Connecticut Police Threaten To Arrest Anyone Who Questions Their Version Of The Story


(You Tube)  Maybe they should prosecute the MSM. Posting truth,info,questions or not believing official story Related to Mass Shooting In Newtown Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School will result in arrests and prosecutions of perpetrators of WHISTLEBLOWING.

If you pay attention to what he says, he’s not talking about people impersonating the killer, he said “in any form” posting what he considers disinfo. This is a pathetic last ditch attempt to clamp down on info and try to salvage their official story.Will these guys prosecute themselves for violating First Amendment’s Rights Of The U.S. Constitution?
1-(800)-575-6330 Is how you can reach the offices of Lt J Paul Vance.


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  • Bill

    Well, I question your version of the story “Loud-mouth”, come try to arrest me you fat, out-of-shape bast*rd.

  • Anonymous

    “Okay shows over! Nothing to see here folks! Keep it moving!”

  • Soverign American

    that loud mouth has NO AUTHORITY!! he’s an EMPLOYEE of the corporation – The COUNTY SHERIFF is the ONLY one who has any authority

    • yea


  • Jager

    What arrogance.Believe what we tell you or else?Does he really think the police have the only information on what happened?This is the perfect example of police mentality:WE know what’s right and if you question it,WE will lock you away!Appalling!!

  • Noir

    Does anyone else remember hearing on the news on Friday, that there was another shooter hiding in a forest by the school behind a tree? I heard myself on the news that he was taken away in handcuffs and was reported to have said to someone, “I did not do this.” I have not heard ANYTHING about this since Friday. Anybody hear anything about this?

  • Anonymous

    welcome to 1939 Germany

  • Curtis

    Welcome to Nazi Germany… any and all of you that think this crap is “just happening” need to remember that Oniggruh said he would go after the guns when he was “re-installed” in the whore house. Well, folks, here it is! Get ready for one of the worst winters of your lives.

  • Come and try to win that in a court of law. I say the entire story is not true. Now, come and charge me.

  • Dennis Sulliva

    That’s a sure fire way to make sure that you never know the truth about
    anything. That is to begin to prosecute the people when they come forward with what they believe to be the truth. Of course, you understand, people are too stupid to figure any thing out. Only those people in uniform are smart. Some how putting on the uniform makes you inteligent

  • I can’t think of anything that would make me DOUBT the “official” story faster than a state mercenary threatening to prosecute people who say things that contradict the “official” story. Fascist bastard.

  • nonayooo beeznaz

    did anyone investigate the time of the “robo calls” to parents also the robbie guy that laughs is upposed to be a nurse @ norwalk hosp but now someone else who claims to know them (yeah sure) says he works @ danbury hospital-All Connecticut certified health care workers are required to have current licenses and you can look them up on the CT health dept website i am not seeing his name there

    • Cheryl

      How would we find out this information? I have also been told that both Robbie Parker and Sally Cox can’t be found in the database.

  • Cannonfodder

    Control of media, control of content, control of discussion. Prosecution if you even express an opinion contrary to the official version (which has changed several times now) or questioning the authorities. Sounds like an open and free country to me.