Pennsylvania Judge Sentenced For 28 Years For Selling Kids to the Prison System -

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Pennsylvania Judge Sentenced For 28 Years For Selling Kids to the Prison System

Retraction: We earlier posted a picture of Judge Dave Danielson, not implying he was the judge that was sentenced. We corrected the photo to represent the scumbag judge Mark Ciavarella. Sorry about the mistake.

(Black News) Mark Ciavarella Jr, a 61-year old former judge in Pennsylvania, has been sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison for literally selling young juveniles for cash. He was convicted of accepting money in exchange for incarcerating thousands of adults and children into a prison facility owned by a developer who was paying him under the table. The kickbacks amounted to more than $1 million.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned some 4,000 convictions issued by him between 2003 and 2008, claiming he violated the constitutional rights of the juveniles – including the right to legal counsel and the right to intelligently enter a plea. Some of the juveniles he sentenced were as young as 10-years old.

Ciavarella was convicted of 12 counts, including racketeering, money laundering, mail fraud and tax evasion. He was also ordered to repay $1.2 million in restitution.

His “kids for cash” program has revealed that corruption is indeed within the prison system, mostly driven by the growth in private prisons seeking profits by any means necessary.


    a reflection of society that has turned away from god

    • Harold4321

      Absolutely…nailed it.

      • benth163

        Nailed it huh? You two are idiots. Your God worship has been around for over two thousand years, and what has it done for humanity? NOTHING !!! You can use your stupid excuses all day long, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Gods you believe you know are not at all what you’ll expect them to be. When they return you will get the shock of your life.
        The reflection is really about humans learning about themselves being their own worst enemy, as they flail about trying to establish their personal Animalistic Territorial Imperatives.

        • Guest

          Go piss up a rope you leftarded whack job. It’s brain dead scum like you who are ruining America.

          • NVN777

            Just because the guy does not agree with your Jesus worship and you called him a leftist? You’re a moron.

          • Sueychop

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        • Harold4321

          Look at this. ROFLMAO. Another libtard calling intelligent people idiots. Put down the crack pipe a*s wipe.

        • benth163

          I knew I would twist the knickers of you boys, but Libtard, or Leftarded, hardly. I’m more conservative than you can imagine, I just don’t buy into your religiosity, where you’ve sold your soul to something you know nothing about.
          So get off your knees before it looks like your doing something to your gods that might be interpreted as being immoral, if you get my drift. Jesus, there are dummkopfs like you two born every minute, which saddens me because we need smart and intelligent individuals if we want to turn our government around, and all your prayers just won’t do it.

          • Defiant

            I’m a Conservative as well…and also an Athiest. However…I’m not such an absolute jerk about it.

          • Human

            Dude are you lost!!! You know nothing of which you speak. You have been trained by the progressive elite. This nation is not what you thought it was, or is. I just love it when people like you try to kill God. While you wait for man to save you, your whole life is being turned upside down. Not hatin, just reporting. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that is, that God did not create! Your existance is owned by the powers that be, and these powers are moved by the lies of evil that have been pushed in the face of mankind since the begining…”you shall be as god”. If you could just shake that stupid from your mind you would know this. The proof is all around you yet you don’t know the time of your visitation. You can kill this body but you will never kill me! From one born of the Royal Blood…Human.

          • halfabrain

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          • Human

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        • scs2000

          Benth, You are an idiot, but then you already know that now don’t you…

          If it wasn’t for you god awful pagans this world wouldn’t be the hellhole it is now would it…If even a fraction of you liberal idiots followed the 10 commandments, we wouldn’t need all these prisons now would we…But no, you liberal idiots live by the motto if it feels good do it, there is no God we have to answer too…

          Here is another clue for you idiot, we are the end of the 6,000 yr time frame, 2017 marks the end of the road, and then all you Godless pagan are going to find out just how wrong you’ve been!

          • Saundra Goehner


          • Alan Batterman

            1. Not all liberals are atheists. I am liberal and an Orthodox Jew.

            2. This is the Jewish year 5774. The year 6000 begins in the Fall of 2239 CE. 6,000 years before 2017 would be 222 years before Adam was created according to the Bible.

            3. Plenty of Conservatives do not follow the Ten Commandments.

          • Gary More

            push the button, someone, quick.let it end now, before we get more religious nutjobs here.

          • mikeV

            this was about a man selling kids to a jail now if you read into the story you will find that most of the kids he sold to the prison were of for the other end of this conversation this is evil and greed. and that sure is not GOD LIKE it does not matter what you believe

          • GriffonClaw

            At least the “pagans” were not the ones who ran the Christian Crusades, killing everyone not of their religion :P Nor were they involved in the Inquisition {also Christian activity harming everyone}.

          • Wayne Chipman

            It was the Catholic Church that did the Inquisition.

            The Catholic Church has nothing to do with Christianity.

            Nor do most of the so called Christian churches in this Country.

          • GriffonClaw

            Uh, excuse me but the Catholic church is listed as a Christian church, even the schools teach that in history. How can you say they aren’t when the original Christian church was divided into Protestants and Catholics when there was a split?

          • Wayne Chipman

            You might want to study the Bible to see haw far removed from Christianity the Catholic Church is.

            The Catholic Church Killed Christians By the Millions. So how can they be Christian. Breathe through your nose, get some Air to your Brain and think about that for a moment.

          • GriffonClaw

            Protestants and Catholics all originated from the same original Christian Church. The Protestants split in the 1500′s because they no longer agreed that the Pope should the leader of the church as well as they felt the church had slid from the original path. But basically they are all the same, same beliefs {1 God, Virgin Birth, Jesus Christ is God’s son and he paid for man’s sin through his death}. So knock off the crap and rhetoric of the Catholic Church has Nothing to do with Christianity-they were part of the original Christian church, it was the Protestants who split and left the church. Not that I really care, since I’m neither religion, but Look up the Facts and quit saying I’m the one with no air to my brain. At least I look up the Facts of where they all originated instead of calling people names. And as for Studying the Bible-Been There Done That…it is a book written by a large group of men through the ages who “Claim” to have a connection with God…Some of the chapters are merely letters written by “apostles” to verious congregations, not direct words from God.

          • Wayne Chipman

            You are a little silly, it is a book of Prophecy, mostly fulfilled.

            The Letters to the Churches in Revelation, were not to Individual Churches, They were directed at different Church Ages. We are in the Last Church Age.

            Revelation is a Book of Prophecy. It is Symbolic. Study History and You will watch Revelation unfold.

            The Protestant Churches of today are the Image of the Beast, which of course is the Catholic Church.

            Neither Has anything to do with the Worship of God as He should be Worshipped.

            If You actually believe the Catholic Church is Christian, You are Delusional to say the least.

          • GriffonClaw

            Just did the research and came up with the facts as stated by historical documentation. I was speaking of the book of Corinthians, that is…yes a letter from Paul to the church in Corinth. It is the seventh book of the new testament. Also the first and second book of Timothy are letters from Paul to Timothy, and Titus is also a letter. Books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the Journals of those apostles, showing their view of what was happening, Not Words From God…
            As for me being silly, Pot-Kettle-Black, get the picture.

          • Wayne Chipman

            I am Talking of Revelations. Not Paul’s Letters.

            Revelations pertains to Us.

            The Catholic Church is going to regain her Combined Power of Church and State.

            The Catholic Church has been behind all our Wars. Study true History Please.

            It makes for a much more intelligent conversation.

            If I wanted garbage learning I would go to any School.

            Wake up if You can.

          • GriffonClaw

            Still refusing to see the Facts I see.
            As I stated the bible is a loose group of accounts of men by men and letters from men to men or churches, and for Revelations-some guy’s dreams he wrote down and claimed God sent it to him, not really words from God.
            I have studied history quite well thank you, but it seems you want to turn a blind eye to the Facts. Fine by me, be blind, refuse to see all Christian religions are related in that they believe in the One God, his son as the Christ and Saviour of mankind, and The “Holy Bible” as being a Gospel from God himself.
            If you look up the genealogy of Christian religions, you can see exactly when and where they split off from the main church, and also why.
            Yes, Yes, I know full well that the splits all occurred because one group decided they no longer agreed with the other part of the Christian church, perhaps they felt the church had slid away from the original thoughts and teachings or in some cases they developed their own ideas that different from the sect they were tied to, so split off and formed their own “new” church.
            Whether you want to face the true facts or just call me silly and delusional for pointing them out is your problem.

          • Wayne Chipman

            The Early Church was persecuted by the Roman Catholics, The Catholic and the Protestant Churches call themselves Christian Churches, but are Not.

            Like I said study true History.

          • GriffonClaw

            The early chuch came before it split into the Catholics and Protestants. They are just sects split off the same religion-the early church became them and so on and so on until we have all the different so called christian groups, so No, Catholics did not persecute the early church, they came from it. Relearn the order the churches split and arrived. I have no Idea where you ar getting your info, but it is not by studying church history.

          • Wayne Chipman

            Think Roman Catholic, Breathe through your nose, helps to get air to the Brain as you seem to be having a problem with comprehension.

            The Early Church did not side with the Roman Church, only those who feared Death, Joined that sick Church.

            You seem to be just studying the History of the Apostate churches. One of the protestant Reformers, I cannot remember which one. Wanted to put to Death the man who Denounced the Trinity as not being Biblical. And it is not Biblical.

            The protestant Churches that You Speak of, that split from the Roman Catholic Church. Are the same Groups that Slaughtered the Early Christians in Romes Arena’s.

            You are Debating is a very Circular Manner and it is getting quite Old.

            Sunday Worship is the Mark of the Beast ( Think Sun Worship )

            And No, I am not a Seventh Day Adventist, they are no better than the Catholic Church.

          • GriffonClaw

            Interesting that they are considered the Only Christian Church from the beginning of it. The original Christians started by Jesus and his apostles were persecuted by the gentiles who were non-christians, including Romans who did not have a Christian based religion, in fact at the time they had Many Gods and Goddesses. Are You claiming that 2 different christian churches started at Jesus time? 1 true, 1 apostate?
            The Protestant church did Not form until the 1500′s when Martin Luther published his 95 theses.
            Now if you are referring to the First Century-the Romans were not Roman Catholics at the time. They did Not believe in Christianity since they had their own list of Many Gods and Goddesses, so they slaughtered Christians and others in their arenas. But, No, just because they were Romans does not link them to the Roman Catholic Church.
            So you are a bit off on your timetable. It was not until the 4th century that Christianity became the religion of the Roman Empire.

          • Wayne Chipman

            Again You are still Reasoning in a circular manner. It is so Old at this Point.

            4th Century Christianity From Rome Slaughtered True Christians who would not Worship on Sunday.

            Martin Luther Came from the same group that Slaughtered True Christians.

            Why do You keep trying to Differentiate these so called Protestants from Catholics.

            And then You wonder why I try to tell You to get Air to Your Brain.

          • GriffonClaw

            See, the problem you are having is being willing to admit that they were all called Christians to differentiate them from Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and so forth, until the split in the 1500′s.
            So I can see you are missing a few cogs yourself if you refuse to see that they were Not Roman Catholics but the Church of Christianity that did this. The term Catholic did not occur until later during the protestant movement that caused the Great Schism.

            You keep trying to pin all evil done in Christianity onto a name that did not exist at the time the atrocities took place.
            I am merely trying to point out there was No Difference between Christians at the time, but you close your mind and bump up the name timetable to fit…Doesn’t work that way.
            The Romans that persecuted so called “christians” were Pagans with many Gods and Goddesses, many taken and renamed from the Greeks{that’s ancient Greece in case you get your timeline and religions’ names confused again} At the time of the Christian persecution by the Pagan Romans, the Romans had a religion based on a Capitoline Triad lead by Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva.
            It was not until Emperor Constantine in 313A.D. claimed to have had a vision from the Christian God, that if he painted the Christian symbol{a Fish} on the shields of his warriors he would will the battle, which he did and was, that He converted to Christianity, and then christianity became widely acceptable as well as the Roman State Religion since their Emperor was now one of the Christians. At this point, the Christians were no longer persecuted unless they were heretics. But just because it because Rome’s state religion does not give it the name Roman Catholics-that had not yet been invented, it was Just Christianity at this point too.
            The slaughter of Christians in the Roman empire had nothing to do with what day they were supposed to worship on, it was that the religion was Not considered acceptable by the Pagan Roman Leaders.
            Now, do you have your timeline and religions straight?

          • Wayne Chipman

            You still cannot break out of Your Circular Mode. From Day one the Catholics have persecuted True Christians.

            The Protestant Churches that split from the Catholics were Descended from the same Catholics that persecuted true Christians.

            Organized Religion has Nothing to do with Christianity.

            Once You Realize this, You might pull out of this Circular Mode You are stuck in.

          • GriffonClaw

            The Romans were Pagan at the time of the Christians being thrown to the lions, Look it up!
            But I see you can not break away from your belief long enough to recognize that FACT!!!
            The name Catholic did Not appear until after the 1500′s split divide between the two Christian groups. Until then the Christians were not prosecuting Christians during the timetable you claim.
            You are the one stuck, since you refuse to acknowledge the Roman empire did not become Christian until the 4th century when Constantine became a Christian after his supposed vision from the Christian God and his subsequent win in battle. Before then, the prosecution you mention, the Christians in the arena with the lions-sorry! Pagan Roman Empire did it…

          • Wayne Chipman

            I am done with this Circle You will not pull out of. You Keep repeating the same thing over and over.

          • GriffonClaw

            And you remain obliviously blind to the historical facts which are the truth. So, let’s just say, you believe as you wish and I hunt for factual representation, and that shall be the end of the discussion.

          • Wayne Chipman

            You basically use the straw man argument,

            Protestants and Catholics are no different than Republicans and Democrats. Two heads of the same Snake, you stick to the history of the Political Church, Not the Real Church.

            No Level playing Field can be reached here.

          • GriffonClaw

            No, I am going back before the Catholics and Protestants ever came into existence, to the time you refer, the Roman Gladiators, the Christians thrown to the lions in the arena. Pagan Rome! You are getting the split up of Christianity mixed up with that. There were not several groups of christians fighting one another during the Roman Gladiator arena time. Just a group of Heretics Jews who labeled themselves Christ’s Followers or Christians. And yes the Jewish Religion considered them heretics and kicked them out of the synagogues, they would not allow the new christians to infest their religious buildings, that is 1 reason the Christians worshipped in the Roman Catacombs.

          • Wayne Chipman

            I know this, why do you keep going on about it, I am talking about the persecution of real Christians by the Catholic Church and the fact that the Catholic Church is not Christianity

          • GriffonClaw

            That is not what you have been harping on. You claimed that Catholics threw Christians into the Roman Arena-they didn’t.
            And there is No such thing as a Real Christian vs Catholic Christian. They are all one form or another of Christians who were originally Jewish, but became heretics when they chose to follow a man named Jesus and claimed he was the son of God, their savior. Later on after they had split from Judaism, they also split apart in their beliefs of what was Christianity, which is why there are so many splinter groups of Christianity.

          • Wayne Chipman

            You seem to be Unable to get off the Organized Religion Bandwagon.

            The True Christian Church has never had anything to do with Organized Religion.

            The Roman Persecution of True Christians, never stopped it just went under a new name. Catholicism.

            True Christians have always been persecuted for not worshipping on Sunday.

          • Wayne Chipman

            Round and Round You Go. Are You getting Dizzy.

            Get it through Your thick Little Skull, Catholics are not Christian, they Kill Christians, always have, always will.

          • GriffonClaw

            Silly Silly Person. Can’t you understand The Supposed True Christian Church you speak of is a “CHURCH” therefore Religion. They, All Christians, became Christians because they were Followers of Christ, that is how they came to be called Christians.
            You are the one going around but spinning with your head in the sand since you refuse to recognise The Romans did Not become Catholic! They Became Christian!!!
            You sir are a droning idle-headed blind clack-jaw who has no sense of truth…..
            You blather on and on of how I bother to research but what I discover can not, in you mammering hasty-witted nit-picking skull, be received as anything but utter nonsense since you believe in no facts…..
            Sorry, time for you to go play with yourself.

          • Wayne Chipman

            Organized Religion is not Christianity.

            If You cannot Understand this by now.

            No amount of explaining will get it through Your Skull. What a Shill.

          • GriffonClaw

            What part of Christians meaning “The Followers of Christ” don’t you understand? They organised as a group…
            The followers of Christ were organised in a group to mark them as his followers and set them apart from Judaism.
            What part of the bible speaking of the letters sent to the congregations didn’t you understand? So, Yah, in the beginning, the Very beginning, with the apostles following Jesus around, they were a group. Then, they opened Church groups all following Jesus the Christ’s Teachings. It just got bigger as the centuries went on.

          • Wayne Chipman

            You show me any Church that follows the Bible and I will buy into what You are saying. The Churches of Pauls Day met in Homes. What part of that don’t You understand.

          • GriffonClaw

            You go around like a record…..
            The Bible is their Book, Every single religion claiming it claims to be Christian, They listen to Jesus Christ’s teachings according to the reports of his Apostles, so don’t go claiming it isn’t. Whether as individuals, their members actually behave as if following those principles is moot.
            The Churches in Paul’s day were still churches, even when they met in the Roman Catacombs or in people’s homes, otherwise Paul would Not have written to the Church in Corinth. The Jewish Church leaders refused to allow them to take over the synagogues so they had to meet elsewhere.

          • Wayne Chipman

            Round and Round you go, Just because a Church Calls itself Christian, does not make it so. There are not any Churches today that are Christian. Only Worshippers meeting in Homes could be called a Christian Church. The Catholic Church never was nor ever will bw a Christian Church.

            Are You really this Thick Headed.

            Study True History. Takes some searching to find it.

          • GriffonClaw

            I have, but obviously you haven’t.
            All you have said is made up.
            Show where you obtained Any of your supposed information other than an apostate information site. Everywhere else argues against your claim.
            So, since I have proof and you haven’t bothered to show where you come up with your ideas, who’s the dunderhead?
            At least I can point out where my facts came from, you can’t…

          • Wayne Chipman

            Read the King James Bible, it is a Book of Prophecy mostly fulfilled.

            It will tell You that None of these Organized Religions are Christian.

            Very Few History Books have Truth throughout them.

            And Apostate Churches are the ones You Keep Calling Christian.

          • GriffonClaw

            What passages and words in the King James Bible Claim the Organized Christian religions have nothing to do with Christianity?
            Show me which passages in this bible mention the groups organizing together in a church are Not Christian.
            According to the Bible there was a group of men following Jesus, they lead more as disciples of Christ, that was the beginnings of the church.
            If No one belonging to a Christian Church is really Christian according to You, Where are the Christians?
            These are Not apostate churches, show me where you are coming up with the Fact that an Organized church is an apostate church. PROOF! Not blantaint Ramblings as you repeatedly have done, PROOF!!
            List the passages dictating who is allowed to be called a True Christian out of those following Christ’s teachings and who is not.
            By the way Not all of the King James Bible is a book of Prophecy, which books are you considering acceptable?
            Remember Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are cronicles of their times spent with Jesus, Not a prophecy! The books of Timothy, Corinthians, and Titus are letters written by apostles to men or congregations of christians after Jesus death, but they are in the bible.
            Do you consider the congregation of Corinth {whom The Apostle Paul Wrote first and second Corinthians to} To be true Christians or since they were organized into a congregation, do you consider them Apostates?
            If that is true then you might as well toss out the bible because if part is untrue, how can you believe in any of it?

          • Wayne Chipman

            How can you be this dense, Sunday Worship. Show me this in the King James Bible. Then maybe we can have a meaningful discussion.

          • GriffonClaw

            As long as you refuse to provide Facts and the Proof of where the facts came from there is no meaningful conversation, just You with your head in the sand spinning, claiming “I Believe! I believe this is true so It Must Be!”
            Prove God gave any command as to what Day he must be worshipped on. Don’t keep Blathering on about a day, and any worshipping God on that day must be evil. Show me the proof, the information in writing that states any worshipping on a Sunday are apostate. I did not know the Bible gave a specific day that must and must not be worshipped on. Prove it!! I want Book, Chapter, and Verse, not blathering from you!
            PROVE IT! As far as I know the bible does not state any day as unacceptable to God.
            I do not need to show, since I’m not the one arguing the fact to be true, so Give Me Proof, I’m waiting! I want to hear it! Who knows, If you can Prove any worshipping God on a Sunday are evil according to the bible, I may even start showing others what I’ve learned.
            As it is now all I do is laugh and point out to others how you keep making wild claims but can Not provide Any Proof to Back your statements….

          • Wayne Chipman

            Our Calendar that We use is a Pagan Roman Construct., I barely skim over what You print, as it is mere dribble.

          • GriffonClaw

            LOL! That’s because you Have No Way to Prove anything You Claim!
            If you did you would be siting Book, Chapter, and Verse!
            All you do is “Blah, Blah, Blah, No Proof but I know what I say is Truth!” HA!
            Prove IT!!!!
            Site sources of proof for your wild Claims instead of your mindless drivel without any proper factual backing.

          • Wayne Chipman

            You not knowing the Roots of Our Calendar, just shows how little You Have Researched. Take a moment, breathe through Your nose and get some Air to Your Brain. Research the origins of our Calendar then get back to me.

          • GriffonClaw

            You never provided Any Proof, so you are full of Hot Air!
            Quote Book, Chapter, & Verse where God states what day is acceptable and what is Not acceptable for worshipping him..
            Quote Book, Chapter, and Verse where He condemns any calendar or date, Where does He{God} state only the Jewish calendar used during the writing of the bible is the only dating system to be used?…
            You have yet to provide Any Factual Basis for Any of your ramblings…..
            You, Sir, are the one without backing or brains, until you can pony up the Proof!

          • snarlyz

            most of the prison population in this country is Christian, so how is that Pagan’s fault? Talk to you in 2018.

        • Defiant

          Easy there, big fellah. Try to stop and count to 10 before you explode into atoms! LOL!

        • Jeramy Hudgeons

          Atheist libs, are the shit stain on humanity. If you dont believe in God so what, why do you have to get your little brains in such a swirl of emotion. If not having faith in God makes you feel better about what YOU do nobody gives a shit.

          • Alan Batterman

            I am liberal and strongly oppose militant atheists.

          • snarlyz

            What about militant christians?

          • snarlyz

            And why do you have to get into such a shit swirl over someone who doesn’t believe like you?

          • Jeramy Hudgeons

            because dumbass, if you would have read my previous post you would read that that was my whole point. I dont recall telling anyone to ” believe in anything” but that is the only comeback dicknose idiot lib,s that hate everything can come up with. so guess what Snarlyz go fuck yourself

          • snarlyz

            Oh I’m sorry I didn’t read through the entire comment section to make sure I read everything you posted before I commented, so bad of me not to take into consideration, but when you call me a shit stain for being an atheist and liberal, well, fuck off and die a horrible death you conseranazi prick. Now on to my question, why do you have to get into such a shit swirl when someone doesn’t agree with you? Are you that unsure of your faith that someone else’s beliefs will destroy yours? I don’t usually push my atheism, but fuck your god. You’re a silly twit for believing that mythological bullshit.

          • Jeramy Hudgeons

            That,s my point fucktard, I really dont care what you believe. At least I dont hide from it by a fake ass profile SNARLYZ. My whole premise was that you stupid idiots are the ones always putting in your two cents. I am not afraid of my faith and/or opinion. If you have such a pathetic life I was just wondering why you have to take it out on others. Atheists dont mean shit to me i really dont fucking care. Bot libtards are a whole different story. So keep fucking up this nation with your small minded views and simpleton mentality. Your day will come. And just to make you feel better for having a little tiny dick I was not refering to any one specifically , Thats your prob. I am sure if I met a liberal I would judge him on his character and not his political views.And I am not worried in the slightest about you destroying my faith are you kidding me. Who is the one who is worried if you dont believe in God i really dont think any one gives a shit you are not that important. But just to make sure, I am A big boy and would be willing to kick the bitch out of you any time. And before you start telling me how Christian that is I will make it real easy…Go fuck yourself.

          • snarlyz

            You seem to be the one to take offense to things said by “atheist-libtards” so it seems to me that you are scared of them destroying your faith. Do you read what you write? You talk about atheist libs being a shit stain on society then claim you don’t give a fuck about atheists. Which is it you fucking moron? And I find it hard to believe you’ve never met a liberal, and to say that you would judge him on his character not his politics is just fucking lying idiot. You’ve already proven that you judge by political inclination with your first sentence. And real christian of you,. threatening me when you don’t even fucking know me. Fuck off Jesus freak, go choke on your preacher’s cock.

          • GriffonClaw

            I think his God would find him to Nasty to put up with. His God might be thinking he needs to wash his mouth out with soap before he tries to pray again ;)

          • GriffonClaw

            When you find a Claimed Christian speaking in such a manner it doesn’t really make this God fella look good does it?
            Maybe his God should make him wash his mouth out with soap before He listens to another Prayer from Mr. Foul Mouth there, what do you think? ;)

          • GriffonClaw

            I’m sure God just loves you! ;) Ever wonder what he sees when he looks in at you or hears you?
            Don’t you think with all that hate and filthy language he may just find you too nasty to deal with?

          • GriffonClaw

            And aren’t you also “Putting in Your two Cents”?
            Only you Shame God before others claiming Faith but using such Foul Language…
            You drag his Name Not just in mud but in Filth claiming to be one believing in him but speaking in such a manner…
            You mention “Before you start telling me how Christian that is….” So, even you know and acknowledge God would not like your behaviour….
            Perhaps it might make God look better, if you did not mention him when you speak since you can not control your anger, hate, or filth.

          • GriffonClaw

            You’re not Claiming to be Christian with that Mouth are you?
            Do you pray to God with that Mouth?
            I’m sure he’d require you was it out before attempting to speak to him…..

          • Jeramy Hudgeons

            You dont know me so go take a piss. I have not put my beliefs on any one. And maybe I just get a kick out of people like you bringing up the fact that Christians claim to be perfect, Not true. So here is something that wil make you feel a bit better. Go screw yourself.

          • GriffonClaw

            HaHaHaHa, oh myyyy, you are such a hoot!
            I don’t care who believes what, I just can’t believe someone professing to be Christian would use language as foul as yours.
            But hey, that is between You and Your Personal God, as to whether that makes you a good or bad person in His eyes.
            But I wouldn’t want to meet my maker a mouth as filthy as that ;)
            Been Fun listening to you rant dirty words when you disagree with anyone on this board….Bet you sure showed all us, huh?

          • Jeramy Hudgeons

            Do you get A woody trolling sites just to tell people what A bad Christian they are. Now maybe you get why I do what I do. Because it makes me laugh my ass off. I really will never get people who spend so much time and effort going around talking trash about something they dont believe in in the first place. Are you mad a God because your dick is so small, or because you cant get A girlfreind. Either way its not his fault. Go back and find where I said I was A christian you assume that because you cant wait to set people up to spit your bullshit. And if I was A ” Christian” that would be between me and my God. I dont have to answer to some piece of shit who has nothing better to do than look a gay porn and troll the internet. And if you are so insecure that I showed ” you all” That just tells me you are nothing more than A coward. You dont hurt,bother, or piss me off in any way. I can hate whoever i want and i can speak how ever I wish to speak. YOU are the one who is holding Christians up to a higher standard and I love it.

          • GriffonClaw

            Oh Dear, such a snit there….
            Doesn’t bother me, I’m having a blast listening to you spew.
            I hold no one to any standard, you can do as you please, but is still amazing to see what someone like you can regurgitate. Its so much more entertaining…just wondering when you’ll blow a gasket…do hope your doctor keeps an eye on your blood pressure. :D
            Am I upset at you s@xual innuendos, no…just loving hearing how someone who feels the need to compensate attacks others using graffic genitilia descriptions, let’s us all know where you feel deficient at…
            Its quite fun…..
            Oh sorry to hear about, uh, you know, I didn’t know yours was so small, no wonder you spend so much time here spewing….
            {snicker, snicker, snicker ;) }

          • Jeramy Hudgeons


        • Sueychop

          get over it.

        • Yo Rakhan

          I think your anti-God fervor is over zealous and lacking perspective. Though the manipulation of religion has been the cause of some serious evil on this planet, you can not discount the many hungry fed, the homeless sheltered, orphans given homes, the sick cared for and the destitute given hope by the loving kindness of people moved by a conviction in their hearts by faith in God. Without Faith in God, would Martin Luther King have led the march in Selma? Would Caesar Chavez have fought for worker rights? Would Abraham Lincoln have written the Emancipation Proclamation or the Gettysburg address and fought the South in the War to free the slaves (please don’t be small minded and try and argue the ins and outs of the Civil War with me)? Just consider what you throw in the trash as you dismiss God and faith in him. If Christians and people of faith truly understood and lived the teachings of Jesus and other true teachers of faith then attrocities such as the Crusades, the Inquisition and the brutal Conquest of South and Central America would never have happened. When a group of people start acting like they are better than everyone else or that “WE” are good and “THEY” are bad like “WE are saved” and “THEY are sinners” does the mayhem begin.

    • Dale Diversity


    • Paul Stevenson

      meanwhile those who turned to God are raping children(catholics etc.), refusing medical help and letting people die (the followers of christ Idaho, many more), picketing funerals and other abhorrent things (westboro), starting wars (most of them), burning people alive for witchcraft (christianity), Jihads (Islam) and many more disturbing vile things. the judge probably went to church aswell

      • Rapture_Proof

        God doesnt do bad things, people do.

        • Paul Stevenson

          yes you are right. but Thomas up there seems to think that the only people that do bad things are those that have turned away from God. my reply was highlighting some of the people who contradict this theory of his.

          • Sueychop

            Just because you SAY you are committed to God doesn’t mean you are. That also doesn’t mean everyone who is committed to God is a fraud. Grow up.

          • kstech

            Right, and there’s always someone there willing to highlight the 1 in 1000 case, as the guy you just replied to.

          • snarlyz

            All we have is someone’s word as to how committed to god he or she is. I would think that the christian community would be more upset with someone who proclaims to be committed and then does this sort of thing than on the personal beliefs of a complete stranger.

          • hiway280z

            When they do these bad things they have with no doubt turned away from God.

          • Yo Rakhan

            Some of the biggest butchers in history believed in God and thought what they were doing was for the will of God but in reality they were murderous butchering greedy dogs. The Spanish Conquistadors for example, they thought they were doing God’s work, but they were just murderous bastards that enslaved the peoples of America and took advantage of their innocence and killed women and children by the scores. So seriously, being a religious zealot doesn’t make you better than anyone else and your “US vs THEM” or “They’re sinners. We’re saved” mentality is utter bullsh*t. Be a human being, be compassionate of all people. Don’t look down your nose at others because you think you have God on your side, many EVIL PEOPLE have thought God was on their side as they sh*t on everyone else. Don’t be like that. It’s ugly and Jesus wasn’t anything like that if you follow his teachings.

          • noch41

            The devil come to cheat destroy and kill. he manipulates, constantly in our minds, plotting and confusing the masses. do yo know how many people hear the voice of the devil and think its GOD. only the weak in heart and mind will believe a false prophet. just because 2000 people gather nd mention GOD’S name dosent mean God is in their mist.Do you have any idea what it takes to be a real christian. you will have to live and breath the word of the lord. and it is very difficult cos of the world we live in. even God Himself does not exalt Himself above His word.As human beings its easy to judge one another. AS a christian you have to do you best to avoid that. i can tell you have run into some “christian ” and the experience has not been pleasant. but there are true christian out there

          • Yo Rakhan

            There are also truly good people who aren’t Christian. I know you need an example so let’s start with Gandhi.

          • hiway280z

            Your rant made no sense to my simple comment. Believing in God does not make a person good as you mentioned as The Spanish Conquistadors. Jesus said you will know them by their works. He went after the so called religious leaders calling them hypocrites. My goodness, calm down. I am well aware of Jesus teachings.

          • Gary More

            your god doesn’t do bad things, no, then why is man still alive on this planet. man is the worst thing in the universe so far, and spreading it’s desease outward.time to rethink your god folks.

          • noch41

            You believe God’s temper is the same as man’s am sorry your r so wrong. listen to a man called John Rodriguez on youtube and you will have a slight understanding what God is about. Lets say you have created 500 people (your children to say ) and out of that 200 of them are bad but you know what they are capable of if influenced in a good way by the other 300. will you kill all 500 of them? God know each and every one of us and no matter how bad it may seem on this earth His time is the best.

          • Loretto Taylor

            Um, I read this book, well, it’s really a collection of books, called The Bible. In the first book, called Genesis, God wiped out all of humanity except for eight people. Supposedly because humankind was entirely wicked. I don’t think it’s even possible that every single person on the planet could be evil. I mean, the babies and small children, even? But no, this God character flooded the entire planet and wiped out humanity because a large enough percentage of them were evil. So, yeah, God does kill ‘em all.

          • GriffonClaw

            Yes, true! He wiped everyone else out including babies who had done no evil. So, Yes, he’s got a Nasty temper.
            And yes, it is just a collection of books written by different men in different ages. Some are even Just letters from 1 man to another as in 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy, or a letter written by a man to a church group-Corinthians. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are journals written by 4 guys who were labeled “apostles”. So, I guess men’s words stand in for their God’s words.

          • Delores Smith

            Man is the worst thing in the universe? I’m guessing that you’re not man. You’re of some other species or of an alien race from a distant planet. Why is it people get their panties in a bunch when God is mentioned? I don’t like football but I don’t post anti-football messages. There is something about God that must tingle the spines of the unbelievers.

        • GriffonClaw

          But all in God’s Name!

        • Bryan Lange

          Can’t do bad things when you don’t exist.

        • GriffonClaw

          Yes! True, unfortunately, people gather together and link God’s name to what they do, which places Blemishes on God’s Name. I’m sure God would look down in disgust at what some groups have done using him as an excuse :(
          Too much Nastiness…..

      • susandaytoday

        Not the people who turn to the real and living God. Most of those you cited are impostors only. I have seen the other side to the God story and seen missionaries who help children around the world. They are out there you just dont hear their stories but God knows the truth and the truth will set you free. Going to church does not make you a christian.

      • Jeramy Hudgeons

        Why are you so butt hurt over what Thomas said. You, Paul, are the one with the problem. And to bring up weak ass reasoning is lame. People have used Christianity for all kinds of evil reasons and if that makes YOU feel better and bitter enough to take the time out of your life to tell the world that you dont want people to express their ideas and faith on a frigging site made for the expression of opinions, Then guess what go screw yourself.

        • Sueychop

          people use all kinds of things selfishly, like baseball bats, but you don’t blame the bat.

        • Paul Stevenson

          there was zero in my post that mentioned anything close to censorship. I was simply expressing what I know in reply to the original blanket platitude given by Thomas.

          I don’t know why people like you have to project your own instabilities onto other people over the internet or more importantly why you have to capitalize certain words – it doesn’t make anymore impact – it still reads like the rantings of someone you’d find in his room writing conspiracy theories on the wall with his own shit.

          • Jeramy Hudgeons

            Im sorry I forgot PAUL was the only ONE with an OPINION. I dont recall PROJECTING shit. I was simply replying to your uncalled for response to A person who has every right to express his/her believe without out some lib. hippy wannabe giving them an attitude. So tell me PAUL who is the one that with instabilities I am just curious why other peoples belief in A creator bothers you so much. If I saw your opinion on aaaa page it would not bother me enough to give a shit. I can tell we see things different but i dont get all butt hurt over it.

          • Paul Stevenson

            belief in god doesn’t bother me at all otherwise my belief would bother me using god as a scapegoat for the actions of people does bother me. As I said I’m not “butthurt” you are the one getting all pissy. people like you need to learn to distinguish faith from religion. because religion is bollocks where as faith isn’t.

            I also didn’t use any opinion. you will find that all those things have happened.

          • Jeramy Hudgeons

            I am A Christian, And I will tell you now ( like most Christians would) I am a bigger sinner than most, That is what you lib,s cant understand. I know I am A sinner that is why I believe in Jesus and that is why I know I will never live up to the standards put forth in his words. That does not in any way, shape, or form mean I will not try. And I do not speak for any one else this is the way I see things. But I will tell you this, We as A country have turned from the Christian principles this nation was founded on, You can say all the counter bullshit you want but it is true. This country was built and imagined on Christian doctrin and every time you people want to take that away it pisses me off. Even if I was not A Christian i would not deny my heratege just because it was not what I believed. So if you and your fellow libs cant see that this country is being destroyed by your bullshit you are blind or in denial.And yes, there are people that use Christianity as an excuse to do bad, just like every thing else in this world but if you ever read the Bible( and dont say you have because you havent) you would know the teachings of jesus was against any of the stuff you mentioned. To be honest I dont know why you guys are so scared of it. You dont have to change your life to become a Christian, Jesus will do that. What is so bad in what he stands for.

          • Paul Stevenson

            first of all I am not a “liberal” I am from England so your politics do not apply to me.
            second, don’t tell me what I have or have not read. as most schools in the 80s here were either CofE or RC – there was a lot of bible reading forced on us after which I found myself in another religion full of disgusting people who seemed to spend most of their time abusing kids.
            I have seen religion for what it is from the point of view of someone who believes in it.

          • Jeramy Hudgeons

            Well I think of England as A great nation, but sorry to say if you were in America, yes, you would be A lib. And NO you have not read the Bible, And I am telling You. Because any one with A brain would know ( wether you believe or not) there is nothing bad, evil or wrong in what it says. I am by no means saying you have to buy into it or promote it, But the sayings in the bible are not evil or bad. So maybe thats why i am so bitter with people like yourself. You are antiChristian and you should be Anti-dipshit. Sorry for saying you have not read the bible I just dont buy into it. You might have seen the words but thats it. Good luck I have no prob. with you as a man we can just agree to disagree I guess. God bless you And God bless England.

          • snarlyz

            So one person is allowed to give their opinion, but when someone disagrees with it they should just keep their mouth shut? Fuck off you consevanazi ball licking shit eating uncle fucker.

          • GriffonClaw

            Makes sence-no reason to get all hurt over another’s personal beliefs and start slinging names. :D
            Don’t you just love it when they get all hurt and start slinging insults instead of calmly discussing and trading opinions :D
            Really showcases their true personalities…

          • Jeramy Hudgeons

            I am not here to preach shit. I am not at all hurt by the mind numbing responses from nit wits like you. I dont feel the need to engage in a conversation or to share ideas for that matter with any scum sucking person like you. I have a potty mouth because that is the only language you fucktards kno. I know it makes you feel good to have a buddy but you are all the same. I have no desire to debate or engage in any type of conversation with people who are on here for no other reason but to sound off with thier bullshit.

          • GriffonClaw

            Uhm, Dude! Get that Stick out of your backside, I was agreeing with you That No one should, uhm, how did you word it? Oh, Yes I remember now! “I can tell we see things different but i don’t get all butt hurt over it.”
            SO LMAO!! That was a total Lie Dude! You are so freakin’ “butt Hurt” God can hear you screaming :P Especially since you automatically assumed anyone responding to you had to be against you.
            So, if you have no desire to debate or engage, why bother with the potty mouth your God is going to look askance about when you meet him?
            Sorry if that gets your Goat, but honestly, if you believe in God, do you think he will just put in plugs so he doesn’t hear the pure Nastiness rolling out of you? Will he ignore your behaviour and allow you to stroll through the pearly gates when you are showing every other person{religious and non-religious} that those attached to him in name can go about claiming him but spreading filth in their path?
            You shame God’s Name in front of non-believers…..

        • snarlyz

          But haven’t you suggested the same fucking thing to me about expressing my views on here you fucking hypocrite.

      • June Cruz

        None of them Knew Jesus, religion and relationship are two different things, and some one who KNOWS Jesus, would not have done any of the things you listed.

        • Sueychop


        • GriffonClaw

          Religion and faith are two different things as well, one can believe in God without being linked to a religion that ends up committing many evil things.

      • Sueychop

        So did Tawana Brawley. Its sad when you can’t admit you’re a practicing satanist, like the judge noted above.

      • Padraigin

        Too afraid to mention the depravities of the Chosen One’s, Paul Stevenson?

        • Paul Stevenson

          chosen ones?

      • Brenton B.A Jarmon

        Just so you know, Jihad doesn’t simply mean violence or war. It means effort, striving to achieve a goal. Therefore, anyone who strives to achieve anything can be referred to as Jihadist. As a student trying to graduate college, graduating is my Jihad. But I really like all the references to extreme christians (who don’t get nearly enough coverage in the media)

      • Bryan Lange

        Paul Stevenson you are correct.

    • NVN777

      I bet you that judge go to church every weekend. Most nutcases are Jesus freaks.

      • MrFreethinker

        Most nut cases are PEOPLE, not Jesus “freaks” as I’ve known a LOT of nutcases, and less than 1/2 were Christians. Cite your references, NVN777.

        • NVN777

          They’re all around you, if you don’t see them then you must be a Horus freak too.

      • susandaytoday

        Hey dont blame Jesus who is perfect with the corrupt judge who is evil. I love Jesus . He never hurt anyone especially a child. In the Bible it says you are better off hanging a millstone around your neck and casting yourself into the sea before you would hurt or offend a child. Jesus is the way the truth and the life !!!

        • usmcmailman

          AMEN Sister !

        • NVN777

          “Jesus” doesn’t exist. “Jesus” is a Horus myth.

    • Yo Rakhan

      I’ve met some pretty stand up, moral and amazing Atheists. I personally believe in God, but I think turning away from God and religion isn’t the prime force in why people suck. People suck because their compassion stops at the end of their nose.

    • Sueychop


    • Yo Rakhan

      Some of the biggest butchers in history believed in God and thought what they were doing was for the will of God but in reality they were murderous butchering dogs.

    • snarlyz

      Yes it is a reflection of society that has turned from god…in that this man will actually be punished for what he’s done. In a society that embraces god this man would be held up as an Apostle.

    • Sean Hodges

      If you don’t sin, Jesus died for nothing.

    • Dale Paris

      Bah, it is the no-tollerance attitude of christianity creating the problem, the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Keep you diety to yourself. If your mythology objects then you can organize a popular vote to take away peoples civil rights, the christian thing to do.

  • Fresco Newman

    This is crazy…and he only gets 30 years…Kwame got 27 but at least he wasn’t throwing people in jail for commission smh…unbelievable

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      This judge is likely one of many doing the very same thing. They should be some of the first people to be found hanging from trees in the local park out front of their court house. Although a 30 year prison sentence could be pretty harsh for this monster if he is let out into the general prison population where some of his victims might have languished. I expect this creature will get what he deserves; if not on earth he will be judged on high and likely suffer extermination at that level.



  • Skip

    Sentencing “three time losers,” for stealing a candy bar is worse. But finally real justice pretends it cares with their straw man at the tip of the iceberg. To big to jail is the criteria.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      The entire JUST US system of the Jew S A is set up to hurt gentiles. If you look in the prisons, you will not find many Jews in there but mostly Gentiles; Goyim, who are considered to be animals in human skin to be dealt with in that manner. Hence, penning them up for minor misdemeanors; drug possession and that sort of thing, makes it possible to fleece these penned beings by having the state pay their privately owned prison consortium, (Jew owned no doubt), and amass huge profits. i read somewhere a while back that on average a prisoner in the Jew SSSSS A is fed on about $2.50 to $3.00 per day. That sounds like torture to me; as in a slow starvation diet; Jews are very practiced in that method; as they are in all manner of evil, diabolical horror, filth, and corruption.

      • joe green

        JEWS: If their lips move, they’re lying. If quiet: they’re stealing. If standing: it’s in handcuffs. If sitting: they’re clipping coins. If running: it’s away from a crime scene. If driving: it’s a getaway car. If flying: they’re bombing someone. If banking: they’re banksters. If in a group: they’re gangsters. If on stage: it’s burlesque. If in a magazine: it’s porn. If with women: they’re pimps. If two walk together; they’re fags. If doctoring: it’s an abortion. If on the news: it’s to stir up a war. If whining: it’s over the holohoax & imaginary gas chambers. If with kids: it’s to sell & molest them. If running a prison: it’s a lucrative racket. If they’re allies: it’s to kill Americans & blame it on others. If boasting: it’s over the countless gentile lives they’ve ruined or ended. JEWS: SMOKE ‘EM IF YA GOT ‘EM!

  • Sooriamoorthy

    That guy ought to be exposed in public for people to daily express their scorn of him.

  • chrism12743

    Still think private prisons are a good idea? This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are private prisons that are using inmate labor to make obscene profits, in Russia they call these gulags.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      In the Jewnighted States, the gulags are called, FEMA camps. One that I have studied which is huge and not on the list; somewhere in Nevada or Arizona, already appears to have a working guillotine. The S is about to hit the fan down there. This judge is a symptom of what is happening and what is about to happen in a once great country; now a pariah.

      • leslie

        Who has a guillotine ?

  • Mecca Wrecka

    saddle a young person with a criminal history and their life is worthless today, period. Do it illegally, and I couldn’t blame them for any sort of retribution.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Vengeance is best served cold.

      • JohnAbramson

        What the F is wrong with you? Now you’re Khan from Star Trek?

    • Bryan Lange

      Well provided its not a felony, the Fair Credit Reporting Act should enable them to have their criminal records off their background after seven years. I for one have 2 more years until I can get a job that pays what my graduate degree is worth due to a wrongful conviction I suffered 5 years ago.

  • Ricky Ross

    Do some research on a corporation named CORRECTIONS CORPORATION of AMERICA.

    They are a publicly traded company that has been in business for 30+ years now. What they do is, negotiate contracts with states to run their prisons. The contracts will state that CCA will run the prison at a
    cost savings for the state and that the state will save millions of dollars…and they do! But, there is a caveat in most of the contracts (all of the contracts, from what I can tell) CCA will run the prison so long as the occupancy rate maintains a level above 90%! (that number may vary a couple % either way from state
    to state) If the occupancy level drops below 90% for a specific period of time, the state will run in to contract issues that cost them penalties i.e. $$$.

    Also, it is worth mentioning that most (if not all) police, prosecutor and judges retirement/pension programs are heavily invested in CCA stock.

    The US has the highest per capita incarcerat­­­­­ion rate in the world – almost six times that of any Western nation and higher than any national police state. In addition, the US has the world’s largest
    prison population – with less than a quarter of China’s population­­ (over 1.3 Billion people), the US has almost twice as many prisoners­­­­.

    Ironically­­­­­, nowhere on Earth is a person more likely to go to prison, and stay there longer, than in the Land of the Free! Either the US is a nation of criminals or there’s something drasticall­­­­­y wrong with its criminal justice system.

    Here are several disturbing quotes from CCA…

    “We are compensated for operating and managing facilities at an inmate per diem rate based upon actual or minimum guaranteed occupancy levels.”

    – 2009 CCA Annual Report

    “Our industry benefits from significant economies of scale, resulting in lower operating costs per inmate as occupancy rates increase.”

    – CCA 2009 Annual Report

    “Historically, we have been successful in substantially filling our inventory of available beds and the beds that we have constructed. Filling these available beds would provide substantial growth in revenues, cash flow, and earnings per share.”

    – CCA 2010 Annual Report

    “We believe we have been successful in increasing the number of residents in our care and continue to pursue a number of initiatives intended to further increase our occupancy and revenue.”

    – CCA 2010 Annual Report

    “Any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them.”

    – CCA 2010 Annual Report

    “Our primary business strategy is to provide quality corrections services, offer a compelling value, and increase occupancy and revenue, while maintaining our position as the leading owner, operator, and
    manager of privatized correctional and detention facilities.”

    – CCA 2011 Annual Report

    “We believe CCA has additional growth opportunities to expand our real estate portfolio by purchasing correctional and detention facilities from state governments.”

    – CCA 2012 Annual Letter to Shareholders

    “CCA is earmarking $250 million for purchasing and managing government-owned corrections facilities.”

    – A 2012 letter CCA sent to 48 states

    “Prison facilities consist primarily of concrete and steel and don’t require the level of capital improvements as many traditional real estate properties. Therefore, prison facilities typically have economic lives much longer than many traditional real estate properties.”

    – CCA 2013 Annual Letter to Shareholders

    • jsmappy

      Great information!!! Yes, we are surrounded by evil men and women. America is becoming the 4th Reich!!!

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker

        Please, leave references to National Socialism out of this discussion. The Jewnighted states is what it is because of an infection of a virus called International Jewry. It is because of the machinations of those ‘people’ that the Jew SSSSSSSSSSSS A is like a viper to the world and to its own people. America is NOT becoming the fourth Reich but a Communist nation similar to the former USSR. National Socialism is from God, Communism and Demon ocracy (sic) are of Satan.

        • Sueychop

          Please, you gloss over the white anglo-saxon (and no longer) protestants who run this joint.

        • Drew Lambke

          You sound like an idiot

          • Sensei

            you look like an idiot

        • Boner

          You’re a fucking loon.

        • usmcmailman

          What a dip stick you are Pal! Go shoot yourself !

        • Kat Ford

          Your Ma shoulda swallowed,,,,,

          • Shanelle Spencer

            you must be a jew

        • Alan Batterman

          You are living proof that Dr. Mengele cloned Heinrich Himmler. Take your anti-Semitism and cram it where the Moon don’t shine. If Nazism came from G-d, why did He allow it to be destroyed in 1945? The USA is not even mildly Socialist, much less Communist. You are an idiot.

          • dingosze

            not mildly socialist??? You are in for a shock when you hear about Obamacare/ACA.

          • Brenton B.A Jarmon

            But that’s simply a result of the nations continued attempts to keep consumerism alive in the wake of rising unemployment and continually rising inflation.

          • Tyrell Scott

            Go to hell

          • CS

            Well-said, Alan!

          • Shawn Samurai

            Umm, I beg to differ regarding to the USA not being socialist. Wealth distribution through tax brackets, people being forced to buy insurance when it is their individual right not to do so, and many more. Wake up please and do your research. Additionally, study the history of the Bolshovic Revolution of 1917, and anything to do with big government.

        • Beverly Golato

          Go away you bigot. He has got to be a Muslim there can’t be any answer other than that he is being paid to read a rant. Pigs like Emmanuel should not be allowed to exist on this earth, they take up space and offer no reason to be here.

          • Joshua Steven Hines

            “He’s got to be a Muslim.” And you’re calling him the bigot?

          • Beverly Golato

            Who hates the Jews as much? Not bigotry to speak the truth.

          • Brenton B.A Jarmon

            God you’re ignorant. (True) Muslims (not extremists) not only respect jewish people, and all people in general. They have a special respect for Jews and Christians because their religion was founded on Judaism and Christianity. Muslims do have something against Israel, which continues to attack heavily populated Muslim countries in manners that could be considered “war crimes” or “crimes against humanity” similar to tactics used in ww2. (This is directed at @beverlygolato:disqus )

          • Beverly Golato

            You have it wrong, and you watch too much CNN or one of the other liberals stations. It’s the other way around, Israel attacks only when they need to defend themselves. Palestinians attack Isreal every day. All those pictures you see of injured children are Muslim children that have been taught to attack Israel. Like Golda Meir once said, if the Muslims put down their weapons there would be peace. She also said when Muslims learn to love their children as much as much as they hate jews there will be peace.

          • Brenton B.A Jarmon

            There’s great animosity between Muslim’s, and Jews, I’ll give you that. And to be honest there’s a bit of “he said, she said” going on about who blew the first strike. But here’s the facts, Israel occupies territories of the west bank of gaza, including east Jerusalem. These territories were suggested by the UN in 1947, the jewish nation agreed (more land for them). The Arab league rejected the proposition (UN general assembly resolution 181). It was designed to create two independent states, one jewish, one arab (palestine and israel). The Arab league felt that the newly formed arab nation was being cheated and rejected it, resulting in a civil war within the arab state (which was being occupied by Britain at the time) and it evolved into a war with israel. Israel won this war (Arab-Israel war of 1948) and retained much of those disputed territories. Events were worsened by the 6 day war of 1967 war between israel and egypt (egypt was trying to help palestine re-obtain their lost land), in which israel occupied even more of the west bank, gazy strip, sinai peninsula, and Jerusalem. To this day israel has taken more palestinian land through war and coercion than through peaceful trade talks. And not to mention, regardless of any “muslim children taught to attack israel” (please find a source of that for me), Israel has committed more human atrocities against palestine than palestine has committed against Israel. Israel historically has been backed by either the UN or the US, typically making it seem like Israel and the world vs. the Arab League. All of that to say this, Palestine has a right to make a claim to the land they ONCE OWNED IN 1946, but lost through war.

          • Brenton B.A Jarmon

            For visual reference.

          • SenatorfromTexas

            Thank you Brenton for giving her the visual, I believe that backed her down. Funny how history is all about what YOU THINK you believe. Just like Texas history books calling Slavery in the U.S., unpaid internships, WTF, really. When you allow others to tell YOUR history they will find all manor to make themselves less devilish. You ever wonder why the U.N. didn’t parcel up Germany? What did the Palestians have to do with Jews and concentration camps? Think about it honestly for a moment. It’s like African slaves and their descedants getting their 40 acres and mule but in Brazil (if that had come to pass mind you).

          • Shirl McRee

            what happened centuries and millennium before 1946? Palestinians stole the land from Israel. Israel has a right to get their lands back … Palestinenian’s should not have their own lands period without talking to Israel first. Israel was around before the Palestinians stole it. so you might want to show that proof too.

          • leapinleopard

            yet you offer none, and would like us to believe your drivel. There were no ‘Israelites’ in Palestine prior to 600 B.C.E.

          • Andy Byrd

            According to that reasoning we should all pack up and get the hell out of the U.S.A. This land was STOLEN from the Native Americans! But, I don’t see anyone suggesting that we give it back! Face it people, all the nations as they exist today, once belonged to someone else. And they most likely took it from someone else. And they most likely took it from someone else! Etc., etc., etc. This could become a never-ending spiral. Things are how they are. Why can’t we just make the best of it?!?

          • SashaBlu

            Palestinians did not steal land from the Israel. If you are a believer and a reader of the Bible, then you know that NO ONE ever took anything from Gods chosen people. When Israel lost their land rights GOD ALLOWED IT. Because of their own wickedness. Solomon was the last time according to the Old Testament that Israel had any claim to that piece of land. AND according to the Old Testament when THE GREAT I AM wanted Israel to have it back HE and HE ALONE, not ANY BODY OR COUNTRY made a way out of no way for them to regain it. YOU madam need to read and study to show yourself approved.

          • Bryan Lange

            History does not involve your theological beliefs. It CAN involve the theological beliefs of the people living during that time and may provide an explanation for the motivations of their actions, but saying that GOD allowed ANYTHING to happen is just close-minded ignorance. Maybe God is not your God and his name is Allah and he allowed things to happen because that’s the way he wanted it. What if God was several hundred gods and they all fight and are imperfect? You can’t say what happened in history because of what you believe God did. History is about facts, not fiction.

          • leslie

            Thank you for the illustrations.

          • Beverly Golato

            Go way back before 1946 and see who owned the land.
            the Palestinians are from Jordan, Jordan threw them out, they went to Egypt, Egypt threw them out, The Israel’s were the only ones willing to let them stay. It’s not their land they just want to take it and feed everyone a line of lies that the UN and the US want everyone to believe. The UN and the US, now with this administration, are anti Israel and will tell you anything you want to hear as long as it is against Israel.

          • leapinleopard

            so nice of you to demonstrate how thoroughly your revisionist history supports your racsim. Convenient, no?

          • Andy Byrd

            WOW! That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone say the U.S. is anti-Israel! Kinda funny seeing how we almost always do whatever they want.

          • Shirl McRee

            they once owned? THEY STOLE IT FROM ISRAEL.

          • leapinleopard

            Because??? We ALL know Israel created the universe, right? Therefore, they own everything, according to your logic. Spare me. Believe what you will, but refrain from displaying your ignorance so publicly and so proudly. It makes you look small and insignificant.

          • Joe M

            By that reasoning, wouldn’t many nations have a right to claim land that they lost to war years ago? Pretty much all land was taken by someone else before someone took it from them.

          • Sanita Michelle Ray

            Learn world history, once upon a time in Isreal, jews, muslims, prodistants, christians all lived, worked and traded with each other. It is not your beliefs that make you a good or better person, it”s your actions.

          • leapinleopard

            what’s a ‘prodistant’ ? Someone who is for talking to from far away?

          • leslie

            The root word is “Protest” because that ‘s when the first “Protestants” were “Protesting” against the Roman Catholics and the reigning pope. I hope that will help with the spelling error.

          • Rashad Glover

            What are you talking about. The Palestinians have shit for weapons compared to Israel. They have all the support we can give and economic backing from all over the world. Their Tech is second only to the USA. I don’t think the Palestinians can put a dent in Isreal no time soon. There plan is to do what we did to the Japanese in 45. After that happens and a huge holy war. Then maybe some peace.

          • Andy Byrd

            Not all Muslims are violent “Jew haters”. MOST of them are peaceful, tolerant, hard-working members of society. There are some radicals out there that would love to see every Jew burned. But there are also Jews that would love to see every Christian burned. And Christians that would LOVE to see EVERY non-Christian burned. Etc. (These are just some examples. Don’t start “going off” because I left out this possibility or that one. I’d be typing all day if I went into every possible scenario!) People put WAY too much emphasis on religion. It’s not really the religion one follows that causes these atrocities. It’s the psychos who hide behind religion that are to blame!

          • leslie

            When Muslims AND Jews love their children MORE than they hate each other there will be peace.

          • Sanita Michelle Ray

            The KKK hats who

          • Sanita Michelle Ray

            that’s who

          • Beverly Golato

            I doubt they bother to blog. They keep their thoughts within their organization.

          • MyAkrasia

            Beverly Golato : Why dont you just shut the fuck up you twisted bigoted whore? you are so fucking stupid and biased its like listening to George Bush Jr. Palestinian children attacking the Israeli Army? Yeah? Wtf with? Stones? Those Soldiers are so terrorized of stones coming their way while they sit in their armoured vehicles armed to the teeth? Right. Just the shut the fuck up you little Moron.

          • harmgb

            kinda foaming at the mouth, aren’t you?

          • Rashad Glover

            Beverly Golato, The whole world has discrimated on Jews since they killed Jesus. And those are not my own words. But my old Jewish employer. They have more to worry about than Africans and Muslims from the middle east. They are more worried about European Christians whom have the power to make their lives hell like it has since the death of jesus. They have been run out of every where but New York over the last 2000 years. That’s why they stick with each other no matter what, even if the don’t like each other. They invest in each others business and have a culture related to current info and financle literacy. Thats how you make all the right moves and that’s how you run the world. I wish African Americans did this. But rest assured, things are changing and we are paying attention like never before. We will have our economic seats at the table one day.

          • harmgb

            uh…..the Romans killed Jesus, if anyone did.

          • SashaBlu

            The Jews handed him over.

          • CS

            Not EVERY Muslim on the planet hates Jews.

          • leapinleopard

            Mirror, mirror on the wall…..

          • CS

            I agree with you about “Emmanuel,” but your statement that he ‘must be Muslim’ is bigotry on YOUR part. Self-awareness is an important quality that far too many humans lack…

        • Steve Fischer

          He seeks truth but is too much of a coward to reveal his real name.

        • An Actual American

          “Emmanuel Truthseeker” here is NOT a real person. We all need to stop replying to posts like these in any article. Angry replies are exactly what they want. It fogs that actual issue, distracts from it and ratchets up anger and divisiveness, precisely what is needed to allow these corrupt companies/politicians to continue doing what they are doing. Notice, how many people are now talking about a supposed Jew hating biggot instead of the fact that we need to put an end to CCA and it’s corrupt tentacles spread throughout our legal system,.. Nice try “Emmanuel”

          • Bmack327EZ


          • Nicole Antonia Carson

            Just flag him!

        • CS

          Racist much? You sound like an idiot, straight out of the 1950s

        • Kyd Staccato


        • Andy Byrd

          WRONG! Try again!!! (Better yet, DON’T! It’ll just be something equally pointless.) smh

        • Bryan Lange

          I don’t think I have ever read something so antisemitic or unintelligible. Suppose that’s what I expect of a fundamentalist Christian these days.

      • Sueychop


      • Erik Lee

        Actually, zionists own every bit of America, financial institutions, media, and government. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The only thing Hitler was guilty of, was making Germany into the economic powerhouse of the world in the 1930′s. That economic recovery could not have happened without getting rid of zionist usury. You didn’t read about that in your junior high history book, but guess who controls the content of those books?

        • harmgb


      • leapinleopard


    • hsmom2004

      That just sickens my stomach. These are human beings and human lives, not machine parts. Sure, if you are a hotel, absolutely look to fill the beds at 90%. Don’t look to find a criminal behind every face you see. This is a travesty.

      • Ricky Ross

        People need to realize that the justice system is non-existent, for
        the most part. It is more apt to be called the “JUST US” system and it
        is really set up to work against the citizens, contrary to what people
        have been conditioned to believe.

        Let’s take a look at a something many do not like to acknowledge >>> REALITY

        - The police officer who writes you a ticket or arrest you – works for the STATE

        - The attorney that you hire – is Licensed by the STATE

        - The prosecutor who wants to put you in jail/prison – works for the STATE

        - The Judge who oversees the court proceedings – works for the STATE

        - The jail/prison that you go to – all employees there – work for the STATE

        - The probation/parole officer that you get assigned to – works for the STATE

        - All fines and fees that are assessed to you by the court – goes to the STATE

        See, the system is set up to benefit the STATE. If there were very
        few arrest, it would not be good for the “JUST US” system. It would not
        be good for the pay, career, pensions/ retirement for the employees of
        the STATE. It is in their best interest to create/work in a POLICE
        STATE…the more arresting/jailing of the citizens, the more secure their
        jobs are.
        Sadly, most people still believe that the employees of the STATE are
        here to “SERVE & PROTECT” or represent we, the people. The REALITY
        of it is, they are not! Occasionally, just like the random winner at a
        casino, a citizen may get real justice in the “JUST US” system, but in
        REALITY, it is rare.

        • Lisa

          Your knowledge is very impressive…

          • Ricky Ross

            Thank you for the compliment.

            Normally, when I speak words of reality and truth, I am met with deep conditioning/programming of vicious vitriol. However, this comment thread has been different.

          • Lisa

            denial is a way of life for most …

          • Bob

            pretty much :/

          • trentondean

            Right! Exactly why most of us choose to “remain silent.” Especially when in the presence of unadulterated ignorance. Keep enlightening sir!

        • David James

          We need to teach Americans what their rights are, and how to protect them. Jury nullification is one way to help with this unjust system. Juries rule in the courtroom, NOT the judge!! I wish folks in America would learn this stuff, so that we can keep our rights and freedoms, and throw out the criminals who try to enslave us!!

          • Kevin L Billingslea Sr

            I have read about cases where the Judge will throw out a decision by a Jury. I have seen verdicts handed down by a jury over turned and like in the case here in Alabama where the man drowned his wife on their anniversary the judge threw out the entire case!

          • Kevin L Billingslea Sr

            The judicial system is aimed at the poor and the uneducated it is worse in rural communities where the division is made by counties this way the travesties may go hidden for years before they can be discovered.

          • Dr. West

            You know, a colleague and I developed an Ignorance of the Law Program for youth Kindergarten through 12th grade and nobody was interested in helping promote it. It appears that no one really cares about minority kids. It’s like they are seen as throw-aways. I will keep pushing because it’s the right thing to do. Anyone who really cares can call me.

          • Vonda

            Dr West, I would love to know more about the program you are developing. How can I reach you?

          • CitizenQuasar

            Unfortunately, there are two things that prevent jury nullification.

            1) Most, if not all, judges “instruct” juries and tell them what they are to think about and what they are not to think about and most people who serve on juries think that they must think about whatever the judge tells them to think about rather than to think for themselves.

            2) Practically no one has even the vaguest concept of what a right is so they are unable to protect rights when serving on juries.

        • Wake Up

          You’re showing your ignorance, Ross. I work for “the State”. That’s quite a picture you paint….and it’s WRONG…at least in terms of the END RESULT. The system is NOT set up to benefit the STATE. Thanks for reminding me of how HARD I work every single day for citizenry who are hateful and unappreciative. Nice.

          • Padraigin

            Wake Up, your moniker says it all. Tell us, please do, when you wake up, whom does the corrupt State created and mismanaged system benefit? Other than the puppet-slave masters and their willing State employed worker bees.

          • Ricky Ross

            I started to respond to you, but then I noticed that Padraigin already did a fine job of responding to your non sense, almost word for word of my thoughts!

          • Ricky Ross

            “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

            ― Upton Sinclair

          • slimelaws

            ” When in any profession, it becomes possible to go further, faster, by being unscrupulous or criminal, those at the top of these professions will inevitably be unscrupulous criminals.” ~ME!

          • davspa

            You don’t have to, though. Bernie Madolf CHOSE to run his Ponzi scheme and bilk hundreds or thousands out of their life savings. He did not have to do that. He was probably already making hundreds of thousands at his job. So I don’t agree with the word “inevitably.”

          • Sanita Michelle Ray


          • leapinleopard

            Agreed. The PEOPLE are the state.

          • Andy Byrd

            I do believe that YOU are showing YOUR ignorance, Wake Up. The system does nothing but benefit the state. I’ve seen it happen too many times. The only thing in this country that is more corrupt than the legal system is the political system. And the politicians are the ones who write the laws that the corrupt legal system enforces. You may believe that you are not part of the corruption, but by doing what your superiors tell you to you are perpetuating the corruption! I’m not telling you not to do your job, but it can be done more than one way. The corrupt, “Let’s pack the prisons so that the politicians get more votes and we can ask the federal gov’t for more money” way is the kind of thinking that has led to the situation we are in. Face it, America has become a police state. When simple possession gets someone more time than murder there is obviously something wrong with the laws! But there is a reason for this. Very few people commit murder compared to those caught with a small amount of drugs. I’m not advocating drug use. But minimum sentences of 10 years or more for simple possession of a controlled substance is ridiculous! And it does no good. Drugs are just as prevalent, if not more so, within the prison system! And the punishments are obviously NOT working! Just look at the repeat offender rates.(And the reason why “the citizenry” are “hateful and unappreciative” is because of the blatant corruption they see EVERYDAY within the legal system! Think about it! Better yet, DO something to help change it!) WAKE UP, Wake Up! You are a person! Start acting like it! Instead of just another bovine waiting for your turn at the slaughterhouse!

          • Kevin L Billingslea Sr

            Politicians get caught with stolen, misappropriated or illegal funds or drugs they get a slap on the wrist a short prison if not suspended sentence, or house arrest and then are rewarded with a 7 figure salaried lobbyist position when they get out. Get caught with some drugs or stealing from Wal-Mart and you might not be able to get a passport if it is over a grand much less a lobbyist job!
            When will wee realize that this is their world the only way to win is by their rules. You work hard and buy a home it is yours (Wrong) you have to pay taxes on it forever. This shows how devious and smart the founding fathers were they devised ways to keep us down while they developed this nation. They left Great Britain because of taxes then imposed them on us. They either killed, enslaved, or imposed laws against everything they saw as a threat to their lavish lifestyles. Nothing has changed they just know how to hide it better!

          • Bob Hoffman

            Your name that you USE here is ABSOLUTELY an OXYMORON–the last five letters of my description also ACCURATELY describe YOU… (moron) You also make an INCORRECT statement–it IS “set up” to benefit the state—I have BEEN “railroaded” BY the “system”–where I LIVE, the judge/prosecutor/lawyers are ALL “in cahoots!” You MAKE your living as a PART of that CORRUPT “system!” Not expecting you to be shamed by that–Those with no conscience HAVE no SHAME… Quit SUCKING on the “public teat”–go out and get a REAL JOB–better yet, CREATE a job for yourself–and GROW that job so that you might employ OTHERS–NO, YOU take the “easy way out,” and just keep SUCKING on that TEAT… punk

          • Bryan Lange

            He got you with that Upton Sinclair quotation. Just deal with it, you’re the man and the man puts the people down.

          • Josh Witherspoon

            I’m not on anyone’s side here, but how could you not see how the state benefits from everything “END RESULT”? It’s blatant that the system is a revolving door set to keep its wheels in motion…It’s gotten way to big to just stop where it’s at..The state is a by product of the government and it shows with inner corruption..

          • CPG718

            You being a dedicated secretary, or a really nice Prison Guard, or whatever your position is….. DOES NOT solidify that the system is for the people. You are going to have to give FACTS, otherwise Ricky;s theory is sounding way more logical than what you are stating. A “system” is something larger than one person, or even several groups of people, and often times the people within that system from the employees, to the victims are blind to the System’s true agenda. Its like any company we have worked for, depending on your level in that company you may, or may not know the companies motives or actions.

        • slimelaws
        • Sanita Michelle Ray

          Thank you, well said. Truth

        • Diana Baskin

          You may have a point but I don’t think they need to send innocent people to jail or prison. There are enough real criminals that should be behind bars. It is just like when people say officers who give out traffic tickets have to make a quota so they got pulled over for nothing. I questioned a traffic cop on this subject. He made a valid point. They don’t have to go after innocent people. They can stand on any corner with a radar and pull people over all day. They don’t have enough man power to get all the real law breakers. I think in regards to juveniles, most of the things they do don’t require incarceration. The system tries to avoid locking them up their first time because they really want to teach them a lesson and rehabilitate. This Judge crossed over the line to keep Juvenile Hall populated with kids who should have gotten maybe a warning or some type of punishment that didn’t include jail time. I used to work for the state before I retired. I didn’t see any of this. It didn’t matter how much they collected in fees. The People who worked didn’t get to take any extra money

          • Ricky Ross

            No disrespect intended what so ever, but I have been speaking these truths for many years now. The only people that seem to not understand it, are the very people who are a part of the system. (in your case…”used to be” a part of the system)

            It is always harder to see the big picture when you are on the inside looking out…

            “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

            ― Upton Sinclair

        • Shawn Samurai

          I agree 100%. I will tell you, sincerely, what caught my eye for which I even paid attention to the “longer-than-normal” commentation was your usage of ALL CAPS in the proper areas, which only convinced me to spend the extra time to read and comment on your writing ability. I think personally the reason the word isn’t getting out there is because of the CONVENTIONAL way of writing that you see everywhere, it it SEEMS to be easier to just SKIP it up. Sincerely, please excuse the ear full I just gave you, but I do agree 100% that the STATE is NOT working for the PEOPLE at all–they are only in it for themselves, profit, and CONTROL. Take care and I hope you continue spreading the word.

          • Ricky Ross

            Thank you for the kind words my friend! As much opposition as I receive for speaking the truth, one single person like you, inspires me so much that I will continue against the odds that I continually face!

            “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

            - Mark Twain

        • Charles

          Thanks Ricky for revealing to us, what has always been hidden in plain sight.

          • Ricky Ross

            No problem Charles…thank you for seeking and accepting the truth. Please spread it far and wide!

        • trentondean

          Brilliant sir!

        • Leslie

          We have to make the STATE work for us, the people. That’s what the founders set it up to do. It’s common knowledge that the corporations like Corrections Corporation of America are only set up to make profits. It’s up to us to make our democracy work or we’ll lose it.

        • CherMoe

          Worse yet, we’ve got those idiot cops going around like mercenaries taking the law into their own hands, encouraging people to take up arms against “liberals” and the government because they insanely try to convince people they”re “coming for your guns.” Lots of wackos like that in this country these days, INCLUDING Sheriffs who are refusing to obey the laws.

    • dan

      Federal Prison Industries, also known as UNICOR and FPI, is a wholly owned
      United States government corporation created in 1934 that uses penal labor

    • NVN777

      The USA is nothing but a toilet cesspool for fat dumb Americans. Bawhahahaha

      • Sueychop

        you could stand to lose a few pounds, fatty.

      • L Henry

        Your mom is a cesspool dump site too..

        • NVN777

          You’re mad because I’m right and you and your dumb generation live in this shithole.

    • Laura B Williams

      I was discussing this same issue with my twenty year old son this morning. This is a horrible system that encourages the demise of our youth, particularly the African-American youth. It saddens and disgusts me each time I read about the abuses that inmates endure.Keeping in mind that most of those incarcerated in the US are non-violent offenders. How about a 16 yr old sent to Rikers prison for 3 years but was never convicted of a crime, read here:

      • Gary More

        so, it is your opinion, that 99% of blacks in jail are innocent of anything, and the white and other color folks there, are mostly innocent too. well hon, if you were ever shot at, stabbed, or raped or even had your purse snatched, that’s the reason why those animals are in there.i have done time in jail, and no, there are no innocent people in any of them, that’s a fact, that you should wake up to. by the way, let’s hope that you are not the next knockout game victem.

        • mikeV

          she is right and you know it yes there are some real bad people in jail but as far as this convo there is a conspiracy agents black and Hispanic men to fill these for profit prisons and its been going on sense pres reagan

          • Wake Up

            That’s complete bullsh*t. There is no conspiracy, honey. Stay clean, and there’s nothing to be concerned about. But some people can’t bring themselves to do that – instead preferring a “gangsta” culture. Don’t scream ‘conspiracy’ for those people. Hold them accountable for piss poor thinking….

          • Sanita Michelle Ray

            Legalize it and watch the number of newly incarcerated go down, people of all races in jail for for growing or having in their possession marijuana, a plant, harvested naturally, no chemicals added, means it’s not a drug. Yet farmers trying to keep their land, people dealing with pain from cancer or a mental illness are serving hard time for something the government would fine farmers for not growing a certain amount way back when, this propaganda about marijuana is a bunch BS. If you don’t smoke, fine. But the continuous punishment for those who do needs to stop. America is not a country it is a corporation. They employ the government, who employs drones. Now I love and respect the(non-corrupted) police, fireman, our brave men/women in uniform. I am thankful for you and humbled by your sacrifices that keep me safe and free. But the truth is what it is, I just choose not to act like it’s not, unfortunately I have no choice but to find, understand, and except the truth for what is, and justice in America is not the same for all Americans.

          • Bryan Lange

            I guarantee you break the law every day without even knowing it. Also, there are PLENTY of innocent people in prison. I was in a country jail at one point innocently. You just can’t fight the system unless you’re part of it. If you have money you can get away with whatever you want, if you don’t, might as well turn yourself in for speeding everyday until you’re homeless.

    • Dryheaves Daily

      They call it partnership corrections and In the SIC codes they are listed under property management companies. Just like Holiday Inn they have to keep their beds filled to make money and contracts with cities and states include a minimum occupancy agreement.

    • Brenton B.A Jarmon

      Did you also know that American local and state police agencies are given federal grants for the number of arrests they make in regards to the “war on drugs” (drug-crime related arrests)? Also, drug crimes are the only crimes with MANDATORY sentencing regardless of mitigating ( reasons the crime could’ve been an accident) or aggravating (purposefully) factors. The more arrests police make in regards to drug crimes, the more money they receive in federal grants. Some smaller local agencies rely on these grants for the continued existence of their agency. In addition to federal grants, police also receive military weapons, intelligence, training and access to military bases. Drug crime arrests account for the massive explosion in prison populations in recent decades. The punishments for drug crimes ( a victimless crime regardless of how dangerous the drug is to the user) are becoming increasingly more punitive. And those who vote for the approval of these punishments are affected the least by it. The “war on drugs” is simply too lucrative for the government, and continues to attack least likely to be able to defend themselves (mostly through monetary difficulties), those we deem unintelligent, violent, and in most respects useless for the bettering of our society (1). One of the few people we openly discriminate against, the poor those at or below the poverty line. The poor are not only more likely to get arrested (in any instance, even simply walking down the street), more likely to get convicted, more likely to plea guilty, and more likely to receive harsher sentences than those of middle, or upper middle class. Or criminal justice system targets the poor, and the media sensationalizes drug crime as dangerous, so that those who actually vote ( mostly middle and upper middle class), vote for more punitiveness in our courts. Even though drug crimes affect them the LEAST. People are made to believe that poor people are the causes of crime, and also that violent crime (robbery, assault, etc), most commonly committed by the poor, is more detrimental to society than crimes committed by middle – upper middle class (identity theft, embezzlement, etc). Albeit violent crime is very personal and extremely traumatizing, what does more harm: a thief who pulls a gun/knife and takes 300$ out your wallet? or the corrupt banker who funnels thousands of dollars out of your account every year, for years. While the robber (who most likely will be poor) gets 12 years in prison, in a hard labor, maximum security prison. The banker would most likely receive 2-5 years in a minimum security prison (if arrested and convicted). This is the manner in which our criminal justice system targets the poor (those least likely to avoid sentencing through hiring competent legal counsel), inadvertly or not, this trend has been noticed and nothing has been done about it(2).

      1. “The New Jim Crow : Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” – Michelle Alexander (Former Associate Professor at Stanford Law) copyright-2010,2012; published 2012 by The News Press, New York, NY 2012. A cited rhetoric on Mass Incarceration in America.

      2. “The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Prison” 9th edition – Jeffrey Reiman (American University) , Paul Leighton (Eastern Michigan University), Professors of sociology; copyright – 2010; Publised by Pearson Higher Education, Boston, MA 2010. A cited work providing statistical, empirical evidence of the seemingly disproportionate arrest and incarceration of the poorest in our society.

    • Joe M

      I would put the blame less on CCA and more on the government officials who agree to pay them based on how many prisoners they have. There is no reason that payment can’t be made on a completely different basis.

      • Ricky Ross

        I agree with you 100%! The entire shape that this country is in, is because the 535 people in D.C. and the state houses, want it this way!

    • slimelaws

      The cause of justice, which the courts were expressly created to protect, has been usurped by pursuit of law! Yuck! Justice is this beautiful idea, where if someone wrongs you, it will be righted. If someone accuses you of wrongdoing, an accounting will be made…Law on the other hand, is a goiter on the neck of Justice, except we’ve reached a point in accepted American justice systems where the goiter is autonomous and the neck has no recourse, no rights. The problem is that the practice of law has become a pursuit unto itself. It is a closed system, and does not seek justice or truth, those things are the dogmatic reasons to go into law, sure, but they run a distant second to playing the game of law, a game that knows nothing of people and justice, a game where your mastery of the rules and your control of the nuances are the real goals. The people being argued over (the accused, those seeking justice) are peripheral to the point of despair anymore, they’re merely the pieces on the game board, the fodder the two sides argue over, each trying in their turn to best the other with logic problems, or defeat the other by finding an obscure ruling that tilts the case in their favor, neither really caring about those seeking justice, except where it happily crosses over into helping their score on a case… When someone accuses you of a crime, they install their paperwork in the court system. the court system generates paperwork based on what they’ve received, and the DA pokes around in there to see what they can make out of it, weighing how much they can charge you with versus what they can prove, how much pressure may be applied in making sure you plead out to something, anything that improves their record, their score, if you will… the judges, they’re elected, in most cases. Big issue,that. When a person is ruling based on public perception, and once we’ve reached a point where there are signs governing the attire to be worn into a room of Justice, then we may feel entitled to count ourselves in dire straights. If a Honorable Ruler is going to be more popular at the polls for a tough background(something the American public screeches for at top volume, in our desperation that our country not be collapsing in on itself, “Going to the Birds”, whatever) then I will guarantee you this: Any judge who would like to pursue Sitting The Bench as a career will also be convicting the crap out of people!! It generates revenue, keeps the jails full of the “Bad” element so that we can all rest easier, and shows a stolid, firm aspect to the people that has been made synonymous with progress, and safety. So, what do you really have, for a justice system these days? Well, I’ll tell you(from bitter experience) :A cop(success in his career predicated on catching bad guys..his meteoric rise through the ranks all but guaranteed if he’s willing to accuse unfairly and bully people into confessions, or scare them into bargains, or just if they’re helpless and he knows it) sees a person who looks like a suspect in whatever crime is afoot. They assume guilt and dig into that persons day, trying to make the lies show themselves, or, trying to make their THEORY fit the crime and match up to the criminal. They take this to the DAs office, and their part is done, really. They’ll be cruisin’ a Charger at work soon, sporting Sergeants stripes…and there they’re pretty much out of influence. Now the DA, they look at this set of “Facts”(they become the facts almost immediately, because ALL cops are pure of motive, and would never lie to improve their own scores, don’t you know it! In fact, our justice system lends almost total credence to an accusing cop, given that your testimony regarding your innocence is the only refutation to stack against the cops’ accusation. If that happens, no matter how poor and shaky the cops story, they get the benefit of almost all doubt, and America, that should terrify you!)and try to spin it to their best possible use. Prosecutors(whos’ aspirations are almost universally a spot on the bench, presiding)want wins. No matter what. Wins. Because their careers have reached a historical point where wins, not justice, guarantee success..They’ll beat any story into whatever shape they need to, argue and fight that people have to answer parts of real questions so it casts them in poor light(weird, playground rule stuff…like a really involved D&D, and isn’t that the REAL practice of Law, these days?!) all the time ignoring the PURSUIT OF THE TRUTH AND SUBSEQUENT JUSTICE!!!!! because to give weight to Truth or allow justice to matter is also to fail in your career pursuits. Sad but true, anymore….I know, there are people who get into law to do good for people, but only with very rare exception do those get to pursue a career that echoes a “Doing Good” sentiment. Mostly, I think it’s more the Kubler-Ross model, five stages leading to the acceptance of the death of your honest law career, and then a trail of justifications stringing along behind your career in quiet accusations and condemnations, but that you can learn to ignore like a bitter wife you’ve discovered you don’t like much anyway, and so don’t feel so bad upsetting any more. Judges, those are lawyers with extra determination. In the race through the video game of law, they’re the ones’ who beat all the other Law-Gamers, and they have the seat to prove it, too! They get to decide whether arguments will even be heard, so they’re the lawyers Gods, really. The problem is, the guys who feel they deserve such a position are most likely going to be egotists, unscrupulous to a degree beyond their constituency(how else to get better numbers than the rest?), Hell bent on whatever numbers the people say they need to see, the proof that their judge is watching over the community. This is all just a video game to these players. They build careers on their good LAW joysticking. The cop who wrested “Confessions”(let’s use the term the courts did, with the understanding that these were not confessions. A confession requires guilt, not weary, resigned cooperation) was chasing a bigger career, so he needed to close this case. The DA needed to close this case, so he colluded in beating, beating, beating these people almost into believing what they were told had happened to them, what they saw… The problem is, when confronted with authority, our tendency is to feel like we must have done something not so good, else why all the hubbub? People can and quite regularly are made to feel they are guilty of something…but when you put them somewhere and they have time to think, away from the AUTHORITY whose very presence made them feel they needed to accept some measure of responsibility about whatever, when their sanity has a chance to reassert itself, you’re gonna get perspective, and with it, the understanding that you’ve been mislead, cajoled, intimidated into acquiescing….and then you’re hopefully going to get jaded enough to STOP letting it happen, you’re gonna recant. But none of this matters to the practice of law this case flies in the face of. The rules have been bastardized, warped over such a period of time, to suit the games’ players, to insure that law is their exclusive bailiwick(when a judge says “A man who represents himself has a fool for a client.” and treats a man who distrusts the courts and goes it alone harshly, that judge is making an example designed to warn others away from feeling confident they need not find a lawyer in whatever “Guilty until proven innocent ” case they find boiling up around them…When a judge can say “If you wear shorts into MY court you may expect the worst treatment!” You may count on justice having fled the building with the entry of such an ego. When cameras were banned in so many courtrooms, ((a practice I believe is unconstitutional, but accepted, when enforced))so that no person may record the proceedings against them, to refer to later…and then must rely on that courts’ record and selected videos to support claims of injustice, When ALL the information in a court case is subject to filtering through the courts before all else, then you’re away of justice, and in a video game….If Ryan and his loving, strong father Bill, can pull this off, further, if they make the public aware that the system is broken, that the rewards are such that the practitioners are almost guaranteed to be bigger criminals than the worst people they ever represent, casually, almost whimsically, nearly daily, if they can make people see that LAW has become a game of dirty pool, where the winners are the crookedest in the field…if they can make it general practice to inquire after facts, instead of accepting what they’re told, and if they can give credence back to the accused (innocent until proven guilty is loooong lost…check out bail and monitoring bracelets that cost 10 to 20 dollars a day as prerequisites to freedom before court dates, if you wonder how loooong gone!)….If you pull this off, and make America raise it’s head and ask these questions, and law gets a makeover, then Bill, Ryan you sirs, are National Goddamned Heroes. Period. And if you can make that awareness run to an overhaul of our most dangerous policies(reward systems that encourage criminals to join in the practice of law) then you should almost immediately enter the running for Nobel Prizes, and I mean that in all sincerity, no grandstanding. America needs you, and they need to let you show them that what is right can still be recognized, that law may have the law on its’ side but no longer does it represent justice and truth. God Bless the Hell out of you guys! Go home RYAN!!!!”~ From a write-up on Defensible Video Solutions’ page on FB…directed to Ryan Ferguson, recently released after spending ten years incarcerated for a crime he did not commit.

    • Liv Ceed

      WOW! Great research!

      And it clearly points to a conflict of interest. (Oh, just a tad, eh)

    • leapinleopard

      Literally had to stop reading after the 3rd quote…. otherwise I would never make it to work / destroy me laptop. Enraging!!!!

    • Bmack327EZ

      I know this to be true, My older brother invest in CCA and I’ve been on the other side of the fence for offenses like Driving with a revoked DL. What? Really? for occupancy rates? Terrible.

    • Nicole Antonia Carson

      This is an excellent comment. Unfortunately, after this the thread falls apart quickly and has ZERO to do with incarceration in the US. Don’t scroll further.

    • Bryan Lange

      Amazing post.

    • Mecca Wrecka

      when Paraguay and Turkey compare favourably to America’s rate of incarceration, we have a problem.

    • Righteous2012

      Well said. Very well said. Wish I could give you a trophy.

    • Lisa Heath

      Thank you for taking the time to elaborate on this article . Although disturbing to know, am glad to now be aware.

      • Ricky Ross

        No problem Lisa. I have been doing this for years and with the state of this economy, I have nothing but time on my hands. I feel that there is no better way to spend my time now, then to try to expose the corrupt system that we find ourselves living under. Our nation has been corrupted from the jail house all the way up to the White House and it has been in the making for many, many years.

    • Keith Francis Farrell

      This is sick, about time that company was put out of business. The idea is to reduce the numbers in jails to only those who should be there

      • Shawn Samurai

        Unfortunately, there are too many privatized prisons. You know, in Japan, they had privatized their Postal Service, and has only resulted in cheaper shipping fees and faster delivery times. In America, instead of privatizing prisons, they should privatize the postal system–at least then we wouldn’t have our mail lost often.

    • davspa

      Disgusting, talking about ways to increase the number of occupants, as if it were a motel or something, and commenting about laws as affecting their bottom line. This law has nothing to do with them! It is about justice and public safety! Thank you Ricky Ross for posting this… Totally selfish, evil operation then. I have always questioned getting a private company to run something like this. They are not interested in justice, but profit. It is the government’s job to carry out laws, and the government should be doing it!

    • Ann Tipton Clemment

      I am blatantly stealing your research. Thank you.

      • Ricky Ross

        No problem…spread it far and wide :–)

  • Uncle_Meat

    This is what you get when the people turn over their responsibilities to the private sector. The prison industrial complex has made mandatory sentencing common. The crimes don’t match the sentences. There are more people behind bars in the US than any other country. The majority are non violent drug offenses. They lobby for more laws and to make misdemeanors arrestable offenses. They need to create more criminals. That means they want everyone in prison. How sick is this?

    • Bluejay2fly

      I am sure not everybody sent to Gitmo or a rendering facility was guilty of terrorism. This is what we have become, it is sad.

  • Elle Farrington

    Still believing in the..Sky Daddy are U?

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  • big bird

    every case this POS handled should be thrown out and any person incarcerated should be set free

  • Defiant

    It amuses me to no end that this article originated on a “black” news site (quotes are because news is news…I don’t get what makes it “black” news). At any rate…the article comes from a “black” news site and mysteriously fails to mention that both of the judges involved in this terrible scandal are DEMOCRATS! Naturally, when the media reports any scandal, and the party of the perpetrators isn’t trumpeted throughout the article…you can bet they are Democrats.

  • thursfield

    When are the prison company officials, who paid him the bribes, going to be incarcerated?

    • NVN777

      They bought off the politicians already.

  • Ales Sandro

    he’ll be popular in jail. lol

  • doogie

    Info is slightly outdated – eh? Guy was prosecuted and plead guilty back in 2009. How is this news in 2013?

  • adbirds

    One can only hope his convictions are overturned, and he is underturned.

  • NVN777

    Ain’t Amerika a freaking great country ? Bwahahahahaha

    • smoothe

      Amerikkka bwahahahahaha

  • NVN777

    America is a cesspool toilet.


    Only 28 years?

  • Bill Medvecky

    AND not ONE Prosecutor, CPS worker, Defense Lawyer, or Court Officer said a SINGLE WORD about his little scam in all that time. WHERE WERE these “GALs” who were supposed to be representing these kids? CASA and CAC was PAID to “Protect” the children…SO WHERE WERE THEY?

    • Ben V Hoff

      This question needs to be answered

  • Mary Brown

    Our prison system is overloaded with non violent first time drug users while criminals that commit violent crimes are often slapped on the wrist and let g o. We need to stop the war on drugs, tax the crap out of the drugs, and get the drug offenders out of prisons.

  • gailillly

    God has nothing to do with any of it. This guy is an animal and he deserves to spend the rest of his life in a prison cell for selling human beings children at that. What an animal and I hope he gets what he deserves in prison. Sick SOB.IS WHAT HE IS.

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  • June Cruz

    what an Evil, Evil man, Even Hell is to good for him.

  • Adam Evenson

    Seeing this judge get it is good. And it’s good to know that those in a position to bring such scum to justice are willing to do the work. That judge will know something of the hell he has sold people into. Thirty years in prison is a long time for such folks as this, the former “high and mighty.” Even if he is put in a “palatial” prison cell, as the former “high and mighty” usually are, the contrast ‘twixt what is now, and has been or was, for a former judge, is pretty steep. The entire punishment for a judge lies in the contrast ‘twixt what is now and has been or was. It’s more than only steep. Let’s say, “precipitous, perilously piercing and sharp.” Boy, imagine what the world may be thirty years from now when de jedge hits the streets again. It’s an uncertain future. That’s the cost this judge will be required to pay. His life effectively ends and his hell begins with his judgment and conviction. The contrasts will be living hell for de jedge. He may as well commit suicide.

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  • nunya

    Welcome to the prison, industrial complex
    You got taxes, politics, jobs, death
    Growth stunted, cold-blooded, dark and heartless
    From the pyramids down to the projects People listen: they got teenagers up in the line-up
    To fill the new facility they built, they need the crime up
    Please, the War on Drugs is really war on the youth
    War on the people, war on the truth….

  • jezeuskrishna

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  • Peter Capper

    this is what our scumbucket govt in New Zealand want too… but only over their dead bodies…!

  • ameribornnews

    They need help by getting this video out and watched by as many people as possible. It was horrible what has happen to them.

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  • Pingback: Pennsylvania Judge Sentenced For 28 Years For Selling Kids to the Prison System – | Research Material

  • usmcmailman

    All Liberal satanic judges should be jailed………PERIOD !

    • rosesryellow

      Had you written all satanic judges your post would have meant something.

  • Obie Nicolanti

    Interesting how people are still slaves in a supposedly free country – learn your rights and become the natural living man (or woman) that your constitution was founded and get the truth about your sign of nature..or signature and what that means.

  • Beverly Morrison

    Now if we could just take care of cps. So much proof of abuse and nothing is done.

  • Mitch Mitchell

    It IS a disgrace this man was able to get away with what he was doing for so long. And the justice system (so called) in America is a joke. Run for money, like everything else, by a ruling elite that cares nothing for people, but read the comments here and see how they are able to get away with it. While all of you are at each others throats complaining and bitching and running each other down about being a democrat or republican, fat or thin, black or white, they keep on lording it over you. Until you all get over your differences and accept that you are all different and work together, NOTHING WILL CHANGE! WAKE UP!!!

  • Gary More

    but does it get the scum off the streets? if it does, then who the fuck cares if he was getting paid for it. seems the cops and most courts can’t or won’t jail those that need it. it’s either jail, or shoots the fucktards that are trying to rob, or murder you.

    • Johnnie Incog

      We care because, if a judge will take money to lock someone up, there is no safeguard that prevents him from sending innocent as well as guilty to prison. Something about ‘due process’ in that Constitution that apparently some of us believe more than others….

      • Gary More

        when you become a victem of a serious crime, write back and let us know how good it felt to you.

        • Elliott Whitlow

          That is a lame response, when we forgo due process what is there to prevent YOU from getting sucked into the system and then pitched into jail because it wasn’t important. The answer is simple NOTHING. If the person who committed whatever crime against you goes to trial and it is so clear that they are guilty then you lose NOTHING. But to throw it out for YOUR convenience or feelings shows what kind of a person YOU are.

    • Jay Teske

      Serious crime? You’re kidding, right? This jerk ripped CHILDREN from their families and sent them to these facilities for “crimes” as petty as mocking their school principal on MySpace.

    • Raymond Andrews

      How about the 10 year old “scum”? Should he be put in prison?

    • leslie

      He sent some of those children to prison for being late for school.

  • Johnnie Incog

    Pennsylvania – that State where some districts had 120% of eligible voters cast ballots, and 100% of those for Obama after Republican poll watchers were expelled. Suddenly THIS is not so surprising…

  • robert walker

    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people go off the subject at hand and create their own topic that they believe they’re experts in. The subject is about a crooked judge who put little children and young adults in jail for to long. Whether they were innocent or not is irrelevant. The son of a bitch is not alone when it comes to crooked judges. The court system is not about justice…it’s all about winning to further their personal agenda. PERIOD!

    • rosesryellow

      The truth is far too difficult to admit.

  • Greg Vezina

    No charges, convictions or consequences for the developer who owned the prison and paid the bribes. Money is all that matters and making it any way you can is OK until you get caught, which will require you to start a new company to do it all over again with immunity. Keep voting for Republicans and Conservatives controlled entirely by private and corporate interests acting against the public interest in Canada and the US and they will take care of all of us, just not in the ways you might want.

    • Michael Gerardi

      Keep voting for Demon-crats and Liberals/NDPs controlled entirely by ultra-extreme-left wing ideologues acting against the interests of free citizens in Canada and the US and they will take care of all of us, just not in the ways anyone with an IQ above refrigerator temperature might want.

    • rosesryellow

      Keep pointing to only one or the other party being the evil one and ignoring the FACT that BOTH parties are corrupt and worthless and continue to doom us all. Republicans and Democrats are all the same, wake up and stop fighting each other. Divide and conquer.

  • CatherineCrabill

    May he rot in the same hell hole he sentenced others to.

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  • Lebowski113

    Good. Now outlaw private prisons. No industry’s profit motive should depend on society being at its worst.

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  • James Babb Ⓐ

    See, the system works. I’m sure this was the only rotten judge making money by ruining lives.

  • Daniel Bonacum

    He should be executed. Anyone entrusted with that level of power by the people, that deliberately betrays the faith of the people – should die for that betrayal.

  • Ken

    can you imagine the sex crimes some of these kids endured wrongfully incarcerated? sickening.

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  • Pingback: Pennsylvania Judge Sentenced For 28 Years For Selling Kids to the Prison System

  • Philis O’Shaughnessy

    If they place him in a cushy, safe prison I will not be suprised. I say put him where the sun does not shine.

  • Evan Day

    I think Ciavarella’s a good candidate for the death penalty, these are people lives we are talking about here… No amount of money, will make up for the time spent wrongfully behind bars.

  • Abraham Hosea

    I hope he enjoys his stay just like the kids he sentenced

    • smoothe

      he fcuked up those kids lives though, he is already in his 60′s, where is the real justice?

  • Anna Rather

    OMG WTF?!

  • An Actual American

    We The People all need to Re-Unite and take back our now fully corrupted Justice system. The average person has no idea that in most states, it is possible to go to jail, on a first time offense, for up to 5 years or even more for a single crack rock. Or that you can be sent to prison FOR LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE for having a couple hits of LSD in your pocket. It HAS and IS happening… to average people like you and me. Many of them falsley accused and convicted after a simple traffic stop. That doesn’t sound like Justice, it sounds like corruption. C’mon people, make your voices heard! There are innocent people in jail right now who are counting on us!

  • Dale Paris

    And what of the capitalist runner of the prison? What of the corrupt legisliature that allows for privatized prisons? This case illustrates the amazing amount of problems that come about by prison for profit.

    • Emma

      I agree. If this was a true “justice system”, he’d serve in a State Prison’s Gen Pop like the other criminals, and karmic justice could handle the rest.

  • God’s Other Kid

    The corruption in this nation is stunning and the white racist judges have known for years this is the only way to Correct a system of slavery. The powers that be made all of the laws that were designed to keep white sons of guns employed with high ranking government official ass kissing jobs.

  • leapinleopard

    Why I somehow expect the lowest common denominator to somehow exceed itself, as it ALWAYS does. Just when you think the bar cannot be set any lower, here we go yet again.

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  • fridaysmyday

    There was an episode just like this on Law and Order.

  • Vimassive Coke

    Good for his ass… God never sleeps or slumber. When you dig one grave for someone you should always dig one for yourself…Now he can rot in the same jail he sentenced people to.. Ain’t Karma a Bitch ?

    • Delores Smith

      I don’t think the judge will do well in prison considering what he did to get there. Since he took bribes which landed him in prison, maybe he’ll try to bribe the guards to protect him from the other prisoners. You know how much sleep I’m going to lose over this loser? None. May the rotting begin.

  • NativeAmerican

    Honestly, do you really think that public assistance is being cut because it is a strain on the federal budget? Do you think that the NRA is so strong that background checks can’t be limited? How many NRA member and/or leaders are invested in privatized prisons? Do you really believe that employee wages and CEO compensation is growing further apart just by chance? They’ve learned that if you make people desperate enough, they’ll do what they need to in order to feed themselves and/or their families. Once you’re in the system, you’re their “PROPERTY”!!! Think about it!!!

  • Rolaine Mcgruder

    and that prison building governor. Lets just close down a bunch of public schools and invest in prisons. Corbett, you slimy circle jerk-your days are numbered.

  • samgirl

    You can call it what you want but it all boils down to greed and selfishness. He had no concern for the lives he was selling. We can spew numbers and statistics but even with this we need to remember that there are people in the system that should be there.

  • Stephen Kennedy

    I hope his roommate is a guy named Bubba that doesn’t like child abusers.

  • Stephen Kennedy

    I hope his roommate is a guy named Bubba that doesn’t like child abusers.

  • smoothe

    guess what those juveniles look like too

  • Bookman

    I would like to know the stats on convicitions based on race…

  • bruce

    Now you have to think and ask yourself how many other judges and government officials are involved in this updated day slavery.A damn shame what people think of a person life just for a couple of dollars.I also hope that the prison for the youth that was involved gets shut down and the developers of that institution get locked up as well…Fucken white people I tell you that you will pay dearly for all the bullshit that you inflicted into this world.

  • Dawn Levesque

    scummy pile of maggot dung

  • excelsior


  • Ranada Blessed Lewis

    They sale are babies for slavery………it never ended ot just evolved!!! Feed your kids knowledge and self worth, values, they gotta stop believing the hype in order to stop falling that bullshit life…

  • Darron McKinney


  • twice22

    We need a call for executions by the state by anyone involved in the promotion of imprisoning innocent Americans for the purpose of profit. they need to be taken in the street by the state and beheaded for all to see so that the violation of american liberties is protected by fear of death by state.

  • Morgan Tasker

    this person deserves the sentence and I hoped he’d be able to experience what those kids went through when they were sold.

  • #7

    What a fuckin piece of shit. He gonna get that ass ripped in prison

  • Willy Rho

    Give him a sex change operation then put him in the General Population in a Federal Prison. Make sure he has big Boob Implants.

  • Swade1000

    28 years…. That aint shit! Even tho he most likely not going to live that out. I rather see 2 life sentences like they do drug dealers etc…. We know they wont be able to do but just the fact it shows how mad the system were for the crime…..

  • Delores Smith

    If I were a betting woman, I would bet that the judge would be getting sold while in prison. He’ll get what he dished out. Richard Speck raped, tortured and then murdered 8 student nurses in Chicago in 1966. When he was in prison, he was given female hormones, grew breasts and wore panties. He provided “favors” as a way to survive. He was humiliated like he humiliated his victims. Ariel Castro, the man who kidnapped and held hostage 3 young women for nearly 10 years in Ohio was supposed harassed by inmates and guards. He complained about the food and filthy toilet conditions. What he endured was nothing compared to what he put his victims through. He dished it out but he couldn’t take it. He killed himself after only 2 months in prison.

  • richard_b_hard

    Well no surprise here,prison is BIG business.

  • tghnb2435

    its about time

  • robbiecee

    28 YEARS!? “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned some 4,000 convictions issued by him between 2003 and 2008″ = 28 years!?

  • Ronnie Armstead

    been say this for yrs, its a business…they care nothing about your safety…, its all about the money.., slave labor still here…

  • Sandra Perkins

    sick SOB Castrait him and force feed him his manhood.

  • Deanna Lichter

    Our Country is in the position it’s in for many reasons for me: The Dems and Repubs have taken all the power away from the people. They give you only two choices as to who should be president and not only that you have to be a millionaire. Belonging to congress was never meant to be a “job” it was meant to be a place where each states reps could get together and seek assistance from the Feds if necessary and then they went back to their home states. The next, everyone is entitled to a “fair” trial and the right to face your accuser. You use to be INNOCENT until proven GUILTY. See the idea was that since the governement had all the funds they were the ones who needed to prove the guilt of the person being accused, and your defense was to refute their “proof”. If you could not afford your own attorney you would be appointed one. This ability to try someone on circumstantial evidence is corruption at its finest. They make the evidence fit who they believe comitted the crime. If you have enough money, you can hire your own experts, however, if you depend on the public defenders, your screwed and it’s not because they are incompentent, it’s because the State budgets much more money to prosecute rather than defend. Our political and criminal system is beyond corrupt and it reminds me of how Mexico is run. We need to clean house, stop voting by party but by person, stop accepting circumstancial evidence as any sort of proof of anyone’s guilt/innocence. With DNA now it’s a bit easier, however again, the State has unlimited funds and the accused if not wealthy enough, well you all know. Our jails are filled with non-violent crimimals, mostly druggies, life for smoling marijuana, doing coke whatever. As long as they keep building these private prisions and lining their pockets it’s not going to change. Time to get off our collective asses and start to make some noise and demanding changes. We can do it, our ancestors did it, now is our time. Until people are ready to give up the easy way things will only get worse. I will never vote democrat nor republican again, I am going to start looking at other candidates. The Dems and Repubs have and are holding our country hostage. Time to take it back.

  • Charles


  • armoredsaint

    Not good enough. He should be euthanized….by anyone able.

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  • Richard Cheney

    I hope he’s shanked.

  • Kareem Gibbs

    Terrible. A number of these comment speak my sentiments. I’ll just add that for the solutions see: the National Platform) and lookup the THRIVE movement,

  • MGTOW 4Ever

    I hope he is one of the Male statistics of Rape for the reminder of his miserable life.

  • Larry Monk

    This is no different than the peony system after the civil war. Largely Blacks were targeted to be jailed for petty crimes or fabricated violations to be sent to prison and farmed out as free labor to industry, farming and manufacturing plants. Currently, private prisons are doing the exact same thing! They hire out the inmates to companies that require manual labor…..this is a model the corporate leaders brought back from China and the labor camps they have there. Its the closest they can come to slavery here in America all under the color of law….One company that had a military uniform manufacturing contract with the D.O.D. was undercut by a private prison here in North Carolina not long ago…….over 1,000 people lost their job to a private prison contract……..

  • Larry Monk

    This judge is no different than most………He his despicable, heartless actions are the epitome of white privilege mentality…….This evil black robe wearing minion deserves a large steel-toed boot inserted intensely up his ass……repetitively until he requires extreme medical attention!

  • Larry Monk

    I am not surprised at anything evil such as this coming from Pennsylvania……

  • Keith

    Most Americans are dumb sheep. We’ve been fed a pack of lies for decades and most of us believe them. I’ve heard the facts about America’s staggering rate of incarceration, dwarfing the prison population of a huge police state like China and larger than the USSR’s ever was. Most of us believe that most prisoners deserve to be incarcerated. The fact is that most aren’t “hardened” criminals. Most prisoners have committed nonviolent offenses, many of them related to drug abuse. While the rates of drug use and drug dealing is about the same among black and white Americans, black drug dealers and users are the ones who are filling up jail cells across the country. The specter of the black boogeyman is so pervasive and so well ingrained in our heads that most of us never question the overwhelming presence of blacks in the “justice” system. A couple of months ago Rand Paul and members of the Obama administration paid lip service to this absurdity, but I see no evidence that any changes are being contemplated.

    • AnonyMouse

      True. I’ve been hoping for years that Americas eyes would be opened. Our youth are under attack and are slandered for the least thing. One day a local reporter was going crazy saying a group of black boys who were playing basket ball should be arrested. Why Because some of them had their underwear showing. I told him that it was annoying but there was much more than underwear showing to be concerned about. He went into a racist rant! The next day a kid from his neighborhood KILLED HIS ENTIRE FAMILY including the cat and the dog. This kid never wore his pants too low but he was a ticking time bomb. The reporter would not answer any of my letters after that happened. Yes, kids need guidance but most of what they do is just clowning and foolishness. There is gang activity going on but it is not everybody doing this. Stop the profiling. Who we really need to watch is these crazy ‘mental’ kids with automatic weapons. In one small all white town in Alabama, 90% of the kids were on Meth. When the local cops were asked why they were not jailed he said that they were all related and they weren’t really criminals! If they had been black, we all know what would have happened.

      • Keith

        You’re right about that. I vividly recall when Latasha Harlins was shot in the back of her head because Soon Ja Du Hangul, a Korean grocer thought she might be stealing. A jury convicted Soon of voluntary manslaughter but the judge declined to send her to prison. She gave the killer 5 years of probation and community service, declaring “she’s not a criminal.” I’ve heard the same thing said of other accused criminals who weren’t black. Obviously black people are almost always perceived as threats while others are not. If justice can’t be dispensed more evenly when we have a black president and attorney general of the USA, I don’t see when it ever will be.

    • pammy

      100% agree…but wait for it–some racist troll will be saying the black people deserved it. Most black Americans have felt something like this has been going on for decades but couldn’t prove it until now!!

  • Antione Jackson

    I happy someone caught this guy but 30years! So more like 20? Maybe even less. No he needs to get life for this. Are they not see that he is a JUDGE who to broke the Oath of office? My heart goes out to all of the family who have had to deal with this injustice. I hope as a country we can do something about this system that is creating more criminals than are going in.

  • Charles Phillips

    Has there ever been a greater betrayal of justice in this country than what this bastard did? Rot in prison until your dying day, you cretin.

  • Leslie

    We have to make the state work for us, the people. That’s what the founders set it up to do. It’s common knowledge that the corporations like Corrections Corporation of America are only set up to make profits. We have to make our democracy work for us or we will lose it.

  • Michael Thigpen

    And I thought the Shawshank Redemption was fiction.

    I wonder how much someone paid to put a judge away?

  • L13

    how does your cellmates cock taste “Mark”?

  • Iam Helping-Animals

    Lamar Brown was sent to prison for a lifetime with no parole. Did he fall under this judge’s sentencing????? An investigation should be done for all of the people who this judge sentenced. Please sign this petition for Lamar Brown so we can get him free.

  • Michelle Nicole

    Listen to hiphop/rap/r&b pre circa 1992. See how it compares to today’s? Before the music was about a many a vast subjects now it’s only about sex, strippers, drugs, gangs, and violence. I read an account (now it is deleted go figure) of a music exectutive who was called to a secretive meeting, held at someone’s upscale fancy house, to discuss investment options in private prisons. Now why would they want music execs at this type of meeting? Think about it.

  • Neenah




  • principacia

    Horrific, What a horrible judge, torture is illegal but in this case it would be appropriate.

  • Nicky

    In North Korea, he would have been executed right after Trial. In China, he would be in prison for the rest of his Natural Life. In Russia, he would have been sent to the Gulags and never ever heard from again. Either way, they should lock him up and never EVER let him out and strip him and his entire family of any right to practice law.

  • Bob

    Disgusting. Will we the people ever have our rightful voice? I hope to still be around when that happens :(


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  • Skyking239

    What do you expect, he’s a lifelong Democrat who like all Democrats view all humans as chattle since Andrew Jackson. They pretend they are for human rights but Democrats like Senator Al Gore Sr. and Fulbright attempted to filibuster the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Were it not for the GOP Senators who voted in favor it would not have passed. Democrats are all “Statists”, and like Hitler they beleive the state and by extension they as state officials have dominion over its subjects. They don’t believe the state derives it power from the consent of the governed. Crimenals who are majority black are just objects that can be bought and sold in their eyes. Those who are not in prison are treated like indolent serfs beholden to the state for all their needs in exchange for a vote. Democrats are the new plantation owners and judge Ciavarella is just a modern day Simon Legree.

  • CPG718

    Sad that the photos were mixed up, this guy’s face needs to be on display for all to see! Also sad that 13 years later, he is finally where he belongs. ofcourse its better to catch him than to never have caught him at all, but I’m sure he has been at this way before 2003. Sentencing 10 years olds? He should have been charged for CHILD ABUSE aswell, if the system really wants to make things right!

  • CitizenQuasar

    One down. Many more to go. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

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  • David Sanchez

    A judge, guilty of taking bribes, apparently did not pay the proper bribe himself and now suffers the consequences!

  • H.P. Stanly

    I have written a essay describing how so-called Black people have arrived at this stage in history where the PTB employ the use of a privatized prison system in the 1980s to put the Civil Rights Movement in check. More here:

    The bottom line is; Blacks allowed it to happen

  • smfh

    corruption has ruined peoples havea percentage of black males in prison..just too satisfy.the people who invested in these corporation..when beds are empty they make no money.. peoples lives are put on auction block soley for these white hatefull racist greedy .bumboo…smh

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  • ColorsOfAlgebra

    Who bought the children? If there was no money market for their flesh, they would not have been sold. Is the prison that bought them still open.

  • ME ME & Me

    That’s what politicians do in America. How about we sentence them all along with the bankers and the corporations? Lets sentence them to life with no way out. Oh…and they must work hard to make all our products. How about those Fema camps? Seems like a good factory prison for all of them.

    I just noticed something…that guy looks a little like Bill Gates in the face. Agree?

  • William Anthony McGillivray

    I got to see this type of thing first hand when I got locked up. The human trafficking in the prison system is HUGE. It’ was a real shock. I learned more about my country being locked up than I did at school. And no one cares because they are just worthless criminals. I mean, before I had my suspicions. But I never realized how common place it was until I was on the inside. American justice is messed up….big time. Check this nonsense out.

  • Laurice Tatum

    This is one “sick human,” just another example of why we need reform in our Judicial System and in our Law Schools. There no excuse for this kind of behavior among those who hold themselves out as “god,” the elitist, the movers and shakers in our society, those who affect the lives of ordinary people. This is just sick sick sick behavior.

    This is just another example of why we as a society should demand nothing but the best
    educated and the best morally; from Judges, Lawyers, Policeman and the whole
    gambit of profession who touch and ultimately impact the lives of other humans. There
    is no place for people of turpitude.

    Call: the American Bar Association, your Local and State Associations, call your State Representative, Congressmen and Senators and demand testing for Sociopath and Psychopathic tendencies for Bar candidates and any other person seeking positions in our judicial system. WE DESERVE BETTER!