Louisiana Makes It Illegal To Use Cash To Buy Used Goods


(Doug Mataconis)  Louisiana businesses are suddenly discovering a new law that flew under the radar during the last legislative session:

Cold hard cash. It’s good everywhere you go, right? You can use it to pay for anything.

But that’s not the case here in Louisiana now. It’s a law that was passed during this year’s busy legislative session.

House bill 195 basically says those who buy and sell second hand goods cannot use cash to make those transactions, and it flew so far under the radar most businesses don’t even know about it.

“We’re gonna lose a lot of business,” says Danny Guidry, who owns the Pioneer Trading Post in Lafayette. He deals in buying and selling unique second hand items.

“We don’t want this cash transaction to be taken away from us. It’s an everyday transaction,” Guidry explains.

Guidry says, “I think everyone in this business once they find out about it. They’re will definitely be a lot of uproar.”

The law states those who buy or sell second hand goods are prohibited from using cash. State representative Rickey Hardy co-authored the bill.

Hardy says, “they give a check or a cashiers money order, or electronic one of those three mechanisms is used.”

Hardy says the bill is targeted at criminals who steal anything from copper to televisions, and sell them for a quick buck. Having a paper trail will make it easier for law enforcement.

“It’s a mechanism to be used so the police department has something to go on and have a lead,” explains Hardy.

Guidry feels his store shouldn’t have to change it’s ways of doing business, because he may possibly buy or sell stolen goods. Something he says has happened once in his eight years.

“We are being targeted for something we shouldn’t be.”

Besides non-profit resellers like Goodwill, and garage sales, the language of the bill encompasses stores like the Pioneer Trading Post and flea markets.

Lawyer Thad Ackel Jr. feels the passage of this bill begins a slippery slope for economic freedom in the state.

“The government is placing a significant restriction on individuals transacting in their own private property,” says Ackel.

To say the least.

As Thad Ackel, who is quoted in the linked report, notes, this law goes far beyond even the extraordinary step of banning cash transactions:.

The law goes further to require secondhand dealers to turn over a valuable business asset, namely, their business’ proprietary client information. For every transaction a secondhand dealer must obtain the seller’s personal information such as their name, address, driver’s license number and the license plate number of the vehicle in which the goods were delivered. They must also make a detailed description of the item(s) purchased and submit this with the personal identification information of every transaction to the local policing authorities through electronic daily reports. If a seller cannot or refuses to produce to the secondhand dealer any of the required forms of identification, the secondhand dealer is prohibited from completing the transaction.

This legislation amounts to a public taking of private property without compensation. Regardless of whether or not the transaction information is connected with, or law enforcement is investigating a crime, individuals and businesses are forced to report routine business activity to the police. Can law enforcement not accomplish its goal of identifying potential thieves and locating stolen items in a far less intrusive manner? And of course, there are already laws that prohibit stealing, buying or selling stolen goods, laws that require businesses to account for transactions and laws that penalize individuals and businesses that transact in stolen property. Why does the Louisiana State Legislature need to enact more laws infringing on personal privacy, liberties and freedom?

The standard justification for a law such as this is easy to understand. Second hand stores and pawnbrokers if only because both have long been a source for people in possession of stolen good to fence their ill-gotten wares. However, the law itself actually exempts pawnbrokers from the no-cash part of the law even though it’s fairly clearly that pawn shops are notorious as the destination for stolen goods. If the law was really aimed at preventing stolen goods from being sold in this manner, why ban pawnbrokers? Even if you accepted the justifications on their face, though, his law goes way too far, especially in the banning of cash transactions. The purpose of the bill could be met simply be requiring some form of Identification be taken when a transaction is made, and that records of the same be maintained. Banning the use of legal tender completely is way over the top.

Additionally, while I haven’t researched the issue, I’m not even sure that the state has the authority to say that Federal Reserve Notes, which Congress has made legal tender for all transactions, cannot be used in a transaction.  I would think that there’s a case to be made here that Louisiana has violated the Supremacy Clause of the Constitutional by saying that U.S. currency cannot be used for a certain class of transactions. Certainly, if this is allowed to stand, then the effect would be that any state could say that cash cannot be used for any number of transaction in the name of “fighting crime,” “public safety,” or whatever other excuse an inventive legislator can come up with.

It’s easy to understand why Louisiana would want to ban cash transactions. Absent some other form of record keeping, cash brings a kind of anonymity that paying with credit cards, debit cards, or checks cannot offer. If I’ve got a hundred bucks in my wallet, I can spend it anywhere I want without any concern that someone, somewhere is tracking me. You can’t say the same thing with any other form of payment. There’s something to be said for the ability to conduct your business without worrying about whether or not what you buy and where you buy is being monitored, either by a private entity or the government. In Louisiana, though, you can’t do that anymore, at least not if you want to buy used goods.

  • dougdiggler

    Good luck enforcing that one!

  • SpeedersKill

    This is no honest mistake. Big Business paid the legislators to write the law. BB hates thrift stores.

    • CQ

      Thrift stores are already required to keep the records required here for non-cash transactions; extending the requirement to include cash sales for the goods spelled out in this law is no hardship.

  • greascott

    They want electronic money to rule everything. if you have not been playing THEIR game by their rules, you will not have access to THEIR electronic money. I say Bull Crap!

    • RJ O’Guillory

      ….Greascott….I agree…it is about control…and eventually.. probably… taxation … BTW…I grew up in St. Louis…I love The Cardinals and was at the 82 WS when they beat Milwaukee at home in St. Louis…7th Game…it was great! And.. I wrote a book about growing up in the St. Louis area…that is now being pitched to movie and network execs…!

      • greascott

        RJ- I was at the ’82 WS game 7 as well and now I live in Green Bay!

      • bigwing

        I remember that series and 7th game. The last out was gorman thomas swinging….was just a kid

        • RJ O’Guillory

          ….I was 22 years old….managing a McDonald’s in St. Louis…and I had to commit to buying the tickets the night of the 6th game…as the price kept getting higher and higher with each inning! Then…I recall the girlfriend I had at the time…all she did was complain about the night all the way home….! I couldn’t believe it…how many times do you get to see a game 7 at home and win….and she was ragging all over me…! Ha! But what a great memory and experience!

    • jtintx2


  • john burton

    can a congressman still take bribes in cash?

    • Truthseeker

      Certainly, that type of cash transaction is always permitted.

    • frackattackfrannie

      i assume the same is true for blackmail

  • Pop_Korn

    Is it legal to make legal tender illegal?

    • joe

      Legal tender means forced usage so we force you to use it but then when you do we get to fine it out of you or jail you and then take it. Isn’t zionism wonderful!

      • SayanimSnot

        when are the useless idiots in this country going to fight back against this never-ending rape of our constitutional RIGHTS and INALIENABLE FREEDOMS?
        TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING TVs and DO something to REFUSE this slavery. instead American morons revote the zioCriminal- who is not a US citizen- Rahm EManuel back in. All across USA its the same apathy and citizen corruption. You get the govt you deserve!

        • Pravda01

          TURN OFF YOUR SMARTPHONE! Don’t pay for your own surveillance.

          • laura m.

            If people worked and were really busy and had to clean house, shop and cook meals, they wouldn’t have time for a smart phone. Flip phones are best, even if you work in real estate and someone has to call saying they may be late. Most working folks don’t have time to “play/fiddle with smartphones” most their waking hours, I sure don’t.

          • Lisa Willis

            Speak for yourself, I can manage my time, get all of that done , work full time and still play video games. If you can’t then you either can’t manage your time or you move really slowly. How did you have time to post this, shouldn’t you be doing dishes or something?

          • Jackie Puppet

            You can turn it off, but you’ll still be under surveillance.

        • Truth Please

          Rahm Emanuel is in Chicago. Last I knew that was a LONG way from Louisiana.

        • OrganizedBattle

          Every situation like this should be fought in court by the first ones directly affected. Legal expenses should be funded by a go fund me acct. and everyone reading should fund the cause until victory. Legal briefs and minutes should be e-mailed to all donators, and all victories celebrated. We can organize the many, and easily thwart the few. Lets do this!

        • jtintx2

          Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ryan

        You are not forced …… you can barter ….. you just cannot REFUSE

      • watch what u say racist


        • hawaiigirl50

          useless sheeple! stop bringing up the race card…

          • Mark Bigger

            good one, race has nothing to do with this

        • Pop_Korn

          You really believe zionism is a race?
          …..back 2 school 4 you.

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        Ah, a Ziontard. Fuck off, bigot.

    • Ryan


    • bigbucky56

      Good thought popcorn.
      I would personally tell pigs to f##k off, take me to jail. This is where the brave separates oneself from the sheep.
      I mean come on, are people that cowardly to abide by this law?

      • onememphisdude

        ..look who is President. Nuff said.

        • deathfrogg

          Look who the Governor is. The President has nothing to do with this, at all. Besides, it’s a 100% phony story. Grow up, people.

          • chellethesouthernbelle

            you might want to do your homework… https://legiscan.com/LA/text/HB195/id/343620

          • Noni

            that’s from the 2011 session

          • me

            So what that it was from their 2011 session when the FACT is that it was Jindall that signed this tyrannical bill into law.

          • me

            It is YOU that needs to grow up because this bill was signed into law by fake fiscal conservative big government tyrant governor Bobby Jindall four years ago and it’s important that this resurface now that the douche bag is running.

          • jtintx2

            This says ALL about Jindal!! We do not need to know anything else and this needs to be thrown in his lying face!!

          • tobot
          • Libertarian58

            Even though the law was revised, it was only due to public outcry. The fact that the law was ever passed in its original form is troubling enough and only underscores what a bunch of crooks we have in our legislatures. You can count on them to abuse these kinds of laws to the maximum profit for the state.

          • BC

            Actually, it was passed, you can read it here..though it is geared at second hand stores and junk dealers–but was also passed as a way to try and prevent ‘teens’ from dealing in stolen goods.


      • Duane King

        Are the PO PO stupid enough to enforce it?

      • Rehbock

        No.it is the opposite people are too cowardly to disobey laws which are unconstitutional and irrational.

    • musiccitydawg

      No. This won’t stand up in Federal Court if challenged.

    • Rehbock

      No. But La is not a place where rights of contract or civil rights or much of anything except facism is respected.


      If you or I print money yes it is illegal; but if the government prints money it is legal; think about this one for a minute…………This is going to start a brushfire if it is not contained quickly; the government is already talking about banning cash totally; going to a digital currency; it’s coming; the videos are on youtube; check them out if you don’t believe me.

  • zollner

    If I’m not mistaken doesn’t it say right on all of the Federal Reserve Notes, “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE”

    So how is this law legal?

    • Pat English

      If there is no debt FRN’s are not legal tender. The seller can ask for any form of payment.

    • Glenn Festog

      Originally FRNs were redeemable in lawful currency, they continue this farce with coinage as coins are not FRNs. Actually, despite the debasing, dollar coins are not tied to the Federal Reserve. If you’re worried about money and can’t afford 1964 or older coins then put aside the new dollar coins.

      It should be noted that a Federal Court Case out of Nevada has ruled that payments of pre-1965 silver and older gold coins can be counted at face value for tax purposes. How many of us make the equivalent value (in gold) of 20 twenty dollar gold pieces? But $2,000 (face value) is below the reporting minimum for taxes, Can you say loophole?

  • desertspeaks

    We’re told that involuntary servitude and slavery are illegal but the government acts as though they own us.. We’re free or we’re slaves it’s one or the other, you can’t have both. Are we slaves or not? and if not, then why are they forcing us to follow laws that aren’t applicable to us?
    We are not parties to their CONstitution, we are not signatories to their CONstitution, we have not sworn any oaths to be bound by and obey their CONstitution and laws. So how precisely are we enslaved to something we have nothing to do with??

    I’ve had attorneys tell me “it’s a social contract”… that’s interesting, especially given that fact that the government has abrogated many of its contractual duties, one being the duty to protect the individual. I can find no exculpatory clauses within their CONstitution, so any breach such as abrogating the duty to protect the individual in exchange for the individual’s duty to allegedly OBEY, has NULLIFIED any ALLEGED social contract !

    Since they love to tout the social contract, lets look at contract law. When the private man/woman is not a party/signatory to some agreement, contract, compact or CONstitution, then the private man/woman cannot be obligated to be bound by or to obey any codes, laws, statutes, policies, provisions, etc, arising from, of or by any alleged authority granted by said agreement, contract, compact or CONstitution.

    So, your proof/evidence MUST be factual and personal firsthand information, your proof/evidence shall not be comprised of hearsay, your opinions, someone else’s opinions, your beliefs, someone else’s beliefs, your feelings, someone else’s feelings, assumptions, presumptions, hypotheticals, conjecture, sophistry, fraud, lies, scenarios or what if’s.
    Nor shall you proffer statutes, codes, policies, nor shall you proffer the CONstitution or any CONstitutional amendments as that presupposes that any of it is applicable without proving it’s applicability to the private man/woman!

    Good luck!

  • Rogoraeck

    Having & using cash. Is your last liberty !
    If that will go & you will be micro chipped like a cat or a dog, then you will be a SLAVE !
    USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA !

    • Steve

      you already are a Slave..you pay taxes don’t you? do you have any Debt? then you are a Slave!

      • Chuck Bryant

        Equating taxes with slavery is idiotic; slavery was much worse.

  • Glenn Festog

    Tell the State that, since they can’t make any thing but “gold or silver” tender for debts, there is no “lawfull” means to pay a debt to them. Gold was removed from at par exchange in ’33, silver in ’68; the Constitution has not been amended, the Coinage Act of 1792 remains positive law. The “law” cannot require an impossibile act. Its not your fault, or contempt, to point out the law in these matters and to refuse to comply.

    Not going to say they like hearing that or that they won’t try to blow smoke in an uncomfortable place but, as I’ve heard quoted piously from the Bench, “I’m bound by the law and have no discretion.”

  • Yeims

    Man, this just keeps on getting better and better! Some eighteen MILLION laws already on the books, and these idiots just keep on generating more. Many of the new laws are not even directed to the problem they want to solve, but instead, like this one, are directed to treating the symptoms rather than the cause. Groupthink is another problem in the lawmaking process, the idiot with the loudest voice having his way. These idiots, the lawmakers, should recognize their weaknesses, hire legislative research staff, and assign it to them. That way the legislators would only have to say what the problem seems to be, and then leave it to more intelligent, more highly educated others to come up with a reasonable way of dealing with the problem.

  • Leauxryda

    Wow…..this became law in 2011/August, LA HB 195


    Is there a reason this is news today as opposed to when it was news back in 2011?
    Just askin….

    • me

      This should be news now that Jindall is running.

  • Chris Graviss

    IT is inconstitutional. It will be declared as such by the first legal challenge

    • Truth Please

      Do we still have a constitution? (I sure hope so)

  • nlebou

    Old news

  • Shane Shaw

    patently unconstitutional…

  • Laura O

    This is old news. It’s recycled information from 2011. Hardy hasn’t been in office in years.

  • Erik Garcés

    NO State shall make anything other than gold and silver legal tender…

    The Constitution was pretty clear. This law will be struck down.

  • Mike Willey

    The state can also go after taxes on transactions if it recorded.
    LA is missing out on a lot of tax dollars with cash not being reported!!

  • Edward Funk

    That means you can not sell a rifle you own with out a debit machine.

    • Joseph James

      Or have a yard sale, buy used video games at game stop with allowance money…..

    • CQ

      You can if you are not a business. The law stipulates “businesses.” Until yard sales are considered “business” this does not apply.

  • Joseph James

    getting ready for cashless society and the mark to buy and sell.

    Baaaa baaaa as many will continue to ignore and deny

    • Big Ed

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been saying thecsam thing for years now!!!!!! With the coming global currency reset, the american dollar will crash and the good life lazy Americans will be no more. The real chuckle here is gonna be all those rich pukes who have been use to treating the poor llike crap will finally get their due! All these celebrities who make fun of others will now be beggars too. If you’re not part of the elite , you’re screwed.

      • Joseph James

        It won’t be a chuckle it will be horrific.

        All the people planning on…”hunkering” or bugging out… Lol….. Folks better plan on. Being mobile, this shit isn’t gonna be a custers last stand if you expect to survive…. Have anyone noticed a trend in every freggin post apocalyptic tv series the past decade…… Hunkers owns and non mobile groups are eventually over turned…

        It’s the traveling group…ready to getup go… The first two years this is. The highest chance of survival

  • Joseph James

    So poor lil Johnny can’t buy a used call of duty at GameStop with allowance…mommy has to use her debit card

    Crock of bullshyt

  • Ted Dura

    the first court challenge will nullify this stupid law –moneyis owned by the fed and supported by the US TREASURY–and is stated as legal tender for all debts, public and private–since federal law trumps state laws–the law is null and void–ano brainer–

  • geo1671

    France passed legislation starting next year–ca$h is history–debt and credit cards. Government wants to trace all money transactions—and tax you. Greedy b’assTurds

  • “It’s for the children”.

    • renda blue

      Bake sales are now Illegal WTF

      • Chuck Bryant

        You buy used baked goods?

        Or did you miss the part about second hand goods?

  • Pontious Pirate

    Only in America can such fuster clucks happen

    • David

      That’s because we have clusters of fockers in too many legislative bodies.

  • Ryan

    “this note is legal tender for all debts public AND private”
    What can we expect from illiterate swamp idiots.

  • Gorges Smythe

    It’s not REALLY about stolen stuff. It’s about making sure all sales are on the books so the state can get every penny it’s due in taxes. That’s why the government wants to eventually do completely away with cash entirely.

  • flabbergasted

    People on here are saying this “law” was passed in 2011, but no one is talking about how it has been received by the citizens. Are people “complying or not?

  • whodowetrust

    I see the signs of the mark of the beast and a cash-less society in our near future.

  • catsarecool

    It’s OK. If it becomes an issue, Obama will just use his pen and phone to make cash illegal in Louisiana.

  • Simple solution, don’t comply and be willing to back your stand with lead:
    Destroyed health care; aluminum, mercury & DNA loaded vaccines, GMO’s that are poisoning us, chemical spraying in the atmosphere, federal reserve fiat currency, ridiculous staged events used to justify draconian liberty grabs, executive trashing of the Constitution,
    the best congress money can buy, surveillance police state, Gestapo ‘want to be’ police, a weaponized IRS, public school indoctrination of our children, and electronic & voter fraud elections – had enough yet? Got lead? It is the new precious metal.

    • Chuck Bryant

      Take the tinfoil out of your hat and put it in the microwave where it belongs

      • Ah, a sheeple baa’s compliance… Good on your knees hey?

  • Brent Richardson

    Hey LousyAnna I have a paper trail for ya. Its multi ply
    whatever happened to Innocent until proven quilty

  • line_doggie

    So this dufus legislator makes everyone a criminal (those who use cash) to justify this dubious piece of legislation.

  • renda blue

    Garage Sale Nazis, I say F ck U use cash and lots of it all the time

    • Truth Please

      Good one!

  • BillRind

    heres a novel idea for you douche bag legislators , just go after the bad guys and cut there flow of cash off and leave the law abiding people alone, what a bunch of a-Holes you all are. Phuck you and your phony two bit phony law.

  • amongoose

    “Good for all debts public and private”,
    won’t fly in court.

  • Dennis Richmond

    Alright for those of you that don’t understand how they get away with this kind of stuff !!! Back in the 1930’s during the great depression then President Roosevelt signed into Law a Bill called the NEW DEAL which changed our world in the biggest way ! It changed our system of law from Lawful to legal !!! Lawful was known as common Law or Constitutional Law where the Constitution was the Supreme Law of the land !!! Where there had to be an injured party for the law to be broke !!! But all of that changed with the NEW DEAL to legal or Illegal and Lawful NO longer is the Law even though they still use those words they don’t mean what they use to !! It change the meaning of just about every word used in Law !!! And that is why the Constitution says that there were to be NO lawyers in the Government !!! But now that is all that is in there !!! And thus they write Law that No one can understand making any law they want with out anyone knowing or even reading anymore !!! In Law the Constitution means NOTHING anymore !!! They just pretend it does to those of us that don’t understand just to keep us confused and wander how they keep getting away with it ??? I know that this is NOT to whole story be it is the heart of it !!! If you want to know more you can do your own Research please do !!! You will find that you don’t live in the America that you thought you did !!!

  • boxer7

    This has nothing to do with locating stolen property. It has to do with control. The next step is digital money where ALL cash transactions will be forbidden. These are nothing more than criminals looking for total control. Resist at all costs as your freedom is at stake.

  • mark

    I first heard of this more than a year ago. It is not something that just appeared. The govt. only does what the what the people let them do. You get the govt., you deserve

  • Robert

    It took all of 5 minutes to learn that this is not what the article tries to portray it as… just look up the bill from 2011

  • Kate Frederickson

    What if we passed a law that outlawed every other law, regardless of when and what it was made for? No more laws of any kind. Let every body go at it and see where it all goes. Not like we have anything anyway. I have lost everything, even my good looks.

    • Truth Please

      have the country is in your shoes…don’t take it too hard…

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Absolutely demonic. Find out who is pulling Rickey Hardy and his cohorts strings, and you will get to the bottom of this debacle. More than likely that Son of a “B” has made a deal with the state’s DOJ to help him in his future election campaigns. When any politicians sells their soul to the Department of Justice and stumps for them, you can bet he is just much a criminal as those in that department.

    Of course, there are other ways of dealing with criminals, than just outing them.

  • Alleged Comment

    If it’s UN-constitutional it need NOT be obeyed or you will be complicit in committing TREASON and can be hanged for it.

    I’m quite sure you want that reserved to the traitors who started it.

  • Polycarple

    Did Gov. Jindal sign this into law? Hard to believe he would……..

    • me

      Yes, the fake fiscal “conservative” big government neocon Jindall signed this into law four years ago.

  • homer

    They are after more sales tax money

  • RebelPatriot

    Do not comply. Period.

    • jtintx2

      Then the Louisiana NAZIS will come down on you. LEO’s always come after people when they least expect it and don’t have strength in numbers!!

  • Number 37

    Criminalize alcohol, drugs, and blowjobs, then so many weird laws will not come into being due to lobbyist influence.

  • immxdmta4

    Why aren’t these people storming the captial, demanding an immediate repeal, and recalling those who voted for it?! THIS is why we are in a police state!!!!

    • Chuck Bryant

      What’s a “captial”?

  • Erik Rodgers

    Another reason to transact in official 1 oz American Silver Eagle coins. Each coin is legal tender and NOT cash.

  • libsarescum

    Where is Mr. Wonder boyJindal on this? He better veto this stupid law it or he is cooked.

  • hawaiigirl50

    People better stand up now!!!! Now you know without a doubt what our government is up to!!!! Pretty soon they will require everyone to take a chip in your hand to buy and sell. that’s why they are trying to do away with cash…and why police are pulling people over and stealing money out of their cars, they have already stolen over 6.2 million dollars from people this way!!! They want cash obsolete..so they can control you even more …REVOLT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

  • evoval

    Sounds like more shenanigans from useless democrats.

  • chip griffin

    WELL THEN, ONE OF YOU GOOD LAWYERS STEP AND FIX THIS! is this not your country? how long yall going to wait until you use the job you have to at least slow this take over and take down, down some, your pay is a free country…GET BUSY IT IS WAY LATE

    • Excellentidea

      GoFundMe to back any good lawyer willing to step up and use their expertise to crush this crap.

  • Gene Who

    Boot this Ricky fellow out of the state,j ust don’t send him here to Georgia. We have our share of idiots already

  • Km

    Systematically going cashless!

  • joe

    Sign a credit agreement, and then pay your debt to them in cash.

  • Jhon Dough

    when will people realize that the fed gov is bad and should disappear? absolute crooks and terrorists running this country.

  • James Staten

    Yep, Jindal for President!!!!!

  • InterestedReader500

    Federal Reserve Notes are the LEGAL TENDER of the entire United States of America and NO ONE can refuse legal tender in payment of a debt. If a person refuses legal tender in payment of a debt, then the debt must be marked PAID IN FULL . . . . see Uniform Commercial Code §3-603. TENDER OF PAYMENT. Specifically, Section (b) states clearly “(b) If tender of payment of
    an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person
    entitled to enforce the instrument and the tender is refused, there is discharge,
    to the extent of the amount of the tender, of the obligation of an indorser or
    accommodation party having a right of recourse with respect
    to the obligation to which the tender relates.”

    Put simply, if a Buyer says, I will give you X dollars for this item, and the Seller says “I accept” that verbal agreement is a simple contract and “an instrument of debt.” The Buyer then hands over legal tender and if the Seller refuses to accept the amount agreed-to, then the Buyer gets to walk out with the item in-hand and the debt is DISCHARGED. Louisiana’s new law is in direct conflict with the national Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

  • Dan

    How can they enforce this stupid law…I think it want hold up in court .. Jury nullification

  • Danny

    It is only leading us into the new world order and a cashless society that will usher in the coming false messiah, the Antichrist who will be given power to bring the world submitting to Him (Allah/Lucifer) What ever you do, DON’T take the mark of the beast in order to buy or sell. You will lose your soul to a devil’s hell. You have Almighty God’s word on it. http://b4in.info/jkUS

  • Berg

    someone was asleep at the switch in Louisiana. They need to take to the streets to repeal this bull.

  • MacFly1

    Hardy. What an idiot.

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    OK NOW THEY MADE ME MAD and he wants to run for Pres? If memory serves me he had this issue a few yrs ago on something,the Gov I am speaking . My Grandkids graduating would never understand this nor would I t zap their dreams for the future in life. WHY are people ok w LIBERALISM ideas I don’t understand a friend says he has 50 friends in Europe who are happy so I looked up the countries most Socialist Ye like Communism looks good on paper, but they are broke they will run out of peoples money , then? Am I missing something?

  • David

    Wonder what the Duck Commanders will have to say about this!

  • Mary Magdelene

    It seems strange that a state with a governor like Bobby jindal would introduce a bill like this. He certainly can’t approve of it. The liberals are infiltrating everywhere.

  • Sean Stout

    Challenge the law in court. Show the judge where it says on the bills “this note is legal tender for all debts public and private” and see what they say. State law can’t override federal law. In this case money is legal tender by the federal government and states can’t outlaw it.

  • MadMagyar

    “Equal Protection” comes to mind. I’m beginning to think that all these so-called legislators are flunking out of second-year law school. This is a clear violation of people’s right to privacy, not to mention the Constitutional provision in Article 1 section 10, clause 1 “No State shall . . . pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts . . . “. I think the Federal Reserve might have something to say about Louisiana changing their FRN’s into something other than “legal tender for all debts, public and PRIVATE”. I predict a recall for Hardy (if the electors have any balls left).

  • patriot156

    very 666ish but not eyt but very close.

  • ralbaii@aol.com

    Where is conservative Governor Bobby Jindal on this issue?

  • Mark Bigger

    This can’t possibly be true or something is not being told. This is hilariously insane. New laws tend to be illegal to begin with.

  • Mark Bigger

    This means no one can even have a simple garage sale

  • Sephia8

    **Guidry says, “I think everyone in this business once they find out about it. **They’re** will definitely be a lot of uproar.”**

    Really?! The editor missed *there*.

    If anything continue to pay in cash, they can’t prove you bought or sold anything then.

  • SubliminallyObvious1 .

    We started out having a government of, by and for the people and were “governed by consent of the people”. We have become obsequiously acquiescent and we are just giving in to more and more of these stupid laws. It is all contract law and they cannot prevent two or more adults from wanting to contract with each other no matter how they want to pay their dues. Look in to Lawful money! It is stated under 12 U.S. 411 here https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/12/411

  • Klep Dawg

    Does this apply to regular people also? Yard sales, classified adds, Craigslist, etc..? As far as legality, this would be like the sale of hashish wouldn’t it, Legal in the state but still illegal federally?

  • tcpd2004

    This article is misleading. Go to https://legiscan.com/LA/text/HB195/id/343620 and read the actual text of the bill. It says that a second hand seller must pay for junk scrap material with a check, cashiers check, or electronic debit. That’s it. It doesn’t ban all cash transactions, only half of one type of transaction.

    So if I walk into a pawn shop with a load of copper, I can only walk out of there with a check, not cash. This doesn’t prohibit anyone from using cash to BUY from the pawn shop, only sell certain items to. I can walk in there and purchase the load of copper using cash, no problem. It seems to be written to specifically target scrap metals. I can still sell my guitar or old coins to a pawn shop and get cash, just not scrap materials.

    • Clint JCL

      Why don’t YOU read the text? It says “including, but not limited to”. Which means it is NOT LIMITED to the situations you just described. Bootlicking apologist.

  • guest 7193

    Where do they come up with this crap Louisiana hb195 recreates the dept of family and children services

  • TimeHasCome

    The entire drug trade is in cash . The Federales have done wonders on the War on Drugs.

  • Scott Brantley

    It’s just a matter of time before cash goes away completely, to be replaced by digital ‘Beast’ money…

  • Scott Brantley

    And be careful what you post online, more and more people are starting to get ‘friendly’ visits from police who say they’re ‘concerned’ about what you’re posting!

  • waltinseattle

    every transaction registered. first its copper. then its tax collections. did you know that the 2 hours babysetting income is requiredto be taxed? even if it’s paid with eggs and garden veggies…..ain’t givt a wonderful thing.

  • Ideas time

    Null and Void!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ideas time

    Enforcement of these corporate statutes by local, state and federal law
    enforcement officers are unlawful actions being committed against the
    SOVEREIGN public and these officers can be held personally liable for their
    actions. [Bond v. U.S., 529 US 334-2000]

    Governments Have Descended to the Level
    Mere Private Corporations
    Supreme Court Building
    Clearfield Doctrine
    Supreme Court Annotated Statute, Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States 318 U.S. 363-
    371 1942
    Whereas defined pursuant to Supreme Court Annotated Statute: Clearfield Trust Co. v.
    United States 318 U.S. 363-371 1942: “Governments descend to the level of a mere
    private corporation, and take on the characteristics of a mere private citizen . . . where
    private corporate commercial paper [Federal Reserve Notes] and securities [checks] is
    concerned . . . For purposes of suit, such corporations and individuals are regarded as
    entities entirely separate from government.”
    What the Clearfield Doctrine is saying is that when private commercial paper is used by
    corporate government, then government loses its sovereignty status and becomes no
    different than a mere private corporation.
    As such, government then becomes bound by the rules and laws that govern private
    corporations which means that if they intend to compel an individual to some specific
    performance based upon its corporate statutes or corporation rules, then the government,
    like any private corporation, must be the holder-in-due-course of a contract or other
    commercial agreement between it and the one upon who demands for specific
    performance are made.
    And further, the government must be willing to enter the contract or commercial
    agreement into evidence before trying to get the court to enforce its demands, called
    This case is very important because it is a 1942 case that was decided after the UNITED
    INCORPORATION” in the State of Florida (July 15, 1925). And it was decided AFTER
    the ‘corporate government’ agreed to use the currency of the private corporation, the
    FEDERAL RESERVE. The private currency, the Federal Reserve Note, is still in use
    (i) Articles of Incorporation of UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY
    (ii) From The Great American Adventure by Judge Dale, retired. (pages 93-94)
    [4] Corporations are not and can never be SOVEREIGN. They are not real, they
    are a fiction and only exist on paper.
    5] Therefore, all laws created by these government corporations are private
    corporate regulations called public law, statutes, codes and ordinances to
    conceal their true nature. Do the Judge and your lawyer know about this? You
    bet they do!
    6] Since these government bodies are not SOVEREIGN, they cannot promulgate
    or enforce CRIMINAL LAWS; they can only create and enforce CIVIL LAWS,
    which are duty bound to comply with the LAW of CONTRACTS. The Law of
    Contracts requires signed written agreements and complete transparency! Did
    you ever agree to be arrested and tried under any of their corporate statutes?
    For that matter, did you ever agree to contract with them by agreeing to be sued
    for violating their corporate regulations?
    [8] Enforcement of these corporate statutes by local, state and federal law
    enforcement officers are unlawful actions being committed against the
    SOVEREIGN public and these officers can be held personally liable for their
    actions. [Bond v. U.S., 529 US 334-2000]
    (iii) Our Government is Just Another Corporation

  • desertspeaks

    Why does everyone blindly accept that the governments laws, codes, statutes, edicts, rules and regulations apply to the private person without EVER questioning it?? Obviously there are going to be some idiots whose opinions are in lock step with government employees, their indoctrination to blind obedience is unshakable.. BUT CAN ANYONE ACTUALLY PROVE THEIR LAWS APPLY TO THE PRIVATE PERSON?? Can you??

    IF you ask government employees if their CONstitution and laws automatically apply to everyone just because of their physical location within what we commonly refer to as a state, their collective opinion is that YES, their CONstitution and laws apply to everyone, automatically. BUT if you ask them what facts they rely on that PROVE their BELIEF that it is applicable to you, they have no plausible answer, they’ll hang up on you, feign as though they don’t understand the question, tell you that they aren’t going to debate with you “EVEN THOUGH ALL YOU DID WAS ASK FOR FACTUAL PROOF OF THEIR ASSERTION OF JURISDICTION” They’ll tell you that it’s common knowledge that it applies, they’ll even tell you to prove it doesn’t apply to you, this is an attempt to avoid answering your question!!, but they’ll continue to refuse to answer as to what facts they rely on to prove any of it applies to you, BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE ANY FACTS THAT SUPPORT THEIR BELIEF BECAUSE IT NEVER EXISTED!.. remember, they already told you it applies, it is their responsibility to prove it applies because they are the ones attempting to bring a charge against you, so the onus to prove it applies is theirs,.. It is not up to you to disprove anything applies!!!

    Everyone has been told that the CONstitution and law automatically apply to everyone. it’s everyone’s opinion that it applies, everyone feels it applies, everyone believes it applies, everyone assumes and presumes it applies. HOWEVER; hearsay, opinions, feelings, beliefs, assumptions, presumptions and or so called common knowledge aren’t proof of a damn thing.

    What factual, first hand, irrefutable evidence can anyone offer that proves that their CONstitution and laws apply to the private person simply because they are physically in what we commonly refer to geographically as a state.

    Keeping in mind that slavery and involuntary servitude is illegal “per their own laws”. Further, no private person is a party to their CONstitution, nor is any private person a signatory to their CONstitution, nor has any private person sworn an oath to be bound by or to obey the CONstitution and laws.

    Do you grasp the gravity of NOT being a party to some agreement, contract, compact or constitution??
    When one is NOT a party to some agreement, contract, compact or CONstitution, then one is NOT BOUND TO OBEY IT OR ANY PROMULGATIONS ARISING FROM SAID INSTRUMENT! “those promulgations would be codes, policies, statutes and laws etc”

    Who precisely is a party to their CONstitution?? The States are parties to the CONstitution. NOT YOU, THE LIVING BREATHING FLESH AND BLOOD MAN/WOMAN!!

    Should you choose to accept the challenge to show your proof/evidence. You shall adhere to the following;

    Your proof/evidence MUST be factual and personal first hand information, your proof/evidence shall not be comprised of hearsay, your opinions, someone else’s opinions, your beliefs, someone else’s beliefs, your feelings, someone else’s feelings, assumptions, presumptions, hypotheticals, conjecture, sophistry, fraud, lies, scenarios or what if’s.
    Further; You shall not invoke laws, statutes, codes, etc, or their CONstitutions or any amendments to their CONstitutions, as that presupposes that it is applicable, when that is what is in question in the first place!

    And since you won’t be able to show any factual, firsthand, irrefutable evidence at all, I included the following!!

    the maxim applies: quod non apparet non est. The fact not appearing is presumed not to exist.

    • Rene Arizona Craig

      This was so well written that I had to steal it and post it elsewhere….sorry for the plagarey …:)

      • tobot

        And it’s so wrong you should be ashamed for spreading it.

  • Harry

    Cashless digital transactions will not stop criminals and thieves from fencing stolen property and selling illegal drugs like cocaine. Criminals will only find ingenious ways to manipulate digital currency and still continue to sell stolen property and illegal drugs.

    I am surprised the religious right goes out of it’s way to persecute gay people, but does nothing to fight against the oncoming cashless society dictatorship, considering the New Testament book of Revelation. Why didn’t Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty, speak out against the tyranny of this bill in the state of Louisiana, that prohibits using cash in second hand transactions, instead of wasting his time bashing gay people?

    This Big Brother trend toward a cashless society makes me aware that very soon I will have to refuse to get a microchip implant and then get my head chopped off for refusing to do! Please don’t get me started on “the rapture”. Corrie ten Boom sincerely believed there would be no such snatch-up event. No such doctrine was preached before 1830.

    Religiously, when I was age 19 in 1975, I got caught up in Christian fundamentalism. Then in 1981, I went through a very traumatic struggle to leave the fold. Since 1983, I have been a member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Since I am not from a Christian fundamentalist background, my family in 1975, was extremely upset that I became a fundamentalist. Eventually, my family decided to just the accept the situation. But, by 1981 I was very traumatized and disillusioned by the religious fundamentalism I fell into.

    Nowadays, this Big Brother trend toward a cashless society constantly gives me a terrible feeling of my past in Christian fundamentalism catching up to me! The only thing I can do is that when the government orders everyone to get microchipped in order to legally buy and sell, I will have absolutely no choice, except to join the millions of other people who are also going to get their heads chopped for refusing to get implanted with a microchip!

    The tragic irony about how House Bill 195 passed is that Louisiana is a Bible Belt conservative Red State.

    But, putting aside my fears of Big Brother, the hard reality is this bill, prohibiting cash in second hand business transactions is really going to ruin the economy of the state of Louisiana! It will seriously hurt countless businesses throughout Louisiana! I am from Pennsylvania, Does this mean when cash is abolished, people like the Amish are going to suffer the most because of their cash exclusive farmer’s markets?

  • Guest


  • Kuldebar
  • dkc3

    Jindal signed this into law?

  • Luv

    The legislation must be a silly mistake. It’ll get repealed.

  • jhnjul

    It’s nonsense like this that pushes ever more folks to start believing the ‘conspiracy’ theorists.

  • Joseph James

    Well.. I know a few Govt offices as far back as mid 90s that ONLY take checks or money orders, not uncommon practice in a sense…but this is retarded.

    Poor johnny can’t buy a used call of duty now without being submitted to a police check…. Dang

  • pairadimes

    This law makes criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens in a failed attempt to restrict the behavior of criminals who do not abide by the law anyway. Pure, unadulterated brain damage, but par for the course in this era of declining intelligence and the end of the Age of Reason. It may also be unconstitutional, as Congress decides what is legal tender.

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    This is just an enactment only given the force of law through the consent of the governed. DO you consent? Then it is not a law!! Ignore it. It is your money and you can spend it how you like. Stop paying taxes they have killed over 3 million people with our money for NO good reason

  • musiccitydawg

    Nowhere does it say that the Governor signed it.

  • Sam

    Can’t you give credit? And then use cash to settle the debt?

  • The perfect slaves believe they are free!

  • all thanks to a small government Republican-majority legislature and a Republican governor…

  • guamjeff

    Get rid of all taxes except sales taxes. Get the government back in it’s cage. This is so ridiculous. Why not make copper sales only possible with certain documentation if that’s where the problem is at the moment? The people have a right to be protected, not interfered with in every detail to protect a small section of transactions. The proof and onus should ALWAYS be on the state, not the individual.

  • R_of_the_H

    The lawmakers just initiated the start of a huge black market in La.
    This is great for organized bootlegging. Interstate smuggling. WOW!
    This is going to blow up!

  • Sarah Berry

    So once again law abiding citizens are punished for the acts of criminals

  • Joseph Wakefield Sr

    This old news from 2011 by a legislature who is not even in office anymore. It never passed. somebody trying to start some shit.

  • Jerry Harmon

    They forgot most important, criminals don’t obey the law

  • CQ

    Government control gone wild. Citizens MUST contact their law-makers to get local government out of their lives. Having to record detailed personal tracking information for every transaction is far beyond reasonable.

  • Shirley LeGitte

    In The Morning!

  • GGallman
  • Miguel VillanuevaEchevarria
  • tobot
  • Hail_To_Reason

    Bye bye Bobby Jindal

  • Hvacjack

    But how are the politicians going to hide the bags of cash they get from donors?

  • CantBPC Anymore

    This law is strictly to control sales and purchases of stolen precious metals – such as copper from your home or office. Check out the law before passing garbage along.


  • Mike

    It is about collecting TAXES. They want to tax everything. If they do away with cash, they have a record to collect state taxes.

  • Mike

    This has nothing to do with stolen goods. It is all about tax collection

  • Lisa Willis

    This is NOT even true and you are part of the problem by dissemination misinformation to fuel your unwarranted anti government panic. http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/cashillegal.asp