Seattle Has Been Taken Over By The Department Of Homeland Security

(Montana Pike Hunter)  I’m writing to you today to bring light to share with you some curious things I noticed this weekend.

In order to put them into perspective, I must let you know a little about myself.  I was born in Seattle Washington and moved to Missoula Montana in July of 2001.  I still have friends in Seattle and I go there to visit yearly.

I went last year and observed a lot of peculiar infrastructure put in place, but nothing more noteworthy than the extremely sophisticated camera systems on the state borders.  This year I witnessed significantly more, a deterioration into an Orwellian setting that I never could have imagined.

Seattle is now informally under Federal Control.  Whether the local police and sheriff’s departments know it or not, they are being groomed to relinquish control to the Department of Homeland Security, it would appear that vast amounts of resources are being placed inside the city on standby.  I would have gladly taken more pictures, but given the circumstances, which I will explain later, I was unable to.

Picture 1.  What you see here first, is a homeless man who got drunk and took a dive into the concrete.  What you can’t see to the left of the picture by the arrow, are 3 Department of Homeland Security vehicles which I will show later.  That’s right, our counter terrorist force is responding to domestic disturbances.

Shown in the red oval, is a DHS operative,  clearly displaying “POLICE” on the back of his type III-A body armor.  A clear difference compared to the domestic officer pictured in the green oval, who is wearing the typical type II armor.  Also, observe his badges and identification obviously present on his left shoulder – clearly absent on the DHS official.

Picture 2.  Shown here are 2 DHS vehicles which are portrayed as standard police vehicles, but upon closer observation are shown to be Federal Agents, and this is where things got uncomfortable.

After taking these photos, the two DHS vehicles began to follow us down the block, circling the block several times that we were walking on and then slowing to a creep while passing us while they stared us down.  The close up photo was taken on their second pass.  This made my girlfriend very intimidated and unhappy, and I began to take less obvious pictures of them since we were on vacation, and this trip was about relaxing, but I was too puzzled by their blatantly  overwhelming presence.

These vehicles are EVERYWHERE in Seattle, making rounds on any particular block about every 10 minutes, driving in caravans as long as 6 vehicles, but mostly in twos and threes, and always in an aggressive fashion.  Speeding, sudden stops, unnecessary acceleration, and clear traffic violations.  The frequency with which I observed these actions while eating a long lunch in a local restaurant as well as while walking through the streets was startling.  I would say it might be a training exercise if it weren’t for their interaction in insignificant events like drunk bums and medical emergencies.

Picture 3.  The third photo shows another obscure medical emergency with 3 DHS vehicles present.  2 vehicles are obvious, the third is behind the white truck.  Once again, our counter terrorist force is responding to heart attacks or whatever else might be happening in this photo, which took one ambulance and one stretcher, Clearly a minor medical emergency.

Are the 1.6 billion rounds starting to make more sense now?  they’re grooming and placing assets where they need them first.  Ever heard of the massacre at Hue, south Vietnam? on January 31st of 1968, the N. Vietnamese were able to go inside this city in the early hours of the morning and execute every single South Vietnam sympathizer without error. in one night they were able to pinpoint every household where they lived, pull them out and kill them.  at the time this seamed improbable, how could they organize this? informants, data systems, and useful idiots that thought something like that could never happen. And then it happened.  With the internet, Facebook, and other electronic resources in place, and others being put in place, I think it’s pretty clear what is going on, get ready Patriots, we’re in for the long haul.

  • ronpaulfan

    this is scary.

    • The Lord Knows

      The Obama antichrist prophecies are scary…read them!

      • Contrary Mary

        He is the One who will help bring in the antichrist/christs, since I believe they are a group or movement. Yes, the prophecies are happening before our very eyes. How can anyone be a non believer of them today?

      • Heidi

        Why is it that people keep saying he is the Antichrist — as if there aren’t a TON of Antichrists walking around right now?

        1 John 2:22 – Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

        2 John 1:7 – For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

        President Obama is the False Messiah. He is ethnically J*wish, as in J*wish law – his MOTHER is/was a J*w. And the False Messiah, has ALWAYS been known that it would be for the (fake)J*wish community (Rev. 2:9, 3:9) – as they were the ones that rejected and crucified the Savior of this world.

        Google photos that have been published in different J*wish magazines where President Obama is captured with a “halo” – like the ones that used to be painted on artwork surrounding the Holy Family and the Angels sent from our Father in Heaven.

        • Gladys Crump

          Are you nuts? Where the hell did you get the idea his mother was a f’n Jew? She was a porn star and slut, but as far as religion, no they were athiest and communists…I think you are thinking of Hitlers mother, and that hasn’t even been proven yet that he had ANY Jews in his family either, just a urban legend…man people are just getting stupider and stupider these days.

    • Contrary Mary

      Fear alone can kick your butt. Do not be scared! Be active and be diligent, but never be scared. It serves only one purpose, and that is to make you unable to do anything. I choose to fear nothing, therefore, fear is no weapon against me.

  • Not too far away- the US Border Patrol is warehousing agents at Port Angeles:


  • CK

    They are in Colorado Springs too.

  • smm

    They are in Lincoln, Nebraska too

    • Sueychop

      They’re all over but we’re all over, too. The Tigers can’t defeat the army ants. They can kill a lot but no way can they win.

  • Robert

    This isn’t scary. This is security. As you can see from today’s Terrorist Attack, it is NEEDED. You all want to be safe in your little homes but don’t want the measures required to provide that safety. There are plenty of other countries without homeland security. Feel free to move to one of those. I, for one, will stay here in the country I’ve spent the last 17 years defending in the U.S. military.

    • romeoscarbravo

      Nice try bud.

      • Robert

        Nice try how?

        • romeoscarbravo

          Unfortunately almost every government agency was on the scene before the event took place. They had EOD dogs there. Police, Plain clothed, dhs, active duty military. Somehow two bombs went off. These agencies failed and then used it as an excuse to impose martial law without declaring it. The Oklahoma bomber was caught in ninety minutes and no martial law was imposed. This is F CKING BULLS IT. I appreciate your service. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any “defending” since when? I know you can tell me. The military has been being used as an invading force ever since I was born.

      • keep sleeping Robert

    • Jack

      There’s no need for Homeland Stupidity! We have plenty of law enforcement. Homeland Stupidity has had absolutely no substantive track record but a bunch of former military, law enforcement, and former BlackMud operatives on the payroll with US citizen taxpayer money. You can move sir, to another country if you don’t appreciate the freedom you spent those last 17 years serving to defend. I will defend or do my best to support those that will defend this country from foreign or domestic enemies.

      • Robert

        No track record but former military, law enforcement, and former BlackMud operatives on the payroll with US citizen taxpayer money?!? You mean those men and women you pay to protect you while you sleep? The men and women who are the only reason you don’t speak German or Japanese? The same people that have been fighting terrorism for the last 10 years while you sit on your laptop at starbucks and bitch about how other people protect you and your family? Yeah, they sound like the worst people to have in charge. So if they are such a bad choice, who do you recommend?

        Don’t get me wrong. I own firearms. I’m trained to use them. I will always stand ready to defend my own home and family but a militia cannot compete with the terrorists and foreign governments that attack us.

        I’m sure you will do your best to defend this country but I’m here to tell you, it won’t be enough. Whether you like it or not, you need these organizations. And as soon as they are dissolved due to the ignorance of my fellow citizens, we will be attacked again. Then your ilk will be the ones who have to answer the question “where was the government security?”

        • Eric G

          Youre dumb with that comment. The US got their ass handed to them in Nam by guerilla fighters who ate mostly rice and local plant.animal life there. Why did they die so much? Because they fought an enemy who knew the terrain and exploited it so much to their advantage. They dug so many tunnel networks that it made the japanese ones during WW2 look like a joke. Why do you think the Japanese Admiral advised against Japan invading the mainland US?

          • WSandoval

            Yep, “a gun behind every blade of grass”, kept the japs from invading.

          • Robert

            First of all *you’re*. And if you think today’s military hasn’t learned the lessons of Asymmetric Warfare (look it up) then you’re wrong.

          • Please do not correct people when you yourself can’t correctly spell “boarder”. It is actually border! Dip shit!

        • these “organizations” are here primarily to take our rights from us. dont you see that?

          • Robert

            Yup, I bet the Director of Homeland security wakes up every day thinking “how can I take away U.S. citizens rights today?” Not “I’m pulling my hair out trying to protect these sheep and they still believe every piece of dribble some idiot posts on the internet”

          • With that comment you did prove to be an operative or stupid. For that matter considering you are covering for “big sis”…BOTH. Take a long look in the mirror. There you will find the sheep.

          • Robert

            WTF does that mean? I’m an “operative?” Please explain?

        • What are you talking about? The federal government is supposed to protect the borders, not control the cities. This country has a few major cities, but is mostly rural. If a terrorist attacks a rural area, that doesn’t make him a terrorist, it makes him a libtard. Apparently, Robert, you were brainwashed into believing the bull. If DHS is soooo needed, why did we not have it for over 200 years? If they are so almighty and powerful, why did the bombs explode in Boston? If they are supposed to stop terrorism, how did Eric Holder sell assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels, which were used to kill a federal agent? The DHS is a waste of taxpayer money and a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution, 10th amendment, as well as Article II

          • Robert

            See, that’s what you fail to understand. Just like in today’s combat, there are no front lines. Even our military has ceased using “forward line of operating troops” symbology. The FLOT does not exist any more. With sleeper cells and a boarder to large for us to guard 100%, the need for interior security is obvious.

          • Renn Frayne

            What you fail to understand is this: If we can spend trillions of dollars to send millions of troops into foreign countries thousands of miles away for over a decade, we sure as hell can keep them right here on our soil and protect our problematic borders a lot better than we have been. Fact: We could use 207,927 troops to post a man every 50 ft on a wall across our entire 1,969 mi Mexico border and do it using less troops than we used to invade either Iraq or Afghanistan. If we as a nation are too incompetent to fix our own problems at home, we have no business handling the rest of the world’s affairs. Having to rely strictly on interior security means you have already retreated way too far and are about to lose.

    • twinglocks

      i’ll protect my family and those i love and do so without homeland security thank you very much. i will not give up my rights for safety.

      • Robert

        You would rather give up your families survival for pride you mean? How exactly do you plan to protect your family in the event of a biological attack? How many firearms and how much ammo do you think you’ll have to stockpile to fight off an attack by AL-quida, or any other terrorist organizations? As for me, I’ll take all the help I can get and provide those protecting us with my cooperation and support.

        • we dont need guns agaigst terriost we need them against r govt for whats comming down and they were probly behind bostan to put fear into US citizens

          • Robert

            I agree, it’s our responsibility to maintain our firearms in case the administration gets a little too “uppity” but that time is not yet. And give them a little time to investigate the attack before you jump right to the conspiracy theory’s okay? Otherwise you kinda look like a nutjob.

        • Dave

          That’s the point Robert, they are out there harassing drunks and yet this unfortunate attack was still able to happen and so will the next one. They are Homeland Security, maybe they should start doing the job of looking after the homeland by first securing the border. That would be more effective in preventing a “biological attack”. And if there was a “Biological or AL-quida” attack, then the national guard would be immobilised to work with local authorities. They in turn would be working with Fema who would be in charge of security for the area. NOT these dirt bags. At least the local authorities will know their people and the area better than any douche bag homeland security agent.

          • Jeremy

            terrorists? al-guida? I think you mean to say our government and C.I.A. im glad to protected this country for 17 yrs but….What u fail to realize is the emeny is right here! they use soldiers to take over countries and take what they want to in store fear! DHS was created during to 9/11 which was proven to be an inside job over and over again ….so either your a disinformation agent or you have just been kept into the dark I do believe if u look into the raw footage of 9/11 u will see for yourself that the story was a lie. same with sandy hook, boston, and so many more and ppl like us here are have been fighting for this country all our life also just bc we are shootin other ppl does not mean we are not serving our country. we just choose to do it without corp. controlling us….Obama has stated the constitution is flawed and he will try his best to get around it. I know you like many do not agree with this. — robert

          • Dave

            Jeremy, I think you got the wrong idea of what I was saying and it was in fact in reply to what Robert had said. Hence in the way it was written. I agree with you that the government and its agencies of so called protection are nothing more than fronts for more evil ideology of controlling a nation. This includes peoples such as CIA, Fema, DHS, etc etc etc.

          • Jeremy R

            I clicked the wrong reply button it was meant for Robert. sorry about that.

        • If terrorism is such a threat why are we letting in those that would harm us. Security starts and ends at the borders.

          • Italo, are you trying to use logic against liberal thinking? Might as well beat your head against the wall–you will get as far.

          • Robert

            Because without a bomb or a t-shirt that says “I’m here to attack America” those evil people look just like every one else. Do you think the terrorists that attacked on 9-11 came into the country in turbans shouting allah akba? No, the came in wearing jeans, hollister, and listening to iPods. but every time we get a little more boarder security there are cries of how awful the security agent was to me and how i had to wait 2 hours to get into the terminal. Everyone wants additional boarder security but only if it’s convenient for their travel arrangements.

        • Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety…… Benjamin Franklin

          • Robert

            Congrats on knowing how to look up a quote but not how to think for yourself.

          • sqdog99

            “The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit”

        • its obvious from your posts that you are a sheep and a liberal troll. go take your bullshit and preach to your liberal fucknut friends!

          • Robert

            Wow, just wow. Don’t confuse education with liberalism. If you can’t back up your argument with facts, resorting to crude language just makes you look like an idiot. And I’m a Republican Jackass.

          • sqdog99

            Are you one of those John McCain, Linsey Graham republicans?

        • By time we hear of a bio attack, it is too late. As for al-qaeda, you boild one of theirs alive in bacon grease, then tell them if they so much as sneeze in our direction we will do the same with the entire arab world. Of course, that would call for a federal government more interested in doing their jobs than controlling those that aren’t already mindless zombies willing to do their bidding. Why do you think they won’t attack China, who OUTLAWED Islam? They know that China would just glass the sands. They attack this country however, and we send billions in aid.

        • star7rider

          Hea robert , who the hell you think are doing these terrost acttacks? The information is everywhere, get your head out you rear end.

          • Robert

            This statement means absolutely nothing. You would have contributed more to this discussion if you had just slammed your face into your keyboard repeatedly, and then hit send.

    • If our local law officers
      were kept in the loop they might not need so many troops in our own country

      • Robert

        I agree with that also but that means a hell of a lot more training for local police and less time writing tickets and stopping robberies.

        • romeoscarbravo

          You mean showing up after they’ve been committed right?

    • SickandTired

      They cannot stop terrorist attacks, idiot! You wait, The Feds are heading down a road against the American Citizen and their Constitutional Rights that are very precarious at best. You start taking away guns and our God Given Rights, and you haven’t seen anything yet! But then again if you have served in Iraq or Afghanistan maybe you have had a primer.

      • Robert

        I’ve served in both and I don’t agree with the current gun control legislation at all. And if you knew how many attacks on major metropolitan areas had already been prevented, but not publicized in order to keep the sheep calm, you’d rethink that first line. And again, name calling is for the weak of mind. Step up your argument and try again.

    • Robert will you give up your guns? If detailed to take away allcivilian guns will you.?

      • Actually, according to Feinstein, he should give up his guns anyway because, as a vet, he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder

        • Robert

          Not all vets suffer from PTSD. My brother does; my mother, father, and other 2 brothers do not (all of whom have served combat tours.) I also do not. Some people have a hard time dealing with combat, I went into my tours knowing that there are some bad people out there who just need to be put down. I sleep just fine at night.

          • Renn Frayne

            Regarding the second half of your statement: The problem is when you blindly follow orders given to put down “bad people” with absolutely no evidence leading to proof of guilt, trial or any other due process of law and it turns out the targets were innocents who just spoke their mind and/or stood up for their rights/beliefs. When those orders are indiscriminately directed towards the home turf, it will all become more clear to you, if you have a conscience and mental capacity with which to see the evil of it all. My days as a mercenary for the bankers are over, but I used to be as naive as you long ago. Hopefully you too one day get it.

          • Robert

            um no, I normally identify “bad people” as people who are currently shooting at me. And while there are those in the military who “blindly follow orders” they are few and far between lately. Look up some stats before just spitting up what you heard on talk raido yesterday. 98% of the terrorist attacks taking place in Afghanistan, hurt or kill Afghani’s, not American soldiers. And if it’s part of your “beliefs” to kill women and children civilians, then I don’t feel quite so indiscriminate putting a bullet in you.

      • Robert

        No, and should the government attempt to take my firearms then it’s both my and your responsibility to overthrow that government. But that’s not the discussion we are having. We are talking about “oh my god, I saw three DHS trucks in my city today. They must be SS.” knee jerk reaction the author of the original article is selling.

    • you sir are a blind dumbass! im safe in my home from danger with my second amendment. how about you move to a country where the government can “take care of you” dumbass! I ll protect myself. Molon Labe motherfuckers!

      • Robert

        You are safe in your home because men and women like me are prepared to deploy, engage and destroy the enemies of the United States in close combat while you hide in your fucking hole. You, by yourself, are not safe from shit.

    • Really? So, you served in the military and took an oath to defend the constitution. You served in an organization that fought against tyranny and “police states” like Nazi Germany, yet you support the police state? You just slapped every soldier in the face by saying you support violating the very thing they were all sworn to protect. Those that would trade freedom for security deserve neither and will get neither.

      • Robert

        You sir, are an idiot. I never said I support a police state. I said we need the DHS to keep doing what they can to protect the interior of the U.S. from outside threats. And that people should not assume we live in a post 1984 world just because they see a few trucks rolling down the street.

    • i spent 14 yrs in the army, and having the thought of a police force running adound unchecked does not make me feel safe. having my guns does.

      • Robert

        That’s why our government has a system of checks and balances. The police do not “run adound unchecked”

        • Renn Frayne

          Yeah…. so who is stopping them from doing so? Factual evidence of LEO’s breaking the law with no consequences, up to and including killing the wrong/innocent people exists nationwide going back for decades. Perfect example = Waco dead babies on Patriot’s day, coincidentally just like the Boston bombing and OKC bombing.

        • sqdog99

          Yeah Obama has been a real champion for the old check and balance system. This Admin, the justice dept, and their private DHS army are lawless and power hungry….. And now that they have a complete moron in charge of the DOD, martial law is only one or two bombings away……wake up Bobby

          • Robert

            If I ever gave the idea that I support this administration, I am very sorry. I don’t. He’s a god awful president.

        • romeoscarbravo

          except in Boston…

  • CementCityBoy

    After today, we need to relinquish all of our rights and privacy in the name of security. WE NEED a totalitarian police state for our own safety. Trust them they know what’s best for you.

    • Go away you brainwashed fool,,,and you think you’re safe,,,when your no longer the useful puppet you are now,I’m pretty sure your tune will change.Always nice to meet a gooberment man.

      • CementCityBoy

        [/sarc off], but glad you feel that way.. Liberty or death.

        • Harley1949Vet

          Your Proctologist called, they found your HEAD!!

          • Its called sarcasm. Look it up.

          • Harley1949Vet

            That’s how they found it , They Looked up it and there it was Don ! ! Amazing this modern day Medical stuff !

    • We already have

    • Please tell me you’re joking

    • Ben Franklin left a message for you~ “those who would
      sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” …you jackboot lickin

      • Look up the word ‘sarcasm’, Abby.

        • mercenarygrip

          Believe me Don, sarcasm doesn’t work with some folks. I have made some posts in the past that were so completely over the top, that absolutely NO ONE could have taken them seriously, or so I thought. The good news is, their hearts are in the right place, even if they don’t understand sarcasm, and that’s the important thing.

    • RKae

      Man! No one noticed that this is someone being ironic? I submit some dialogue by Mr. Steve Martin:

      Roxanne Kowalski: I was being ironic.

      C.D. Bales: Oh, ho, ho, irony! Oh, no, no, we don’t get that here. See, people ski topless here while smoking dope, so irony’s not really a high priority. We haven’t had any irony here since about, uh, ’83, when I was the only practitioner of it. And I stopped because I was tired of being stared at.

      • Harley1949Vet

        Ironic is close to Idiotic is it not ? Hmmm?

  • disqus_vfXsIzODzN

    They are asking to get ambushed. I

  • bgdmswede

    Learn about the Nazi SS. DHS is a national police force that will/can act as the jackboots for carrying out the will of the federal government. City, state and county law enforcement becomes unnecessary and irrelevant. How quickly some people forget how well managed our ‘national security’ reacted at Kent State, Ruby Ridge and Waco. No thank you. My constitution is there to limit federal government and relagate most powers to the states. Obama and big sis had better watch there step.

    • Constitution has fell by the way side,no such thing ,just try telling a law enforcement officer you have constitutional rights LOL Probably go up side yo head ,an tell u he’s ur constitutional rights. BEEN THEIR HAD THIS HAPPEN.What’cha do about it?????Nothig u can do!!!! Except get a good a– whipping,AMERICA OF TODAY!!


        • Contrary Mary

          Whom believes that running into their bunkers will save them, however, we read in The Book that even those who flees into the caves, will not be spared. I take comfort in knowing that they too will be as exposed as the rest of us, even while thinking they are safely tucked away underground in the caverns. Money can’t buy love, nor safety, for if your true fate is to be targeted, as we all will be, yeah they’ll soon find that money is as evil and a curse, as the words and symbolism written upon it indicates.

      • Contrary Mary

        Yes, you are very correct, informing them of your Rights will only get you beaten up, man or woman, and hauled in for a long wait, while they ridicule and harass you. Amerika is a goner, and we have no one but ourselves to blame. Is it too late? Time will tell.

      • Kare Sue

        yes so did my husband who was sick at the time, having a grandmal seizure, and was beaten by cops,instead of helped, they broke his neck and he almost died. yah great country he fought for. He is a Gulf War Veteran.

        • gmatch

          Oh, poor veteran of yours – he has beaten up other people abroad and now he got a feeling how it is.

        • gmatch

          Oh, poor veteran of yours – he has beaten up other people abroad and now he got a feeling how it is.

    • Heidi

      The Nazi SS had NOTHING on the J*wish-Bolshevik-Communists. They killed more people (mainly CHRISTIANS) than can ever be claimed that the Nazis killed.
      What was significant from this article is that the N. Vietnamese had the EXACT type of tactics that the Bolshevik-Communists did to the Russian, Ukrainians, Romanians, Germans, Austrians, Chinese, and etc., etc., etc.
      I suggest EVERYONE start researching what these people did to the people of Europe — in 1914 there began to be a MASS INFLUX of the “chosen people” into Russia, and then en-masse began to join and take over the military and the government of Russia – and they were the ones that MURDERED the Czar of Russia (and his entire family).

    • Contrary Mary

      I would really REALLY like to know from the one loner who voted down on this truthful statement, why? What is your view and opinion on this matter? Are you an agent troll paid to vote down our awakening, or do you really have a valid reason, and if so I’d love to read your reply? I’m serious, I’d love to know your reasons.

    • Eileen Kuch

      Try Cheka, NKVD, KGB, or East German Stasi. The Nazi SS never targeted a whole German citizenry, as its Communist counterparts did in the former USSR, Warsaw Pact countries, and in Mao’s China, not to mention North Korea.

      DHS – or, better yet – Department of Homeland Insecurity, is targeting over 90% of US citizens for extermination, just as the Bolshevik Security Services had done in the former USSR and Eastern Europe (although they had failed to exterminate that high a percentage). The Nazi SS were mere wussies compared to these bad guys.

    • 67falcon

      BHO, spits on the “founding papers” DHS…is his private army.

  • They are also in Jackson, Mississippi. Ran into one at the post office.

    • They are in Washington Court House, OH too. Why do we need anti-terrorists in a town of 10k? My guess is the bombing and the envelopes sent to senators and a$$hole-in-chief will be blamed on right-wing extremists, then the crap hits the fan

      • The Lord Knows

        The Lord has been warning that Obama is the antichrist since 2008! When will the USA wake up and smell the evil in the White House.

        • It is Americans, not Obama, who have killed more than 50 million of their own flesh-and-blood children in the last 40 years. How long did we think things would go on, as their “innocent blood cries out to heaven from the ground,” before we would get leaders who are as dismissive about human life as we have been?

          Sorry, but anyone with eyes, ears and heart could have seen all this coming sooner or later.

          BUT the hopeful news is: The Lord promised (and it’s in Scripture) that if we turn back to Him again, with all our heart, He may return His protection to us!

      • Sueychop

        They’re there to help you…to the FEMA camps.

  • Torch Onepercenter

    There in NYC but I don’t know there interaction other than the UN but NOW after yesterday in Boston… THERE GONNA BE EVERYWHERE!!! A friend of mine lives out near Rochester NY & has been see’n a lot of Border Patrol vehicles. Apparently their “patrol area” is “within” 100 miles of ANY boarder.

    • Dave

      LOL just a pity its not “ON” the boarder where all the illegals are coming in.

  • Terry Edgar

    About a month ago I saw a whole line of these vehichles go by my house. there must have been 20 or more of them and I am in Pa.

    • I saw them in SE PA myself, traveling in threes!

  • Eric G

    The writer is an idiot. those 1.6 so called billions of rounds are over a 5-7 year period. Plus since all LE agencies use HP ammo. As some firearms owners know, some make/models of firearms are notorious for FTF (feed),FTEs ,etc. They train using HP ammo just for that purpose. And the Fed agency did not contact any ammo manufacturer directly, they simple put out an ad kinda like a craigslist. And its not a set amount of a particular type of round. Do your research dipshit

    • no sir, you are an idiot. and blind! do your research DIPSHIT!

    • Robert

      Oh my god, someone with a working brain on here. Thanks Eric G.

    • Sueychop

      My neighbor works for DHS and he says they don’t use HP because its too expensive. Shut up.

  • News flash kids, This is Hitlers Gestapo and we are all the new Jews.

    • Heidi

      Give it a rest.
      I realize that the J*w run Media/Entertainment industry likes to put out movies and “documentaries” about the Second WW — but for some reason they leave out their participation in the SLAUGHTER of over 66 MILLION CHRISTIANS in Russia.
      DO you know what the J*ws did in Russia to the Russian people? Do you even know who created Communism – or who the Bolsheviks were?
      Even the New York Times slips up and reported some of the things that were going on (they were J*wish owned – always have been).
      If you start from 1914 on, you find that they (the J*ws) made up 67% of the Russian military, and only continued to grow as more and more J*ws immigrated INTO Russia. They became the RED ARMY and began to MURDER the PATRIOTS of RUSSIA and surrounding European nations.
      Even an Israeli paper – YNET – has an article called “Stalin’s Jews” – you, and anyone else, might want to read it. There are even more articles from J*wish papers that talk about ANNIHILATING ALL EUROPEAN countries IF they do not support Israel bombing yet another country in the Middle East.

  • Nony

    The pic of the ambulance and FPS is outside of Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. FPS has jurisdiction because it is a National Historical Park.

  • SickandTired

    Department of Homeland Security is Obama’s National Police Force that he needed to be as robust and ready as The U.S. Military! Only to be used as a Civilian Military! All of the Equipment and Armament Requests are clearly showing that as the case!

    • I’m afraid you’re absolutely right. Damn. Most of the world through most of human history has been tyranny. It was my bad luck to be born in a time and place that was free and beautiful and mistakenly assume that it would be that way forever….

      • Contrary Mary

        Me and some friends were just talking about this very thing yesterday.

    • Contrary Mary

      All of Tennessee is abound with them. You can see them driving down the interstates, especially near Nashville, at any given time. Don’t even get me started on the once great music city of the nation, that is now a big s***hole! Perversion seeped in about fifteen years ago, ironically, (gentleman’s clubs, couple swapping, spanking dungeons, etc. so forth, that a lot of cops like to ummmm put under surveillance wink! wink!) and ever since it has become a hill of dung.

    • Timmogul7

      And now look at the downsizing of the Military, something’s in the air, and it is foul. Repent.

  • Leave it too a BLUE submissive LIBERAL left state like Washington…Every RED blooded American STATE should give these Obama FEDS da BOOT, with middle FINGER salute and shown the door!!

  • DHS is Obama’s SS. We will have to fight them in the streets to keep our country. Are you ready to defend America?

    • Robert

      DHS was formed under the Bush administration.

      • Renn Frayne

        Damn… “It’s Bush’s fault!” strikes again, I suppose that is the answer for Boston as well. Left or right, both hands are attached to the same body/control system. Open your eyes, it matters not who paves the road to the destruction of liberty, but those who actually implement it in an unnecessary/excessive manner should be the ones who will be held accountable. If a state worker made a new highway but drove down it all reasonable and prudent like, only to be followed by an illegal immigrant hauling ass down the same road drunk who runs over a few innocent people, is it still the state worker’s fault? Both puppets have caused/are causing problems, but things happening right now are under O’s second watch.

        • Robert

          Read up ^ I said nothing about it being “Bush’s Fault” and I’m as far as you can get from being a fan of Obama’s but calling DHS Obama’s SS is just stupid. So I corrected the stupidity. Feel free to unbunch your panties.

  • disqus_T4O94fp83K

    google “the night of the long knives” where hitler had virtually all his political enemies wiped out in one night

    • Robert

      Hey, someone paid attention in middle school history! So are you saying that the Department of Homeland Security is coming to kill all of the governments enemies in their sleep?

      • Doowap jonesin

        no ofc not… DHS will simply continue to allow political dissent… (While stockpiling, not for training, Hollow point bullets)
        Didja catch the news today? USA’s last Lead smelter closing up shop. Guess what that means for ammunition sales?

  • Harley1949Vet

    WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!!

  • Doctor Reno

    They’re in Spokane too.

  • Scott Moseman

    Thanks for the info. Seattle will be scratched off my vacation list.

  • Nick D

    The Federal Protective Service branch, along with vehicles, are in charge of protection of Federal property, such as Federal buildings and courthouses. Is the first photo near a courthouse? Are they going outside their jurisdiction, and roaming about the cities? Just a couple questions in case anyone knows. BTW, I’m aware of the FPS because my girlfriend is Federal Probation Officer, so these guys are always around the building she works at.

  • steve apodaca

    I live here and now i’ll be leaving.If seattle wants this then the police officers here Have NO BALLS.Damn shame to

  • teargarden20

    I live around where he’s describing AKA FEMA REGION 10. I’ve seen these vehicles as well. All of these mercenaries better run & hide when SHTF. ((not from me of course, homeland insecurity,NSA,FBI,CIA,ATF,BATF,))

  • Revolution coming soon. Look for alternative ways in which materials can be used. For example, scrap styrofoam cups can be used to thicken gasoline. Get the picture. A sock and a couple of golf balls can be used to bash a person’s brains out.

  • stinkarella

    the reason we have the 2nd amendment is to defend ourselves. that is why
    the “dhs” is not needed. that is the point here. any outside force that
    thinks they can attack the u.s. and actually take us over is
    delusional. with hundreds of millions of armed households it would
    devolve into guerrilla warfare and the invaders would lose, just like
    has been happening in afghanistan for thousands of years. dhs is obsolete.

  • monroee22877

    Unfortanely they are not going to go away they lost their gun ban votes today they are, mad as the Devil who will go to Hell verysoon!! Expect more Evil to come as they force their NWO agenda nd use the Media to do more BRainwashing on those who are asleep. Now is the Time to seek Jesus Becuase your guns wont save you from what’s further COming. You can’t fight an Enemy who Lives in the is Spritual Realm and One that u cannot see..

  • Sam

    You know… I kept wondering what those “Federal Protective Police” were going from one part of SubBase Bangor to the other near Poulsbo last month. The drivers sure didn’t look like SP.

  • jaded one

    Given that the May Day riots from last year is being played in the local news and how “ineffective” the SPD was, I am willing to bet that is the reason they are giving for DHS to be out.

  • Satan

    Seattle is a major port city with ships coming in from destinations all over the world. I happen to live in Washington state and this conspiracy theory that DHS has taken over is hog wash. Sure they drive around downtown which is the only way to get to the waterfront. We also have Boeing field, Sea-Tac airport and Paine field where jets from international carriers land and pick up their jets. All of these areas fall under port authority. Everyone take off your tinfoil hats and worry about real dangers such as Korea and terrorist attacks.

    • Antonymity

      i align myself with this way of thinking – clear, precise and grounded in reality. i smiled here the most, as i finally saw a beacon of intelligence in these comments. then i looked up at the name of who posted it, and smiled even more. it was reassurance to me that i am doing just fine.

    • Doowap jonesin

      sure satan… You are a beacon of clarity.

  • mercenarygrip

    The amount of “tin foil hat” garbage that infects this entire thread is amazing, and maddening.

  • NewHampshire

    Under Obama, America has turned into Nazi Germany.

    • Doowap jonesin

      whichever puppet is in place is irrelevant. Obama bush bush sr clinton reagan…
      They enforce the will of the corporation and provide sheeple a figurehead to hate on, which diffuses the sheeples rage..

  • Joe

    We have them here in El Paso, Tx as well. We have other similar vehicles also being Border Patrol. another lazy company.

  • Joe

    Like I tell all the folk’s I know , is that the feds have no rights over us…….

  • If they think they’re any match for deer hunters in the South they’ve got another thing coming…

  • JFK really tried to warn ALL OF US.

    “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” -Galileo


    JFK “The President and the Press,” before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, 27 April 1961

    • ladyslair

      more than you know want to know why he died.. look up operation northwoods

      • ladyslair

        this will actually show you many things like all the false flags that have happened.. it is about false flags and how the gov wanted to do them to justify going to war with cuba… kennedy said no he would not sign it and then he was shot.. later a more recent president signed it. read it it will put everything in a much clearer perspective… of how they are doing business… But yup, we are on the verge of a very life-altering situation. this country has been transformed in to something I no longer recognize. It is evil, it is very scarey and it is here in full force. we are in full blown police state, a surveillance state, and a almost military state with everything we say and do being recorded from the camera’s, our phones, tv’s, computers, our dr.’s and our neighbors it is scary times we live in now. And it is going to htf very soon.

  • judyavelsor

    believe if anything happens it will be july/aug BHO going 2 weeks to T.kennedys place.I thought odd since all the scandals .

  • Jack Gist

    While I think you are making a gigantic leap here, it is most definitely disurbing. Msny folks dismiss these types of things…but who knows. The writing seems to be on the wall, but I am not ready to start patrolling my neighborhood nightly looking for gov’t troops. I am nit dismiising the information you put forth. Did you try to get answers from anyone in the city pertaing ti why DHS was on patrol?

  • Brianna Aubin

    That’s… disturbing….

  • Reasoniam

    I’ve seen the TEA protests, IRS, Federal Reserve white these DHS vehicles all over in the background. That movie Red Dawn 1984 could be more a documentary of what’s going to happen. But it won’t be an invasion from another country.

  • Don ald

    Are you paying just to own water? So does a business.
    Are you paying ground rent (property tax)? So does a business.
    Are you paying yearly license/registration renewels? So does a business.
    Are you paying interest on commercial currency? So does a business.
    Are you paying for amount of electricity? So does a business.
    Are you paying income tax? So does a business.
    Do you need an Account Title (name)? So does a business.
    Are you paying…(please insert)…..

    Now…what are the odds, your name is registered as a trade (business) name?
    Ex: Jane Doe on paper, identifies real person.
    JANE DOE on paper, identifies trade name and is also a business name and account title/name. Notice each letter in name is ‘capitalized’?
    Wikepedia: trade name–> “In writing, trade names are generally capitalized”.
    Burton’s Legal Thesaurus:
    Capitalize–> Utilize for profit,manipulate,take advantage of.
    Utilize for profit = Incorporate for income.
    Long story short, by capitalizing our name in the system, we appear as an individual business and are made to pay taxes/fees ….just like a business.

    What happens when you do not pay on your house? What do they do? Now, what happens when a business goes out of business, what do they do?

  • DivaEl

    I’ve been working in downtown Seattle for the last 3 months and noticed an SUV just like the ones in the picture and clearly marked “FEDERAL” Police barreling down Seneca near 2nd Ave. with sirens flashing on its way to police something. And this was just last Friday, June 21st, 2013. What kind of jurisdiction do they have?

  • VideoZu Crue

    I hope you spy-kids realize that your spy games are only demoralizing the American Public and hurting the very country YOU, had the good fortune to be born into. Stalking the American Public is beyond criminal. Especially since we regard our privacy as an integral part of our Freedom.

    Have you never questioned why you are acting in secret against your fellow citizens? You actually think you are doing something good by doing this? Who brainwashed you into believing you are doing the “right” thing by doing this? Do you think God would regard this as the right thing to do to people?

    You are being someone’s tools. You are committing crimes in the name of fighting crime? Really? You really think that this is the way to make the Country better for your kids to live in?

  • Pamela

    As a trk drvr I see those all the time, in most major areas….saw a convoy once with white humvee like armored vehicles bringing up the rear. That was in Nevada between wells and Ely

  • Pamela

    Remember, obama stated that “WE” must have a security force as well trained and armed as the military. That should have been enough to stop him, but the freebies were more important

    • paulatiina

      so what does this mean? they are planning something?

  • Guest

    Seattle is a douc he bag liberal city,I thought liberals liked the government all over them watching every move they make.I know liberals love big government,it doesn’t get much bigger than this.

  • Bill buck Trull

    You do know that that agency has been around since 1971? The Federal Protective Police are police officers that have authority on Federal property, property leased by the Federal Government and federal courthouses. They added the homeland security seal after Bush created the Homeland Security( a good idea given the failures) ater 9/11. They have cars and full police authority on federal property only. This is because local cops have no jurisdiction on Fed property. I would not be too upset about an agency that has been doing the same job for 42 years, I don’t like a lot of stuff our government does but these guys have a job to do. You will see them standby to support local cops if they are near Fed property. This includes any office space rented out by the Feds for any agency. The ammo issues is a big deal, Obama’s ideals is a big deal……………………Federal Security Police that has been around since 1971………………..not so much.

  • Bill buck Trull

    You do know that that agency has been around since 1971? The Federal Protective Police are police officers that have authority on Federal property, property leased by the Federal Government and federal courthouses and such. They come under the homeland security department after Bush created the Homeland Security( a good idea given the failures) ater 9/11. All DHS cars have the seal from Immigration to security guards. They have cars and full police authority on federal property only. This is because local cops have no jurisdiction on Fed property. I would not be too upset about an agency that has been doing the same job for 42 years, I don’t like a lot of stuff our government does but these guys have a job to do. You will see them standby to support local cops if they are near Fed property. This includes any office space rented out by the Feds for any agency. The ammo issues is a big deal, Obama’s ideals is a big deal……………………Federal Security Police that has been around since 1971………………..not so much. And I am a conservative, gun toting, Constitution loving red blooded American that is skeptical of every hinky thing the Government does…………..but………….these guy have always been around doing their job that ain’t that glamorous. They are not some Obama creation.

  • Tamlyn70

    Funny how they are going after the ones that voted for them first. I havent seen any of this mess where I live in rural Ga yet.

  • Elhuero

    Why didn’t they just call it Fatherland Security Department?

  • Manfrom Modesto

    I read a Christian prophecy just a few days ago. The man was warning that Americans would be surprised when Russia invaded… But they would be more surprised when DHS merged with the invaders and worked alongside them.

  • bailey78

    where was all this anger when bush created the Homeland security monster ? How many of you said it was a good thing

    • wwj745

      Not me. I quit voting the “lesser of 2 evils” 3 decades ago…

    • pslinger

      Bush was no Conservative, and Conservative citizens didn’t like it one bit. But Republicans in Congress supported it anyway. That alone speaks volumes about the nature of the GOP today.

  • John Joseph Hall


  • Karen Smith

    I hope they get the democrats first.

  • pslinger

    Sounds like the feds are planning something big in Seattle. A false flag attack would give them an excuse to lock down the entire city. Good training for the DHS jackboots in enforcing martial law on a national scale in the future.

  • Bear-Ninja

    Sounds like more conspiracy crap to me

  • Dale Leppert

    I have personal experience with body armor. I have purchased it for my own use. Y0u cannot tell a difference in body armor just by looking at it until you start to get into even higher threat levels (level 4- 4A and up) some body armor is made to be worn outside your clothing and some under. you can get threat level 1 through 3A in either. and cannot tell what threat level you have without looking at the label. the writer has NO possible way of validating what body armor these guys are wearing.

    I agree that we have a problem in America with the gorwing police state. However people like the writer of this story need to learn not to embellish to make things appear to be what they are not. even something as simple as this takes credibility away from our side of the discussion. We cannot afford to lose credibility. we are losing our rights and the powers that be want nothing more than to use this kind of stuff to make us look stupid. here is a link if anyone is interested in learning about body armor.

    • PhunkyMunky

      I agree with your sentiment here. The Officer on the right…. I couldn’t tell you if that’s Seattle PD, DHS, or some other agency. He’s wearing something that has a “POLICE” patch on it… That’s about all we know about that.

      That being said, there IS a lot of DHS interacting with all of our agencies here. I don’t know if it is that they’ve TAKEN OVER however. In THIS incident…. One has to remember, this is downtown Seattle. The federal Building isn’t too terribly far away. There could well be perfectly legit reasons for those DHS vehicles to be there.

  • PhunkyMunky

    This isn’t NEW, it’s been going on for a few years now. The LE on the left looks like a Sound Transit Police Officer, which is pooled from King County Sheriff’s Office, the bright vest dude in the middle is Transit Fare Enforcement. In Auburn Wa. a while back, there was even a full blown exercise in assaulting a neighborhood. Around that same time, there was a “Bomb Threat” at the Kent Regional Justice center, and every LE in the region was in on this exercise as well, including many Fed Agencies. I anticipate things being very scary, and hyper violent here in the near future. I pray otherwise, but I can certainly see the pain coming.

  • Tony Budz

    They are there for a reason, perhaps heightened security for lord knows what. Ignore them until they touch you.

  • Tony Budz

    They have reasons for mobilizing into certain areas. Just ignore them unless they touch you.

  • drkervorkianjr

    Those vehicles are clearly marked FEDERAL PROTECTIVE SERVICE. They are the agency responsible for securing &protect Federal properties. If there is a Federal office or building such as an interagency parking garage in the area these Officers will be driving around. Also numerous agencies were merged into Homeland Security after it’s creation. That was supposed to trim the layers of overburden (hacks) in the system. Didn’t work, these Officers drive around all day & night and get bored. Better they assist local Law Enforcement reather thanwatch movies on ccomputers.

    • Clouds Below Sea Level

      I think I prefer them watching movies…

      • drkervorkianjr

        I prefer back up myself. But to each his own. Check 6 Duee.

  • O’Ryan

    Sigh… You clearly did not do any research on this topic.

    Most of what is written in the article is very imaginative, but very inaccurate.

    Most of these photos are taken about 1-2 blocks around the area that I work. I walk by most of these places in the images daily. It also happens to be the location of the federal building in Seattle, which is where one of the DHS headquarters is located. Near the Federal building there are always Police, DHS, State Trooper, Postal, and even FBI vehicles outside and around. You will see them frequently out walking around as well. Getting lunch. Walking the dogs (with poop bags in hand). Occasionally helping a homeless person, or calling in the local PD when a homeless person is out of hand.

    They have not taken over the city. I have never seen a DHS vehicle outside of this area.

    With that being said, about 5 years ago Seattle PD was ranked as the 2nd most corrupt in the nation. Right under LA PD. They would routinely beat people after stopping them for a routine traffic violation because they would not offer a bribe; or for offering a bribe. Destruction of personal property and sever racial discrimination. As soon as that report came out the FBI issued an ultimatum to clean up. They soon temporarily took over the local Seattle PD and fired/arrested about half the force and hired or imported new local police officers. The FBI does not run or control the local PD but they are under surveillance and strict oversight. Many people I have spoken to say that the police are much better than they used to be.

    Instead of seeing something you don’t like and them guessing and assuming and then passing off your assumptions as fact with some fear mongering sprinkled in, why don’t you do a little research first.

  • thephantom696

    I went up to a butte overlooking my city in oregon about a week ago, and I saw one of these vehicles pull up to the parking lot, with a business looking guy with him. They parked right next to me, and that’s when I noticed it was dhs.they got out and started surveying the cityscape and pointing around, talking, which got my stomach churning. The next day, I got out of school and went up there again, and the parking lot was full of city pd and they even had an armored humvee with a mounted machine gun. The cops were all standing around like they were having a meeting. And that dhs car was up there as well. Is my city about to become like Seattle? Please reply any of you who have this happening in ur city.

  • forestguy57

    DHS has new contract to purchase 700M+ rounds of ammo in the next 4 years. I imagine they’ll again claim it’s for training purposes.

    Is it any wonder ammo is difficult to get, let alone prices have risen dramatically.

  • Km

    ‘O’ said it in a speech 6 years ago: “civilian national security force” – it’s here!