DHS Preparing For A Total Police State Takeover

(Thomas Dishaw) The Department of Homeland Security, better known as the liberty destroying arm of the Government, is not fiscally responsible or Constitutionally correct.

Founded in 2002 as a  response to the Governments false flag attack on 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security has quickly eroded your personal rights at an extremely alarming rate.

The TSA has single-handedly turned airports into prisons. Where else in America do you lose all of your God-given rights upon entering a building?

Not to mention the humiliating molestation you receive by  lowly TSA agents who don’t understand the implications of their actions. And since we are talking about policies, let us not forget the TSA’s “no fly, no buy” list. Getting on this list should be fairly easy if you’re a liberty loving, pro gun Constitutionalist, or if your name resembles a Middle Eastern terrorist (who was probably funded by rogue elements of the United States Government.)  Getting off the list is a whole different story and nearly impossible thanks to the abandonment of our judicial system.

The TSA is also making the transition from airports to Amtrak stationssporting events and eventually to policing the streets of America. And don’t worry, if you get out of line the DHS is working on electronic shock bracelets that will keep us slaves in check.

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One of the biggest stories of the year has to be the DHS purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition. Why would our beloved and trusted Government go to the extreme of drying up the nations ammunition supply?  Are they preparing for a massive civil unrest? Are they purposely driving up the prices to punish economically challenged Americans? Its gotten so bad that prices are at all time highs and local law enforcement is having a hard time filling orders.

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You know truth and transparency is not the Obama Administration’s strong point, so don’t expect any legitimate  answers in the near future. Luckily there are a few pulses of liberty left in congress who are challenging the administration’s stance of stonewalling the very important question, “Why are we buying all this ammunition?”

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Since the unjust war in Iraq has wound down the empire of America needs a new enemy to fight,  and guess what…..IT’S YOU! If you’re a freedom loving American, a returning veteran, a Second Amendment supporter, a We Are Change member, part of Oath Keepers, or just a fan of columnist Devy Kidd you are now considered a threat to the fabric of America.  Don’t believe me? Watch this disgusting interview with the Southern Poverty Law Centers Mark Potok (an organization that claims to teach tolerance while attacking certain groups and people with whom they disagree.)

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Paul Joseph Watson recently reported on a 12 million dollar DHS study that characterizes Americans who are:

“suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.

The report also identifies the following characteristics are used to identify potential threats.

  • Americans who believe their “way of life” is under attack
  • Americans who are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)
  • People who consider themselves “anti-global” (presumably those who are wary of the loss of American sovereignty)
  • Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”
  • Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty”
  • People who “believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty.”

Our personal privacy is being invaded.  Its bad enough we are recorded by security cameras, traffic cameras and red light cameras on a daily basis.  Now the eyes in the sky, better known as  drones,  are the latest way the Department of Homeland Security wants  to keep us safe. The Obama Administration has stated they have authority to use drone strikes to kill US citizens.  Remember Anwar al-Awlaki?  A United States asset who visited the Pentagon  on occasion only to be double crossed and killed by a drone strike in Yemen. He was an American citizen.

The capability of the DHS’s drone fleet is something right out of a science fiction novel. They can detect guns, eavesdrop on phone conversations and kill you with a single shot.  U.S Senators  have even introduced the idea of a drone court where all drone killings will be decided on.  Thankfully Senator Rand Paul took a stance against the drone language and filibustered for 13 hours.

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The police state is here. The sellout Government we have elected has incrementally taken away liberty’s without most people knowing or caring. If getting molested at the airport doesn’t upset you, nothing will.  If you don’t find the Governments massive ammunition buys a little intriguing or suspicious, something is wrong.  If you are not instantly enraged that the Government now classifies you as a terrorist and is planning to fill the sky’s with drones to spy on you then maybe you should reevaluate what it means to be an American.

  • Rand Paul’s Filibuster was a distraction! While that was going on, the GOP gave Obama everything he wanted for 2013 Obamacare!!! SEARCH IT!

  • noahfexpayton .

    All federal elections, employees, corporations (including the Federal Corporation UNITED STATES), and everything conducted by the feds is a fraud. We cannot allow the hijackers of our Republic to run amok for much longer because we will forever lose the ability to do anything to save the people from further oppression, tyranny, terror, lies, deception, and excessive greed.

  • Mokelumne

    OK-So what to do?? Lets start hearing some strategies…

    • tob

      Don’t leave your money in the bank any longer than necessary. Take your excess or reserves of cash and buy seeds. Then land or silver. Trade. Establish relationships and communities both mobile and fixed. When Damascus falls the world follows shortly.

  • apeman2502

    The DHS is SO gay.

    • William Burke

      Oh, mercy, yes!

  • tob

    Who can make war with the Beast of Revelations? No one.
    The USA has been ruled by the Vatican forever. HR 6(1)66 reintroduced the Inquisition on a global scale. The USA is the enforcement arm directly under the control of the Jesuits. Every secret society is dedicated to carrying out the orders of Rome.
    I am thankful for ‘preppers’ and ‘patriots’ of the USA as they will slow down the Beast long enough for the end to come and the Bride to survive.

    • William Burke

      So… when the NSA spies on the Pope, it’s actually the Jesuits spying on themselves? :[

      • tob

        Yes. There is no leader without secrets which are used to control him/her. Sooner or later they wake up to that reality, or not.
        Have they not all appeared before the Pope?
        Does the Pope not appear before the Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith every week?
        Muller has full authority. The Pope has but a little except as a bureaucrat.
        It is a beautiful system if you love tyranny or little boys.

    • buck

      yes you are right ! they have reaped the wind, and now they shall reap the whirlwind ! molon labe ! there is more of us than there is of them !!

    • Ivan Sanchez

      While this country is controlled and is the main force behind a one world gov. There will be a one man antichrist and Christians will have to endure to the end lest their names be blotted out of the book of life. The end being Christs return when we are raptured, there is no secret coming of Christ. That whole idea started in 1830 and what new isn’t true.

  • Don ald

    A ‘trade name’ has been created from our real name. A trade name is also a business name and the ‘Account Title’ on “your” account.
    Jane doe on paper, identifies the real person.
    JANE DOE on paper, identifies the trade/business name.
    Notice it is your name but “capitalized”?

    Burton’s Legal Thesaurus:
    Capitalize–> Utilize for profit/manipulate/take advantage of.
    Utilize for profit = Incorporate for Income. (This may explain why employees and laborers are paying income just like a business)

    Wikepedia: trade name “also a business name… in writing, trade names are generally capitalized”.
    Notice all of the taxes/registration fees/ground rent (property tax) etc…is similar or the same as a business? Notice the CAPITAL (trade name) is the name being billed, not your name directly? (each individual could be charged taxes/fees as if they were an individual business).

    When a business pays taxes/fees, they pay from their profits /sales or investments…
    BUT….when an employee or laborer pays taxes and fees, they pay directly from using their own energy and labor.

    Income is “value received”…it is checks that already pre exist with value.
    However, the employee or laborer’s pay check DOES NOT pre exist!
    The reason the employee or laborer must work is to CREATE a paycheck! The employee does not randomly receive income” checks like a business receives. If the employee does not work first to ‘create’ value, then the employee does not get a paycheck.

    This is why employees/laborers become broke, because they are using their own energy and labor DIRECTLY to pay for the same taxes a business pays using its profits.

  • wally58

    Bring it on DHS! We are READY TO RUMBLE! You ain’t got a chance in hell. But try your best. I kinda enjoy seeing a good slaughter!

  • AffinityNetNews

    TSA, DHS, IRS, FBI, CIA, DOJ, DOD, etc., are all “commercial corporate departments” of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED circa 1783, domiciled within WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA INCORPORATED circa 1801, both are copyrighted and trademarked in Delaware for tax purposes.

    There is no actual common law “government” even at the state and county/city levels, since the Emergency Banking Relief Act, of 1933, when United States of America Inc., went bankrupt. At that time, the International Federal Reserve Banking System Inc., created in 1913, by the Empire of the Crown Inc., domiciled in the Financial District of London City, England owned largely by foreign banksters became our “acting” government to the present day, for the IMF/BIS/Vatican Inc., under occupational Pontifex Maximus banking/military Vice-Admiralty Law Merchant (Uniform Commercial Code circa 1966) receivership (the corporate military flag with the gold fringe).

    We The People of the 50 state Republic are under combative occupation by a foreign hostile invading, and unlawful privateer corporate criminal cartel that is NOT our representative government, nor under it’s own business charter, does it have any lawful jurisdiction or interstate nexus within the 50 state Republic.

    There is NO protection under the common law Constitution ratified in 1789 in a “colorable” Vice Admiralty UCC Roman contract law court room (any court with the gold fringed flag).

    Since The Act of 1871, our Constitution of 1776 (ratified in 1789) proclaiming our God-given Rights was usurped, altered and hidden behind a false front de facto CON-stitution, that actually became a private business charter that ONLY protects the shareholders of USA Inc., and NOT YOU within the 50 state Republic.

    It is vital that everyone share this information (all documented and vetted in US Code and Supreme Court cases).


    • Eileen Kuch

      Well, if this is true, we don’t have to pledge any allegiance to it; instead, form our own REAL government “of the People, by the People, and for the People”, with the CONSTITUTION as written – along with the Bill of Rights – and the 16th Amendment (Federal Income Tax) completely deleted, as it was NEVER ratified by any state legislature; NOT ONE, making it NULL AND VOID.

    • Defiant

      And yet, there they are. Governing us.

  • apeman2502

    Woodies and brass knuckles strapped on. The DHS is ready and willing to ram home the New World Order to its rightful conclusion, no matter what it may be. The sweat and the human contact and domination and control is the goal. May I suggest sparing those of us who do not care to be the therapist? Why don’t the DHS, TSA, NSA, blah-blah-blah, etc. pair up and swim in unison and with intent, to the deepest parts of the ocean they can reach, and not dally along the way. Wouldn’t that be just as satisfying as dragging humanity into their mess?

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk


      • apeman2502

        Instead of these DHS, TSA whatever losers forcing themselves on others for kicks, we should send them all swimming out into the ocean for fish food. They refuse to arrest 9-11 perps, Wall Street looters, HAARP warfare and carpetbaggers, and the rest, They just want to molest people. That is not sane, to want a career of publicly molesting people. They would probably take the dare to swim out into the ocean. They are that pointless and aimless in their day to day lives. It would give them a goal, probably their first ever.

  • Marc Iao

    The entire Obama Administration needs to be indefinitely detained via the NDAA for treason.

    • Eileen Kuch

      The photo opposite that of Obummer should be that of either Lenin or Trotsky, since those two are the ones who instituted the first Reign of Terror in the 20th Century with the establishment of their bloodthirsty, murderous CHEKA.

      • slw19

        Or Stalin

        • Eileen Kuch

          Exactly. Stalin’s regime murdered at least 40 million, between outright shootings and his network of gulags across Russia. He also murdered some 7-9 million Ukranians through famine and executions.

          You may go to the head of the class. Thanks.

          • slw19

            Thanks anyways, but it’s more fun in the back.

  • Defiant

    Wow! Can’t keep any secrets from govtslaves! You guys are QUICK!