FEMA Scrambles For Storable Food, Contacts Patriot Company For Emergency Delivery

(Thomas Dishaw)  MyPatriotSupply.com recently received an email from FEMA requesting availability and shipping times for truckloads of emergency food supplies.

Why is the Government sourcing a popular survival food company for emergency shipments of storable food?

Are they preparing for something big? An earthquake? A war? Famine? Or can we just write this off as FEMA compiling a database of possible suppliers?  Will this information be used to target patriots or, even worse ,corner the market and possibly inflate the prices of storable food?  Only time will tell. I will say it’s better to be prepared than on the outside looking in.

MyPatriotSupply.com released this statement via their blog:

“here we are, August 2013 and FEMA once again is trying to buy up large stockpiles of food. And they don’t want anyone to know it, and they want to take immediately delivery… I’ve studied history. That is what got me into preparedness in the first place. History has shown us time after time that those who depend on the government to come to their aid during a disaster are the ones waiting the longest for help. Sometimes help never comes…or comes too late.

I do not believe these critical emergency food supplies should be in the hands of the government, stored in some secret warehouse only to be brought out and distributed to their own agencies first,  with the rest of us getting table scraps long after we need it.

These life-saving meals belong in the hands of people like you and me. This is why I declined the opportunity to sell to the Department of Homeland Security.

But let’s not forget the most important part of this: Why the sudden sense of urgency? What do they know that we do not?

I’m not one to cry that the sky is always falling, but when DHS/FEMA make a move to quietly buy up emergency food supplies and ask how much we can ship within 24 hours…I think this is far enough outside the realm of what is “normal” to beg some questions.

Fortunately I’ve been in this business long enough to predict what happens next. One or more of the other “survival companies” out there will inevitably see a chance to make a quick buck from Uncle Sam (which is really paid for by us, the taxpayer). This could create a run on many of the core raw ingredients used by emergency food makers that will cause a ripple effect throughout the industry as supply chains become bottle-necked handling the FEMA/DHS request.”

This is extremely disturbing to know.

I myself don’t want to be left in the dark.



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  • King Lear

    The Gov’t wants to corner the market and dry up the supply of emergency storable food….just like the ammo. People won’t be able to defend or feed themselves…totally dependent on the Gov’t.

  • stonehillady

    Something big is coming, middle of Aug, maybe sooner, most say it is Nibiru !

  • Susan

    extreme kudos to Patriot Supply for declining their offer, they are right, we the population would never see them should the need arise, they will come up with some excuse and then quietly disburse them to their own for their own use. Would suggest checking out military surplus stores also and buy up MREs (meals ready to eat) and store them, or if you are in the military, start saving them and storing them at home, as a lot of military people wind up throwing them away (yes they do), go through the trash and collect them or grab a couple when getting yours (they usually never know or don’t care).

  • lifeofliberty

    This story / email is COMPLETELY FAKE.

    mypatriotsupply faked the email. They’ve offered zero proof or evidence that this is true. No other company has been contacted either.

    This the Hegelian Dialect. “Create a problem, offer a solution”. This company did this to boost sales, nothing more.

    Which proves they are not patriots. They are greedy assholes. They’re willing to fake an alert like this to make money off of easily fooled, ignorant people. They should be boycotted as traitors. For life.

    Lying about the truth is a very big deal. The community of preppers cannot operate in deception, although it is very common. Truth is what we claim we are about. When “one of us” lies, they need to be shamed, blacklisted and shut out from our midst.

    Pretty fucking simple. If I lived closer, I’d beat the guy to a pulp.