Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect

(Laura Tyco)  The former head of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter has gone public to say that the official version of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory and his main suspect for the architect of the attack is Vice President Dick Cheney.

Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret. flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam. He is the recipient of the Eisenhower Medal, the George F. Kennan Peace Prize, the President’s Medal of Veterans for Peace, the Society of Military Engineers Gold Medal (twice), six Air Medals, and dozens of other awards and honors. His Ph.D. is in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech. He chaired 8 major international conferences, and is one of the country’s foremost experts on National Security.

Bowman worked secretly for the US government on the Star Wars project and was the first to coin the very term in a 1977 secret memo. After Bowman realized that the program was only ever intended to be used as an aggressive and not defensive tool, as part of a plan to initiate a nuclear war with the Soviets, he left the program and campaigned against it.

In an April 4, 2006 interview with The Alex Jones Show aired nationally on the GCN Radio Network, Bowman (pictured below right) stated that at the bare minimum if Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were involved in 9/11 then the government stood down and allowed the attacks to happen. He said it is plausible that the entire chain of military command were unaware of what was taking place and were used as tools by the people pulling the strings behind the attack.

Bowman outlined how the drills on the morning of 9/11 that simulated planes crashing into buildings on the east coast were used as a cover to dupe unwitting air defense personnel into not responding quickly enough to stop the attack.

“The exercises that went on that morning simulating the exact kind of thing that was happening so confused the people in the FAA and NORAD….that they didn’t they didn’t know what was real and what was part of the exercise,” said Bowman

“I think the people who planned and carried out those exercises, they’re the ones that should be the object of investigation.”

Asked if he could name a prime suspect who was the likely architect behind the attacks, Bowman stated, “If I had to narrow it down to one person….I think my prime suspect would be Dick Cheney.”

Bowman said that privately his military fighter pilot peers and colleagues did not disagree with his sentiments about the real story behind 9/11.

Bowman agreed that the US was in danger of slipping into a dictatorship and stated, “I think there’s been nothing closer to fascism than what we’ve seen lately from this government.”

Bowman slammed the Patriot Act as having, “Done more to destroy the rights of Americans than all of our enemies combined.”


Bowman trashed the 9/11 Commission as a politically motivated cover-up with abounding conflicts of interest, charging, “The 9/11 Commission omitted anything that might be the least bit suspicious or embarrassing or in any way detract from the official conspiracy so it was a total whitewash.”

“There needs to be a true investigation, not the kind of sham investigations we have had with the 9/11 omission and all the rest of that junk,” said Bowman.

Asked if the perpetrators of 9/11 were preparing to stage another false-flag attack to reinvigorate their agenda Bowman agreed that, “I can see that and I hope they can’t pull it off, I hope they are prevented from pulling it off but I know darn good and well they’d like to have another one.”

A mainstay of the attack pieces against Charlie Sheen have been that he is not credible enough to speak on the topic of 9/11. These charges are ridiculed by the fact that Sheen is an expert on 9/11 who spends hours a day meticulously researching the topic, something that the attack dogs have failed to do, aiming their comments solely at Sheen’s personal life and ignoring his invitation to challenge him on the facts.

In addition, from the very start we have put forth eminently credible individuals only for them to be ignored by the establishment media. Physics Professors, former White House advisors and CIA analyststhe father of ReaganomicsGerman Defense Ministers and Bush’s former Secretary of the Treasury, have all gone public on 9/11 but have been uniformly ignored by the majority of the establishment press.

Will Robert Bowman also be blackballed as the mainstream continue to misrepresent the 9/11 truth movement as an occupation of the fringe minority?

Bowman is currently running for Congress in Florida’s 15th District.

  • keith adams

    I,m saddened to say….that this guy is ten yrs too late with his opinion…he may be qualified in everything but walkin on water…but his cowardice in not rattling th cage b4 now is an indication of th weakness of th systemic problem in USA…nobody has got any balls at th top…they,re all too willing to lean on their comfatable lifestyle n watch n wait till its safe for them to stick their nose out….Sadly th true people with balls r th ones on th street…apart from people like trafficante, ron paul, jesse ventura…alex jones ..rense…n a whole lot more…th most disgusting thing I see are th Hollywood crowd…we all know that their brains are btween their legs… n they,re sickenin sycophants…these people need to be put back in their kennel…

    • Anonymous

      Bill Clinton was able to become president after he fathered a child with a black prostitute. He was a heavy drug user. He raped two women we know of. One Juanita Broadderick he raped and Hillary even knew it and did she divorce him? No Hillary approached Juanita and warned her to be quiet.

      How many people felt sorry for Hillary that she stayed with Bill Clinton? She known about his affairs. She was in it for the power and nothing else. When you elect people like Bill Clinton as president of your country bad things will follow. European countries would never elect such a piece of garbage.

      So we elected someone who was fit for dog catcher as president and most people don’t even know he would have sex with black prostitutes regularaly while Governor of Arkansas. He had a child with one, but the media has never let us know about this. They say that his son and the mother were taken to Australia and if not killed are in the middle of the outback guarded, so they can never leave. Certainly the tabloids would have a field day with this and it would mean Hillary would be finished in politics.

      Your president must have good moral character. Things have gone downhill a lot ever since the criminal Bush Senior who was involved in the Kennedy assassination.

      Now we have a president who can’t legally hold the office, but it’s like it’s no big deal. There have been numerous people who have shown prooff Obama was born in Africa and this mneans he should be arrested and anyone involved should be charged with treason. This guy could be anyone. He could decide to nuke Europe.

      The fact the Republicans never told us about Clinton and his black prostitutes and his black child and the fact they haven’t made a stink about Obama being an illegal president proves the Democrats and Republicans are in on this scheme together. They just keep passing blame from one to the other. When a Repulican messes up we just elect the Democrats and several Republicans loose their jobs, but it always comes around again.

      • Cheryl

        Hi, I read your comment about the Clintons. I just listened to a video about Hillarys campaign and the Coup by Obama. They mentioned a bunch of stuff about the Clintons and all the dirty dealings in their past. Can you tell me where you got all the information you wrote about. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in Advance.

        • mickey redmon

          Try watching the “Clinton Chronicles” on Google video or Yewtube.

      • wc

        dna proved that the black child was not clintons.

    • Anonymous

      Alex Jones is a shill He’s married to a Jewess and his show is syndicated. Do you think they would allow David Duke to become syndicated? This guy is telling us things they are doing, but he fails to mention Jews. He says things like Illumnati, but takes up for the Jews the masterminds behind 9/11

      When they start blowing up buildings right in front of hundreds of cameras then we are paying for our ignorance. We destroyed the Jewish enemies the Germans after they had destroyed their enemies the Russians and now we are destorying the Arabs. If the Russians are controlled by the Jews and they most certainly are, then the next ones that will have to be knocked down will be the Chinese.

      • Freedom Lost on 911

        Totally Correct! when will the rest of America wake up?? I guess when they are kicking down the doors, and selling off their houses, of coarse it will be too late for the flag wavers who cannot comprehend any critical thinking, they will have sold us all into slavery for their ignorance of FACTS!

    • Jimbo

      Actually, I saaw this guy speak on these very topics (freedom and gov’t) back in 1999-2000 when he had a brief run at the US Presidential campaign. Then, after 9/11 he was RABID about these (and other) facts. Being a combat pilot, he knew well and sure what NORAD and ATC procedures were for Hijacked aircraft and that NONE of them were followed. He has been outspoken and on national TV attesting as such literally from the day after 9/11.

      The reason it is news now you can see at the bottom of the article, he is running for Congress.

    • Albert D Pastore


      Lt. Bowman has been saying this for the past 10 years. I dont know why this article is makimng it seem like he just came out.

    • Albert D Pastore


      Lt. Bowman has been saying this for the past 10 years. I dont know why this article is making it seem like he just came out.

      • teslafy

        Because it is a “red herring” (something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue.)designed to reinforce the opinion that ANY ATTACKS TOOK PLACE TO BEGIN WITH! The monstrosity of the hoax is the fact that there were no planes (only holograms), no terrorists and no bodies from those supposed planes. The supposed downed flight over Shanksville PA tells everything; THAT FLIGHT landed in Cleveland, Ohio as local media reported. (YouTube “The Key” by Collin Alexander)

      • teslafy

        Because it is a “red herring” (something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue.)designed to reinforce the opinion that ANY ATTACKS TOOK PLACE TO BEGIN WITH! The monstrosity of the hoax is the fact that there were no planes (only holograms), no terrorists and no bodies from those supposed planes. The supposed downed flight over Shanksville PA tells everything; THAT FLIGHT landed in Cleveland, Ohio as local media reported. (YouTube “The Key” by Collin Alexander)

    • Anonymous

      Its said that even in this late hour there are still those that force themselves to belive in the official version of the story.

    • Anonymous

      This interview with Alex Jones was done in 2006, according to the article. So he was only four years late. But whatever, better late than never.

    • Abbass

      Robert Bowman has not been late, you have only been late in discovering he has voiced his opinion, which in this and other things he was doing ten years ago.

    • undrgrndgirl

      hollywood crowd? you mean like charlie sheen? rosie o’donnell? roseanne barr? and many other’s who think 911 was either an inside job or allowed to happen? you mean that “hollywood crowd”?

    • Scarlet Fever


      You are mistaken in assuming that Senator Bowman is ten years too late. He has been screaming this message from the rooftops since the early 2000’s. I met him personally in 2005 at a 9/11 Truth Conference in Phoenix Arizona. He was a key speaker on the issue. But very few were listening. He paid his own travel and expense cost while struggling with cancer to get this message out to as many people as possible. He worked closely with key members of the 9/11 Truth movement such as Pilots for Truth, Architects for Truth and Webster Tarpley. Please do not judge so quickly. Few patriots have devoted a much of thir lives, whether in good health or ill, as Senator Bob Bowman. The fault is not his, that America simply wasn’t ready to hear the message.

  • Helen

    so you are just saying what the rest of the world already knows.. how stupid you think we are you dumb fuck!!what i want to know is when your going to act on these war criminals!! by the way you should find out where they hid the nuke they stole.. because i have a feeling that they are going to drop it somewhere n the US and then blame it on iran or another country.. most likely iran because th ebanksters own you fucking people.. wake up america you going to suffer a very horible experinece and your govt is not going to help you. it is time to revolt..otherwise your all fucked along wth the rest of us!!

  • SPace

    Cheney engineered this in 7 months? It was the Clinton administration that engineered this. The next administration was setup as the fall guy.

    Who sent the missiles into Afghanistan that provoked the response? Who denied permission to take out OBL (3 times)? Who put up the wall between the alphabet agencies in order to ‘blind’ them of what was happening? When and who’s admin set up the training exercise (one year ealier)?

    I could go on, but the truth is too difficult to bear for Clinton apologists….

    • DrMeatwad Phd

      Silly one, Clinton could not obstruct justice the way Cheney has. PNAC is the outlined plan and the plotters signed their names to it. One of them was so sleepy at the final meeting, he went ahead and declared the “state of Emergency” as soon as he got back to his governator seat in Florida several days before the “surprise attacks”. Sure round up Clinton with them, he parrots the killers plots and wild conspiracy theories. Maybe the actual incarceration of billy will make him crack and talk all about it.

    • Wrong!

      Yeah, go on. Tell us that it was Clinton’s fault when the Bush administration was warned by numerous government agencies and foreign intelligence services that something big was being planned. Of course, it was the ghost of Clinton whispering into Bush’s ear “Don’t investigate Bin Laden”….LOL. Seriously, how stupid are you????

  • Flute Salad

    Simulated crashed is the heart of the matter. There were no crashes, no planes, no deaths. Read the CluesForum and find out the truth the truthers want to deny.

    • The problem with his mentioning of “Star Wars,” the Space Defense Initiative is that he was suckered into being in charge of it. He was a scapegoat, a low-level patsy. Usually, a general of some grade holds such a job. His situation was exactly as was that of Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt the air force officer chosen to be the head of Project Blue Book the official whitewash effort to coverup the truth about UFOs.

      It is a matter of record that Reagan asked Gorbachev in 1985 when the two met in Helsinki if he wanted to partner with us in Star Wars. Gorbachev himself mentioned in front of his “parliment” that Reagan had asked him and that he had declined citing more pressing problems for the failing USSR. Basically, don’t believe all that you read about anything. Dis- and mis-information abounds these days.

    • DrMeatwad Phd

      The only problem with your (mis-dis)information, explosives do not pull into them the surrounding debris. If you can explain how the hollywoody effects accomplished that magical feat, then I’ll be with your miss-dis.

      Until then I’m sticking with the off-board pilot drone. The no planes nonsense came out to cover for the fact that no passenger plane hit the Pentagons first floor leaving that nice lawn with out a scratch.

  • John Smith

    I’ve suspected something fishy from day 1 while watching this live. The brits had exercises the same day as their subway bombing that brought them into the war as well. They were practicing the exact same scenario, on the exact same day , exact time, and exact subway station. The u.s.a. was doing their exact same exercises on 9-11 that got us in the war, what are the odds of that? Something else is going to happen again, it’s been going on throughout history, we are but screws in the machine, turned, twisted and screwed with for some bigger reason.

    • DrMeatwad Phd

      You said it. I could have sworn one of the first pictures of the London insiders terror, had a picture of the floor of one carriage blown upward into the passenger area. If that is so, there is your only proof to round up those that claimed that it was some passenger with a “bomb” on board the carriage as coconspirators in that plot.

      • Tom Lowe

        The train floor was blown upward because the Mossad operatives planted flameless percussion bombs which resulting in powerful deadly explosions with no resulting fires. This is exceedingly obvious.

  • sheepster

    And ?? What ?

  • Dan

    @Space It wasn’t just Clinton’s administraion it has been all of them. They are all puppets of the NWO.

  • Goliath

    Cheney was certainly involved and is a TRAITOR but NOT the primary architect. The primary architech was ISRAELI PM NETANYAHU. This evil prick wanted to get the US to fight Israels’ enemies for them. They needed an DRAMATIC event to demonize the Arabs and mobilize military action against Iraq,Afghanistan and finally their arch enemy Iran.

    You notice even today they are trying to complete the mission against Libya, Syria, Iran.

    They use their media control to ridicule anyone who DARES question the official fairy tale.

    This situation WILL NOT STAND and these disgusting Israel Firster traitors WILL BE brought to justice.

    • Anonymous

      The Arabs are not white so it’s easier to get us to destroy them. The Jews were able to get us to destroy Germany after they went to war against Communism. There would have been no war in Europe if not for the Commies wanting to take control of Russia and then it wasn’t enough they wanted all of Europe. So the Germans tried to stop it and they got us to attack the only country that could have destroyed it.
      If we used depleted uranium back then Germany would have been a wasteland. Now we are dumping hundreds of tons of depleted uranium on the Arabs.

      How hard would it be for anyone to figure out it is very strange all the Arab ocuntries have all of a sudden have become our enemy. If we had oridnary citizens as politicians they would not have gotten us into wars. This check and balance governmetn they gave us is not working so well.

      Career politicians are the problem. Nobody should be able to sit there and vote bills into law and remain there for 50 years.

      So once again the Israelis got us to fight their enemies and they are their enemies, because the Israelis want to destroy the MIddle East. IF the truth be known the Israelis got us to use depleted uranium in our munitions and dumping hundreds of tons on Arab countries and to make those land inhabitable.

      • Wild Will

        Career politicians are the problem. Nobody should be able to sit there and vote bills into law and remain there for 50 years.

        Exactly right!! There should be term limits of 12 years, slice it up any you want, then you GO HOME and get a ‘real’ job…After 20 years, you can re-apply if you want, for 12 more years, THAT should put a crimp in their style…

        • Debbie

          12 years?!?!?! I have a policy I always follow when voting, “no incumbent politician gets my vote, PERIOD!” As far as I am concerned they have one chance and one chance only to do the job they were voted in there to do. Since they rarely do this, I don’t want them to have any more opportunity to dip their fingers in the cookie bowl than absolutely necessary. They weren’t put there to vote themselves a raise or lifetime incomes or even personal protection. As far as I’m concerned those are impeachable offenses! I don’t get to do that to my employer and I don’t think they should be able to do that to me. After they’ve served their term then it’s time to go back home to “a real job” and support themselves just like we do. IMHO I think anyone who doesn’t vote like that has only themselves to blame if they don’t like what their representatives have done. I also think that if more people had this philosophy then we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today.

    • Wikileakbug

      The one and only man on that morning speak of 911 in good for Israel!
      Nobody knows the body count yet! But 911 is good for Israel!

  • Thank you for coming forward publicly Dr Bowman.

    The last time I went through an airport TSA checkpoint, I refused the body scan and demanded a body massage as my back and legs hurt from standing in lines.. While in the cubicle I asked the TSA attendants,

    “If Dick Cheney does it again will you guys be able to stop HIM?”

    They laughed, perhaps a bit self consciously….

  • john smith

    I would agree that Israel was well implicated in this shit. We are twisted and manipulated by them. The 3 dancing Israelis and their 9-11 painted van full of video equipment was never investigated. The van full of explosives rented by the israelis was never main stream. There is tv interviews of these guys on Israeli tv claiming they were in the USA/NY to “document” the events-look it up. Remember the uss liberty. Don’t speak out though, ’cause then you are an anti semite, another trick they use. We are but cattle to them, as claimed by their prime minister, they are gods chosen ones and we are to be manipulated and used for their ends.

  • Patriart

    The major problem is Americans in general lack the intelligence, courage and morality to solve our major problems. they are easy pickings for the criminals and traitors controlling the country. I see no solution to this as the country degrades and fragments into a type of zionist fascist police state. But if the population has a miraculous recovery, two first steps they should take are first, the destruction of the two major political parties, and second, a boycott of the major media and entertainment corporations. We must encourage real patriots to step foreward and lead the Country. Then we must go back to the Clinton and Bush administrations, and then Obama, and root out and prosecute the govt and corp criminals and traitors who are destroying the USA.

    • Scarlet Fever

      I could not have said that better. Excellent viewpoint and suggestions. Except I would have added that we put those 15,000 guillitines (that multiple members of our military have come out and exposed as being shipped here) to good use on the treasonous bastards that have all but destroyed our liberties and country with them.

  • Fred
  • kerry

    This is but one layer of a very murky glass onion; the underlying “problem” to which the puppet masters are facing, and have been preparing for for quite some time – is that of planet over-population. They have known that the energy & resources (everything you can imagine) to sustain an ever growing world population continues to increase exponentially – there will be no terminal velocity in this demand. The resources themselves are obviously diminishing. Left unchecked / or more correctly – in the hands of present day government and economic systems – the bubble will burst eventually. History has seen many a strong and powerful civilzation meet their end – ironically through their success. This time round though its not just a civilzation / empire – it’s humanity itself. 9/11 was a major catalyst in turning the gears of warfare as an instrument to destabilise / stir what they consider to be the best beehive – the middle east. In connecting the dots (or at least attempting to, this (warfare) is just one of the prongs that they are engaging to effect their ultimate goal of world depopulation. Other prongs that have become suspect in recent years – each contributing in theire way to addressing the “problem”. Vaccinations – that according to some are attacking us at the DNA level, Chemtrails – that according to some are layden with things like Barium Sulphate which has detrimental effects on our ummune systems, HAARP – which according to some can and has been used to affect weather modification / earthquakes / flooding. Genetic modification of crops – which according to some alter the nutitional properties of foods we consume. While all of this is currently happening, steps have been taken to set up the One World Government; the EU is one of these steps. The OWG (NWO) will – according to some be the system in place that will inherit the responsibility of controlling the population – once it has been reduced. This is what I have found to be the consensus of oppinion. Consspiracy theory(s) or a cold hard reality; from my research the latter is looking more likely to be the case. For those of you who find it hard to believe that the 911 was a false flag because it seems to be just too insane a suggestion, re-consider in the context of other things which collectively seem to be tightening the screws on modern day existance.

    • Patriart

      The criminals and traitors have the US by the throat and I have little confidence that citizens understand or even care. Ron Paul sent clear messages to voters but they have failed to listen. US history is nothing to be proud of anyway, much war and exploitation of labor. This is an unstable base upon which to build. Our last hope may be for individual states to rise up and challenge the federal govt, and for soldiers to honor their oath to defend the Constitution. But I have little hope that will happen.

    • Anonymous

      kerry, you are soo spot on in this. I have spent much of my time lately bringing these facts to people, and they almost all shun the info. It scares them, and it should. But because of the fear, people should do something about it, not submit to it. I have been documenting chemtrails in my area and have been steering people away from vaccinations. As of 2009, all animals used for food on the entire planet are required to be injected with two different growth hormones. This is documented! And as far as false flags being too insane, people need to look at things like Operation Northwoods and see what conclusions they can draw from that!

  • don’t sweat the details, nor the individual players / pawns. Once the strategic plan is known, the pieces of 9/11 and much of two centuries of history click into place, as well as the “counter plan”:

  • Helen

    people t was not just the amercans and brits who were n on this.. please watch this video of harper and howard..

    • john smith

      let’s have the link..nothing surprises me about asshole hitler Harper..time for this owg a-hole to go..and i’ve got the means to get rid of him.

  • Helen

    i just posted a youtube vdeo..i found this video a few years ago and was disgusted.. please pass it around people, post t everywhere you can.. let the world see what our leaders are and lets get somethng done as soon as possible f we can all work together we can destroy the banksters and teh corporate greedy bastards who are usng us to destroy this planet wth there WMD. innocent people are being killed for there plan to rule the world and enslave us all..

  • Lyndon LaRouche said all of this within the hour of the 9/11 attacks. Why don’t you and didn’t you listen to him?

    • Tim

      LLR is clever, but not a moral man. He advocates governments borrowing money from ( by default ) the Jews, to restore US infrastructure. He does not advocate burning down the Fed, which is the real root of the problem; ie individuals who have been given the right to lend something they don’t have, to an entire nation, and then to expect that fiat currency to be returned as real money, with interest (compound, of course) attached.
      Because most people, offered a million $, will take it, and do anything they are asked to do, we have a system which has been entirely corrupted, from Congress on down. The Talmudic Jews have realised this weakness and exploited it to the max, and have also established a compact with their god, who is not YHVH, but Hashem, whom most people would recognise better by his usual name of Satan, or Lucifer. In return for the sacrifice of innocent blood, they gain power in his name; this power takes the form of their continual and almost believable lying about world events, eg the Twin Towers lie, which nobody seems really able to penetrate and expose definitively. Their aim is a millenial reign from Jerusalem, ruled not by a Messiah, but by themselves. (Letter from Karl Marx to Bernard Baruch, 1927). A glorious part of this apotheosis of their nation will be the extermination of the goyim in a bloody and real holocaust; unlike the bloodless and lying holocaust which they have deceived the whole world with thus far; the more disgustingly barbaric, the more they like it. This is foreshadowed by their yearly festival of Purim.
      However, their plan will not succeed. YHVH intervenes in October 2016.
      If you watch The Daniel Timeline on YouTube, you will find the undeniable proof for what might seem to be a crackpot assertion.

  • R. Vail

    Re: “Bowman is currently running for Congress in Florida’s 15th District.”
    No, that was 6 years ago: 2006.
    Did someone dust off a 6 year old article and re-date it to make it seem 2012 relevant?

    • john smith

      yes, this is somewhat old news.

  • Helen

    sorry forgot to post it.. so here it is…

  • patriotsgame

    There’s a faint tune in the wind.. those of power.. hear it and fear it…

  • Albury Smith

    Since Bowman’s been a truther nut for years, I’m wondering why this is all of a sudden newsworthy. The funniest part of the article was this, however:

    “…Sheen is an expert on 9/11 who spends hours a day meticulously researching the topic…”


  • mik

    I see lots of, it’s the democrats that are up to no good and it’s the republicans that are up to no good. Wake up, their one in the same and THEY are up to no good.

  • Robert M Stahl

    Google Indira Singh Guns and Butter to sew this one up. Know what it means to follow the money, the simplicity of the AI used and the motivation of the Old Guard using the dawn of the electronic age to ‘balance’ the accounting records. The evolution we should learn is given by William Binney who resigned 40 years into his career in 2001 as head of the NSA when he refused to break so many laws that have been broken since. Of course, there is

    One has to know the source, the drug cartels at the heart of the covert, asymmetric activities, crimes committed everywhere in this decaying landscape, plus the true nature of dynamics, obviously part of the zeitgeist we, collectively, are not savvy enough to participate in, yet. The only salvation possible will be found in what the human race has as its better side. Better side to what?

    Now that is the real issue, and totalitarianism wins when education loses (Norman Dodd), so take note what we may have lost already considering the position we are in now. Look at Lindisfarne Association scientists and historians. Plus, know something of GUT-CP. Google dead scientists and mark our place in evolution, which is now.

  • Branewaiver

    Israel is innocent because they were having breakfast with themselves on 9/11. Cheney and all the rest were busy masturbating each other so could not have had anything to do with this wicked event. Just ask their defense lawyers. Gullible travels.

  • Zellie

    Albury Smith….get a real life…sadly yours is wasted.

  • Good employment below. I genuinely enjoyed what you had to say.

  • DrMeatwad Phd

    I’d bet a doughnut that the last Texas shooter they claim was being served an eviction notice was really someone that saw through the zionnazi propaganda and their false flag 9 11 terror. One at a time, one round at a time.

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