Federal Reserve Issues Warning, Bank Drills, Possible False Flag

In January of this year, Supervisory Regulation (SR) 14-01 was issued in regarding the need for bank preparedness particularly for the eight bank holding companies (BHCs) in the United States. According to the memo, there are eight Bank Holding Companies that appear to be at risk and that risk threatens the financial stability of the United States. These eight companies are Bank of America Corporation, Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, PLC, Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley, State Street Corporation, and Wells Fargo & Company.(Allison Martinez) Either the new Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen is a prepper, or there is something afoot in the world of banking. If she is a prepper, I missed any indication of that in her background. Bankers typically talk in terms of contingency plans and liquidation programs, not prepping for disasters.

The memo, dated January 24, was the first one of the year. It was sent from Michael Gibson to the top banks to stress increased supervisory expectations. Gibson stated,

“… the Federal Reserve is issuing this letter to clarify the heightened supervisory expectations for recovery and resolution preparedness for the eight domestic bank holding companies that may pose elevated risk to U.S. financial stability. “


Shortly after the “increased supervision” of the big eight, customers at other “not eight” banks started getting notices of bank drills where services will be limited. One example is the Bank of Albuquerque, as shown below.


While this screen shot is from their website, a similar email advisory went out to all of their customers.  The Bank of Arizona,  Bank of Oklahoma, and the Bank of Texas have all been mentioned as having this drill. All of these banks are owned by BOK Financial.  They also own Bank of Arkansas, Bank of Kansas City, Colorado State Bank and Trust, BOSC, Inc., Cavanal Hill, TransFund, HomeDirect Mortgage so it  may be that these institutions will announce they are  also involved in this drill. This may be a corporate activity, or something greater in scope.

What makes this all the more curious is that FDIC has lawsuits going on in the Southwest region against banks. It doesn’t appear to be connected to any of these banks or the drill, but the memo from the Fed requiring more supervision of the “Big 8,” the drills in the south that include the S.W.I.F.T. system, and the lawsuit taken together does give one a moment of pause. The whole matter does seem a bit auspicious to the causal observer. Banks temporarily shut down, calls for increased bank supervision back east,  the looming debt ceiling and discussions of default once more coming from the administration casts the drill in a surreal perspective. The backdrop of 4 banker suicides last week, including Mike Dueker at Russel Investments,  lingers in the mind as well, and all of them worked in the area of forecasting and data analysis. Late last month  HBC started restricting cash withdrawals by customers. One can’t help take notice of these coincidental events and ponder if there isn’t something more afoot.

These events have not escaped the notice of the Youtube community either. Below is from one customer who received a notice. Notice that it appears that a bank in New Zealand will also conduct a drill at the same time. It is unknown if it is connected to this drill or a coincidence.
[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/c5cLhN9JXHg”]
Dave Acton also put out video on the matter with supplemental commentary that may be of interest to readers. It include additional commentary from Acton on cybersecurity and additional commentary on potential changes in currency policy.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/Loygt6XWVu8″]


    be prepared people….this is a warning get your money out of big banks now…

    • Banks operate on data centers with their own backup power supplies and multiple redundancies. This “warning” is fishy to say the least.

  • Mary Brown

    perfect timing to have a sudden data loss and your digitally stored cash to go poof


      all part of the plan….time for a haircut

  • “Bank Holidays” were seen during the Great Depression so our new, criminal politicians have to use something different “Drills” but they are the same.
    Banks have 90% of our money loaned out so, when the SHTF & we go to get out money there will be at the most 10% of our money. However, all of those in front of us, while standing in line to get our money, will probably get our 10%.

    • Don ald

      Don’t you mean banks have 90 percent of your credit loaned out??

      Its the Banks fiat paper, its not Gold and Silver.

  • Carl Hopkinson

    This has “false flag” written all over it…

  • stonehillady

    Most SS checks go out on the 18th. So, wonder what will happen to automatic deposits on that Monday.?

  • Adam Evenson

    This world is beginning to be more complicated than I like. I can’t imagine how any comprehension can be passed around within humankind. Everything is too complicated to get beyond. I really and truly exist so far beyond all of this, that I consider daily and sometimes by the hour and minute, to simply hold up my hands in surrender and say, “All you dream characters can just have this dimension for personal selfhood, and I’ll be able to be on my way to The Fully Awakened State. I’ve been side-tracked too long here, anyway, and I’m about to go and play. Should I end with, have a good day?
    Adam (Means “Namer of Things”)


    if you got any cash bigger to pay your daily bills for 3 months – get it out asap and convert in real assets (gold, real estate, survival etc…), if you got more then 50k in your 401k – get it out, pay the penalty and do the same

  • solar toad

    I heard a crash in dollar for March 4, 2014. They say this stuff every year, though.

  • Juan

    Just has a precaution I withdrew all of my savings. (90% in twenties, 10% in hundreds) Most of these so called exercises have BAD things that happen during or right after them. 9/11, Boston Marathon, and a few others come to mind in recent events. I hope nothing happens !!! One can’t tell any more with the current roost of knuckle heads running our federal government. If this all blows over? I will put it all back..