After almost a decade of publishing, I have decided to go ad-free.

Honestly, I have been mulling the decision for the last year or two, but haven’t had the balls to pull the trigger.

Running a website this size takes resources (money). I have monthly server costs, yearly domain renewals, annual email renewals, yearly security packages, monthly archive backups, and spend countless hours updating the site.

Over the years I have depended on ad revenue to fund our operation but have come to a point where enough is enough. No more pop-ups, no more Facebook, no more Google, no more feeding the beast. Let’s face it advertisements suck, their intrusive, and ultimately make for a terrible reading experience.

If you value the information on this site and have the means, please consider making a one time donation HERE or becoming a monthly subscriber. Your recurring donation will help keep ads off the site and buy out any remaining advertising contacts we have with vendors. No contribution is too small and will undoubtedly go towards the many expenses this site incurs.

Thomas Dishaw, Editor of