neither proved your claims or disproved what others have claimed. All you’ve done was strung together a paragraph written at a 10th grade level and belittle people with a different opinion than you. Which says alot about you as a person.

          • TheFounderUtopia

            The fallacy you are trying (and failing) to describe is called ad hominem. It is where you attack your opponent rather than their case, specifically as a way of opposing their argument. However, I was not TRYING to attack his case, so this does not apply. I made an observation, that’s different.

            And I DID justify my own argument – to the extent that I even made one, since it was simply that people with his backwards, stupid opinion tend to correlate strongly with people who have the literacy skills of a tree. Since he does have his own literacy skills, and it was his literacy skills I was addressing, one can hardly say this statement does not apply to him. And since he does hold his own opinion, which was the opinion I was addressing, the syllogism is actually perfect.

            If the argument I present is “you’re wrong because you’re stupid”, that is an ad hominem fallacy. If I say “You’re wrong AND you’re stupid”, that is NOT an ad hominem fallacy, it is simply an ad hominem attack. It may or may not be accompanied by a valid argument – and in my case, it was. Not only that, I ended by response with an invitation for him to MAKE a valid argument. Thereby asking for that which you claim I am ignoring.

            You also neglected the crux of my actual argument at the end of my post, which was that the stupidity of conservative America is the REASON Obama was such an ineffectual president. In this case the aforementioned stupidity is part of the PREMISE of an argument. In the same way that appealing to a *valid* authority is not an appeal to authority fallacy, the accusation of stupidity is not a fallacy in a conversation *about* said stupidity.

            Yes it does say a lot about me as a person. That I care about other people’s education, and care about the disturbing manner in which lack of education seems to lead to regressive and dangerous opinions. It shows I am concerned with the welfare of my fellow man. On the other side of the coin, you jumped into someone else’s conversation just to browbeat the one who is fighting FOR intellectualism – AND you didn’t address any of the arguments yourself.

            So what does your attitude say about you?

            By the way, it’s spelled nitpick.

        • theguythatstolepeeweesbike

          You sir are the moron

  • Chisna

    Actually he’s issued the fewest EO’s in 112 years.
    Ever since McKinley in 1901. And the testing for HIV asks
    only that clinics test for HIV when already doing a blood test.
    Early detections improves that chances that it can be
    treated successfully. Now why anyone would think that is a
    bad thing is beyond me.

  • As of July 30th, 2015, the total was 213. The average amount of issuance so far is just under 33 per year. This means that in January 2017, when he leaves office, the total will likely be close to about 30 under Bush Jr.’s number.

    I think it’s fine to critique the president, but we need to make sure that our perception of their performance matches up with the real data. Obama’s rate of issuance for executive orders has been lower than every president since Grover Cleveland (1893 – 1897). In absolute numbers, during the past 70 years, only Ford and Bush Sr. signed less (and only slightly) than our current president (and these leaders served just one term). To call him an imperial president, as many Republicans do, is likely a grand overstatement if not an outright act of fearmongering, deception and demagoguery. I’m not under the illusion that the Democrats don’t use manipulative tactics as well. But, we must try to analyze the specific cases of alleged misrepresentation of facts, along with the larger themes of behavior.

    For more on these kinds of topics, check out my site: I look forward to hearing your feedback, if you feel like sharing.

    • Gene Workman

      They are all illegal and unconstitutional from the very first,
      we don’t elect kings.

      • Where do you get the idea that they’re unconstitutional?

        “The president can issue executive orders, which have the force of law but do not have to be approved by congress.” (

        “Executive orders have the full force of law when they take authority from a legislative power which grants its power directly to the Executive by the Constitution, or are made pursuant to Acts of Congress that explicitly delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power.” (John Contrubis, Executive Orders and Proclamations, CRS Report for Congress #95-722A, March 9, 1999, Pp. 1-2,

        “The president’s power to issue executive orders comes from Congress and the U.S. Constitution.” (

        • “Executive orders also may be authorized by the president’s independent constitutional authority.” (

        • “Executive orders and proclamations are directives or actions by the President. When they are founded on the authority of the President derived from the Constitution or statute, they may have the force and effect of law.” – John Contrubis, “Executive Orders and Proclamations”, March 1999, CRS Report for Congress (

        • Ernest Brejtfus

          Executive orders were intended to give the president discretion as to how laws would be carried out, such as which department would handle the oversight what agency would handle enforcement. How much money is a country is willing to spend to implement. And executive orders can be used in just about all matters pertaining to the military.
          However I think it’s very clear that the framers of the Constitution never intended the president to make law. Only to oversee the laws that Congress made. And certainly not to circumvent Congress when they don’t want to do it his way.
          Most of Obama’s executive orders are on target however a handful I think many would deem unconstitutional

  • Paul Dickerson

    executive orders are just another way for president to install his will when he is outnumbered by the opposing party, meaning that house of representatives, Congress, and any other source. Pres. Obama is the most single-minded president. We had ever had and has no regard for right and wrong only for what he believes because of Obama. The Republicans will be in power, the next election because of Obama’s hatred towards anybody who opposes his views.

    • Charles Herr

      The only ones showing any hatred is those that oppose this President, and not for what he’s done but for who he is.

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  • Gary Lupinacci

    Funny how you mention “Billy” Clinton but remain amazingly silent on saying “catching up with George W. Bush’s 291 Executive Ordera” or EVEN BETTER “catching up with even Ronald Reagan’s 381 Executive Orders” – Your bias and your obvious and blatant selective use of facts and ignoring others that don’t support your viewpoint is disgusting, deceptive and even boarders on blatant outright propaganda. And further more, I would love it if a conservative can explain to me why I find those that promote the rediculous idea that George W. Bush promote, planed, or exectuted the attacks on 9/11 to be revolting, repugnant, ludicrous, and even maybe unpatriotic. However, even though you claim to be the most ardent followers of the “rule of law” and yet will (and as equally disgusting as the notion mentioned above) with zero hesitation address the President of the United States as “TMNHOAPOTUS”?? – Because there was a conspiracy seeded 54 years ago to forge a documented history trail in order to allow a man born in Kenya to eventually run for President of the United States, with the most insane amount of odds that would have to allow that to happen. They would have had to implant thousand of Kenyan’s into a documentation fabric to even have a less than 1% hope in success of one of them becoming president. And not to mention: To what end? I never thought conservatives were “crazy” and even understood their arguments and view points, until now.

    • Dean Franklin

      you think there is nothing fishy about 9/11 ?pilots , engineers,people from MIT,demolition experts and many more do but you of course know better than all of thm

      • Dean Franklin

        opps the e didn,t make it I am stupid of course

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