Michigan Approves Concealed Weapons In Schools, Churches


()  Michigan passed a law Friday that will allow the carrying of concealed weapons in previously off-limits areas including schools, churches, day cares and sports stadiums.

The bill cleared the Senate on Thursday, and was approved by the Republican-controlled House Friday, the same day that 27 people, including 20 children, were killed by gunfire at a Connecticut school.

“If you have pistol free zones they are actually mass murderer empowerment zones,” said Steve Dulan, attorney for the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners, who represents sportsman clubs throughout Michigan backing the bill.

“If you actually look at the history, even over the past 10 years in the US, you find that maybe all but one mass shooting has occurred in a so-called gun free zone,” he added.

Another provision in the bill eliminates county-controlled concealed weapons licensing boards, having sheriffs assume their duties instead, Click On Detroit reported.

The current law in Michigan prohibited concealed weapons in schools, churches, day cares, hospitals, dorms, casinos and any public entertainment venue that had a capacity of over 2,500 people, according to Petoskey News. Violating the law earned a civil infraction and a $500 fine, as well as a six-month suspension of a concealed pistol license.

The new law allows schools and private establishments to voluntarily stay pistol-free if they choose to, Petoskey News reported, but opponents say it goes too far, Click on Detroit reported.

The bill is now headed to the state’s governor Rick Snyder to be signed, but he told local Channel 4  that is taking a week to review the law’s language, especially in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.

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  • Breaking News

    This is great news.more states need to follow!

  • Christ

    Awesome! More states should follow Michigan’s example. And the media should stop talking. Each shooting gets worse because the demented person who makes the decision to hurt people wants his 15 min of fame instead of dying a nobody. The next shooting is likely to be bigger and/or worse somehow. We need to take steps to protect ourselves. And to be allowed to carry anywhere, is a great step in the right direction.

    • 101 % in agreement the afflicted or mentally ill who commit these inhumanities despite being apparently deranged always commit suicide shortly before the cavalry shows up Coincidence i don,t think so so why wait for a pile of dead when one law abiding gun owner can shoot the bastard to death before he get,s the second round off !

  • Christy

    Awesome! More states should follow Michigan’s example. And the media should stop talking. Each shooting gets worse because the demented person who makes the decision to hurt people wants his 15 min of fame instead of dying a nobody. The next shooting is likely to be bigger and/or worse somehow. We need to take steps to protect ourselves. And to be allowed to carry anywhere, is a great step in the right direction.

    • Mike

      This is the dumbest idea ever!!!I will try and be a tactful as possible, but during this tragedy yesterday some people starting calling in to radio stations and even posting on facebook that we should arm our teachers like they do in Isreal….. this is not the f**king Gaza Strip!!! Our schools are not in war zones. There is no way in hell this would work. How is a kindergarten teacher going to sit on the floor with a group of
      rowdy 5 year olds running everywhere and grabbing everything, but sure….. they can carry a weapon on their hips just in case someone wants to come in and shoot up a classroom! Violence is going to happen, but for everyone to carry a gun is ridiculous! Connecticut has one of the toughest gun control laws and this whackjob yesterday was still able to get these weapons and commit this horrific crime! I am not up for a debate on gun control especially after yesterday so any of you gun-toting fanatics want to post all about your f**king guns and how! This is not about gun control this is about mental illness! Thank you, hug your loved ones and have a lovely day!

      • Maude

        Wow Mike. Take a deep breath and relax. You’re coming across as some one who’s getting upset because the ball field is being leveled. Meaning, are you a criminal that robs folks at gun point knowing they are unarmed, and now you will be some what out of business because you’re not sure if some one will pull a gun out on you in self defense. Or, were you planning some horrific scene like what happened Friday? Your rant makes me wonder about your mental stability.

      • Aaron

        If you don’t wanna talk about it, why post in the first place?

      • Dakota

        Wow, hold your horses. Are you even AWARE that these CRIMINALS will NOT obey ANY of your gun laws? You can impose all of the laws that you want, but the more you try to take weapons out of the hands of LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, the more you are leaving them unprotected. This didn’t happen because guns are legal. If ANY of those teachers had been allowed to carry a single weapon and had been properly trained, the number would NOT have been so drastic! At all! And to even TRY to justify your claim and your reason of taking away ALL guns by saying, “Violence is going to happen” is so ridiculous, that I probably don’t care to hear another word of any invalid argument you might have. Good for this law, and I hope that other states follow suit. It’s not the “fanatic gun-toters” that are causing this issue, it’s whack jobs that want to take guns out of the hands of responsible citizens.

        • Justin

          Bravo Dakota! I’ve been waiting a long time to hear someone SAY what I’ve been thinking for quite a while. The massacre in Connecticut is an example of the absurdity behind creating laws to govern criminals. Now that Adam Lanza is dead, lets give the whackjob a ticket. You owe the state $500.00 and you can’t carry for six months. That sounds like a good idea. Does anyone (with an IQ of at least a door knob) think that the legality behind carrying a weapon into that school even crossed his mind once? I’m going to take a wild guess here and say probably not, could be wrong though. Mike, up above, made a point that he wasn’t trying to make. He said, “Connecticut has one of the toughest gun control laws and this whackjob yesterday was still able to get these weapons and commit this horrific crime!” I think that says something about the effectiveness behind these laws. They don’t work! Let’s create a law making it illegal to rob a convenience store! Oh wait… I’m glad that Michigan is changing their law regarding the legal carry of concealed weapons in schools; however, I feel it is only a matter of time before it is repealed. All it will take is one improperly trained teacher to accidentally discharge their weapon or leave it in a desk, and we’ll be right back to where we started. Mike said “Violence is going to happen, but for everyone to carry a gun is ridiculous!” I agree, to a point. Violence will always happen, no matter what weapons we as a society have or do not have. Take away all of the guns, knives, bats, and sporks; people will still hurt and kill other people. It is the job of the capable to defend those that are not, but give us a fighting chance! Gun control is not the problem, it’s the solution.

          • Van

            Uh, Justin…… You got that last sentence mixed up. GUN CONTROL IS THE PROBLEM. Those nifty little signs that say not to carry weapons on school property is only obeyed by the law abiding citizen. The maniacs must be illiterate or just not care, because they don’t read the signs apparently. So, GUN CONTROL IS NOT THE SOLUTION, IT’S THE PROBLEM. Let’s say just one person, (the principal perhaps) at each school is highly trained in weapons, and keeps a gun in their office under lock and key. Now, when psycho boy decides he wants to break a window to get in, said principal, can retrieve their weapon. And instead of rushing this psycho person, the principal just puts a round through maniacs skull, torso, arm, leg (whether it be fatal or not), I’m pretty sure said “mental illness” person will either stop what they’re doing, and/or get shot again and/or killed. Then, the principal gets to live and the majority of the children in the school get to live as well. Meanwhile, the police are still en route to said school, where one severely injured or dead psycho awaits them to rescue them from the highly trained (BA) principal.

      • Tom

        Sorry Mike, but you’re an idiot. We tried it your way for hundreds of years, and it doesn’t work. See, guns exist, and “whackjobs” and bad guys will get their hands on them if they want to. In this case, the perpetrator was mentally disturbed, and his mother, who left guns easily accessible to him, was a brain-dead moron. The simple truth is this – When bad guys with guns, knives, baseball bats, or any number of other weapons show up at schools, nursing homes, churches, Amish communities, shopping malls, or wherever else, you have every right to lay down like a sheep and watch the carnage, or you can choose to defend yourself with the potential of saving innocent lives. Common sense dictates that bad people shouldn’t have guns. Conversely, good people should. If you want to call 911 and wait for the police to show up while your friends and family are getting raped and murdered, again, that’s your prerogative, but I for one can see that change is absolutely a necessity. Police are every day people just like you and me, and they’re not always going to be there to save your ass if it gets in to trouble. The obvious solution is to arm good, mentally stable people, provide training to them, and allow them to defend people like you who would rather just sit back and hide from the evils of society.

      • Wayne

        What about the teacher who hid her students in the closets and told the killer they were somewhere else????? If she had a gun, she could have stopped the whole thing right there. Moronic idiots like you need to look at reality and understand that criminals do not follow the law. Murder is against the law, but this guy still murdered all those people. Until this law change actually occurs, it is illegal to take guns to a school, yet the killer took guns to school. Notice that the law abiding citizens DID NOT take their guns to school, because it is illegal and they follow the law. All gun free zones do, is tell criminals where they are safe from anyone who could stop them. As you pointed out, Connecticut has strict gun laws, but those laws didn’t stop him. Funny how you stupid morons can’t comprehend that criminals don’t follow the law. They never will. Even if we banned all guns, the criminals will still get them somewhere, somehow. I know people who could get me any kind of gun I want, full automatic and suppressed even. However, it is against the law in my state to have those (suppressors are legal if you can afford them and the tax to get them) so I don’t get them. Why??? Because I follow the law. Yet there are many people who have them even though it is illegal. It is sad that you aren’t even smart enough to consider how illogical it is for you to point out how illegal it was for this guy to take guns and kill someone, and then scream for more laws. More laws won’t help anything, other than the criminals who want unarmed victims they can kill. Perhaps a trip to a mental institution is in order for you, so perhaps you will be able to comprehend reality.

        • Van

          WELL SAID, Wayne. I am in awe of your ability to “dumb it down” for those who just don’t get it. Keep up the good fight. God speed to you and yours.

        • Anonymous

          You say “More laws won’t help anything, other than the criminals who want unarmed victims they can kill.” ummm isnt this passing a LAW?! Guns are the problem Not the solution! If you want our schools turned into prisons and armed teachers and guns on the street take your tiny little penis to the Middle Eaast and circle jerk each other while kids dance around you fire ak’s!

          • Anonymous

            No it is not, just maintaining present laws. Guns are inanimate objects just like baseball bats and cars which kill many more than guns. You must be A liberal which means any logic means nothing to you. You continue to live in your USSR world. BTW USSR collaped in 1989, Hitler (extreme leftie) met his fate. you may beleive whatever you beleive. There is A thing called reality which I’m sure means nothing to you.

        • Rick Steeb

          Right, arm the teachers. Brilliant.

          You geniuses are aware the perp’s mother was an “armed teacher”, right?

          • David Henry


      • Mitchell

        Keep burying your head in the sand you fool…

      • chad

        Mike you are an idiot. First this is a stupid idea but then you admit that we are all just sitting ducks because this wack job got a gun illegally and used it against unarmed people. They should have been able to defend themselves!!!!

      • Anonymous

        You said it Connecticut has tough gun control laws, but it obviously didn’t stop this. You started the gun control debate!

      • Terry

        @Mike: You are so wrong. Schools and malls and theaters and other “gun free” zones ARE war zones, but only the criminals have the guns because – listen carefully – they don’t obey the laws! Your sarcasm is unwarranted. With the gun laws we already have, ex-cons and mentally disturbed people are not allowed to purchase guns. Nothing can blame the laws we have if the murderer steals his mother’s guns. He killed her too. Have YOU lost a child because there was not sufficient security or responder? I have. It hurts more than you will ever know. And I certainly enforce concealed carry for people who are lawful and trained to be free to go anywhere they need to.

      • Dr. Will

        Mike, you’re vulgar tongue is very offensive, and if you were as strict with it as you’re attitude about guns, it would be a much nicer place in general.

      • TexasHawk

        OK, Guns For Dummies: They will have a small gun safe that is barely larger then the pistol itself that will be BOLTED from the inside to a floor board of a car or on the floor of the classroom. It will be locked, most our key pad locks. Only a licensed and trained teacher will have access to it. Guns will NOT be “laying around” a classroom, for small children to grab. So quit using that as an excuse to stop our school teachers from protecting our children from these child BUTCHERS!!!!

      • Chuck

        Have you been to any of our Schools lately??? They are WAR ZONES!!! There are more Drugs, Alcohol, Knives, and Guns in our schools then there is in any Police Station…The Problem is that it is the Wanna Be Gangsters out there that have all of these weapons and not the ones who should have them and that’s the adults running the schools…

      • Chief

        You said it yourself Mike. Connecticut has one of the toughest Gun control laws, yet this still happened. Then WHAT THE HELL?? Just KEEP Letting Crazies enter places where people are Unarmed huh? The f’n Law sure as hell isn’t working. Get off your High Horse dude. We’re not saying EVERYONE carry a gun, that’s Stupid. But there will be plenty volunteers willing and able and Mature enough to control it properly. Hell no we don’t ask 70yr old ladies teaching their last few years to tote a gun. There will be those that just won’t, whiners like yourself. But you ADMIT the damn Law didn’t work, and want to Continue going forward the SAME ole way. Your an Idiot!

      • Anonymous

        Take your valium please! States and cities with the most liberal guns laws have the lowest crime rates….why is that?

      • Coyote

        Mike…I hope you do not have ANY guns… you are irrational

      • greg

        The problem, Mike, is that our schools are becoming warzones. You can stick your head in the sand all you want, but the fact is that our schools are very reminisce of the gaza strip. Sorry. I wish it were not true but it is.

      • David Henry

        Thank you for making our point. CT has some pretty strict laws, and yet this event still occurred. Chicago has a gun ban and they have the largest gun violence stats in the country.
        Why do you suppose that is? It could be because, like the old saying says, “when they outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns”.
        I don’t know where you are from, but here in MI we value our Constitutional Rights, as well as our safety. We chose not to wait for the police to come and secure the crime scene. We are pro-active, and we chose to protect ourselves as well as those who are defenseless.

  • Sasha

    I don’t feel that this is setting a good example my son is in elementry school and I could never send him to school knowing that they have guns. I feel that this is wrong. I understand people are hurting because of the loss of all those babies but could you imagine sending your child to school everyday thinking oh god I hope the teachers don’t go crazy and shoot my child. This is just to much. When it comes to protecting our children guns is not the answer. The best way would be to put lock pads on everydoor and only allow parents to pick up their children if they have picture id, social security number and birth cirtificates for their children. Do a full body search if you have to just figure something else out. They need to think about all these things before they just jump into something like this. I know one thing is for sure that their are other ways of protecting our children. They can also hire security guards and post them at every door. they need to do massive personality test and also appropriate background checks on every employee they hire. Even have mandatory sanity exams done. Do what it takes I understand but no guns. I will not send my chil;d to a school that allows this I will home school first. I am not trying to start a war just stating my opinion on this subject and I have found it to be the worst Idea michigan has ever come up with.

    • Diane

      Those parents sent their children to school without guns in the school but only to become a target for the nut that broke in and murdered those innocent children.maybe you should rethink this and feel more secure knowing the school is armed and ready to respond to the next attack on our children…This is not a safe place anymore our children must be protected!!

    • allen

      And where will we get the money for new locks? And guards for the doors? Budget cuts at schools have all ready resulted in lay offs of teachers and staff. Most schools all ready will only allow a approved parent or other person to pick up children at the school.

    • Jack

      So you’ll trust a security guard not to shoot your kids but not the teacher ? You are being irrational in your fear of guns. Unless you’re saying the guards shouldn’t have guns, in which case they are rather pointless.

    • allie

      where is anyone going to get the money for that!? think before you speak

    • Anonymous

      Locks on doors… guessing you missed the part about the ZIP HEAD Shooter, (SHOT OUT THE GLASS DOOR) and then killed people…

    • Anonymous

      yes— because the kind of teachers who would shield their students.. hide them… protect them with their own lives.. take shelter with them in a small side room and comfort them whispering stories to them and even MAKING the police repeatedly confirm their ID before even opening the door after it was over—- God FORBID they have a gun to keep all the other children that they couldn’t protect safe… Heaven help us ALLLLLLL if THESE kinds of people have the means to defend themselves… *shaking my head* These sick mass murderers are twisted predators who seek out easy targets— knowing they will go unchallenged until if/when the police come and then they take themselves out when the heat is finally on. WAKE UP!!!

    • Terry

      I am a mother of 8, grandmother too. Sasha, your “feeling that guns are wrong” is blinding you to the reality of life, of the facts that criminals and nut cases are not going to be concerned with your feelings, but just how many of our beloved children and friends they can take out before they get caught. You can take the high moral ground if you want, but I would prefer to keep my remaining children alive because a responsible and trained concealed carry person took care of the murderer if I can’t be there to protect them.

      • John

        Sasha, don’t ever call the Police for help, because they carry those evil Guns too.

    • Chief

      Fine SASHa, then that’s your choice. Send your kid where there is NO Protection. Good luck with that, do LOTS of Praying to by the way.

    • Goody

      There is a word for that, Sasha….VICTIM!

  • Eddie

    Mike, glad you realize that Gun Control Laws do not work.

    “Connecticut has one of the toughest gun control laws and this whackjob yesterday was still able to get these weapons and commit this horrific crime!”

    People are evil, when they want to kill you they will find a way no matter what the law is.

    If all the teachers were armed, this evil man would have not been able to carry out his plan. Gun free zones are like pens of animals waiting for slaughter.

    • Diane

      I agree Mike,well said….

      • Diane

        I’m sorry I meant to say I agree with Eddie,not Mike…

    • GunsinTexas

      Mike seems to be forgetting that on the same day, a man in China stabbed 22 children in a school and killed the teacher…he didn’t use a gun to do that so should we ban knives as well? How about we let GOD back into our school and society so that we can redevelope some morals and put shame back into place for those who need it? How about parents act like parents instead of the kids friends? Why don’t we act like humans who need God to protect us from evil people like we used to? There are no standards anymore it seems. Spoons don’t make people fat, cars don’t cause DUI’s, and guns don’t kill people. Parents need to step back into their role and stop trying to be “cool”. Kids are led, and if not by you, then who? And maybe rethink what our kids watch and play on tv and video games. If it doesn’t better them as a person, why are you letting them watch it? This is an absence of standards allowing and influx of ill led and evil into society. Guns in schools is the best option. 18 people on average die in police standoffs like this. When a civilian is armed it’s 2 people statistically. 0 would be better, but 2 is better than 18. I apologize for the the length but stupid people make me mad.

      • allie


  • Luke

    How about, instead of jumping down Mikes’ throat, we take something out of that rant that actually may make sense. Arming teachers who are interacting on the floor with our 5/ 6 year olds may not be the best idea, for comfort reasons and the possibility of “misfires” causing more harm than protection. Also, a teacher could “snap” and go off on their own students/ co-workers, (think of all the possible scenarios when dealing with 20- 30 children AND their parents a day, that may cause a teacher great stress and frustration/ anger). Instead of allowing the teachers to be armed, how about we allow our schools to hire armed security guards??? I would believe this would be much more widely accepted by people on both sides of this. Just my thoughts. God Bless you all, and God Bless America and the victims of these brutal crimes.

    • John

      Luke Police Officers go through just as many stressful things, and they rarely “snap” or go off on others around them by firing their weapon, do you really want NO ONE in a school armed and capable of defending your child? Gun Free Zones are essentially creating a place for these tragedy’s to happen. Madmen will do anything to advance their goals with out regard for law. School teachers and administrators are responsible for the safety and security of our children. But they cannot have the tools necessary to carry out that responsibility.

      • Luke

        Please reread my post. I said nothing about “no one” being armed in the schools. i actually said the exact opposite, except I don’t believe it should be the teachers. I believe it should be Armed Security Guard(s) or Police Officer(s) instead. I am very well educated on this, as I spent 6 years in the Army, 3 of those years in Iraq, with an MP batallion. This being said, I am ALL for the presence of guns in a school to protect our children, I just don’t agree with those people being the teachers. Please thoroughly read a post before attacking the person for saying something that they didn’t say. Thank you for your opinion and your comment.

    • Goody

      If a teacher snaps what is stopping them from bringing in a gun to school? Nothing! Your response is lacking common sense, and ignorance of proper gun training. Think instead of using emotion.

      • Luke

        My response is, in no way, lacking common sense, Goody. What would stop them from bringing in a gun to a school? How about a metal detector with the armed security guards that I suggested in my original post? How about you try and read the entire post before thinking you know how much “common sense” I may, or may not have.

  • Green Pus

    Sign the bill, governor. if CT proves anything it’s that “gun-free” zones don’t work. If there’s any chance an armed citizen can save my child, I want that option. Schools can still opt out, so those opposing this bill are not as much pro-child as they are anti-gun and anti-choice.

    • Van

      And I’d be enrolling my kids in the school with the guns! Without a doubt in my mind.

  • tony

    That’s just what we need more guns! lol
    WTF is wrong with you people, if there were no guns then none of these mass killings wouldn’t happen to begin with. Do you hear about this stuff happening in Europe? NO because the only people authorized to have a gun are the police!

    • Kathleen

      You are wrong Tony without guns we would still have mass killing their would just be different weapons used! My husband and I are both Cwp licensed to carry and do so daily. You can say what you want but guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are just tools not weapons. Neither my husband or I would likely be alive today without our guns to have defended ourselves. My husband had an attempted robbing at gun point where he was able to grab the robbers gun and hold the mussel away while he drew his gun and held it to his robber. He was able to disarm the robber and hold him until cops came to take him to jail. When asked by the cops why he didn’t shot the robber he said because I value life and would have to live with me taking his life for the rest of my life. My situation was when I came home to 2 guys that had broken into my house that I had to hold at gun point for 35 minutes while I waited for the police to respond.I will not and no not expect the government to protect me or my family I will gladly do this myself. I would rest easier knowing there are armed trained people at my children’s school to protect them…I would be there everyday to do it if I could! And before you think oh this is just another pro-gun nut…I coach my kids soccer team, participate in PTA functions and am an involved mother of 4 beautiful boys. My husband also volunteers for our kids sports, runs a den in cub scouts and did volunteer Search and Recuse for 10 yrs. We are the Average American family and we carry guns :-)

    • Luke

      Tony, the black market will always exist, and criminals will always find a way to get their hands on a gun, or something else, for that matter, just like they do heroine and meth. They don’t care about “laws” like you, myself, and, i’m assuming, the other posters on here do. That’s why they are called “criminals”. There’s no way to keep criminals from getting their hands on guns, or making their own explosives, for that matter, which is why better systems are needed to keep these sickos from being able to get these weapons around us and our children at the most vulnerable times, such as being in school. I understand that it would be a bit of an inconvenience to have to go through a metal detector and/ or other security measures in a school, but wouldn’t it be worth the safety of yours’ and my child(ren)? I served 6 years in the Army, and 3 of those years in Iraq, and the 1 thing that I became very aware of is, there’s nothing we can do to keep these criminal from getting their hands on very dangerous weapons. So, you ask, what’s wrong with us people? Nothing is wrong with us or people with your opinion either. The obvious problem is with the criminals that choose to commit these terrible violent crimes on the innocent. You and I just have different resolutions from our very different perspectives in mind. Best wishes to you and yours’ brother.

  • Gainn

    Taking guns away from people won’t make the crazy ones less dangerous. It will just make them more creative and leave the innocent even more vulnerable.

    As far as I can see, having a ‘no gun zone’ is akin to putting up a giant neon sign that invites lunatics to come and do their worst without fear of being stopped.

    Criminals have no intention of following the law unless it suits them. Imagine that one of the teachers secretly had a gun on them and stopped this before so many lives were lost. Would ANYONE be asking for that person to be punished for breaking the law?

  • Dale

    Look; Timothy Mcveigh Didn’t use a gun and killed 168 people,19 children under the age of 6, injured over 680 innocent people and You can still buy Fertilizer,Racing fuel, and still rent Box Trucks. Killers will kill with or without a gun. Having self defense should be an individual right and not taken away.I would send my kids to a school that I knew the teachers were well trained to do what ever is necessary to protect them and others.

  • Sherra

    Michigan is not the only state that allows this. Texas and Utah that I am aware of have had similar laws for years. And, if you want to get real technical, the way South Carolina’s law is worded a school district COULD grant “personnel authorized by school officials” to carry as well, but to the best of my knowledge I don’t believe this has been done.

  • Jim

    The gun issue will no doubt take some time going back and forth before any law goes into effect. In the meantime there are tens of thousands of retired law enforcement officers across the nation. Law enforcement officers have to train once or even twice a year with their weapons that they can carry nationwide under the H.R. 218, the “Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act” (look it up), and have training exercising the right to use deadly force. The US sends billions of dollars to countries that still want to see us destroyed, use some of that money to employ these officers in schools. Because they receive retirement benefits from their own agency or state they only need to be paid for time worked….that’s it.

    So, we should get our elected morons to look at this and get it in place, it seems logical and workable.

  • Hojo

    I hate to burst your bubble but this did not pass in Michigan. I live here and the house and senate passed it but the govoner did NOT sign it into law.