Ret US Navy Chief: Militia Mobilization Across The Nation Under Way

(Fred Brownbill)  Be advised that I am in the process of notifying and contacting all legal and constitutionally created militia groups across the United States to mobilize on Washington DC for “Operation American Spring” currently scheduled for May 16th, 2014 and commanded by my friend Colonel Harry Riley US Army Intelligence (Retired) Silver star.

1.8 million people have already responded in kind and are mobilizing and or supporting this effort.  We need 10 million.

The Senate and the Congress feel it is in the best interest of this nation to fund illegal immigrants and keep them sustained with free health care, tax breaks, free education in our schools, EBT cards, public housing and the like. They wish to keep sending tax payer money to foreign countries that hate us. They wish to fund bogus global warming projects in the billions and they refuse to take a pay cut themselves.

Yet they will now deny the wounded veteran his pension COLA increases which he or she earned and depends on while struggling to survive day to day, some are in wheel chairs and without arms and legs.    Mr. Politician you are now going to be held accountable.

This vote,  to first deny and then block the able bodied and disabled veterans their earned pension COLA raises is unacceptable and an act of treason against the Republic from the Marxists in the government.  They must want a war against 25 million veterans.  Mr. Communist, Mr. RINO, Mr.. Democrat, Mr. Republican. So be it. You got it.

I called the Marxist Senator (comrade) Harry Reid this morning at 0430 hours and left him a message  notifying him that we are now mobilizing and coming to see him soon in Washington. We are not leaving the grounds surrounding our White House or the Congress until Mr. Barry Soetoro, the Muslim imposter, has been removed from office for treason and/or impeached for crimes against the constitution.

Speaker Boehner you may want to start reconsidering his decision not to investigate the inaction by our government in regards to Benghazi too.  We are coming to town. Your on the visitation list too. We will NEVER forget Benghazi.

If you would like to call Senate Leader Comrade Harry Reid and relay your own message his number is 202-224-3542.  Do not threaten, we come in peace, but we are not leaving Washington DC until Mr. Barry Soetoro, the illegal immigrant from Kenya, who studied as an Indonesian foreign student in this nation, who flew to Pakistan in 1981 on a foreign passport, has been removed from office.

We have the resources, the money the training and the Constitutional protections to take this country back. And we will. You have pushed us too far Mr. Marxist,  now you will see who runs this country. It is we the people.

We live in a Constitutional Republic not a Marxist dictatorship.  It’s time.

33 million Egyptians took back their country from the terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization  supported by and propped up by Barry Soetoro and the former Secretary of State (born again Communist) Hillary Clinton.  This is also treason against the United States for aiding and abetting the enemy.

Impeachment charges have been drawn up  in the past and presented to the Congress against Mr. Barry Soetoro with NO ACTION, no response.  They are spineless gutless cowards with as much intestinal fortitude as a rotting possum run over by a semi.

I want all Tea Party groups – Militia groups and like minded individuals who have the courage (and understand and know) that God and the constitution are on their side, to start to prepare NOW to mobilize for “Operation American Spring” May 16th 2014.  location Washington DC.

Pass this around.

Senior Chief Geoff Ross

United States Navy Retired

Surface Warfare / Air warfare / Airborne

Navarre FL


Santa Rosa County Militia

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  • Joseph James

    Asking all militia to gather in one area, away from the lands they defend is dangerous. IF the militia can afford the trip for XYZ people, perhaps the militia can do the BEST thing possible, and each member send a non member friend representative, we show REAL grassroots community support and show REAL organization by demonstrating our patriotic principles of representation, only by a revolutionary ground. That builds community moral, as people get a trp to DC to represent their local militias, who are standing ground at home in defense.


      good point, I feel a mixture of both local representation, and a large gathering on DC would send a message. But it needs to be more than militias. Everyone who cares about this country must get involved.

      • Joseph James

        its time to first begin o organize between militia… then we work on common focus. this is the pre planning stage for whatever is in store for this nation. Lets not worry about rally for show, and lets first rally for defense and see whre we stand across the nation, start networking, …. build comms, establish national LP/OP virtual to start, IRL when that need arrised….. proper planning prevents piss poor performance


          unfortunately the only way americans will rally TOGETHER is when EVERYONES up against the wall…I think we need to pray for some unification for the people of the US…once that is accomplished we can concur anything

      • MacFly1

        send a message to the people who are planning on taking you down? What good would that do? Its a set up. Good luck if you go.

    • Trace Smith

      I definitely agree. They have all our people willing to stand up for what’s wrong in 1 place…Obama firing Nuke Officers…I have a funny feeling about this. That’s if we even make it to May 16th. With NASA putting Puerto Rico on emergency status, and the mobilization of all high ranking freedom grabbers in one area…along w/ the movement of Military equipment, bullets and guns bought, medications, hospital equipment, grave liners, omg… Blankets, food purchase, weapons of mass destruction purchased before shut-down, vaccines, military excersizes in OUR urban areas…come on!!!!

      • Trace Smith

        Or, the dark magnetic ball south of our Sun at least as big as Mercury that may have severe weather related devastation and loss of property and life here on Earth. Jes sayin lol

  • clete

    Like I’m going to trust a bunch of NSA Career type officers to lead me.Just google Col. Aquino and Gen. Paul Vallely.Mind War Is The book.Men who stare at goatshit.

    • Ricky Ross

      The picture looks like something you would see in a rap video! Not really something someone in a leadership position would want to be seen as…

      I think this is a setup!

      • Warrior54

        You forgot the Gold chains and scantly clad hoebags! You know why its called rap? Because they misspelled the word, they were supposed to put a C before R!

      • ₩ASP

        I’m thinking more james bondisque, but yeah it does look like a set-up, we’ll see come May 16th. Either it blows over or it picks up momentum.

        • Ricky Ross

          I was in the Army for 6 years and to my knowledge, no respected leader of men, posed in a picture like that.

          • ₩ASP

            ya, it smells of a set up, holding an AK no less

    • Warrior54

      Micheal Aquino? The temple of set, Satanic Luciferian, sure people more marches , more talk, Model the Egyptians? We have our own ways , And before i forget, all this talk of impeachment , AN ILLEGAL CANT BE IMPEACHED BECAUSE HE IS ILLEGAL, All the attorneys know this, bounce the ball down the road and time continues on. How many people have the resources to camp out in D.C.? Do you honestly think they will just come outside and say hey lets have a beer and work things out partner! They are not listening, yet!

      • Ricky Ross

        The last time that happened, was the Bonus Army…and it did not work out to well for them.

  • broken ninja

    It’s a trap!

  • Horatio

    I smell a rat!!! What is the best way to get rid of the resistance? Gather them together in one spot!! I would love to see a revolution against this tyrannical government, but you had better be careful assembling in mass. It makes for a very big and easy target!! Stealth is the key!!!

  • Mary Brown

    is it a possible setup? Maybe, but if they attack a couple million unarmed Americans you will see an uprising in this country of conservatives that will be armed and willing to do what is necessary to remove the illegal government occupying DC

    • Forgotten Vet

      I don’t think you will see that uprising. I see a lot of posturing, but from my experience when the stuff hits the fan, most Americans will chicken out.

    • FreedomFighter

      I would strongly suggest that everyone intending to go tell as many people as possible and inform them of the intent and peaceful intentions. The minion media and the controlled opposition minion media (FOX) will either cover this not at all or be used to show crazy “terrorists” and the poor poor government being regrettably forced to defend our nation through butchery. The people you leave behind need to know if you do not come back it was because of treachery and that any violent acts will have been caused by the federal instigators who mix with the crowd (such as at the WTO protests) as an excuse to attack.
      I fear the general populous is too cowardly, too stupid, and too selfishly bent on their own entertainments to resist in a meaningful way.

  • Callengreen

    yep….that cool looking tux and that high-dollar mercedes really has me convinced…..then the cheap Chech AK copy (which I like to call a Kalash- knockoff) really seals the deal.
    Somebody has been watching too many cartoons.


    We shouldn’t let the picture be a distraction to what he is trying to accomplish…agreed the Ret Navy Chief could find a better way of representing himself but this is how he portrays himself

    • clete

      Wake up’s a setup pure and simple.

  • Samuel Adams

    Forget DC. Take back your counties and towns first. This I am sorry to say smells like a setup. Nullify fed power by taking back your communities and state. Every govenor is in league with the globalist agenda. Every major and medium sized city as well as most smaller cities have been taken over as well. Whether it is called agenda21, or Earth First or ” sustainability project”. We all need to not get caught up in this fraud of storming the capitol. They hit us on many sides and fronts. It is past time to take back our country on the local level and nullify the fed power.

  • BillClinton

    Nothing you said in your propaganda piece is true. There are no communists in government. There are one or two Muslims in the Congress. Obama is not a communist or Muslim and is a US citizen. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a terrorist organization. The Egyptian people did not “take their country back” from the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian people voted the Muslim Brotherhood into office. A military coup replaced the elected government. Benghazi was perpetrated by a militia that was angry over the presence of foreigners and a video that bashed their religion. This video was being promoted by American Christians and was intended to piss off Muslims just as they did with the Koran burnings. They got the result they wanted. Protests arose in several Muslim countries. In one of those countries, Libya, there was actually an attack by a militia group. This was a local militia not affiliated with Al Qaida. This group is composed of religious people, patriotic people, people who want foreigners out of their country and are willing to take violent action. These people are just like you. Hopefully when you organize all the militants in one place the FBI will be able to make a list of all the members’ names. It is the patriotic duty of all Americans to stop the violent overthrow of the duly elected American government.

    • Bruce

      Letters from Zone III FEMA Camp.

    • Forgotten Vet

      Geez, I though the idiots were on the other pages, troll on clinton Troll on.

    • clete

      Spoken like a real tool

    • FreedomFighter

      You must be very happy living in blissful stupidity. What a fact free POS you posted. Looks like the ifone lobotomy was successful.

    • Inducer of Truth

      Guys You know the poster is speaking as if he was Bill Clinton talking. He is being funny not serious.

    • ₩ASP

      No one believes your lies you being the leftist pro-marxist whackjob that you are. D.C. is run by communists you stupid assh0le, and Obama reads directly from the Wahabists KORAN you idiot, he is too a muslim, or at least a muslim sympathizer. Obama is what happens when a slut whore piece of white trash marries a dirty dog black lowlife muslim and is raised by affluent communist grand parents. The marxist scumbag had surrounded himself with communists his whole life and continues to do so. Just say what you mean you assh0le, you hate white, bible believing folk.

  • propel7

    4th of July at midnite will likely be the time when 50 million Americans eliminate the illegal surveillance mounted on every light-post, with their shotguns. The war on terror is FRAUD. It is a war on the American People. Can not have a One World Govt. with the American People still in charge of their country. When a border is left wide open and cameras and spying are done on all the People, then this so-called war on terror has no legitimacy. Time to restore and enforce the Constitution. The amnesty FRAUD is only designed to enhance the agenda for a N. American Union. Part of the so-called New World Order of the Masonic Illuminati infiltrated into all the Govts. If it is a Mason or any of it’s cohorts…it is the enemy of America. This is what is at the top of your little pyramid that you love. Pure EVIL. Better wake up, Mason morons, that have sold America to the highest bidder and infiltrated into every level of our Govt. to subvert it. The Globalist Bankers are in their final hour. If you serve them, then your final hour has also arrived. A 17 trillion dollar debt, when we can and always could print our own money for nothing, has no other definition but TREASON. Militarization against the American People is evident and FRAUD due to the fact of an open border. Doesn’t get any more evident than that. Your Fraud against America stands naked. You seek to destroy what BLOOD bought. Only YOUR blood will take it…COWARD.

    • Warrior54

      Finally someone gets it. People the Masons are at the top levels of Law Enforcement, Murder and Treason is Accepted, look it up. They protect other Officers, The judges gavel comes from them, the term blackballed comes from them! The J.F.K. murder, Warren commission conducted by MASONS! WAKE UP, That pentagram isn’t on those buildings for nothing. Well the founding fathers were Masons, it was not the same evil entity that it is now, lower levels aren’t aware until they reach the higher degrees, that the true worship is to Lucifer!

  • MacFly1

    If you go to this you deserve what happens to you. STAY at home and improve your defense of your area. What would be the point of coming to D.C.? They’re not scared of you. Don’t be stupid, This is a sham.

  • Venharis

    Constitutional Convention. But that might be like starting a fire in your house to kill some roaches…

    • FreedomFighter

      I believe a Constitutional Convention will only serve to eliminate most of or all of the codified God given Rights. There are few in elected leadership who actually believe in the foundations of the USA. Worse, academia has been completely subverted to Marxist lies by design as laid out in agendas of systematic infiltration and toppling from within by leftist radicals such as Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, etc.
      I don’t think we will like the fruit that action would bear.
      All leftists are statist no matter which word they use to describe themselves that day – communist, progressive, collectivist, communitarian, fascist, Nazi, corporatist, globalist, monarchist, ad nausea. The only argument remaining is the form and structure of control within that all powerful state.

      • ruling_clas

        Any suggestions?

  • Don_in_Odessa

    I can’t afford a trip to DC. But, how about a spending freeze for the rest of us? They say seventy percent of the economy is dependent on the consumer’s wallet. Let’s just shut down the country for awhile by limiting our spending, until they get the message.

    • Warrior54

      If i remember correctly this was tried a few months ago.

      • Don_in_Odessa

        Yeah, you are right. The truckers ring around the rosie started out to be a truckers strike in place, not a trip to DC and spending boycott for the rest of us. But, nearly as soon as it hit the web it got highjacked by some grandstanding alt media types and morphed it into Truckers to DC.

        • Warrior54

          Yes Sir, Its a shame the bikers spent a lot of resources also. Put away FOOD and NEEDED supplies is my suggestion,again they could not care less what the people have to say! Be safe I mean today i read that the un-supreme court has allowed MONSANTO the right to sue farmers, this is the genetically modifying food scumbag company!

    • clete

      This has been going on for years.Now it’s going on even more because most are flat broke.

  • Chris D
  • Just me

    So which one of you is going to make sure I get my SS and make sure my Grand Son is safe in the Army, after you throw out all the Bums? You’re all ranting and raving, but no answers.

    Meet the new Boss… same as the old Boss!

    • nickthecat

      Great attitude there Just you…is there a large chip on your shoulder?

  • Bayside GolfClub

    This is exactly where this was all SUPPOSED to lead.. Take it for real right now. The leftwing loon will mock it when they get wind of this reality. We will march on them too. They have done exactly the opposite of protect free speech. the leftwing clown posse is not MEDIA. they are not a voice. They are a sham with an agenda to create “Perception” where the perception is not reality, but an agenda of the few and rhetorical misrepresentation to fool the useful idiots the U.S. Government has created by educational failure.
    Yep– Buy stock in spider holes. That’s my recommendation for the alinsky radicals. We are coming for you. From every pipe fitters Union (yep, that too, we are taking the unions back as a matter of course) to the VA patient who has been stabbed by it’s own Government to the guy on a cane at the VFW to the biker bard and clubs across America. That’s only the front end.
    I think America is now ready, willing and able to do what we really wished we would not have to do, but have been ALWAYS ready, able and WILLING to do if NEED be.

    Final recommendation: Alinsky radicals and progressives.. your time is running short. Repent, get out of the way, report to your nearest State, local or (soon) federal prosecutor and decide which side and which sentence you prefer. You have been told the big lie. You are not on the right side of history. You have played the all or nothing game for those that have no allegiance to you. Join the community of the FOUNDING FATHERS! Forget your stupid “collective”. We are one. Final warning!

  • William Zabel

    I have a better chance of a three-way with Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus then you all of you do taking down this president and corrupt congress. Oh! got to go, that’s Britney on the line.

  • Bill

    I like the idea and the attitude, however they have the kill switch. Don’t matter if 300 million show up all they have to do is hit us with a frequency and zap everyone’s deceased. Next plan please