House Passes HR 6566 Mandating FEMA To Prepare For Massive US Casualties

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(Kimberly Paxton)  (Editors note: Earlier we reported that congress has passed this bill. We were wrong. Sorry about the inaccurate headline.)  The US Congress has put the government’s purchase of over a billion and a half rounds of hollow point bullets into perspective with their latest legislative offering, HR Bill 6566: The Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act.

The act was quietly passed on September 28, but only caught public attention yesterday. It mandates Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to make preparations for fatalities so great in number that mortuaries, hospitals and funeral homes are overwhelmed.


This bill amends the Homeland Security Act of 2002, requiring the Administrator of FEMA to “provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes.”

According to the text of the Bill:

Congress finds the following:

(1) Emergency preparedness often plans for how to prepare and provide for survivors of a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster, but fails to plan for how to prepare for and respond to mass fatalities that result from such an incident.

(2) Funeral homes, cemeteries, and mortuaries could be overwhelmed should mass fatalities arise from a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster.

(3) Different religions have different customs surrounding death; for example, the Jewish and Muslim religions call for burial of the deceased not later than 48 hours after death.

We must be very concerned when plans are put into place to deal with such a large number of dead bodies.  This video provides further analysis of the Bill:

The de facto government of the United States has just moved another piece on the chessboard in a game that was begun with the false flag event of 9/11 and the subsequent enactment of the unPatriot Act.  We should be extremely concerned that plans are being made for such a massive death toll on American soil that civilian facilities will be unable to keep pace.  The wheels are turning faster…

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  • mattminor

    Why is it when I search this h.r. 6566 is a bill about energy and not about fema or fatality preparedness?

    • Joe

      Search FEMA 6566, instead.

  • mattminor

    Thanks joe but when i do this only second hand excerpts pop up. maybe there is no fema 6566 bill? i don’t think they name two bills with the same number.

  • Marti

    The headline is a blatant lie, this bill has not even been approved for a vote by congress

    • Johnny

      What else does your crystal ball say?

      • Marti

        That it still hasn’t even been sent to a vote in either house of congress.

  • Charlotte

    For those concerned and who says it has not been approved by Congress.
    This bill has passed the U.S. House of Representatives on September 28,
    2012. I will definitely be planning to talk to my Congressman on Oct.
    23,2012 when I see him in person at his event here locally.

  • Breaking News

    Editors note: Earlier we reported that congress has passed this bill. We were wrong. Sorry about the inaccurate headline

  • Marti

    ^^^ orly @Charlotte!
    Why hasn’t the headline been changed if you are admitting it is wrong?

  • Do Lee