Naked Juice Settlement Entitles You To A $45 Check From Pepsi, With No Proof Of Purchase

(Thomas Dishaw) Make Pepsi pay!  With a recent class action lawsuit decision, Naked Juice is now forced to pay approximately 9 million dollars for false advertising.

According to the Organic Consumers Association:

Naked Juice used soy ingredients that are genetically engineered “by design or by contamination.” (Naked Juice doesn’t use certified organic or verified non-GMO soy.)

Naked Juice intentionally used misleading language to give consumers “the false impression that the beverage’s vitamin content is due to the nutritious fruits and juices, rather than added synthetic compounds.” And the PepsiCo subsidiary contained a laundry list of synthetic chemicals, including calcium pantothenate (synthetically produced from formaldehyde).

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to stick it to Pepsi and force them to make better decisions when it comes to manufacturing and labeling food.

If you have purchased Naked Juice in the last 6 years you are eligible to receive a $45 check from Pepsi with no proof of purchase. If you’re one of the lucky ones who saved your receipts you may be eligible to receive up to $75 from Pepsi.

Take advantage and sign up today.

  • America’s Hope

    $45 is a pittance compared to the damage you’ve caused.

  • hostage707

    I am disgusted with everyone ! No wonder I had been feeling sick (soy allergy) after drinking what I thought was natural soy free product. I heard they are hiding aspartame and nutrisweet under “NATURAL FLAVORS” but to contaminate green drinks with soy and other synthetics is wholly dishonest !!!

  • Afshin Nejat

    They put a limit of $99 on what you can claim. I’m sure I’ve bought more than that since 2007, specifically because I THOUGHT it was “pure and healthy”. Bastards, may your hell come for you sooner than expected.

  • I used to drink the Strawberry Banana nearly everyday. My wife frequently drinks several flavors. All under the pretense that it was better for us.

  • james knowles

    I love the gree machine…with spirulina algae superfood, I was buying at least one a week, for years…99.00 for max claim…smh! if they remove the soy, they should send out vouchers for free ones,.

  • Momchalant

    Funny how a change in wording can make people believe something completely different than what it actually is.

  • Jonathan

    This is just a small taste of justice because of how they have used aborted baby fetus cells for taste testing.

  • John Minnicks

    good,,, who keeps old paper works,,,,,,, NOW for them to make good on the H2O being sold in costic plastic bottles…..

  • Fair Punishment

    Only 9 million? Im sure thats pocket change for pepsi. Someone should sue them and make them give up ALL of the money they made from the start of the false advertisement to finish. Otherwise they still made money off of their lie and thats not fair. Maybe even double just to aid the damage they caused.

  • mangomuffin2

    Are you sure that this isn’t only from 2007 to 2013?? Please inform.