Comprehensive List Of Executive Orders Under Obama

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(Thomas  Dishaw)  Like a black cloud  plaguing the nation, Obama continues to take the law into his own hands often bypassing Congress with the stroke of a pen.

With over 164 Executive Orders under his belt Obama should have no problem  catching up to Billy Clinton’s 364, putting him in the top 10 of Executive Order writing Presidents.  Franklin D. Roosevelt  holds the all-time record with  3,522.

Some of the more damaging orders that bare his signature are: Executive Order to Control the InternetExecutive Order Accelerates Mandatory HIV Testing For All CitizensObama Signs Cybersecurity Executive OrderObama Executive Order Pushes Us Closer To A North American Union And A One World Economic SystemObama’s Executive Actions on ‘Gun Violence Reduction.

July 15, 2013


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  • Jimmy Cahill

    Actually his 164 does not put him on pace to pass Clinton. It does, however, put him slightly past George W. Bush’s 261. In fact, Obama is about average for recent presidents. No better or worse than any POTUS of the last 20-30yrs. His problem is a dysfunctional Congress that will not sign anything into law with his signature on it. They have forced his hand like no other congress in our history. And they made it a point to defy him right from the start, before he even had a chance to get anything done. Not sure where all the hate came from, but it is making our Congress and the entire GOP look very bad and out of touch with regular Americans. I am not trying to defend Obama, just saying all the vilification is unnecessary since he has never been given a chance to succeed.

  • Markshotrod

    Over and over again he lies and lies. He has run us on a path of division threw ineptitude. A true villon of the bill of rights and a constitution hater along with race baiting (Martin). He is truely and deeply hated by well over half of America and the mass of the world! He has pushed us to the edge and if left unchecked will most defenatly start a deadly revolution. It is my beliefe he is an elitist puppet put into office on purpose. An avid Muslim brotherhood membor infeltration to fundamentally transform this country! He has!!

  • Chisna

    Actually he’s issued the fewest EO’s in 112 years.
    Ever since McKinley in 1901. And the testing for HIV asks
    only that clinics test for HIV when already doing a blood test.
    Early detections improves that chances that it can be
    treated successfully. Now why anyone would think that is a
    bad thing is beyond me.