[1/12/17]  Mexico’s former president, Vicente Fox, defended the liberalization of fuel prices, arguing that by the end of 2017 “we will be living in a much better situation than we are today,” noting that the free market measure is good public policy and will ultimately benefit the Aztec country, although the benefits may not be seen until the years 2018 and 2019.

Fox expressed his opinions in his weekly Fox Populi program broadcast on Tuesday, asking the public to not merely focus on the current 20% price increase as something “in perpetuity” but as a “turbulence” that is a normal part of the adjustment process in moving from government-controlled prices to a free market.

The PAN party asked Mexicans for patience and understanding in the wake of the price increase, describing it as “the medicine which nobody likes to take.” Fox also recalled that during his government he was unable to complete the energy reform, and that neither Ernesto Zedillo nor Felipe Calderón were able to do so, and thus the gasoline subsidy remained in place for 18 years.