Is Anaheim California Under Martial Law?

(Dan Horn)  If you’d been following the news from California following Tuesday’s Anaheim riots spurred by a protest of a nonexistent police force continuum that lead to two fatal shootings of suspects in the Southern California city, chances are you haven’t been getting much accurate information on the current state of Anaheim since the riots.

The riots were eventually quelled, and a mother of one of the men shot to death by police called for an end to the violence. Peaceful protests around the city’s police headquarters proceeded, but when a picket line along Harbor Blvd got too close to Disneyland, something unprecedented and unnerving happened: a paramilitary police force, stripped of names and badge numbers, wearing urban-camouflage utilities, and outfitted with a combat load and assault rifles, emerged to blockade the world-famous theme park.

News sources like the L.A. Times simply report that riot police formed the blockade, but that’s incredibly misleading, and the reports say nothing about the paramilitary forces patrolling the city streets of Anaheim itself en masse. User-generated communiques on social networks and videos and photos uploaded to sites like YouTube depict heavily armored black vehicles, with paramilitary troops riding on outboard foot-rails, patrolling civilian communities, making arrests, and blockading public roads.

These “police” look like National Guardsmen, and some have been photographed with grenade launchers, ostensibly loaded with tear gas canisters, M16-A2 assault rifles, and tear gas paintball guns. They bear simple vests or patches emblazoned with “POLICE” over their camo flak jackets. It looks like a military occupation, and they are carrying out a directive reminiscent of urban combat in the Middle East. You’re hearing this from someone who saw this sort of thing in Afghanistan.

It’s no wonder that accurate news cables have been squashed in Anaheim. Emmy-winning photographer and correspondent Amber Lyon captured images of a reporter who accompanied her having his press ID turned away by police who then asked for identification that would prove residency in the city.

  • W O W ! Look at those ROBOCOPS…No brain, ALL muscle, totally robotic, pretty soon they’ll be replaced with ‘Land Drones’…

    • Nicole M

      This picture is from 2006, see the copyright in the lower left hand corner?
      I am not sure on the credibility of the story, would love to know the truth as that’s where I was born, but having an old photo with a date of 2006 doesn’t help.

  • JamesAt17

    And the public thinks they are the 99% that are going to change things. I have mentioned before that that number of 99% is wrong. Knock off 50% that are too old or too young. Another 40% that want someone else to do the fighting. That leaves us with 8% and of those, take away another 2% that are doing the will of the 1%. That leaves 6% and not one of us knows the others enough to be insync and to get this mess turned around. I noticed the other morning for the first time in a very long time I heard the TV doing the emergency broadcast for around a minute. Are they getting ready for a big ?something? and like always letting the public know before they do whatever it is going to be?

  • B Davis

    The picture may be from 2006, but this report is fairly accurate. Friends of ours had to be let through the police line (yes, dressed in cammies, with grenade launchers-TEAR GAS???) that was at the entrance to D-Land holding back and preventing protesters from entering the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’.

    There have also been reports AND pictures of police on horseback…and all this IS being reported by local papers… But of course, they try to sugar coat the protesters who are out for mayhem and creating UNSAFE conditions for citizens.

    All because TWO KNOW GANG MEMBERS were shot and killed. Maybe one( that I know of) wasn’t armed…BUT REACHING FOR ONE??? Or making the motions to…NEVER end in a happy ending when you already have the recognition that you do. Maybe they shouldn’t have put themselves in the POSITION in the first place!

    I am getting SICK of people attacking the POLICE for PROTECTING CIVILIANS from BAD GUYS and LIMITING their ability! I guess these people have too much time on their hands! When bad people show up at THEIR door…WHO are they going to call…the local GANG??? I will take the local PD anyday…and I WANT THEM ARMED and READY to take care of business, should my family, my friends, or my property be in jeopardy!

    I used to live in Anaheim Hills…and to see this happening in an American city, just sickens me! I guess we should get used to it…it’s going to get worse, come November!

    • Tom Lowe

      You still think the cops are here to help you.


    • aelfric

      well, here it is december and……nothing has happened. i mean, nothing. no riots, no-end-of-the-world pablum if the obamanation gets selected. what ARE you babbling about?

      • Gus

        Don’t purposely misread the comment. They’re saying the official oppression of civilians will become the norm after the Obamination continues in power.