President Obama $50 Bill Uncovered In The New Total Recall Movie

(Thomas Dishaw) We all know government has a huge influence in Hollyweird. The New Total Recall movie has a scene with Obama’s face on a  $50 dollar bill.  I can understand Washington,Lincoln,Jackson and countless other founding fathers that actually meant something to this country.  But to throw this traitor on any piece of fiat currency is a disgrace,even if its only a movie.





  • Vince

    Wow traitor, really? I smell a retard here, insulting one of the greatest american presidents in history. And it was one director showing his respect and opinion, get off your high horse. Over half the country wants Obama as president, regardless of how you feel about him he is president get over it.

    • corwinsr


      It’s high time these haters go somewhere quiet to rock back and forth and suck on their thumbs so the rest of us can get on with our lives and our future.

      • jack

        The future is bleek…. Obama will end this country as a world power and make us subservient to a new world order.

    • M

      I smell a sheep

  • GM

    Mr Hussein one of the greatest American Presidents? REALLY?

    How do you figure? what has he done for the United States of America? Other than give jets to Egypt, promote welfare, lure illegals and Bend over for the Saudi King?
    I don’t consider that doing anything in favor of the United States : (

    Also, I have asked ALL the Obama fans I know to PLEASE point me in the right direction by telling me ONE thing that he has done for the US and NO ONE has yet to answer! They all say MANY things! and I ask again, ONE! just tell me ONE! Do they answer? NO, not a single person has yet to answer!

    So… WHY, is it that you say is Mr Hussein (who is not even an American) one of the greatest presidents? PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME!

    Thank you!

  • Sky

    A lot of sheeple comments here. Too bad your eyes are full of wool. Air drones&Obama. Synthetics&British Federation. Connect the dots!

  • darlene1waters

    Wow, you racist fucktards. Of course it’s plausible that President Obama would be on future money – he’s the first African-American President of a country that was built by enslaved Africans.