Obama Awarding Armored Tanks In Preparation Of Police State

(Thomas Dishaw)  As we incrementally creep closer to a police state,  the Lewiston Maine Police Department organizes an intimidation campaign to show off the newest crime fighting tools.

LPD recently unveiled the 1981 M113APC armored tank and  MARCbot IV robot,  equipped with a Xbox controller, to an unaware and uninformed general public.

This gift, courtesy of the Obama Administration, is free to the LPD as a reallocation of military surplus. Of course we all know nothing is free in this country.  And why does a town like Lewiston need an armored tank? It can’t be the crime, because in 2011 they recorded 3 murders and in 2009 they recorded zero murders.

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It appears Lewiston is on the cutting edge of crime fighting technology, being one of eight cities to adopt a Web-based crime-mapping application called Raidsonline, which gives its citizens access to realtime crime information, and alerts landlords when their is a call to one of their properties. This software will give the public and police departments access to crime trends and possibly be integrated into futuristic pre crime technology.

With Obama continuing the tradition of Government handouts, and cities like Lewiston, ME and Milwaukee, WI willingly accepting these armed tanks to patrol their streets and citizens, it is evident that America is preparing for a police state.

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  • Bad Santa

    Yup, all that armored stuff clearly on display and without any hiding, but zombies/sheeple STILL can not see (perhaps also do not want to see) what’s coming onto them.

  • Brad Eckert

    Militarizing the police makes them less effective. It alienates the public, which makes their job harder. Nobody wants to work at a job where everybody hates them, so police departments have huge staffing challenges.

    • AnotherLover

      Well, having no job makes surviving and providing for your family hard. I think you might be missing the point. Alienating the public might be the goal.

      See, the story’s playing out. Right now, we’re not at the resolution stage — we’re at the conflict stage — and the beginning of it at that. During the conflict stage, the people need to be controlled. It’s later, during the resolution part of the story, that the cops and the people can hold hands and sing a song. But what will things look like then? What’s coming now that this law enforcement militarization seems to be required?

      It seems to me we have a natural thing to fall back on, and people like community. Now might be the time for community-building, and for getting together to figure out how to do that. The natural story and the truth is our refuge. Right now, most people’s minds are ruled by lies. Outright. And they mistake the lies for the truth and labor under illusion. But all the good things are available to us — that’s what’s to keep in mind, even while our new police tanks are rolling down the street.

  • Defiant

    I agree, overall, but the author DOES exaggerate a touch. The M113 APC is an OLD piece of armor…and it is an APC…NOT a tank. That is to say, it is armored, but sports no main gun, or gun turret. It will protect its crew of 13 with it’s light aluminum armor, but it can’t really do much assault-wise–not a single vehicle with a crew of cops. I still don’t think the police should have military equipment, but this particular vehicle is not going to quell any rebellions. Let’s keep it in perspective.

    • bsmsnudge

      Perception is reality, the image says “tank” and “force”, it’s actual capabilities are irrelevant in respect to the “message” being sent and absorbed.

  • wally58

    Bring it on Bone Daddy! You ain’t gonna like it, but bring it!

  • Berry J Griffin

    A M113 is NOT a tank. I built ad test drove these for many years. I probably built that one in the picture judging by the location of the fuel tank. They are NOT heavily armored. . Easy to stop. They would be perfect for LEO use to rescue hostages for example. IF you feel threatened by a M113, you should be terrified of a HUMVEE.
    Bradleys? OH forget it…