EPA To Control Private Streams And Creeks

(Tara Dodrill) Proposed EPA regulations could soon impact how you use streams on your own land.

The controversial Environmental Protection Agency proposals, previously reported byOff The Grid News, were listed as priorities on the White House’s 2013 fall regulatory agenda released in late November.

The proposals would define “waters of the United States” under the Clean Water Act as including not only rivers and lakes but also streams, because the EPA says, streams are “connected to and have important effects on downstream waters” – that is, rivers and larger bodies of water.

EPA’s definition of streams would include large and small creeks and streams and also seasonal creeks and streams, the proposal said. The proposal further said that wetlands and open-waters in floodplains of streams and rivers “are integrated with streams and rivers.”

There are 3.5 million miles of rivers and streams in America, according to the EPA. No doubt, thousands if not a few million homes on private property reside next to streams, which often run through what homeowners would call ditches.

The White House regulatory agenda said the Clean Water Act contains language that, because of court rulings, has led to uncertainty. The law “could benefit from additional clarification through rulemaking,” the EPA said.

Texas Republican Representative Lama Smith, the Chairman of the House Science Committee, called the EPA’s proposed action “unprecedented.” He said:

The EPA’s draft water rule is a massive power grab of private property across the U.S. This could be the largest expansion of EPA regulatory authority ever.  If the draft rule is approved, it would allow the EPA to regulate virtually every body of water in the United States, including private and public lakes, ponds and streams.

Smith and Environment Subcommittee Chairman Chris Stewart (Utah Republican) sent the White House Office of Management and Budget a letter noting concerns of the rushed nature allegedly present during the EPA Clean Water Act review process. The men urged the Obama administration to allow a reasonable amount of time for a full scientific, peer review of both the proposed regulation and the agency’s water connectivity report.

Smith’s office said the EPA submitted the proposed rule to the White House for approval “on the same day that it provided the draft scientific assessment to its Science Advisory Board (SAB) for peer review.”

“This is a clear attempt to fast-track the approval process without independent review,” Smith said.

The Environmental Protection Agency said the goal of the Clean Water Act is to protect America’s waters.

“The Clean Water Act does not distinguish among programs as to what constitutes ‘waters of the United States. As a result, these decisions affect the geographic scope of all Clean Water Act programs,” an EPA release states.

The hundreds of EPA regulations slated to be approved before the end of the year have the potential to drastically alter the way Americans who live near water conduct their lives. The Environmental Protection Agency is in the midst of drafting nearly 134 regulations before the end of 2013, according to the Daily Caller. There are “hundreds” of pending environmental and energy regulatory proposals being completed by various executive branch level agencies as well.

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  • NonPerplexed

    UN Agenda 21, same thing going down here in Australia, the end game is the abolishment of private property ownership

  • lifeofliberty

    EPA bashing is stupid. This is the agency that helped clean up the many thousands of toxic lakes, rivers and waterways that were dying from pollution. You have the waterways today BECAUSE of past regulation – not in spite of it. Wake the fuck up to reality.

    And you fucking morons that claim Agenda 21 is against you – READ THE FUCKING MATERIAL FOR YOURSELVES instead of uselessly spouting off incessant lies that you heard somewhere.

    I am sick to death of conspiracy fear mongering stupidity by the moronic self-righteous religious fucktards in this fucked up country. You people are IDIOTS and should self-exterminate. 90% of the crap you spew is absolute garbage and is NOT against our best interest as you claim. The rest probably is, but you get SO many facts wrong that it blows my mind.

    • David Armstrong

      Mr., I would say that you need to wake up and start using proper words. Anyone who curses like you do is a moron. Does it make you feel like a tough-man to use the F word like you do? I pray that you may find Jesus Christ so that He can put a bar of soap in your mouth like my mother did when I was a kid and I said a bad word. I learned my lesson but apparently you didn’t??

    • Mtig

      Please understand this “reply” / “comment” has no direct personal assault attached to it nor directed at you…that being said we will continue……
      Your final and third paragraph may be the best thing I have read in this article yet (you ended your comment) heheheheh. We must move onward…with a slight reservation….obviously, with all the “street language” you have been able to amass in one document does make one wonder…is this person really capable of making a prudent conclusion regarding the EPA or any other agency to include ideals represented by those working in the so-called “Conspiracy fear mongering” arena, educated enough to even make this “attempt” at writing anything?
      It would seem thru this article, government education has taken the front row in total ignorance. Dumbing down Amerika…the real goal appears to be working well.
      IF…IF…these highly educated peoples (lifeofliberty and others of like kind) with all there “street language”, written and posed In such manner to appear as informed individuals…would hold their “cabinet meetings” in a more “secure location” other then the local pub with a bottle of “bud” in their hands (Budweiser by the way just happens to be one of the largest Anti-Gun corps in Amerika) IF they can actually follow an in depth investigation or such things would find that to be the truth.
      “Lifeofliberty”, from all indications written here-in…would appear to the general population (that can read and write in a some what proper pose) that said “contributor(s)” would rank in one of two (2) areas…a “RINGER for the FEDS” or (to my total disbelief) really be that ignorant of what has been planed by the “United Nations” thru “Agenda 21”.
      Read it. understand it. Then one may also find by taking both feet out of their mouth…they may be able to speak / write in terms that do not require four letter words as their prime mode of conversation. Someone may actually listen to what you have TRIED to say!
      Hint…you may also be required to have an “interpreter” available as I am sure most of the wording in said document will pass beyond your point of understanding…it does not contain…(in the article we are responding to) four letter words originating from the local famed learning center…the local Pub or street.
      “Lifeofliberty”…an interesting title for one which appears to be (by statements made) anti-republic…probably voted (if it wasn’t to complicated a process for those of like kind) and a strong supporter of Barry Soetoro (also known by the alias of Barrack Obama) to include what we call obuumba care.
      When the little white FEMA trucks come to take you or yours to one of their “resorts” for continued re-education we can only assume peoples of like kind will understand one thing…the holocaust was real…you will be one of the first to implement it once again…in the good ‘ol US of A. Inc.!
      Being “they” have taken your weapons…your money…your home…your car…your food…your WATER…you will say only one thing…maybe…SOME BODY…ANY ONE…HELP US!
      There will be no one to help you…as you have so eloquently stated and enabled the “powers that be” to fulfill the plan set long before your time…the implementation of the NWO thru the application of AGENDA 21.
      We can only pray ( and not to allah ) that people who write these comments with such force, attitude and anger…will have the opportunity to wake up…be a positive force AGAINST the NWO.
      Bring a “solution”…not an “allusion” that democracy (limited) can once again be the rule rather then the cause of troubles.

    • walleryia

      Blah Blah. Talk to the hand. LOL.

    • Mary Brown

      Agenda 21 would move me from my private 1300 sq foot home into a 250 sq foot box of an apartment. I live in a small rural town smack dab in an area they have marked protected on the maps.

  • benth163

    Our life blood is clean potable water. If the government believes it can control what is essential to human survival, then civil war is just around the corner. Our god given rights to water cannot be controlled by anyone no matter what their argument is, or how righteous sounding are their opinions.

    So we must ask the EPA, just who is to benefit from down-stream water. Cities who cannot control their growth? When California was seeking to tap the Snake River in Idaho, Idahoans put their foot down, and said not on your life will you take our water.

    In San Diego we have restrictions on water use when drought issues come up, but yet San Diego is not controlling its growth, believing erroneously that they can take whatever water they want from whom ever they want with impunity. They charge us more for the water we use, and when we cut back their revenue drops and then they try to increase our cost, while never dropping it even in wet years.

    This type of lack of city planning when it comes to the availability of water speaks loudly of the bludgeoning of the water rights of upstream communities and farms for the sake of city dwellers. This type of Democracy, where the largest voting block gains access to whatever it wants, is one of the problems we must face daily, and keep a perspective of what constitutes, “For The Greater Good”. Can a group of hungry people steal food from a prepper at gun point, just because they want it? Not unless they want to get shot !

    Issues have come up which reflect the EPA’s supposed need to control of water when they issue commands that private parties cannot collect water from their own roofs to store in cisterns. It’s as if what god gives us through rain does not belong to us, but to the government. That is Communism and Tyranny at its worse, which we should fight against with everything in our arsenal. Unless we take the individual over zealous idiots to task we will be no more than expendable slaves upon the state plantation !!!

  • walleryia

    Need to start shooting illegal trespassers?
    What they are doing is illegal?

  • Mary Brown

    Easy, cut the EPA’s funding and let them shut down.

  • guess

    Learn your land rights and property rights: http://www.freedom-school.com/private-property-rights.html these 14 lectures contain some amazing court and legal history that shows a general lack of jurisdiction by the federal government on privately owned land.