Cops Harass Kentucky Man For Checking His Email Citing ‘Terrorist Activities’


(Thomas Dishaw) As the police state continues to creep its way into our everyday life, a Kentucky man takes the law into his own hands by checking his email in front of the police station. This 7 minute confrontation is a great example of how far the police state has progressed since 9/11.


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  • Hard to believe that they can find people dumb and as evil as these pigs.

  • These stupid fuks never would directly answer the question if he was being detained. They lawyered the answer and never did give him a direct answer.

    Now you have to be a licensed photographer to take pictures. And detaining people for doing nothing is not harassment.

    The only terrorists I see are 2 stupid pigs.

    • The next time Tyrone breaks into your house and rapes your wife. Call a photographer. The PIGS are too stupid to respond. Get a life dik hed. But first. Move out of your Mom’s basement.

  • While I have to say that this detention was a bit ridiculous and the police officers were out of line by demanding identification, I just can’t see how calling the officers dumb, evil pigs is helping the situation. These officers are acting within the bounds of what they believe to be the law, and they were more or less respectful and peaceful. I don’t have an immediate answer to the problem of increasing police power and abuse, but I do know that furthering the us vs. them mentality is only going to lead to more violence, and more bloodshed.

    • Adolph Hitler not only operated in what he believed was the law… it was the law (In Germany). The guards at Austhwitz were only following the law….

      I fail to see how men with guns, kidnapping, and harassing their boss was acting respectful. They only acted like human beings because they were being recorded IMHO.

      The answer is that if something is not done soon is going to be Thomas Jefferson’s 20 year solution. The inaction’s of the extremely dumb and lethargic American electorate is going to insure this ends in bloodshed. The police ARE the standing army we were warned about.

      The longer we don’t act the more bloodshed there is going to be IMHO.

      • I have been to Auschwitz and Dachau. I have seen what Josef Mengele and the Nazis are capable of. Learn how to spell them before you use them as an example.Why don’t you use how the Japanese burned American POWs alive or how the NVC tortured American POWs? You are just another Drama Queen.

  • Breaking News

    I think we need to educate these officers and break the chains that have been put on their minds….maybe refresher classes on the Constitution would help.

  • I don’t think they hire anyone intelligent enough BN. Any first grader can understand the proper role of government and the Constitution. They swear an oath to uphold it and then do nothing but violate it. I call that treason, and think hangings would work better to educate them.

    Here in case you want to try:

  • JamesVelesquez


    • So free speech is now baiting? You think exercising you rights is baiting? And frankly who cares?

      I think you are an idiot James when it comes to valuing and protecting your rights. You attitude towards your rights and the rights of others is a major problem of what is wrong with this country.

      • Do the Police not have rights. It is illegal to photograph a Police station for security reasons. All he had to do was show them. He was a Dik Hed about it. If I stand out in front of your house in your yard and take pictures are you going to be fine with it? You people need to get a life.

  • Anonymous

    this ass hole is nothing more than a trouble maker. his only intention was to harrass the cops. its idiots like this that need to be removed from society permanently

  • This whole thing is stupid. They are being assholes and he is being a punk.

  • InalienableWrights

    IS a requirement of becoming a cop having a frontal lobotomy?

  • ULAL.N.S.

    Where is the TELE PROMTERS????