Soldier, ‘We Can’t Trust Each Other, Obama’s Divided Us, We’re Dangerously Close to Civil War

(Jodi Swan) A soldier letter sheds light on a problem that is becoming more and more frightening everyday. Some have wondered why the military doesn’t come to our aid against the tyrannical administration which is currently devastating our country. This is one brave military man’s response to that question: “Here’s the problem for us soldiers: we can’t trust each other, as there are those who are extreme liberals, socialists, and those who love the current administration.

We’re infiltrated with these traitors and we don’t know how to organize without others turning us in and sabotaging our plans. That’s just one problem. Outside of that, as an organization we have become plagued with disfunction, toxicity, illness, injuries, and betrayal. It does not allow for a good foundation at the current moment for us to clean house for a country. They know this. They created the environment as it is right now. We didn’t see it until it was too late. Militants are forming, but in small pockets, and unable to fully unite and plan our strategies in secrecy. And there are watch dogs out there watching us attempt to plan.

I’m sure every word I am typing right now is watched. There is no privacy in which we can operate on our own soil. Our best efforts will only be when they place us on orders against you. That is when we will know what soldiers will bleed for you, and which are loyal to this regime.” These words are extremely chilling coming from someone within the United States military. We have a President who has literally divided the American people against themselves to the point where we are dangerously close to another Civil War.

Share this with your vigilant Conservative friends. The liberal community will surely dismiss it as fanatical rightwing nonsense, or just consider it as more ammunition for their agenda. If we do not stand up and do something about this socialist/communist/marxist movement within the government, McCarthy’s interrogations of suspected communist leaders and celebrities will be a foreshadowing of something even more dire in our future. Can you imagine a day when they put Conservatives, Republicans, and the Tea Party on trial? ”Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Tea Party?”. I promise you, that is not a radical thought. It is a reality that we very well may have to face if we don’t begin to do something now.

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    I am ready for the fight, I am ready to fight and protect my Land, My state

    from a tyrannical Government, so much for the key board Computer Rambo’s.

    Freedom is measured by the will of the People, Not the cowardice of the weak

    that plagues this Land! If our Country had to rely on weak and cowards such

    as you during the Revolution of 1776, this country would have fallen to King

    George and the colonist would have been enslaved. If you stand by and do

    nothing, You Will Be Forced Into A FEMA Camp, Arm yourself or Die on your


    Hey America, Take a stand don’t be bullied into giving up
    your 2nd
    Amendment Rights to a Unconstitutional Government, You have to take
    a stand and
    fight, who cares if they brand you a Terrorist, Racist,
    Constitution believer.
    You either have what it takes to uphold the Values
    our fore fathers fought
    and died for Or you are the very ones who are
    destroying our Nation with Peace
    & Love mind dumbing down Talk.

    which side of the fence do you serve ? The fence of the path too
    and a new Republic or a Path that leads too George Orwell’s

    • Liam Armstrong

      im with ya, im not getting any wiser, 15 years of age, midwest with nothing to do but watch revolution radio…build stuff and eat jollies

      im more then happy and willing to fight along side military servicemen and with civi’s in this fight :D:D

      wait a sec O.O …you know what, **** this, who gives a damn who says what i should do, this is my homeland, anyone in my school have a problem with it, i dont give a damn. im an american, not a sheeple anymore

      i did a revolution call here in the high school, and they suspended my partner, and it was all my fault…
      well, hes returning sometime this month and were gonna fight back!!!


    • Mecca Wrecka

      peace and love in Heaven, after we’ve done what was necessary in the face of demonic tyranny down here.

    • The NDAA authorizes indefinite detention of anyone, including Americans, without charges, in secret, with no Constitutional rights, on the mere suspicion or accusation of being a “terror suspect.” The definition of “terror suspect” has already been expanded to include suspected drug dealers, “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, radical environmental protesters, biker gangs, and the list is rapidly expanding and may soon include “Tea Party” members, libertarians, military veterans and/or anyone who tells the truth. The mere incantation of the word “terrorist” by a public servant strips away all Constitutional rights of the unfortunate target. As in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, the accusation alone is sufficient to seal the fate of the victim. In essence this means that no American has any rights whatsoever if they can be deprived by simply labeling the suspect a “terrorist.”

  • The_Truth_Wins

    Instead of arming yourselves and psyching yourself up to kill people…

    Run for local government on a platform of:

    Small honest government.
    Lower taxes for all.

    Learn how beaurocracy works, and dismantle it from the inside.

    Move up the chain, to county, state, federal levels when you are ready.

    All of this talk of violence just disgusts me.

    • SHTF411

      how has that been working out for mankind these last 100 years?
      not well at all considering the elite write the rules and own the police forces to enforce them.

    • Jay

      You cannot not fix a ridged system from the inside

    • pintorider

      You are so naive. Shocking. Grow some balls…

    • Defiant

      Yeah…because VOTING has been working so well…what with the Black Panthers at poll sites…illegals getting bused around to cast votes where they’re told…as many times as they’re told…dead folks signing in to vote…
      SO sorry if the talk of violence dusgusts your elite sensibilities…sometimes you need to do things you don’t like.

    • Tuaca1107

      Well first you must remember that the “government” is a corporation.

      US CODE: Title 28,3002. Definitions

      (15) “United States” means —

      (A) a Federal corporation;

      (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or

      (C) an instrumentality of the United States.

      Here in Nevada state, The State of Nevada is defined as a corporation. NRS 43.080. In every state’s statutes you will find the same thing. Why? Because the Fed can’t control the states is they are not corporations. So taking it down from the inside simply will not happen.

      • calligraphy1019

        Read the federal one. You can find it through a G website as it’s public information. The Pentegon took out a loan of so many trillions of dollars and they used the American people, the U.S. landmass, and everything of value as collateral. If you don’t believe it, then go read it for yourselves. It’s all true.

    • j electrolux

      You’re right. I would add that if done with a heartfelt desire to make life better for everyone, a small group of people would succeed. Government arises from the people. Where else does it come from? I mean in the actual real world? Of course, you are talking about hard work and moral discipline.
      Some people don’t realize that ‘Rambo’ was a movie character.

  • j electrolux

    During the first civil war 2.5% of the people died which was 750,000 souls. If the same % died today that would be 7 million or so. If you want to Romanticize history why not start with the decimation of the Great Plain Natives and the massive buffalo herds. Was that not done by the US government motivated by lust for the land in general and gold of the Black Hills. Did not your noble ‘Revolutionary’ citizens stand up for the god given freedoms of the natives? If you want to change the world for good you must start with truth. Not television history truth.

    • eelet

      Yep, Progressives in partnership with corporations, do it every time.

    • Mecca Wrecka

      the South was in no position to stand up for anything, and the North was increasingly populated by destitute – and many non-English speaking – immigrants who also were in no position to influence government policy. So you had millions of young male soldiers suddenly released into civilian life, and you have to ask what drove Western expansion without regulation?

      • j electrolux

        What drove Western expansion?”Where the rubber meets the road”, for me, there is no other reason for suffering other than our own individual pursuit of happiness at the expense of the happiness of others. We do that as individuals reflexively believing that our own happiness or the happiness of those we consider to be ‘like us’, is more important than the happiness of strangers or of our enemies. This formula is the engine that powers the ‘reality’ of our world. We may want to blame the ‘devil’ or ‘devilish’ people for the cause of suffering but as see it this motivation is the nuts and bolts of how things work.

        A compassionate mind makes for a compassionate family, a compassionate family makes a compassionate community, a compassionate community makes a wonderful true democracy.

        Narcissistic mental practices ruin the family, the community, the democracy. Surprise, surprise, our Ruling Class encourages Narcissistic mental practices. As Homer Simpson says, “Doh!”

        • Mecca Wrecka

          in 190 B.C., Rome heard that the powerful and tall Celtic tribes were about to move south and sack Rome again. Messengers were sent to ask “Why?” They returned with the Celts’ response – “Everything belongs to the strong”. The only thing that has changed in over 2,000 years is the need to add 3 words to the Celts’ response – “Everything belongs to the strong and the clever”. You could say it another way – “Those who drool about morality and being heard & felt will be left only with a wet bib”.

          • j electrolux

            And what do the Celts and Romans have now? They are ruled by Sociopaths and they still chase that ‘carrot’. Compassion on the other hand scares Sociopaths. A truly compassionate mind is free and cannot be manipulated. Mind you I said truly compassionate.

          • Mecca Wrecka

            they laugh at compassion, and will use it to your destruction, and not shed a tear. In fact, they’ll laugh at you – which is, in fact, what they have been doing lately.

          • j electrolux

            At least I gave them a good laugh. They might spare me.

          • Mecca Wrecka

            now you’re thinking

          • calligraphy1019

            Ahem, the Romans captured and enscripted them into military service for Rome. The Romans trained them and the Celts in time warmed up to them. Then, the Celts revolted and fled. The Romans thought they’d gone for good and kept plodding along as usual. They did not forsee the Celts coming back to sack Rome and take their spoils, using Roman military tactics and weapons. The Romans found that the Celts made good strong fighters when they ruled over them. They discovered the were much better fighters when they had to protect themselves from the Celts instead of fighting alongside them.

          • Mecca Wrecka

            You need to see the two different Roman campaigns in central Europe – firstly, Gaius Marius’ destruction of the German tribes around 105 B.C.(he got them to fight with the sun in their eyes, and trained his soldiers to stab at the tall German fighters’ exposed legs) and later, Julius Caesar’s sweep through Gaul, finally defeating the Celtic forces under Vercengetorix. Some of the remaining German tribes did, indeed, join the Roman legions, comprising 60% of Rome’s troops by the time of Augustus’ reign. Arminius, trained by Rome, wiped out their legions four centuries later in the Battle of Teutonburg Forest. But the Celts did not amalgate into Rome’s military. Caesar (who was after their extensive gold-mining operations) wiped out a large percentage of their population and enslaved many more. They did not make it into Rome’s legions.

    • Those Natives you speak of…Were committing genocide against each other long before the Spanish and White man came along~

      Were Natives badly treated, you can bet they were, but let us be honest here. They were enslaving, raping, pillaging and warring with each other for 100s of years, prior to the Spanish arrival and then later the European one!

      And in fact, took more of each others lives prior to these arrivals and even after wards than the white man had!

      This so called 100.000.000 Natives who died by the white mans hands that we so often read about is so outrageously absurd and fabricated that it’s hard to believe that anyone would believe this nonsense…

      It’s now being found out that the same European plagues that swept across that continent as well as across Asia, and claimed so many millions of European, and Asian lives, may have also swept across the Americas claiming many Native lives. And granted too, the germs and sicknesses the Europeans carried with them as well, claimed many Native lives, nor were the Europeans most likely aware of what was happening.

      The Natives were a brutal Warrior class people. Any blow struck against their enemy counted as a coup that tested their bravery, they thrived on proving their warrior status, thus they took many countless other Native lives, and they dispatched them in a savage and brutal fashion!

      It is also known that the Natives almost completely wiped out other tribes, and mayhaps did so many more that we don’t know about.

      They were all about taking land and property from each other…Sound familiar does it?

      BY the time of the arrival of the Spanish and Europeans, they estimate as few as 8-12 million Natives lived in North America, and a general consenses that there were no more than 4 million in Mexico the 1600s.

      • j electrolux

        I agree that it’s not wise to ‘Romanticize’ about the ‘noble’ Native populations but neither is it wise to ‘Romanticize’ about the ‘noble’ Revolutionary American, both are inventions of the mind like children inventing Santa Clause at Christmas time. Ultimately individuals are interested in pursuing their own version of happiness regardless of the what happiness is ruined for the ‘other guy’. The engine of our reality is powered by selfishness. Our Narcissistic ruling class reflects more or less the Narcissistic mind of millions of millions of people. But as Forest Gump said, ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’ In other words, using this idea, if we train our minds as individuals to value the happiness of the ‘other guy’ to be equal to our own happiness we might build a viable world. We create the world. It does not appear from magic.

        Before Columbus some estimates of Native populations was 30 to 90 million people. 400 years after Columbus 90 per cent were gone, mostly because of disease. One culture displaced another if you will.

        • jacqui8411

          I wonder, was there another ancient culture here perhaps displaced by the “native americans” that came across the bering straits

          • j electrolux

            Excellent question. I suppose the previous society was displaced or absorbed. I’ve read that ‘ice ages’ occur every 10 thousand years or so on the earth. I suppose if that is true then we can expect societies to come and go. We can’t control that but we can control how we treat each other.

          • Rhonda Renee Sessions

            I believe that the Native Americans that we speak of today came across the Bering Straits, when they were a solid land bridge, as migration happened resulting from the dispersion of the descendants of Noah after the Great Flood, when they settled around what is known as Babylon (Babel, Tower of). When Ham (son of Noah) had the Tower built, remember that God decided to confound them, via languages, so that groups of people could not communicate with each other. Those individuals who could talk with each other grouped together, and then left the region, causing the remaining world to be populated into the civilizations that we have had through history. This would explain the commonality of beliefs (such as images of serpents, representing Satan; stone tools that were identical to each other, found in totally different continents, et al). Even the Native Americans have, in their belief systems, a common link to their ancestors in the Middle East… a Great Spirit (God) and similar “myths” to other civilizations around the world, who would have no other way of knowing about these other civilizations.

          • It is amazing that you have to “wonder” with the physical evidence being so prominent. Of course there were White men in North America many thousands of years ago. We have overwhelming proof of that. To the victors belong the spoils. I have no problem with the fact that the Solutreans and Kennewick Man were wiped out by Asiatic interlopers. That is the way of the world. The strong survive, the weak perish. The Asiatic settlers in America won the earlier rounds against the Caucasians but lost in the later rounds in the post-Columbian era.

          • James Jjink


        • I really appreciate your post..Thank you, and have read as much!
          I do remind myself often that history is very selective, and to many a soul, self serving, I am a deep rooted Southerner, and know exactly how disinformation works, great of you to point that out as well, we need heels when looking into these historical instances. Thank you.
          I think the romanticism of the Revolutionary war is strictly due to the Freedoms that came from without it’s massive toll on life.
          I remind many today that are calling for a Revolution to over throw this Government, that it is projected that 7 million Americans would loose their lives today if an internal war were to break out, and I happen to personally believe it will be much much higher…
          We must also be reminded that other Nations that have stakes within the US will take sides, they have a lot invested in Americas success, and would come to the aid of whoever they thought would likely win that war.
          Both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars are proof of that!
          Thank you for the post, are going to reread and look into this.

          • j electrolux

            Than you so much for your comment to me. That was very generous of you and I appreciate your civility. (I’ve never met a ‘Southerner’ living way up here on the banks of Lake Ontario. But your generous attitude is what I’ve always imagined I’d find in the people of the Deep South. Subtracting of course the ‘hot heads’ that we can find in any place)

          • lol…I have to admit, I can be quite a discomfort to those who are confrontational and disrespectful.
            I have dosed out their consequential wrath on many a occasion!
            Thank you for the informational post as well, and I most certainly love your great country, and most especially, you more freedom loving Canadians…
            Great respect for your PM Harper, love the guy.
            We each have our bad apples I guess…

      • calligraphy1019

        Jeffrey Hardin, European invaders would’ve died had the coastal Indians not given them food. They were starving and many of the first lot of them died as a result of that and disease. The Indians thought they’d give up and leave. The invaders lead them to believe that they would leave and not live there permanently. They either lied or changed their minds. Whatever the case, they came in such numbers that the Indians began attacking them. They had a maintain a certain amount of hunting territory for their people to survive. Each tribe had alliances to help them against the ruthless Indians. Don’t lump all Indians together in the same basket as far as blood thirsty goes. When you speak badly about people you’ve never known but have only heard about through people who murdered, butchered, raped women and children, and took captives of all sexes. They turned many of my people into slaves which is what I was turned into after being taken from native America indian parents as a baby. In my case I was born with an identical twin sister. Medical researchers doing gov’t work were using native children for experimentation. Research labs were contracted out to do the work which gave the G plausible deniability. Society created laws to use native children as slaves and not just for physical labor but also for sex. I was a victim of this for many years as a young child. I remembered the faces of these people who had sex with me when I was young. They worked in city and county offices. I saw more than a few of them at churches my family visited over the years. These people are and always have been above the law. The man who experimented on me had a very thick german accent. He said I was the first one that this particular plan had worked on. I asked how many others there had been and he said nearly 300. So, I asked where they were and he said they died, like they meant nothing to them. You need to read about the small pox blankets given to Indians, rotten food, or very little food…. Then read about what happened to indian children taken to residential schools. There were at least 100s of them murdered because they refused to stop speaking their native language, refused to conform to white ways. You need to remember that there were many many tribes of Indians on this continent when the invaders got here. They declared us to be immoral even though none of us were Christian. They judged Indians according to white standards. Then they got the bright idea that we were just animals at best, not actually human beings. That allowed them to call Indians an infestation not unlike rats. So, they raped, murdered, tortured, enslaved native peoples’ and sold them into slavery or to whore houses. This continent belongs to native Indians, make no mistake about that. Most of Ohio is held in trust for the Shawnee Nation as a whole. We never ceded our lands to the whites. My ancestor Tecumseh sought to work things out between whites and Indians but in the end he learned a hard lesson which was that the white man did nothing but lie, steal and murder. Do not say horrible things about my ancestors when you know nothing of them! Be respectful of other human beings even though you see Indians as being worth much less than yourself. Your people are still taking indian children who are never heard from again. Some die from child abuse in white homes. No one is ever charged for murder. Our language, our traditions, our way of life, our lands, our loved ones, all were taken from us by “YOUR PEOPLE”. That means you bear a curse for what they’ve done to our people just as your people have cursed us. Your people came in these lands, decided that their God gave them “OUR” lands and that He also gave them the right to kill all of us if they wanted to. How much bravery does it take to shoot babies, small children, old people, and pregnant women? Then steal anything of value off their bodies to show on the Antiques Roadshow in this modern age. Whites forced Indians to leave everything they’d made that was worth anything to them. Much of my tribe’s belongings were stored in a big building by the Smithsonian Institute. They refuse to allow any of my people to look at these things and to catalogue them. If the public would see what our people created and how we lived, they’d know their leaders lied to them when they said we were nothing but uncivilized animals. That’s why they won’t allow anyone to see them. My people came from the Algonquian who themselves came from the Iriquois Tribe. The U.S. laws were patterned off the Iriquois laws and system of government! Ever heard or read about the 6 civilized tribes of the Iriquois Confederacy? Why don’t you put yourself in the moccasins of someone like 9 year old Tecumseh who awoke one day to the slaughter of his people and two neighboring Shawnee tribes. He saw the brutality of the whites with his own eyes. Not many of his people survived. See through his eyes and feel what he had to have been feeling when all that took place.

        • Don’t lump all the Natives in the same basket?!
          Isn’t that what you and others have done with the Europeans?!~
          I never said all Natives were savages, nor did I say they weren’t horribly mistreated…But let us not romanticize the Native American either when they were just as savage to each other as well as they were to the European settlers..
          There were no Native genocide…
          90% of their deaths are attributed to disease, most of which came from Europeans and much more that was not…
          Let me remind you of a very simple fact…The Europeans had no idea they were introducing diseases to the new unexplored world and to it’s Natives.
          We have no proofs that their were ever over 5-12 million occupants of the Americas each…I am so sick and tired of the disinformation and the White guilt being laid upon Americans for something that just did not happen.
          Yes…Again…The Natives were horribly treated, and yes, those like Sheridan, Lincoln, Sherman, Adams were in my opinion, Murderers! They ordered and carried out senseless murders and atrocities against the Native Americans…
          But let us remember too, that Natives almost and most likely had committed genocide against other warring tribes!
          Not all mind you, but many more than not!

        • The true genocides are the4 Jews, Armenians and Christian Serbs….For the simple reason they were targeted for annihilation…The Native Americans were not..Though history shows those like Sherman, Sheridan, Adams and Lincoln ordered other wise.
          But for the most part, European settlers protested the treatment of these Native Americans , as they would had as Christians!
          I understand your post, but, there are misplaced people all throughout our history, some tragic, some brought on by themselves, others deliberate migrations.
          But, I tire of hearing the same old lies, the same old disinformation, misinformation, hypothesis and assumptions to what may had or could had happen that have no historical backing, none what so ever.
          This was my point from my first response here. We’re stuck on romanticizing a people instead of focusing on the truth!

        • bodica

          It sounds as if you fell into the hands of a pedophile ring, which are detested around the world, but increasingly buying power and influence – and anyone who watches child rape is an accessory to that.
          The Huron were very generous, but were under constant attack by the Iroquois. The Jesuit saints Isaac Jogues and Jean de Breboeuf and others stayed with them to help and educate them even after being captured and tortured by the Iroquois. They escaped by the way,but were eventually caught and murdered, by molten metal poured into their veins. Then their hearts were removed and eaten.

          Cannibalism has its own attrition. Tribes engaging in cannibalism die out.
          As for disease…syphilis came from the Native Americans, and some protocols believe that smallpox is the child of syphilis.

          Be that as it me, no self respecting Ship’s captain would knowingly allow a smallpox blanket anywhere near their ships!

          I do know that a ruthless bunch of megalomaniacs have been imposing misery on the world; they do not represent the ‘white’ races, and, in fact, are from the steppes of asia.

      • Rhonda Renee Sessions

        Oh, the government knew what they were doing, to decimate the Natives. Providing small-pox infected blankets to the Natives, under the guise of “compassion”?

        • The government never ever never gave the Natives small pox infected blankets ever never ever happened!

          • Rhonda Renee Sessions

            I’ll let everyone else draw their own conclusions… it’s under the section of “Indian Genocide”…

            William Trent, commander of the militia at Ft Pitt, did indeed give 2 leaders of Indian tribes infected blankets and a hankerchief from the fort’s small pox hospital. These items were taken back to their people, and in turn, infected them with small pox, which was already known to be fatal to the Native Americans.

          • I am really trying to be as respectful as I can, and in no way are attempting to belittle you, I just happen to have different sources of information I am relying on and are choosing to relay as factually as I can, especially with the tons of disinformation being used against us…
            The deliberate spread of the smallpox is a lie…

            This atrocious assertion is commonly taught in Muslim schools overseas, and adults and children alike really believe it. It does nothing but to further create a hatred and mistrust of the United States.

            Google the attached link and please correct yourself…Ward Churchill was the source to the reemergence of this lie, this was the start of what would become the means to discredit even further the White European settlements and the founding father intentions by a Colorado nut case.

            The deliberate spreading of smallpox to kill off Native Americans was once again brought to light after years of being discredited in the 1990s by the disgraced professor Ward Churchill. Churchill, It’s unfortunate that this lie is still being spread despite Churchill and others being being discredited…

            Ward Churchill and others have Lied or have made assumptions about a letter Captain Ecutyer had supposedly written, or those of a supposed transcript that he had made while corresponding with other higher ups to inoculate the plains Natives with the small pox disease, and others are perpetuating it through disinformation, and or, not telling the full story, as well as taking it out of text.

            All of which distorts historical truths aimed at discrediting our standing in the world and rights to this Nations lands and the creation of this Republic!

            Also Google the dangers and unlikelihood of anyone even attempting to transport and handle such a contagious disease as smallpox was during the 1700s, much less would they anyone attempt to today, makes this an even more insanely ludicrous tale!

            The idea that widespread, deliberate murder of Natives through smallpox blankets was fabricated and further exaggerated, based on a letter written by a British Captain Ecuyer in the 1700s…This is the same kind of conspiracy nonsense that brought us the theory that AIDS was created in a lab by the CIA/KKK/KGB, etc., to kill off all the commies/blacks/capitalists, etc.

            The Following is a very thorough and great read, it goes to discredit step by step everything Ward and others are perpetuating about the small pox blanket conspiracies as lies!

            Did the U.S. Army Distribute Smallpox Blankets to Indians? Fabrication and Falsification in Ward Churchill’s Genocide Rhetoric
            Thomas Brown


          • I also want to insert again…The American Natives were ruthlessly hunted down and senselessly murdered by Americans…
            In no way do I deny that happened, there were those who did want to exterminate the Natives in order to possess their lands in the same manner they had wanted to exterminate the Southern Americans,
            But there is far to much disinformation that is being spread that simply has no historical backing and yes, sometimes, even most times, history is selective….
            That’s where we come in to correct them.

      • The “Native Americans” wiped out the Solutreans and Kennewick Man. It is probable that the “Native Americans” may have spared a few Solutrean women because some Cherokee were known to have blue eyes.

        • Your absolutely right…Just lost a reply to you about these finds and haven’t the time to rewrite it.
          But the backlash to these finds are already being felt…
          The following is a great little read, gives some detail of these finds but not thoroughly…Just one of my many archived articles I try to use to break down the truth.
          This find though substantiated, has not made it’s self through the news cycles and I doubt it ever will…

          Evidence suggests whites settled Americas First

    • James Jjink

      what did tha native americans do the clovis man who was here befor them?

      • j electrolux

        I would think that would depend on individual native americans. One person might be generous and another might be violent or fearful of strangers. I think that each leader also would have different temperaments. One would try to work with the stranger and other leaders might automatically attack out of fear. I doubt that a central native government existed influenced by powerful corporate interests and ordered a general clearing of the land of people, though.

  • Hot Wind

    Lay low soldier, their are many that just act like they support the government but when the shit hits the fan, they will turn around and fuc* up some liberal as*holes.

  • Vinny777

    A picture says a thousand words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • manifestyourowndestiny

    easy peazy. you dont do anything, untill you are ordered to do something against the public, then you turn and kill the person who gave the order. You will have to face up to the costs of such an action. But it will free the people.

  • Emmanuel Truthseeker

    History does repeat itself, in different clothes, but still, a repetition. The world is now faced with a terrible problem which could have been solved in an earlier time if people had been able to follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth instead of those of Saul of Tarsus. The belief in the sanctity of rulers is a sophistry. God never has appointed anyone to rule over us. Our Father has never ever selected one group in favour of another. Saul of Tarsus convinced people, being as how he was such a slick Hebrew salesman, good with words and sophistries, that God appoints a king to rule over us and that the king’s word is God’s word on earth. Popes also believe this nonsense. If you carefully consider the words of Jesus, which I know are true in Matthew 23, (not all of his stuff was absconded), He said to CALL NO MAN, MASTER. That does not jive with the idea we should bow down before kings, or they who would be kings; such people as Barrack Insane Obama and his minions. People have to stop believing the sophistries of Saul; who assumed a different name; (‘they’ do that, to wit: many Hollywood celebrities live under assumed names). The name Saul assumed was, The Apostle Paul; a mind f..ker of the first degree. He created a religion called, Christianity; which is not the religion of Jesus of Nazareth, at all; not in the slightest.

    Jesus said, ‘I AM the Life. I AM the Light. I AM the Way.

    Let us examine these words and compare them to what Jesus showed us; what little is left of His story.

    I AM the Life: He lead a life that was virtuous. He went around loving people. He worked hard in a muscle building industry, doing honest work for honest pay. Pay being mostly room and board, since Jesus worked at his Father Joseph’s shop. People liked Joshua ben Joseph because He was friendly and nice to people.

    I AM the Light: Jesus educated Himself. He read copious amounts of books, extant in rabbinical libraries and other libraries, where He found them on His travels. That Light; the Light of Truth, as He uncovered it and it was further revealed by His Father in Heaven, Jesus exemplified and shared with others; being always careful not to spread His pearls before swine.

    I AM the Way: When the money changers and lenders defiled Our Father’s House, Jesus did NOT go in with a politically correct, ‘Oh, excuse me. Can you excuse me please. Would you mind very much moving your stalls?’ NO, Jesus went in there with a stick, or a club, or some sort of hand held weapon and went to work on those banksters. He showed you the way to your freedom. KICK THE BANKSTERS OUT OF YOUR TEMPLES!!!

    Those temples are your slavish adherence to old paradigms and false teachings. Christians get off your knees!!! Take up the sword of Michael and truly follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and toss your Saint Paul and all of his sophistries; like turning another cheek, kissing some Hebrew’s ass because he is chosen, and the Divine right of kings, out with your bath water. Give me a break! Jesus showed you to be KINGS. Did He not? We are all in God and God is in us. Do you think that Your Father in Heaven is some sort of wimp? Come on, Christians, stop being followers of Saul, focus your righteous indignation and help us finally overcome Satan and his minions on planet Earth.

    NB: The cross you wear around your neck means you are a slave in the eyes of a Pharisee. The cross is a symbol for one of the most excruciating torture instruments ever devised by those draconian monsters in human skin. The word excruciating comes from crucifixion.

    So, now the lines are drawn. More and more of us know what is what. It is now time for action. Wimps like Mister Truth Wins will not win because he has no spine and would likely not recognize Jesus if He was having lunch with Mr. TW. Every period in history, except for very few, have seen blood spilled. Usually it was ours. Now it is time for a turning of the table. This 21st Century is really no different from other periods in history, only the fashions have changed. Just because you carry smart phones and have big flat screen TVs, does not make you an advanced civilization. All that represents is you have the Colosseum, ie: circuses in your hand and home; as you swill your bread; ie: six packs and fast food. Panem et circenses; Bread and Circuses keeps the people pacified. You no longer have to go out into the real arena and actually smell the horrific bouquet of death. It is even more sanitized for you now than in the days of the Roman gladiator; when frankincense and myrrh, rose petals, and perfumes had to be purchased at great expense, to hide the smell. Now, because you can’t smell it; you think the lie is the truth. People can no longer distinguish their arse from a hole in the ground; and because of that, will very likely be in a hole, literally, in the near future.

    It is time for revolution. It is time to throw the money changers out of the temple and return this planet to the righteous path which leads to Paradise on Earth as it is in Heaven.


    • JoBrown85

      You judge Paul/Saul from a “distance” of 2000 years away. There were apostles of Christ who met him after his conversion, who saw him up close, talked with him, saw how he lived, what he preached, what he was willing to go to prison for, etc, and they gave him the right hand of fellowship. (Galatians 2:9) If Paul was accepted by Jesus’ closest apostles, why is that not good enough for you? Aren’t you now rejecting someone Jesus specifically selected to bring His gospel to the gentiles?

      While I partly agree with your point that we must take forceful action to halt this spread of evil, we must also remember that Jesus said that the meek will inherit the Earth. The night of his capture, when Peter used his sword against the high priest’s servant, Jesus also said “put your sword away!”.

      If a pharisee wants to interpret the cross around my neck as a symbol of slavery, he is welcome to do so. I am Christ’s slave after all. (1cor 7:22) To me, it is a symbol of what Christ did for me, and to remind me whose I am. What a pharisee thinks of it is irrrelevant to me.

      God never has appointed anyone to rule over us? You need to re-read the book of Daniel my friend. It’s a wonderful fascinating book. Here are a couple of lines from that book.

      “‘The decision is announced by messengers, the holy ones declare the verdict, so that the living may know that the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes and sets over them the lowliest of men.’ [Daniel 4:17]

      He was driven away from people and given the mind of an animal; he lived with the wild donkeys and ate grass like cattle; and his body was drenched with the dew of heaven, until he acknowledged that the Most High God is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and sets over them anyone he wishes.
      [Daniel 5:21]
      For further confirmation that God does appoint people over us, see 2Ch36:23, Ezra 1:2, and 1Sa 15:10-11.

      • svartalf

        Before Saul repented, he was not acceptable to the Apostles OR Jesus.

        So…which one are the people following? Saul or St. Paul? I opine that it’s the former and not the latter- and it’s that distinction I think that they were making.

        • JoBrown85

          So when did Saul repent? It was in the days immediately after his vision of Jesus, as evidenced by Jesus’ words to Ananias “this man is my chosen instrument” and Jesus’ healing of Saul’s eyes upon Ananias’ prayer.

          Saul got up from the ground, but when he opened his eyes he could see nothing. So they led him by the hand into Damascus. For three days he was blind, and did not eat or drink anything. In Damascus there was a disciple named Ananias. The Lord called to him in a vision, “Ananias!” “Yes, Lord,” he answered. The Lord told him, “Go to the house of Judas on Straight Street and ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul, for he is praying. In a vision he has seen a man named Ananias come and place his hands on him to restore his sight.” “Lord,” Ananias answered, “I have heard many reports about this man and all the harm he has done to your saints in Jerusalem. And he has come here with authority from the chief priests to arrest all who call on your name.” But the Lord said to Ananias, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of Israel. I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.” Then Ananias went to the house and entered it. Placing his hands on Saul, he said, “Brother Saul, the Lord–Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here–has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized, and after taking some food, he regained his strength. Saul spent several days with the disciples in Damascus. At once he began to preach in the synagogues that Jesus is the Son of God.
          [Acts 9:8-20]

          I remind you that Acts was written by Luke, not Saul, and that Luke quotes Jesus Christ’s words to Ananias. So why are you still rejecting the man whom Jesus appointed as his chosen instrument to carry His name before the gentiles?

          I have pointed out how you were wrong about God not appointing rulers over us, because I showed you from the scriptures that God does appoint rulers over us, just as I showed you from the scriptures that Paul had the approval of Jesus.
          Don’t you think you could be wrong in your belief about Paul, just as you were wrong about God not appointing rulers?

    • The1Spirit

      Very good.
      Paul made Jesus a blood sacrifice for our sins.
      This is pagan. There is no blanket forgiveness.
      You must remit your Sin to God, then you must forgive others.
      This has never changed, ever.
      Jesus came to give us the Word.
      The lost doctrine is the Gospel of the Kingdom.
      This is eternal Life.
      The cross demonstrates the Love Jesus was preaching.
      He gave his life to tell us the Truth.
      When you “get” it, you understand that you will face the same fate.
      We have to be willing to lay our lives down for each other.
      This is real power, people standing together willing to die for the Truth.
      In this world we are going to have tribulation, but we are not of this world.
      We are of God.
      Standing up is not an option, get off your knees America.
      If you want to be a Christian, use the doctrine of Christ.
      This was the Gospel of the Kingdom.
      The law and the prophets were until John, now the kingdom of God is preached.
      This is the revelation of the Holy Ghost.
      You never understand it until you receive the Spirit.
      The decision has always been the same,
      Choose God and his righteousness, or choose the world.
      You can’t have both, that is double minded.
      The world will hate you when you speak the Truth.
      Your brother in Christ should join you at your side when you stand up.
      We have to take care of each other.
      The bible is full of many strange doctrines, when there is only one.
      Thank God Jesus gave us the means to find the way home.

      • Gary Harper

        Saul’s message is not the same as Christ’s message. that is why the eleven said he was to preach to the Goyim — they were lost to Judaism anyway, no sweat there. But the church of Saul way outnumbered the church of James and Peter, and by 200 C.E. it was all over. His vision in the road to Damascus is dissimilar to any other Old Testament vision, so it is suspect.

      • calligraphy1019

        There are certain people in high places that take Communion Services to a whole new level. Think about this, “eat of my flesh and drink of my blood”?

        • The1Spirit

          Starting in John 6:43 you have the Flesh and Blood parable. Jesus spoke in parable so only those with the Truth in them could understand.
          The flesh(daily bread) is the Words that he spoke leading unto the Spirit(the blood) which is Eternal life.
          This baffled many of his followers who left him.
          Many are called, few are chosen.
          This will always be so.
          “It is the spirit that quickeneth: the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, they are life.”
          He still speaks in parables to many who profess his name who do not have a clue what he meant.

  • manifestyourowndestiny

    Leader?! Where do you think you are going, that you need a leader?.!

  • European American

    Armed Citizens and a Fascist Police State cannot coexist.

    • iceboxjones

      Yes they can and they have been, the idea of civil war is 1000’s of years old.

  • Truman Golden

    LOL, the guy you have in this video is a Zionist. enjoy the lies.

  • La Feria

    They have already been ‘sabotaged’ with all the DU tipped weapons they have used…..exposure to the Depleted Uranium will do the same things to the soldiers carrying them as it will to the people they are used upon. The reptiles have ensured that NONE are strong enough in the long run to rise or resist.

    • iceboxjones

      So 200 years of 2nd amendment and ability to stock weapons in the USA isn’t long enough to rise?

      PLUS don’t forget that insurgents have a HUGE DEFENSE bonus. Local population has the advantage and look at Afghanistan for data in those details!

      Civil war for the Government at this point is sure suicide.

      Ohh don’t forget that the numbers are 10:1 in favor of the indigenous population also. That is if the Coup can get 30 million to participate!

      • La Feria

        YOU ALL ~ soldiers & Civilians have been exposed to MASSIVE amount of Radiation poisoning ( FUKUSHIMA, Fracking, Corexit, Senomyx) ~ YOU ARE DYING as we speak….YOU will soon be too sick to do anything ~ your food, water, air, soil is POISONED ~ from every angel you look at you have been compromised. There is no hope ~ no release no letting go. And it is YOUR fault for being unaware and stoopid. sorry that the truth hurts but when you deal drugs ( Opium of Afghanistan) STEAL oil ( Libya & Iraq) Pollute the Planet ( Fracking) let your dead die unavenged by Justice (9/11 Truth)….what do you expect ~ Karma is a bitch!!!!! Just die and move on and let the Vampires 1% Elite bankers Rape your Children and then dump their corpses in the sea like that FAKE Osama the Obama dumped into the Sea………vaya con dios.

        • svartalf

          Actually, that’s not the case. Radiation poisoning kills pretty damned quickly- and if Fukushima was as bad as you’re making it to be, we’d ALREADY BE DEAD.

          Don’t feel your way through it- THINK IT.

          • La Feria

            Exactly THINK ~ A Nuclear plant exploded….and has not stopped for over 1000 days spilling poison into the Ocean and Planet. Why do you think they are breaking-up the Pacific storms…to buy time…..while plugging the Polar Vortex by displacement into the continental USA. Reactor 4 has 1200 Mox Fuel rods each one containing 6% plutonium ~ ONE rod can kill 2 billion…by the grace of God that reactor has not collapsed……..shit for brains building a Nuclear Plant on a fault line in a country famous for earthquakes with the Tsunami wave as it’s national symbol. Akira Kurosawa’s “Mt Fuji in Red”…you can run but you cannot hide. THINK about it …LOOK at the animal deaths, failure of Obamacare, the Chaos in the weather….and THINK! Follow the wind patterns if China’s pollution can hit the West Coast why not FUKUSHIMA & WHY did we do NOTHING about it really begs the question ! The Russians managed to bury Chernobyl in 1 WEEK and still I million deaths over 20 years is attributed to that….Fukushima is 50,000 Chernobyls at least.

      • Gary Harper

        Civil war is of course suicide. They do not have the resources, ability, or inclination to deal with 11-13 million illegals, so how are they going to deal with 180 million well-armed citizens? Their only hope is to bluff you into giving up your means of defense. It is not time to fight. You would know if it was time, for you would already be doing it. When it is time, you will know it, for the Federal Government will be toppled in less than three days then. They know that they are playing a dangerous game, but they think that you are stupid enough to comply with their imperial decrees. But look at gun registration in Connecticut — that was a wake-up call for the Statists. Or, it should have been…

  • 426Hemi

    Good information!

  • T.j. Thomas

    Somebody had better give these guys a copy of Seven Days in May – book or movie, doesn’t matter. There are still plenty of soldiers, officers and enlisted alike, who know the real dangers of a military coup. I know quite a lot of them, and they’re already determined to root out any potential civil war before it starts.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    You still think it is about a left right paradigm? You’re screwed!

  • Roland Adams

    McCarthy was a Conservative. MOST liberals do NOT stand with Obama. You are being brainwashed to believe that electing a Republican will solve your problems, when it began with that party, remember the Patriot Act? You all laughed and thought it was funny then.

  • James Scott

    Like it or not this soldier is writing about race. The soldiers who support Obama’s administration no matter what are the non whites. Jews who control our banks, media, and by extension our politicians have filled the USA with non whites for just this purpose. Allowing our nation to become multi cult has ruined the USA. The non white people hate whites and the soldiers who are not white will follow any leader who is not white anywhere simply because said leader is not white.

    The fake left right divide has tricked the dumbest among us. If you are a partisan it means you are a low IQ moron. It is long past time for white people to form our own party that will implicitly put the wants and needs of the founding stock of the USA first. We are still the majority and only by becoming ethnocentric like the non whites can we save our once great nation.

    • Ihavenouseforaname

      Go die you racist prick.

  • iceboxjones

    Progressives base their agenda on that wish they won’t push back. You know that poker face?

    What will they do when they have nothing in their hand and WE the People push back?

    Liberals will kill each other, just like anyone else. Not much of a threat if they take themselves out in the process, in which is exactly what Obama has been doing.

    • TheVala

      In the event of civil war, the inner city zones of every major city would be the worst places to be, but it would be easy to contain.

  • Eddie Ebacher
    Look for MARTYR BRIGADES if you agree share the link evrywhere

  • Liam Armstrong

    lay low, wait for the order then make your move….

    dont expect every soldier to do the same, sad but true, their just following orders while those who are gonna defend country and person are gonna well…defend, they made a vow and they are gonna live up to it

    as a teen, i got time…im currently just waiting for the moment, patience and vigilance

    • calligraphy1019

      U.S. troops can leave the service to join their own state malitias. The Dems are trying to get that changed so that they won’t be able to do that, legally.

  • hegesias

    Hey, fuck you, soldier. The conservative takeover of the past 30 years is the problem.

  • TheVala

    Man…a civil war means not only soldiers for both sides stamping around, committing atrocities against each other and civilians, but it also means hoards of vicious humans with no moral compass who have been anticipating such an environment roaming around, killing innocent people, raping women and children, destroying infrastructure…You people so thirsty for blood do not understand the hell that comes with war. Ask someone who has actually been in a combat zone or hostile territory. Look at what has become of Syria. Wanting that is wanting your children and loved ones to suffer in a similar fashion. This government was enabled when people became lazy and relied on a nanny state to dictate their lives for them and gave up the power to play an open role in local and federal government. I say take that power back through infiltration rather than degenerating into ancient, barbaric overthrow tactics. Time to evolve.

    • Gary Harper

      How many people died in the last Russian civil war? How many in Germany, when the Berlin Wall fell? You underestimate the American people. Sure, there are a few fringers who will try for a power grab, but they will be snuffed out in the first few days.

  • we from the south have seen this before as the old saying still rings in our hearts “The South Will Rise again”…this time we have the weaponry and we have factories we will compete in this time of danger we will survive as we will rise from the ashes and we will wage the good fight…

    • calligraphy1019

      Yep, just saw a Georgia Malitia got busted trying to buy pipe bombs t blow up Electric Substations. Think they’ll float?

  • A_leader

    Wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this article.

  • Brayden Roberts

    I knew this was going on when I got turned down for military service, I went in saying I want to fight for God and country, for honor and glory, I was denied while others who wanted a college scholarship got in, in fact I guarantee that the ones that are getting cut from the military are the same ones who think like us, so Obama can have his little amoral army of brainwashed drones. He has shamed past commanders in chief and our country. Its time for real change.

  • bodica

    My bizarre encounter with an off duty spokesperson (officer) for the military confirms this, as does an earlier completely contradictory encounter with a ‘grunt,’ who said very little, by contrast but his tone of voice and body language spoke volumes…

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