[1/11/17]  Several states are now seeing a push for “Blue Lives Matter” laws to give special protection to police officers.

In Pennsylvania, State Rep. David Zimmerman is introducing a bill which would add an additional charge on a perpetrator who has targeted their victim for a crime they are a police officer. The memorandum for the bill, “Blue Lives Matter – Expansion to Include Police, Fire & EMS – Ethnic Intimidation Statute (Prior HB2268)” reads, in part:

“We have witnessed an increased targeting of first responders –police, firefighters and emergency medical services providers – simply because of their service on the front lines, protecting our citizens. This is intolerable and I believe we should extend the same additional protection we now provide to crimes motivated by hatred of a person’s race, religion or ethnicity to crimes motivated by the victim’s service in a police department, professional or volunteer fire department or emergency medical services provider.”

Wisconsin State Rep. David Steffen wants a similar law put into place in his state.