[3/21/17]  A professor at George Washington University teaches that only white people can be racists.

A story published first on the blog Power Line reports that a “study guide” used in a class at GWU contains the following guidelines for understanding racism in the United States:

Prejudice + Power = Racism

* Racism, however, requires institutional power

* In the U.S. white people alone hold the institutional power to discriminate on the basis of race

* Political power (representation, law, judges)

* Economic (wealth, income, banks, CEOs)

Social (media, representation, culture norms)

In other words, white people possess the exclusive ability to practice racism because they are the only segment of society who likewise exclusively possess “institutional power” requisite for racism.

The blog Daily Wire ties this crazy curriculum to a recent GWU decision to exempt history majors at the university from taking American history classes in order to qualify for a bachelor’s degree.

It is likely that the professor who handed out the study guide in question is referring not to overt racism (although that’s possible in light of the inscrutable nonsense he’s teaching), but to something called “implicit bias.” Implicit bias is defined as those prejudices demonstrated by a person without that person consciously realizing it.