Obama's Son: 20 Trayvon Martin Tweets The MSM Won't Show You -

Obama’s Son: 20 Trayvon Martin Tweets The MSM Won’t Show You


(Thomas Dishaw)  There are always two sides to a story.

We will never know what really happened on the tragic night George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.  It’s a terrible loss for both families, one by the way of  life  and the other a living hell on earth.

The one thing that does concern me is the mainstream medias portrayal of Trayvon Martin.  Yes, we were all young once and make terrible decisions by the way we act and talk, but the race baiting media continued to portray Trayvon as a “choir boy.” What happened to the fair and balanced reporting these news outlets swear by?

Honestly I’m glad this distraction is over so we can focus on real issues again.  Don’t get me wrong Trayvon’s life was not worthless, but kids die everyday and the media just used this event to divide the nation  even further.  Judical Watch even released documents that caught the  Government funding protesters after Trayvons murder. Now if that’s not the ingredients for a race war, what is?

Below are 20 Trayvon Marin Tweets the mainstream media wouldn’t show you

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RT @PrettyMeStarr: White People’(s) Call Police , Black People’(s) Call There Cousin



  • Christopher Calumny

    Ask Mr. President if he would let Trayvon date his daughter Malia and the response would be as comical as a Dave Chappelle skit.

    • Defiant

      That never even dawned on me. GOOD point!

  • Muhammad Abbass

    I’m not seeing any injustice in the verdict, on the contrary it seems fair enough, even the charges shouldn’t have been brought in the first place. However nothing very problematic about these posts either, at least in the real world. Given the ignorance and bigotry out there in society though, they will be read as far less innoucous than they are.

    • Average Joe American

      Perhaps all that is so (the latter part, unfortunately so), but why does mainstream media risk fanning the flames of a typical, trademark Al Sharpton- created race war, one which is based on the lies they apparently insist upon us swallowing: 1) Travon was a fine upstanding youth shot while innocently minding his own business, 2) he was senselessly tracked and shot down for being black, 3) Zimmerman was a trigger happy wannabe Dirty Harry, 4) Zimmerman is white–later amended to Zimmerman is “half-white”–which logic would make Obama half-white, rather than black. Obviously making the shooting racial, as Rev Al (and Pres Obama and AG Holder, who wouldn’t have heard of the incident if it weren’t for Sharpton) would have us believe.

      Anyone in full possession of the facts (as opposed to the nonsense the MSM peddles, which consists of what the prosecution was peddling to the jury) would have acquitted Zimmerman, despite the attempt at jury-tampering by two notorious politically aware reverends and two highly placed officials who were trained as lawyers and who would’ve screamed “Foul!” to high heaven if anyone had pulled it on them in a court of law.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        The media is nothing but a giant Psyop these days. Nothing gets reported without an agenda. Just as the Snowden Snowjob is not what it seems, (the same media ignored other whistleblowers about this and worse for years) nothing else is either anymore. Those who control the agenda want racial division and they want the guns. This appears to be just another step towards both ends.

        The law in the USA is entirely fluid, depending on what they want it to be in any given case. “They” control media, the senate and congress and at least use these three to keep the Whitehouse in line. They also appear to control the NSA, most major police forces and the judiciary. I’ve seen some stunning things lately which show how much the media is misused to pressure Obama and Hagel for example when they were attending the G8. The Bloomberg story they ran was a hoax and obviously intended to force Obama’s hand re-Russia and Syria and the only place you’ll read about it is a few alt news sites and Press TV. That’s why Press TV has been blocked in every way they can from the West. Even most alternative news sites are part of their game. Both sides of the phoney political duopoly and everything in between and a lot outside it..

      • geri

        Putin, Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, are all Freemasons and all in the New World Order Agenda, Obama is a 32nd Degree Prince Hall Freemason

        • Sarah Ohh

          Let’s see your proof. Oh you have none? How shocking that isn’t!

    • musimann

      Nothing problematic – if you enjoy seeing ignorant self destruction express itself in animal terms. It’s not just Trayvon – its an entire generation of young black Americans that are destroying themselves for a little high. You have thugs robbin, car jackin, shootin, and killin people for chump change. Crap rap hip hop bs is the lowest common denominator influencing these thugs. Nothing problematic though. Not at all……… That’s why the Jews running the music industry financed Rap.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Not just black Americans, the youth in the West generally (increasingly also in the East) are becoming radicalised and despondent. I see it as just another aspect of the divide and conquer strategy being directed at the human race at this time. You got it right about who is to blame, more or less. I think Illuminati is a loaded term and those concerned don;t calal themselves anything like that. I’m told they simply refer to themselves as “We”

        They do also run the media where all these campaigns are made to happen. The Snowden Snowjob is the latest stinking pile of rubbish being sold as sunshine slipping through. If the same media can make such a fuss about the revelations he is making which are not new, just the first time the media touches them, why didn’t they ever cover Sybil Edmonds or Susan Lindauer to name just two genuine whistleblowers whose stories would have brough down governments in Washington and other close allies of Tel Aviv? I see Asange backing the BS on 9/11 which is the best litmus test of who is legit and Snowden hasn’t mentioned it as far as I know, but methinks it will be in disparaging terms when and if he does. I think the Russians are onto it from the start, which is why Putin referred to it as like “shearing a piglet, lots of squealing for very little wool”

        I don’t see Zimmerman as a whitey, he’s Hispanic.

        However the media wasn’t paying attention initially and just went ahead ignoring that detail, since they already had a well defined agenda. No doubt an assignment.

      • Sarah Ohh

        You are insane.

    • jackson carter

      Total injustice. But if this case is okay so are the same cases in Israel, all the time with Palestinian kids they could have a bomb vest, a gun, so what they are running away from a far distance, but well your no Muslim, just a mo slum pandering to your white masters. Now greater Israel is a go.

  • King Lear

    Martin also referred to himself as “Unlimited Ni66a”. He reflects the black yute well and was deserving of how he met his demise.

    • Defiant

      What you mean? Dat boy be like Blood people. He jus whoopasssssssss white dude. Like…he just bash or he kill…

  • Nikki Santoro

    Nice try, silly racists. Everyone behave like total jackwads on the internet. In any case, that rapist Zimmerman still has him beat when it comes to stuff like that.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      What evidence do you have Zimmerman is a rapist? Other than that I agree the posts are not much if the intention was to prove Martin was really bad, although they will work just fine amongst those who already are well sucked into the racial divide.

  • Rob

    Yeah DC probably has some great material for eons just with the stuff, “they” the profane and corny elite, have done and been played to do in the passed year of his 5 yr(?) absence. If I had a dollar for all the “stars” that have exposed themselves as either really ignorant, sociopathic, or just plain posers, I’d be on my way to squashing the national debt. Im really starting to believe the fluoride is causing it. In his tweets he just gave clinical manifestations of so many mental d/o. Lol. Seriously though, what’s it gonna take to turn this thi around?

  • AmericanWoman

    This is TRAYVON MARTIN before he was shot!!!
    This is Trayvon at 17 years old. He was not shot when he was 12. The mainstream media only shows pictures of him at 12.

    Why show the same photo at 12 years old that the rest of the mainstream media shows? WHY NOT SHOW THE TRUTH?? Because OBAMA has been caught trying to cause a race war! This is what he needs in order to declare martial law and arrest and jail anyone he wants (political opponents who support the constitution aka Tea Party patriots) without due process!


    • jackson carter

      Hey lady you got death rape and medical camps in Iraq to the Stan, but bush nothing to say Obama everything to say, nothing patriotic about the kkk tea party whatever, zero sides to any of this, so don’t bitch on Obama be mad at president Hillary but you wont she’s white and well white always makes right even when your wrong, the telling is set and greater Israel is a go, coming 2024. USA bankrupt in a nano sec. End timers in motion, but soon a white kid will get killed the same way as tray then we see what all you “civilized” people have to say then, man nothing but 15 year old Iraqi girls with 5 year old blonde kids. still America is the best. Lets see the truth told on everything full abu ghraib pics with the 4 year olds in black B raped and murdered all filmed, lets see everything told and shown everywhere, of course not, as white makes right even when your wrong! pp out!

    • Sarah Ohh

      FaceBook took your pic down! OOPS!! Must have been something else – I would say photoshop but doubt you have the skill…

  • AmericanWoman
    • Sarah Ohh

      Hey, you keep your eyes on your own kids before DHS takes them away. Or get a job!

  • AndyUK

    He was still just a kid

  • holygenes

    Whimsically being judge jury and executioner
    is witchhunt, admonished by Western morality,
    not recommended by it. Witchhunt, the basis of
    judging to control to enslave, here is judge,
    jury and executioner. Ultimately it’s not
    just ethnic cleansing and lynching but
    personal disapproval of anyone but oneself.


    Judging exists at the expense of love and forgiving.

    Witchhunt’s the basis of divide and conquer,
    operating in an infinity of directions, though the
    perpetrators, gay fascists and arrogant financiers,
    partners in our ruling class, not particularly
    associable with any particular “group” or “label,”
    thought the fascists invariably roll out a Jack
    Abramoff-like front man.

    While you blame your neighbor, and while your
    neighbor blames in turn or fears anyone resembling
    you, you become enslaved not by your government
    but the man who sub’s monopoly and socializing cost
    for capitalism, in which latter case, prompts
    people like yourself to blame someone and blame
    the government. The real robbers are the masters
    of fear, the product of which was their scapegoating
    community’s in-bred homosexuality and the ego defenses
    that stem from witchhunt.

    The result of programs that are expensive and failed
    is privatization, or profit-fixed contracting that only
    the naive transferers of witchhunt don’t see.

    Witchhunt’s a Ponzi scheme as the formula of the
    rich demagogue’s subbing monopolyf or capitalism
    and his associate, ally, wife, etc. demonizing so as
    to make afraid of being demonized (as in afraid of
    being wrongly ferreted out as gay, as socialist, etc.,
    though the only socialists are the monopolists whose
    monopolies come from the government) that has run its
    course cause the bashers are all gay:
    virtually all murderers of gays and straights
    with children who were mistaken for gay
    have proven being gay; religious right leaders who’ve
    been bashers have virtually all proven being gay
    or have had kids come out; and, with witchhunt
    having been to judge to control to enslave, history’s
    greatest control freaks have been gay: Hitler
    famously feminine, JFK’s killers substantially
    gay fascists.



    It’s why you living in the culmination of an
    environmental Ponzi scheme and a financial Ponzi
    scheme. The former is why your kids, certainly your
    grandchildren, have no future whatsoever (being
    nearly the case.)

    The above is part of a 2-pronged, history-based
    proving the math, morality and event streams
    (history) are one and the same.

    Thomas Jefferson, who believed in UFO’s but who
    also re-wrote the Christian Bible but who removed
    any pre-tense for judging, obviously intuited the


    W-hunt was coined to PROVE Christianity,
    Oz based on the above-Gage, really,
    Baum’s mother-in-law.
    ?? :Kong Fuzi (Confucious)
    said : never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself (Analects XV.24, tr. D Hinton)
    Point of sameness/West-East/Lost Tribe/
    China: 56 ethnicities/no witchhunt, g’s not mistreated.
    Father Matteo discovered the Chinese emporer’s moral master was
    also the head of the Jewish Congregation in Kaifeng (records spell it Haifeng.)
    The West-East are identical after a date for for the admonition to
    not judge having been simply gamed in the West, adhered to in the East.

    The return of the Kaifeng Jews was prophesied in both the Jewish
    and Christian Bibles. Relation between the groups and to the conveyors
    can be proved by mitochondrial match. Jew is Jewish mother, and
    mitochondria are only maternally passed. Their integrity is preserved
    by a particular ritual, which is also followed by Muslims at puberty.
    The match runs conveyor-Jewish-particular Arabs.

    Those particular Arabs will be those best associable with Ishmael.
    Our history is understandable in terms of Isaac/Ishmael has dysfunctional
    half-brothers, struggling for love and recognition, which parents
    deny children when instead they transfer witchhunt or were denied
    love and recognition themselves because of witchhunt.

    Below reflects more as to why we now know information lives, and
    special informations exist. Labels matter not the least.
    It’s simply information and freedom, equality and love being
    informations. Most people already accept that, regardless of
    “label,” and thus most people, regardless of label, are actually
    already “Christian.”

    The conveyors planned that we would witness special negative
    living information, it now seems. That implies special love based
    information is possible for being experienced.

    East: Much less homsxlty. Normal occurrence: after few babes, more for gen. num. adv.
    of the group (the Spartan Army was a gay army.)
    Aprovides proving math morality event streams one and same, information lives,
    special types of information live specially.
    Gilgamesh (1st lit.-
    informational eternity from good inf imprint,)
    paranoia (Gr all knowing,) logos
    (Gr living word,) Nostradamus/Pascal,
    quantum mechanics.

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  • Defiant

    Trayvon was nothing but a criminal thug. Enough of this nonsense. I’m sure Zimmerman has probably saved any number of people from being future victims of “Pound that P*ssy” the “Weed Man” Martin…

  • Uncle_Meat

    How disgusting to see everyone rally around this dead punk. The world is a better place without him. My concern are the racists scumbags that rallied.

    • jackson carter

      We are better off with all your dead rapist troops, rest in peace kid, and thank goodess for white genocide its the greatest gift Zionism has given us. Soon your white kids will be the ones gunned down by Hispanic guards or cops then we’ll see your opinions then. Can’t wait! Bang bang bang ;)

  • Jose Garcia

    I see nothing wrong with those tweets. Sounds like you typical urban teenager. Yes nowadays in Urban culture its ok to call females hoes. They act like it. In don’t call women hoes but being a part of that environment you talk like others talk when you around the streets you tend to act like it everywhere.. When you hang out with Corporate culture you are all proper. It goes to show you the effect of RAP, DRUGS, PIMPING, and the media have on specific environments. His idea of cool was different than yours. The young man died, he didn’t choose to be exploited by the media please don’t hate the late Treyvon Martin. And I think its shameful for MR. Obama to liken himself to Treyvon. Atleast Treyvon spoke his mind on his tweets he didn’t lie or hide behind Jay Carnival Carney.

  • chiliboots

    He seems nice.